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March 14, 2018

1,000 county students join the nationwide walkout

We will not be the generation that sits back and watches tragedies happen, but the one that finds solutions to them. We will be the generation that stands up for what it believes in and doesn’t back down.
— Kettle Run student government President Sara Massei
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Joining peers across the nation, more than one-quarter of Fauquier’s public high school students walked out of classes Wednesday morning to demonstrate against violence.

The Valentine’s Day massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. — in which 17 died and 17 more suffered gunshot wounds — has sparked a wave of student activism.

About 100 Liberty High School students joined the movement with a brief walkout three weeks ago.

Student leaders from all three county schools met two weeks ago at Fauquier High to plan the local demonstrations one month after the Feb. 14 mass shooting in Florida. School administrators condoned and supervised Wednesday’s walkouts.

The student leaders decided to focus their demonstrations on the 17 teenagers slain in Parkland.

Superintendent David Jeck repeatedly has said that students “deserve a voice” in the national discussion of efforts to stop school violence.

About 1,000 of the 3,800 students in Fauquier’s three high schools took part in the walkouts, which started at 10 a.m.

Fauquier High

Fauquier High senior Daniel Duca’s voice broke as he recalled the life and death of a Parkland, Fla., student.

“Meadow Pollack was 18 years when she passed from this earth — only 18,” said Daniel, senior class president.

A senior, Meadow had big plans for the future that included studies at Lynn University at Boca Raton, said Daniel, 18.

“She was a strong, confident woman with some sass, who knew how to love her friends and family,” explained Daniel, who lives near Orlean and plans to study philosophy at Christendom College in the fall. “That’s all you can ask for from anyone, and she gave it freely.”

During a 40-minute walkout at the Warrenton high school, eight students — two females and six males — spoke about the 17 people who died one month ago in the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland.

About 300 students gathered in the football field’s bleachers participated in the event.

Another victim, Nick Dworet hoped to compete in the 2020 Olympics at Tokyo, FHS junior Camden Gillespie said.

A few weeks before the shooting, Nick learned he had received a swimming scholarship from the University of Indianapolis, said Camden, a 17-year-old junior who lives near Warrenton.

But the Florida teen never will realize that dream or other big milestones, Camden explained.

He will not attend senior prom, graduate or marry and raise a family, she said.

“Most importantly, Nick will never get the life back he deserved.”

Frankie Strano,18, spoke about Parkland’s athletic director, wrestling coach and security specialist, who “died trying to save his students.”

Chris Hixon, “is remembered as a loving father and husband . . . ultimately as a hero,” Frankie said.

A veteran and NASCAR fan, Mr. Hixon, 49, “would give you the shirt off his back,” said Frankie, quoting people who knew him. “He put the needs of everyone else before his own.”

Frankie, who lives near Warrenton and plans to major in business at James Madison University in the fall, also talked about the importance of civic action.

“I believe a voice is the most powerful thing that all of us possess — a voice that can be heard from the highest mountain top to the lowest river valley,” he told the students. “Let your voice be heard.”

Some people live their lives without making their voices heard, he continued.

But one voice can change the world, Frankie said.

“It has happened in the past; it is happening in our country today, and, it will happen in the future.”

— Don Del Rosso, Staff Journalist

Kettle Run

About 300 teenagers sat quietly on aluminum bleachers, listening to and respectfully applauding fellow students call for an end to school shootings as 20-mph winds drove the wind chill well below freezing.

Kettle Run High School’s demonstration Wednesday morning had a solemn tone.

Standing on the Cougar Stadium track before their peers, 17 students took turns telling the stories of an equal number of teens and teachers killed Feb. 14 at the hands of a man with an assault weapon in Florida.

They spoke of a student planning to attend medical school, of musicians and athletes, of grandsons, mentors, boyfriends and “average kids” who never had a chance. Often, they compared their own lives with those of the dead.

“We will not be the generation that sits back and watches tragedies happen, but the one that finds solutions to them,” student government President Sara Massei, the demonstration leader at Kettle Run, said in her opening remarks. “We will be the generation that stands up for what it believes in and doesn’t back down. We will be the generation that won’t settle down until we get what we’re fighting for . . . .

“Today, we use our voices to protest the plague of gun violence that has so rapidly swept across this country. We use them to protest the loss of innocent lives in a place that should be safe,” Ms. Massei continued. “We use them to protest the insanity that we’re living in; we’re doing the same thing over and over with no change and expecting different results. We use them most of all to protest the deaths of 33 at Virginia Tech, 15 at Columbine, 26 at Sandy Hook, 17 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas, and the many thousands of others whose lives have been cut starkly short by a gun that ended up in the wrong hands.

“Today we, and thousands of others around the nation, rally together to say enough is enough. No student should ever have to go to school fearing for their life.”

Kettle Run’s demonstration lasted 25 minutes. With a state trooper and a half-dozen sheriff’s deputies keeping watch, about one-quarter of the student body walked together five minutes to the stadium and then back to class.

“I thought it was a good idea to have 17 people speak for the 17 killed at Parkland (Fla.),” Wanye Solomon, a junior, said as he walked back toward the school.

“Whatever you think about gun control, they didn’t preach,” said sophomore Rebecca Russell. “They tried to include everybody.”

The organizers planned it that way.

“We thought it was important that it wasn’t an anti-gun walkabout,” Ms. Massei said. “It was an anti-violence walkout . . . . I just want people to know that this wasn’t a politically-charged event.”

Her generation has grown up with school shootings as almost routine occurrences.

“It’s sad; we’re not surprised,” she said.

But, the Parkland massacre struck a nerve and her generation will remain engaged in a movement for change, Ms. Massei, 18, suggested.

A participant in Tuesday’s community meeting on security, she believes Fauquier schools have good procedures and systems in place.

But, mental health and consistent adherence to policies need greater emphasis, Ms. Massei said.

— Lawrence Emerson, Editor

Liberty High

Wind whipped across the football field as about 400 students stood in a circle on the 50-yard line at Liberty High School.

After walking out of class into the cold Wednesday morning at Fauquier’s southernmost high school, the teens remembered teens murdered a month ago.

One by one, 17 students stood at the center of the circle and read parts of obituaries for the Florida victims. Each speaker held a photo of the dead student or teacher he or she honored.

LHS senior Madison Humphries, 18, organized the walkout with help from senior class President Victoria Machuca.

“I like to hunt. My dad is a retired law enforcement officer and owns guns,” Ms. Humphries told fellow students. “I think that it is important to highlight that this walkout is not anti-gun, but anti-gun violence.

“However, today we are here in remembrance and to show our support for our fellow Eagles in Florida . . . .

“We also have concerns about safety in our schools and communities,” she said. “It’s time to take a stand and use our voices to say never again.”

Some students wore orange clothing and ribbons — the national color to signify ending gun violence.

Eighteen-year-old Gillian Tocheny somberly held an orange sign that read, “For Parkland. #Neveragain.”

Ms. Tocheny chose to participate because: “We wanted to honor the victims that lost their lives and make sure this issue keeps going and won’t stop until legislation is passed.”

As the SCA president, Ms. Humphries decided she could take action in her own school.

“The weekend after Florida, it really started to wear on me and to see how those students immediately took action . . . . I felt like we really could make change happen and stand in solidarity with them as well,” Ms. Humphries said after the event. “Students have the opportunity to make change and show that our voices matter.”

Senior Lauren Shutt decided to participate because, “I’ve done a lot of research through government class and seen so much gun violence . . . . It’s very important issue that Americans don’t talk about in a way that’s logical.”

“I think that everyone who came out really cared and it meant a lot to them,” said Ms. Humphries.

As the teenagers walked back to class, several student leaders asked one another if they would attend the March 24 march to end gun violence in Washington, D.C.

“I’ll be there,” Ms. Shutt said.

— Cassandra Brown, Staff Journalist

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Rover 530 · March 23, 2018 at 11:38 pm
Students are entitled to exercise their rights under the Constitution as far as free speech is concerned. However, their parent/guardian is responsible for the student's actions. Why didn't he Sheriff's Office issue citations for TRUANCY to the adults who are on the hook for their children's action and allowed them to skip class? Do we no longer hold those whose have control to state and local laws?
Jeffersonian American · March 19, 2018 at 8:20 am
It seems some of our citizens demanding ever-increasing taxes to pay for their local public school system remain in denial about the pitiful state of much of America’s public schools today compared with even 50 years ago or 100 years ago (and certainly a more precipitous drop in all quantifiable measures since the U.S. Department of Education was established in 1980). Remember- America went from #2 in the world in 1980 in quality of education ranking to #17 in 2017, a mere 37 years after the creation of the U.S. Department of Education. Fauquier County Public Schools’ “GOALS 2015” is a product of these disastrous education policies which emphasize all kinds of celebration of world multiculturalism and diversity today, instead of teaching our local students basic American history and classical studies.

In just one example, a 2009 survey of Oklahoma high school students conducted for Constitution Day by the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs found only 23% could correctly identify George Washington as our nation’s first President. Only 14% of Oklahoma high school students surveyed could correctly identify Thomas Jefferson as the author of the Declaration of Independence; and only 3% of the students surveyed would have passed the U.S. Citizenship Test administered to all recent immigrants, which formed the basis for the polling questions. Arizona state high school students in a separate survey had similar results by the same organization who conducted the polls:

Want more examples? Here are just a couple recent George Mason University random student interviews showing just how historically-challenged they actually are, struggling to identify recent U.S. President Ronald Reagan’s official presidential portrait in the first video. One can only imagine the results if we conducted such interviews with our local high school students:;=detail&mid=88D7A11D1ABF7B8EA85788D7A11D1ABF7B8EA857&&FORM;=VRDGAR

While the following topic is laughable on its face when one learns President Lincoln single-handedly turned our U.S. Constitution upside down to destroy the federative polity of our American founders and our original constitutional republic by force of arms- at least the student answers to this generic history question suggests a sobering historic ignorance on the part of our regional George Mason University students:

So in summary, while I have no doubt there are some meritorious and conscientious Fauquier teachers worthy of pay raises who are being forced to teach to Virginia SOL scripted coursework (most grievously noted in their American History studies as I have observed), my overall message is that the entire public school education system in Virginia and across much of the nation is in a vile state of fundamental transformation under the current waves of Cultural Marxism and the “Agenda 21” movements evident at every turn. To their great credit, at least we can find some reassurance that 74% of the Fauquier County high school students last week did not become Useful Idiot Dupes against their own Second Amendment Rights as orchestrated and condoned by some of the teachers, administrators and senior leaders of Fauquier County Public Schools in the thinly-disguised, anti-Second Amendment "national walk-outs" across the land. Diminishing annual enrollment figures, and other reasons presented are sufficient to replace the Fauquier County school system leadership; and to find other ways to fund the public schools than by economically punishing residents with ever-increasing taxation to pay for such a GOALS 2015 and AGENDA 21 public school system indoctrination of these young, hapless students under their control. No wonder more parents every passing year are opting for home schooling and private school alternatives, rather than condemn their children to this brand of Cultural Marxism.
LindaW · March 18, 2018 at 8:08 pm
It doesn't make sense to me to tell a reporter to go into the schools while classes are being held and disrupt the classes to interview students who chose not to disrupt the classes by walking out. As I read this, this article reports on statements made during the protests or while the students were walking back into their school.

We are VERY fortunate to have Dr. Jeck as Superintendent of our schools.
Jim Griffin · March 18, 2018 at 12:47 pm
Very appreciative for greetings of the day. Celebrating the weekend with green dye in the toilets (wonderful wife).

Meet Dr. Jeck. Form a direct impression. It will surprise me if it is unfavorable. He's an interesting man, well-educated, an athlete. I doubt we see the world through identical lenses, but I respect his POV and am appreciative for his fine service to our community. There is a limited list of people eligible for his job and we are lucky to have him.

From my perspective, there were not two sides to the event, which was for those moved to raise their voices. Otherwise it was a normal day. There are many opinions about it -- these comments display them well.

If assigned to review a restaurant, eat there and write about doing so. Do not break it down into people who go there and those who do not and give equal time. Likewise basketball: Attend the event, report on it but do not seek those who chose not to attend unless you have lots of staff needing assignments.

My first few years after school at UK (Go Cats!) were spent writing for the Lexington Herald. Only once do I remember us covering those who didn't do something, and that was the annual Kentucky Derby and we must've had a hundred people covering it so it was normal to have one of them write about those who paid it no mind.

As regards this event, there was no rule breaking. Students and faculty reached accommodation, as it should be, each school to its own leadership.
citizen observer · March 18, 2018 at 12:18 pm
I see what you are saying about assignments.

Why couldn't whoever is making the assignments; tell the reporters that after interviewing the students walking out, go to classroom xx where we have arranged for you to interview some students not participating. The walk out was announced in advance to make sure of media coverage, that could easily have covered both sides by on scene reporters.

Watching and reading reports on the college basketball March Madness, I notice they almost always interview coaches and players for both teams. I wonder why it is important to include coverage from both sides of a sporting event, but not on serious concerns. That is today's media.

In reality students shouldn't have to break rules to get media coverage or attention on their safety concerns. That needs to be fixed.

Unfortunately I have not met Supt. Jeck. I contacted his office a while ago with a concern, and was completely snubbed by his staff in a very unprofessional manner. Initial opinions can sometimes be very hard to overcome.

Anyway cheers and belated Happy St. Paddy Day!

Jim Griffin · March 17, 2018 at 6:16 pm
No, not differing sides of a basketball game. The game itself. Or a restaurant review. Whatever. You receive an assignment, you cover it. Not its opposite. There might be three writers at Fauquier Now so that includes the editor in chief, publisher and chief bottle washer. You see an agenda where I see limited resources and a desire to focus on the event in question.

Not to say that which is uncovered isn't relevant, but it isn't the priority. To the extent it is relevant and unrevealed, someone should write that up and send it in. I have little doubt it will be printed. And if not here, there are other websites, not to mention the many who start their own, rely on reddit, or principally share social media.

The digital world is quite different from the analog news world. Diversity comes from many directions and voices. This community is fortunately served by many competitive voices, attention diverted and monetized in countless ways.

Our son chose not to participate but expressed agreement with the decision to respect the choices of those who raised their voices. And, no, having met David Jeck I cannot agree with your characterization of him as liberal in a political sense -- he seems to me apolitical and highly focused on education, as it is his career.

I shared one meal with the publisher of each paper. I would not call any of us good buddies, having shared one meal total apiece, though I did express condolences at the death of Lew's parents recently. Met his wife at the polls once in Marshall. Make what you will of all that. And, sure, I'd happily share another meal with him, as I would one with you.
citizen observer · March 17, 2018 at 5:59 pm
You're comparing a student walkout with differing sides to a basketball game? Wow!

I am sorry I posted the wrong link for the knife attack. I was just pointing out there are many mental health issues going unaddressed. If this kid was okay killing friends and adults at a sleepover, he was probably not far from carrying out an attack at his school. And it didn't involve guns as the weapon.

The Fauquier Citizen was a great paper before it was bought out and turned into a website. I forgot you were good buddies with the editor. Thus you are defending him as you should. However, no one has been able to give me an answer why the opinion of law abiding students is of no importance to the media.
Jim Griffin · March 17, 2018 at 1:21 pm
When I was a reporter, if they sent you to cover the basketball game you wrote a story about the basketball game, not the people who decided not to attend the game.

Our local publications offer good value and they provide ample forum for differing points of view. They not only publish opinion pieces submitted to them, they permit public comment. Even anonymous public comment.

We get more than we pay for in this case. Thank you, Fauquier Now!
citizen observer · March 17, 2018 at 12:51 pm
JG- Please explain why the media only covered the 26% that walked out, but not a word from the majority that obeyed the rules.
Jim Griffin · March 17, 2018 at 8:31 am
My typo: The Facebook marketing campaign you are spreading is targeting "teen-islam" not "teen-slam" -- the URL makes this clear.
Jim Griffin · March 17, 2018 at 8:29 am
CO: Respectfully, enough is enough, and my concern here is not politics but marketing and media manipulation.

Let's look carefully at the URL you posted. A few things to note:

1. Everything after the embedded question mark is encoded marketing data.

2. The data reveals to the destination web site that you were sent there by a marketing campaign that paid Facebook to send messages on "teen-slam".

3. It isn't news you are spreading. It is a marketing message designed to serve someone's marketing purposes.

4. In fact, if it is news, it is fake news that major news outlets missed the story. They are swamped with news. Not the incident, which was widely reported -- I easily found numerous articles in the Mainstream Media about this incident. Here's one three days ago:


To be clear, my point is that the message you are virally repeating -- you cannot trust your mainstream media -- is both false and intended to fracture American society, to send the message that our media is lying to us.

Who might want that message sent? Who knows, but I can be sure they are not our friends and that you are unwittingly participating in a campaign to undermine America and Western Society.

Your posted URL tells all. You who complain about manipulation is himself a puppet of a Facebook marketing campaign spreading false information about our media and a Florida incident. Read the URL. It speaks for itself.

Here's a counter message:

Why didn't the MSM cover this? Is that really the point? Do you even know whose marketing campaign you are virally spreading?

Straight outta the Commie playbook!
citizen observer · March 17, 2018 at 7:36 am
Oh, and this has happened before, many times before, throughout history. So sad the new Democratic party is willing to use kids to promote their political agenda.

"As you watch the TV news today about the nation's kids walking out of school to force repeal of the 2nd amendment and to try to take your guns, may I remind you that Mao used the same strategy in 1966 to force Communist rule in China - a youth movement called the Red Guard.

The same way Hitler used teenagers in his "Hitler Youth" movement, which became compulsory Nazi indoctrination for boys 10-18 years of age, to force Nazi rule in Germany. The same way Castro used the Popular Socialist Youth to overtake Cuba and install Communism. What happened next? The people cheered and handed over their guns to their new friends in the RESISTANCE Government. Then they executed them.

This is not a new idea. This is straight out of the Commie playbook.

Red Guards — high school and university students — wave copies of Chairman Mao Zedong's Little Red Book during a parade in June 1966 in Beijing's streets at the beginning of China's Cultural Revolution."
citizen observer · March 17, 2018 at 7:28 am
Who said anything about the NRA? I don't like any lobbying group that is running this country. It seems that is the 1st thing mentioned when liberals cannot come up with facts to dispute the real truth, mental illness. How come no worries or talk about this youth's knife attack on his friends?

Here is a good example of one of our principals handling this walkout properly.
An email came from Mr. Lee at CLMS regarding the student walk out today with an outline of how they (Mr. Lee and Mrs. Shorb) handled things. They brought the students who “walked out” to the cafeteria and the gymnasium and gave them a paper that they could fill out to express their concerns regarding school safety, and to give suggestions of how they feel things could be improved or changed for the better.

That is how it should be done. I guess our school superintendant will be firing them for not following his liberal protest agenda. Time for a change at the top.
car text · March 16, 2018 at 7:25 pm
How many people die from TEXT messages ? lets ban cell phones , 21 years old to have a cell phone . Many more life's would be saved. Sounds like a way to skip school , sounds like they already know it all. The zombie apocalypse is here , liberals , they follow what ever the media says.Have no mind of their own. Pitiful
Thanks Deer John
martinkus · March 16, 2018 at 2:06 pm

Well-said. A quote from a former U.S. president: "We the people tell the government what to do - it doesn't tell us." It looks like the NRA is very strong and powerful here in Fauquier!

farmbum · March 16, 2018 at 12:32 pm
t's warped ideology in JA's post that have us where we are today. Our children and others massacred while he wraps himself in the flag, clutches his weapons and says beware the government.
Last I checked, the people are the government. Even those dead and dying were/are part of it.
Tell It Like It Is · March 16, 2018 at 9:42 am
Well said. The problem is that the educational system we have from grade school right thru the universities seems to overwhelmingly liberal, entitlement, big government and anti-gun based. And thus why history is not really being taught. Instead in fact I think they would rather erase it.
Good post. grin
Jeffersonian American · March 16, 2018 at 9:15 am
First, citizens should be extremely proud of the 74% of Fauquier County Public School students who remained in their classrooms this week and did not allow themselves to be so crassly manipulated for political purposes by their Marxist-Communist ideologue adult handlers (read: the local teachers and/or school administrators which organized and condoned this nationwide, Radical Left, thinly-veiled "memorial" protest against Americans' Second Amendment rights under the U.S. Constitution). As a County Taxpayer who is forced to pay ever-increasing taxes for these "Agenda 21" and "Goals 2015" Public School Cultural Marxism indoctrinations amidst steadily declining FCPS enrollment in recent years (read: more and more County parents opting for Homeschooling and Private Schools), I find this week's nationwide "Walkout" events to be outrageous and despicable beyond all words for their true, non-spontaneously organized, underlying purpose. And our County Board of Supervisors want to TAX US MORE for these kinds of public school outrages at our most recent Board Meeting? How about holding teachers and administrators (and our local elected School Board Members) accountable for the public school failings- and for the measured individual performance of their students- not using Government “SOL” metrics- but using traditional English reading comprehension; English composition, mathematics and American History fundamentals (placed before World History), just to name a few basic categories of traditional learning and formerly classical studies. Having reviewed and commented to the County Board of Supervisors on the "Goals 2015" program of our local public schools implemented a few years ago, I was disgusted by the disproportionate level of "Multiculturalism" and "Diversity Awareness" curriculum items in the plan- with no such similar emphasis on our Fauquier, Virginia and American history. It was stated at the time these "Goals 2015" curriculum experiences would enable Fauquier County Public School students to more fully appreciate other world cultures. Just how are young adult, 18-year-old graduates of FCPS expected to appreciate other cultures when they have not been taught our Bill of Rights, our Declaration of Independence, and our Fauquier, Virginia and American heritage and history with a similar emphasis? If our graduating public school students can't recall their Natural Law rights including the high priority importance of our Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, or who Patrick Henry or George Mason was, or all that Thomas Jefferson contributed which changed our world (much less understand the real causes of the War Between the States, etc.), then how are they ever going to know and learn to appreciate our founders' concepts of American freedom and liberty, and our cultural, spiritual and political inheritance adequately enough to make an educated, rational comparison of our American system with other world cultures? Sadly of course, but not surprisingly, I received zero response to my review comments from our elected officials and School Board members at the time.

Second, it is my hope the other well-meaning 26% of FCPS students who marched out of classroom on our Taxpayer-funded time, might gain more useful wisdom this week from their Twitter world in the form of a wise young woman entertainer, Chrystal Neria, better known by her stage name, Kaya Jones, who shared some pretty frank thoughts about the gun control debate with her followers on Twitter during the pre-planned National School Walkout protests:

"Jim Jones used fear and words to influence 900 people to kill themselves drinking Kool-Aid; Adolf Hitler used words to influence millions to create genocide. How powerful the mind is. But hey the wars on guns."

Finally, I hope those FCPS students who participated in the "memorial" protests- which were organized nationally by the Radical Left to actually target their own Second Amendment Rights as American citizens- learn the important historical lessons recalled from the first mass shooting in America back in 1966. The article linked, and associated "Comments" section from across America, are key readings to understanding our modern-era wave of violence as it particularly relates to the public schools over half a century later:

Young Fauquier students, please look at history. Yes, it is a sad fact of life that individual people kill other people but it pales on an astronomical scale in comparison to what ARMED governments do in a systematic application of unlimited power against their unarmed population. History is the ONLY indication of how governments will act. Let us all learn from it factually and truthfully.

Our American founders were, for the most part, very wise indeed. Resist all efforts to disarm the general population.
Tell It Like It Is · March 16, 2018 at 7:38 am
This was posted is on Fauquier yesterday. This morning seems to be missing from the site. Hummm .... ok.
Lets see how long some hard truths last here …

We should applaud the 75% of students in Fauquier that did not walkout to support an anti-gun demonstration. This 75% apparently are smart enough to go beyond the liberal teachings of the educational industry at large and apparently may actually understand the real history of the false narrative of anti-gun movements that are clearly not supported by the facts.

The AR15 makes up for less than 2% of total violent homicide in the US. What about the other 98+%?

Why are suicides, accidental discharges and justified police shootings part of the liberal "gun violence" data? They are not homicide, but including such this is the only way the anti-gun movement can get the number high enough to matter.

Why did the last AR ban do nothing for reducing crime?

Why has violent crime steadily declined in the US since the last AR ban was lifted and more citizens’ legally own firearms?

Why are the vast majority of all shootings happening in "gun-free zones"?

Why do cities with the most active anti-gun control have the most gun crime?

The total number of "mass shooting victims" (as one protester sign states 290), is trumped every 27 days on average and thus dwarfed every year by teens texting while driving. What about these? No walks to ban cell phones or cars?

Why does another protester’s sign talk about “assault weapons” with a silhouette of an “assault look a like” weapon? Do they really know the difference and that true full-auto assault weapons are extremely highly regulated and are NOT your standard semi-auto sporting rifle the just happens to “look like” the military versions?

We ask an 18-year-old to defend our country on the battlefield with a fully automatic military weapon, but we are going to prohibit them from being able to own a semi-auto sporting rifle firearm (not to be confused with the civilian version)?

We allow a 16-year-old to drive a 4000lb death trap but not be able to own a firearm?

In the state of VA, 13 yrs old is the "age of reason" to be upheld in the domestic court system but, in the same breath some say the same person can't own a legal firearm until they are 21?

Go ahead and use the children just like Mao, Hitler, Castro and other governments in history that are commi/socialist to attempt to disarm America. We see what a hole those countries are in now and how little freedoms their citizens have. Is that really what this 25% of county HS attendees wants? Or do they really need to go study some real history and not some fake narrative?

Absolutely, we should commend the 75% that are not playing into what many believe is the media's and anti-gun movement’s “commi-playbook 101” and did not walk out. I commend these 75% of smart students that do understand that this is a mental health issue, not a gun issue and did not buy into the false narrative of these types of events.

“All political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The communist party must command all the guns, that way, no guns can ever be used to command the party.”
- Mao Tze Tung, Nov 6, 1938

History won't repeat itself if it's "taught" ... factually and properly.

Demosthenes · March 15, 2018 at 5:12 am
citizen obs, it is so true that those who aren't making the news are the real newsmakers and the real story. I hated that our olympic coverage this year just featured athletes competing in South Korea. What about all of our athletes who chose not to go to the Olympics this year? What was their story? Or political stories keep focusing just on those who are in Congress. What about all of the lawyers who didn't even choose to run for Congress? What is their perspective? Man, fake news everywhere.
nonewtaxes · March 14, 2018 at 5:17 pm
Now now, the world needs lemmings too. Who else is going to work at Walmart?
martinkus · March 14, 2018 at 4:58 pm
Call in Fox News! Where is Hannity?
citizen observer · March 14, 2018 at 2:49 pm
And one doesn't have to look too far to see what people are saying about the news is true.

This outlet had 3 reporters covering this event. Plenty of coverage on the 26% that walked out. How come none of the reporters went into the school to talk with any of the 74% of the students that chose not participate? Isn't their point of view, on why they chose not to break the rules, also important?

The news used to tell the whole story and let the individual reader make his mind up. Apparently not much anymore.
martinkus · March 14, 2018 at 1:51 pm
Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing!

citizen observer · March 14, 2018 at 1:04 pm
So will the students be allowed to walk out in protest for something that is on the conservative agenda, like abortion?

When I read this whole thing was arranged by EMPOWER, it became a reality what this was really about.
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Friday, February 15
Thomas G. Wisemiller left $85,000 job Thursday, two days after Warrenton council learned of his decision
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