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April 22, 2016

5th annual Valor Awards honor cops, first responders

Photos by Cassandra Brown

The Fauquier Chamber of Commerce presented Valor Awards to dozens of local first responders, law enforcement officers and military veterans Thursday night.

Former Fox 5-TV anchor Will Thomas, a Warrenton resident, served as master of ceremonies for the fifth annual Valor Awards banquet at Fauquier Springs Country Club.

Congressman Robert Hurt (R-Va./5th) spoke and helped present the awards.

Edited from the script Mr. Thomas used, descriptions of award winners’ extraordinary work follow:

Vietnam Veteran Joel Karsten Chase
Joel Karsten Chase, 71, a retired Vietnam veteran, enlisted Jan. 1, 1968, and served in Vietnam from April 1969 to November 1970. 1st Lt. Chase served in Central Vietnam and the Cambodian Incursion of May 1970.

Mr. Chase guided the platoon on missions and directed artillery, air and mortar support against enemy positions. His platoon varied in size for the high of 40 to a low of 20 and conducted search and destroy missions as directed by the company commander.
During 1st Lt. Chase’s deployment, he was grazed in the head by AK-47 fire and later blown up by an enemy hand grenade on June 14, 1970, at Fire Support Base David in Cambodia. He received three pieces of shrapnel in his heart, a perforated lung, lacerated kidney and liver, pulverized elbow and numerous shrapnel wounds on his entire body.

1st Lt. Chase has received the Silver Star, Bronze Star with “V” for valor and Oak Leaf. He also received an Army Commendation medal with a “V”, Air Medal and Purple Heart. He retired from military service at 100 percent disability on Feb. 11, 1971, at the rank of captain.

Mr. Chase, a longtime Fauquier resident, has contributed to our community by assisting with student Voice of Democracy and Patriot’s awards and Teacher of the Year Selection Committee. He loves to speak to elementary, middle school, High School and college students about Vietnam.

Department of Fire, Rescue and Emergency Management — Stribling Incident
On August 18, 2015, Master Deputy Sheriff Alex Armstrong responded to Striblings’ Garage near Morrisville for a cardiac emergency with CPR in progress. A patient was found collapsed and not breathing.

Upon his arrival Deputy Armstrong found Neil Stribling, Jacob Clopton and Joseph Stribling providing aid to the victim. Mr. Clopton was providing chest compressions while Joseph Stribling was providing breaths. Neil Stribling was on the phone with a 9-1-1 dispatcher (Gus Anderson) and was overseeing the rescue efforts.

Deputy Armstrong deployed his AED and relieved Jacob by taking over chest compressions. Jacob than relieved Joseph and began providing rescue breaths. Units were dispatched promptly by Dispatcher Joseph Murphy. Ambulance 8 (Michael Sulivan), Rescue Engine 13 (Technicians Benjamine Wilson, Nicholas Baer, James Wyne) and Battalion 1 (Battalion Chief Randy Arft) arrived and took over patient care.

Chester Stribling was given three separate shocks by the AED by the BLS providers on scene prior to ALS arrival. Medic 7 (Technicians Jennifer Morris and Sam Miller), arrived to find the patient with a pulse. The crews worked together to secure an airway, provide oxygen and establish IV access. The victim was alert and orientated prior to arrival at Mary Washington Hospital.

This incident service as an example of the outstanding service provided by the first responders and law enforcement personnel. Their quick actions saved the life of the victim.

The Fauquier Chamber of Commerce is proud to present the 2016 Meritorious Unit Award to Fauquier County Department of Fire, Rescue and Emergency Management’s Battalion Chief Randy Arft, Technician Benjamin Wilson, Technician Nicholas Baer, Technician James Wyne, Technician Jennifer Morris and Technician Sam Miller AND 2016 Life Saving Awards to Lois Volunteer Fire Company’s Assistant Chief Neil Stribling and Firefighters Joseph Stribling and Jacob Clopton, also Goldvein Volunteer Fire Department’s Michael Sullivan and last but not least Fauquier County Sheriff Patrol Division’s Master Deputy Sheriff Alex Armstrong, 911 Dispatcher Gus Anderson and Dispatcher Joseph Murphy.

Department of Fire, Rescue and Emergency Management & New Baltimore Volunteer Fire Co. – Kevin Ege
On Sept. 23, 2015, Kevin Ege was on his lunch break at his workplace, Akamai Technologies in Reston. He was interrupted by a panicked phone call from a coworker on another floor. Mr. Ege was advised that a coworker had collapsed and they were unable to dial out of the building for help due to a glitch in the building phone system.

The coworker had called Mr. Ege as they knew that he was the only person trained for a medical emergency out of approximately 60 employees.

He immediately responded to the victim and grabbed an AED on his way. Mr. Ege made contact with the middle aged male who he determined to be pulseless and apneic. Under Mr. Ege’s direction, coworkers began chest compressions on the victim while he utilized the recently purchased Phillips Heartstart AED.

He delivered a shock with the AED, and coworkers immediately resumed compressions. Within two minutes the victim was breathing on his own. Another coworker was able to use a cell phone to call 911. Mr. Ege maintained supportive care before turning over an awake and alert victim to the medics from Fairfax County Fire and Rescue. The victim was treated and transported.

Mr. Ege had lobbied tirelessly for the purchase of the AED, which ultimately saved a life. After this event, Akamai purchased a second AED, making one available on both floors of the company’s office space. Additionally, 37 of Mr. Ege’s coworkers are now certified in CPR and AED operation, including the victim who survived.

Thanks to Ege’s dedication as a volunteer EMT, he was able to apply the learned skills in a chaotic environment with frantic coworkers. He managed a group of people while providing lifesaving techniques.

The Fauquier Chamber presents the 2016 Life Saving Award to Emergency Medical Technician Volunteer Kevin Ege.

Department of Fire, Rescue and Emergency Management – July 19, 2015
In the late evening of July 19, 2015, units from the Warrenton Volunteer Fire Co. and Fauquier County Department of Fire, Rescue and Emergency Management were dispatched for an auto accident near the intersection of James Madison Highway and Marsh Road.

Initial reports from callers indicated several vehicles involved with several patients that were potentially seriously hurt and still trapped inside of their vehicles. Warrenton units arrived to find two heavily damaged vehicles as a result of a head-on crash. Three patients were confirmed trapped and pinned in two separate vehicles.

Wagon 1 (Capt. Campbell) established incident command and quickly requested more units to the scene, which included several more ambulances, three medical helicopters, and an additional unit to handle the landing zone for the helicopters.

Crews from Wagon 1, Rescue Squad 1 and Medic 1 worked for the next 35 minutes to free the three entangled occupants. The patients were then transported to the LZ and flown to Fairfax Hospital’s Trauma Center by three different helicopters.

All personnel worked diligently and efficiently to attend to and remove the seriously injured people as quickly possible. One of those trapped was an almost full term pregnant patient. She was freed very quickly and without further injury. This incident, due to its severity and complexity of persons trapped, would typically require two heavy rescue squads to free the trapped occupants (one assigned to each vehicle). WVFC was able to specifically handle the entrapments with Rescue Squad 1, Wagon 1 and Medic 1 because of the depth of staffing and available well-trained personnel.

This chaotic scene was managed and mitigated very well and in a timely manner to allow for the best possible patient outcome. Personnel were able to follow up with the pregnant patient some time later who did deliver a healthy baby on time and without any known complications as of this time.

This incident is an example of our personnel working well together, thanks to adequate training and having the proper equipment to handle the job.

The Fauquier Chamber of Commerce is proud to present 2016 Meritorious Unit Awards to Warrenton Volunteer Fire Company Rescue Squad 1 Lt. William Hayes, Sgt. Chris Sager, Master Tech Brett Hamby, Master Tech Michael Zingaro and Firefighter Austin Oakley; Warrenton Volunteer Fire Company Wagon 1, CPT. James Campbell, Technician Michael O-Bannon and Firefighters Elaine Browning and Todd McCall and Fauquier County Department of Fire, Rescue and Emergency Management’s Medic 1 Technician II James Wyne and Technician Rodney Greenwood.

Warrenton Police Department – Detective Brian Kie
In June 2015, Detective Kie was instrumental in the investigation and prosecution of a subject involved in nearly 100 counts of prescription fraud and embezzlement from medical offices. Detective Kie’s diligent three-month investigation led to the identity of the subject on a multitude of offenses in several jurisdictions, the subject’s arrest, and a successful prosecution.

In October 2015 Detective Kie was instrumental in the investigation of a multi-state credit card fraud ring. Detective Kie’s investigation identified the subjects, one of who was wanted in another jurisdiction, and uncovered that the subjects committed their offenses at multiple locations in different states. As a result of Detective Kie’s work, the FBI assumed the further investigation and prosecution of those offenses on a federal level.

Also in October 2015 Detective Kie investigated an individual committing fraud against elderly citizens. The subject preyed upon senior citizens who had dementia or other memory problems and obtained money from them through trickery, lies and deception. Despite not being able to obtain much information from the victims, Detective Kie was able to identify the subject, uncover numerous acts of fraud and arrest the subject.

These are but a few examples of Detective Kie’s investigative efforts and exemplify his consistent accuracy, thoroughness and orderliness in his job performance. His overall quality of investigative work is consistently high.

The Fauquier Chamber of Commerce is proud to present the 2016 Merit Award to Detective Brian Kie.

Fauquier County Sheriff Office – Cpl. Dawn Rosenberry and Deputy 1st Class Samuel Field
On Aug. 24, 2015, Cpl. Roseberry and Deputy 1st Class Field responded to an address on Pilgrims Rest Road for a report of a suicidal person who was holding a gun to his head. When Cpl. Rosenberry and Deputy Field arrived, they observed the male subject on the front porch with a shotgun slung over his shoulder and holding a pistol in his hand. The man dropped the pistol when he saw the deputies. Both deputies drew their service pistols and gave verbal commands to the man. The man, who appeared to be intoxicated, failed to comply several times and continued to yell obscenities at the deputies as he refused to put down his gun.

Deputy Field and Cpl. Rosenberry, a Crisis Intervention Team-trained deputy, safely and patiently continued to talk to the man, urging him to place the shotgun on the porch, which he eventually did. The deputies were then able to safely approach him and place him in emergency custody for a mental health evaluation. The two firearms, both loaded with chambered rounds, were made safe by the deputies. The man was taken to Fauquier Hospital for evaluation and admitted for further care.

The deputies demonstrated valor in the face of danger. Their professionalism and personal courage protected the public and helped save the life of a citizen in a state of crisis.

The Fauquier Chamber of Commerce is proud to present 2016 Valor Awards to Corporal Dawn Rosenberry and Deputy First Class Samuel Field.

Fauquier County Sheriff Office – Sgt. Jason Anns
On March 16, 2015, Sgt. Anns responded to the 10600 block of James Madison Highway for a vehicle accident. Sgt. Anns was advised that there was a pickup truck resting on its side with two occupants still inside and the truck reportedly was on fire. Upon arrival, Sgt. Anns found the truck on its side with the engine compartment on fire. Several good Samaritans were standing around the truck trying to figure out how to extricate the two unconscious occupants.

Sgt. Anns attempted to remove the occupants from the vehicle but was unsuccessful. He then used his fire extinguisher to suppress the fire enough for him and an off-duty police officer to remove the vehicle’s front windshield. With access to the occupants, Sgt. Anns and the off duty police officer pulled one of the occupants from the vehicle, while other good Samaritans removed the second occupant. Both occupants were airlifted to Fairfax Hospital for treatment. Had the occupants not been quickly removed from the vehicle, they certainly would have sustained additional burns which could have proved fatal.

“I am especially proud of the way Sgt. Anns coordinated his efforts with the citizens and the off-duty officer,” Sheriff Bob Mosier said. “This is a great example of law enforcement officers and citizens working together to serve their community.”

The Fauquier Chamber of Commerce is proud to present the 2016 Life Saving Award to Sergeant Jason Anns.

Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office – Sgt. Sean Healy
Sgt. Healy is a 17-year veteran of the sheriff’s office, and has held numerous duty assignments to include corrections, patrol, and criminal investigations. Sgt. Healy is the team leader for the Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team (SERT) and the supervisor for the Special Operations Unit (SOU) in the Criminal Investigation Division, which he joined in September 2014.

The SOU was developed to bring together detectives assigned to narcotics, vice gangs and other special investigations. Under Sgt. Healy’s leadership the SOU has been very successful seizing drug distribution assets and controlled substances. The SOU has established a vast network of informants who not only aid in the investigation of controlled substances, but also provide information about other crimes occurring in the county. Recently, Sgt. Healy and the SOU made the largest cash seizure in Fauquier County’s history.

The recent increase in abuse of opioid-based drugs, mainly heroin, has led to several overdose deaths within Fauquier County. Sgt. Healy and the SOU have assisted with overdose death investigations resulting in criminal charges against the persons distributing the illegal narcotics which led to the victim’s deaths.

Under Sgt. Healy’s leadership the SOU combats the distribution of illegal narcotics, traces overdose deaths to the source supplier, and investigates drug related crimes. This activity results in successful arrests, seizures and prosecution of drug dealers and criminals in Fauquier County. Sgt. Healy has built a team of which the sheriff’s office and the citizens of Fauquier County can be proud.

The Fauquier Chamber of Commerce is proud to present the 2016 Merit Award to Sgt. Sean Healy.

Area 12 Office of Virginia State Police – Trooper Bernard R. Boteler and Trooper Derek J. Mabie
On Aug. 26, 2015, Vestar Lee Flanagan, committed a heinous crime on live television when he mortally wounded two of his former colleagues and seriously wounded another person. Mr. Flanagan fled the Franklin County area and a search for him began. A short time later, a trooper with a license plate reader received a positive "hit" on a vehicle associated with Mr. Flanagan heading east on Interstate 66 toward Fauquier County.

Trooper Boteler was on duty and responded to the area. Trooper Mabie, who was off duty, heard the radio traffic and responded to the Linden area.

Once Mr. Flanagan's vehicle was located, Troopers Boteler and Mabie worked together in an attempt to stop him from fleeing. Trooper Mabie positioned his vehicle in front of Mr. Flanagan and maneuvered him through an active work zone, with workers present, as Trooper Boteler kept his vehicle to the rear of the suspect’s car.

The two troopers maintained radio contact with each other as Mr. Flanagan approached the 17-mile marker near Markham. That area served as a safe place to attempt a rolling roadblock traffic stop.

Both troopers saw Mr. Flanagan place a firearm to his head and commit suicide. His vehicle drifted off of the left side of the road and stopped. Trooper Boteler and Trooper Mabie made a safe approach to the vehicle and secured the scene.

Troopers Boteler and Mabie worked well together during a very intense encounter with a known killer.

The Fauquier Chamber of Commerce is proud to present this 2016 Valor Award to Troopers Bernard R. Boteler and Derek J. Mabie.
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