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February 5, 2018

Carter Nevill announces candidacy for mayor

Carter Nevill serves on the Warrenton Architectural Review board and on Experience Old Town Warrenton.
2018 Town Election
> Mayor
• Carter Nevill

> At-large council seats
• Linda “Sunny” Reynolds

* Top two vote getters will win.

> Election
Tuesday, May 1

> Terms
4 years, starting July 1

> Candidate filing deadline
Tuesday, March 6
By .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Staff Journalist
A month before the filing deadline, a downtown merchant announced Monday that he will run for mayor.

Carter Nevill became the first candidate for the position in the May 1 election.

If elected, Mr. Nevill, 48, would succeed Mayor Powell Duggan, who will step down June 30 after one four-year term.

Warrenton will also elect two at-large council members in May. Those elected will earn four-year terms that start July 1.

Councilman Linda “Sunny” Reynolds last month announced that she will seek re-election. Councilman Sean Polster has not indicated whether he will run again.

Potential candidates must file petitions, with the signatures of at least 125 registered town voters, by March 6 to get on the ballot.

“I’ve spent the last couple of years caring a lot,” Mr. Nevill said. “Everything I did, whether I did it for our business or for volunteering on the boards I serve on was towards the goal of making Warrenton a more successful place for business and a better place to live.

“There’s only so long you can sit on the sidelines and point fingers, and if I care that much, it’s about time to step up and offer my chance to serve and be a part of the solution,” he added.

Mr. Nevill serves as chairman of Warrenton’s Architectural Review Board. He joined the board in 2014, and the town council reappointed him in December.

The ARB reviews applications for construction, renovation and demolition in the town historic district. Those projects require certificates of appropriateness from the ARB, whose purview includes design, materials, signs and other exterior features.

“The service on the ARB has been instrumental,” Mr. Nevill said.
“Developing relationships in the planning department, understanding and appreciating the amount of work and dedication of staff.

“We are here at the pleasure of our citizens and we should be customer service oriented in everything that we do.”

Although he considered running for an at-large council position, Mr. Nevill ultimately decided to run for mayor, a largely ceremonial position. The mayor runs council meetings, makes committee appointments and represents the town at a range of events. But, the mayor votes only when the seven-member council deadlocks.

“My first and foremost responsibility is to make sure our business (Carter & Spence) succeeds,” Mr. Nevill said. “The role of mayor provided a better fit for me to serve as the public face of our business.”

He sees the role of mayor as “an ambassador — building strong relationships with council members, fostering sense of unity. Where there is tension, finesse it to a positive end.”

Ultimately, Mr. Nevill decided to run because no one else had expressed interest.

“It’s too important for the town not to have someone with experience to step up. We’re a month away for the filing deadline,” he said.

Mr. Nevill also serves as a board member of Experience Old Town Warrenton and the Friends of the Warrenton Cemetery.

The co-owner of Carter & Spence jewelry and gift shop on Main Street since 2004, Mr. Nevill believes his expertise in being a small business owner makes him a stronger candidate.

If elected, he hopes to focus on Warrenton’s economic development.

“As I work to sell Warrenton to businesses, I can speak from a firsthand experience,” Mr. Nevill said. “I was born here. My parents owned a business on Main Street. I’ve watched the growth and evolution of Warrenton.”

He hopes to promote Warrenton by “getting out there and courting the businesses, pursing them . . . and speaking with commercial real estate businesses. We have to form a coalition with our property owners. We can’t afford passivity in our business districts. Work with economic development. We need to brand Warrenton more dynamically.

“What’s good for Warrenton is good for the county as a whole,” Mr. Nevill added. “From a tourism aspect, we are one of the first destinations for people heading outside of the gridlock.”

In the near future, he thinks Warrenton should focus on “fiscal health and fiduciary responsibility. We cannot look for quick fix solutions. We need to carefully plan where we spend money and look at the long term. The responsibility of spending taxpayer money requires careful thought.”

Water and sewer capacity also ranks as a top priority.

“We have growth coming, and we have to plan for what Warrenton will be 20 years from now,” he said.

Bob Rust, owner of White Horse Auto Wash in Warrenton, supports Mr. Nevill.

“I think he’s a very thorough person,” Mr. Rust said. “I think he has some great thoughts on the vision for Old town Warrenton. He has business experience, which I think is helpful to run the town and empathize with people who are in the town.

“He’s smart. He analyses the issues thoroughly.”

Mr. Nevill plans to talk to voters at campaign events, homeowners’ association meetings, community organizations and during his work.

He will launch a campaign Facebook page soon.

Town council members earn $400 a month and the mayor gets $800 a month. Warrenton’s elected officials also qualify for the same town health insurance coverage that municipal employees receive.
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Clinton Potus · February 7, 2018 at 11:52 am
Mr. Nevill... You will certainly get my vote. Thanks for putting your name in the hat.


Jim Griffin · February 7, 2018 at 10:31 am
I have no idea about a "good ole boy network," but somehow I would've presumed it extended to those with whom they are sleeping (his wife), so now I am double confused.

Suffice it to say I like policy and proof more than I like name calling and unsupported conclusions. We've made progress with the "The Partnership for Warrenton Foundation" (which I did not know existed) so I can look into that concern, but I know nothing about Mr. Nevill, his wife, or you (the only one who wishes to hide behind a pseudonum).
TooTrue · February 7, 2018 at 10:24 am
One only need look at the mess with The Partnership For Warrenton Foundation and his role to understand the statements and article. I have not time nor interest proving anything to you. It is a simple wake up call. It is clear you are part of the good ole boy network and don't understand the need for enlightened change in representation and not more self servinig types. His wife would be a very fine choice.
Jim Griffin · February 6, 2018 at 11:50 am
TooTrue: Ad hominem attack such as calling someone a loser is unpersuasive, counterproductive, revealing more about you than it does about him.

Issues, please. Where do you disagree with him?

Is this for you purely a cult of personality? If personalities are important, why is your identity hidden? I do not know this gentleman, but I am impressed he has stepped forward to further serve his community.

Let's hear more before we criticize, and when we do take issue let it be about facts and policies, not simplistic name-calling.
TooTrue · February 6, 2018 at 10:53 am
Another loser. When are we going to get a decent Mayor, as we've not had one since The Honorable Bill Lineweaver, plus decent at large representation. Hopefully Sean runs again.
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