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June 11, 2018

Stone home, 30 acres near town sell for $1.44 million

Photo/Allen Real Estate
Built around 1935, this home on Lees Ridge Road and 30 acres sold for $1.44 million.
Photo/Lawrence Emerson
This office building at 70 Main St. in Warrenton sold for $2.5 million.
A circa 1935 stone house on 30 acres near Warrenton sold last week for $1.44 million.

The Highlands, on Lees Ridge Road, features five bedrooms, seven fireplaces, a three-car garage, a home gym, a three-bedroom guest cottage, swimming pool, tennis court, stables, fenced pastures and a pond.

Listed with Allen Real Estate of Warrenton, the property went on the market in February with an asking price of $2.25 million February, according to The price dropped 22 percent in April.

The property last sold in 1999 for $1.2 million, according to county real estate records.

Also last week, the five-story office building at 70 Main St. in Warrenton sold for $2.5 million.

Built in 1984, the structure has 28,736 square feet of leasable space. Tenants include the Mason Enterprise Center, a law firm and an investment brokerage.

At current rents and full occupancy, the building would generate $420,000 annually, according to the sales brochure. The building at the time had four vacancies.

Charles Ebbets of Long & Foster in Warrenton listed the property — last priced at $2.79 million — for sale and represented the buyer, a Front Royal investor.

The building last sold for $3.3 million in November 2006, according to county real estate records.

The Fauquier County Circuit Court clerk’s office recorded these real estate transfers June 1-8, 2018:

Cedar Run District

J. Donald and Sarah G. Morris to Tara D. and Brandon W. Marshall, Lot 4, Phase 1, Green Meadows Subdivision, 9699 Logan Jay Drive, Bealeton, $355,000.

Charles E. Detwiler Jr. to Ronald W. Smith, 2.54 acres, Lot A, Panklands Estates Subdivision, 13363 Blackwells Mill Road, Goldvein, $385,000.

Richard F. Sheaffer III to David and Lauren Gladden, 2.57 acres, Lot 4-B, Sheaffer Division, 9135 Meetze Road, near Warrenton, $390,000.

George L. Morrison, by substitute trustee, to Murray Group LLC, 2 acres, Lot 1, Byler Division, 4147 Goldmine Road, Goldvein, $190,000, foreclosure.

Pennymac Loan Services LLC to Laura D. and Todd J. Finks, 5 acres, Casanova Hills Subdivision, 9045 Rogues Road, near Casanova, $355,000.

Victoria E. Simpson to Alisha J. And Thomas J. Ames III, 7.67 acres, 8000 Kettle Creek Drive, Catlett, $650,000.

Richard W. Townley, trustee, to John J. and Patti E. Kerhlikar, trustees, 12.72 acres, Lot 41, Blackwood Forest Subdivision, $138,000.

David J. and Darlene D. Colleran to Joseph and Christina Cernera, 4.26 acres, 6231 Balls Mill Road, Midland, $510,000.

Randall S. and Amy J. Munda to Ken G. and Betty J. Fox, 2.06 acres, Lot 3, Leighigh Subdivision, 7638 Kennedy Road, near Nokesville, $490,000.

Bashar Saadee and Charles G. Phillips Jr. to Lara D. and Charles G. Phillips Jr., 316.18 acres, 8532 Meetze Road, near Warrenton, $200,000.

Denise P. Muth, Dianne B. Thompson and others to Marion W. and Wilma L. Davidson, 3 acres, 4198 Brookfield Drive, $310,000.

John K. and Denise M. Enloe to Paul Ballerini and Kristie Chevitanondr, 0.91 acre, Lot 27, Section 3, Terranova Subdivision, 7324 Fleetwood Court, near Warrenton, $429,900.

Center District

James K. and Johnese K. Burtram to Katherine M. and Earl F. Vogler III, 10,000 square feet, Lot 14, Whites Mill Subdivision, 6443 Whites Mill Lane, near Warrenton, $505,000.

Lan K. Ly to Wayne and Jean E. Moore, Lot 358-R, Addition to Warrenton Lakes Subdivision, 7212 King William St., near Warrenton, $355,000.

Cary E. and Sara M. Witherow to Margaret L. and Robert M. Graham Jr., Lot 23, Four Views Subdivision, 492 Foxcroft Road, Warrenton, $359,900.

Bethany K. and Mary A. James to Amanda O’Connor, Lot 186, Addition to Warrenton Lakes Subdivision 7336 Westmoreland Drive, near Warrenton, $288,500.

Brian Ferrell to Andrew R. and Fiona J. Welch, 17828 square feet, 130 Culpeper St., Warrenton, $450,000.

Charles and Jennifer Rooney to Kira S. Seibel, Lot 44, Mews at Menlough Subdivision, 39 Sire Way, Warrenton, $292,000.

Jennifer Roberts to Daniel Carr, 0.47 acre, Lot 3, Bethel Academy Subdivision, 6933 Blantyre Road, near Warrenton, $335,000.

Ellen M. Nemes to Benjamin and Amy Cordy, 1 acre, 7336 Atlee Road, near Warrenton, $261,000.

Dino and Marley Sfreddo to Edison A. Bouroncle, 0.25 acre, 378 Curtis St., Warrenton, $245,000.

Warrenton Industrial Park, George M. Mayhugh and David R. Wilcox as general partners, to Red Road Inc., 2.17 acres, Warrenton Industrial Park, Industrial Road, off Rts. 15/17/29, Warrenton, $500,000.

Joseph K. Allen III to Mary A. Cross, trustee, 30,000 square feet, Lot 3, Block C, Crestview Estates Subdivision, 660 Foxcroft Road, Warrenton, $394,000.

Martha M. Copeland, by substitute trustee, to Surrey House LLC, Lot 9, Block B, Broadview Acres Subdivision, 263 Norfolk Drive, Warrenton, $240,108.

Daniel and Jordan Zarwel to Katherine M. Christie, 0.66 acre, 226 Winchester St., Warrenton, $495,000.

Nussbaumer Real Estate LLC to Fox Den 70 Main LLC, 0.15 acre, 70 Main St., Warrenton, $2,500,500.

Michele A. Kane to Diane S. and Glen M. Fitzpatrick, Lot 79, Whites Mill Subdivision, 7578 Sweetgum Court, near Warrenton, $459,000.

Lee District

Mintbrook Developers LLC, Russell Marks as manager, to NVR Inc., Lot 129, Phase A, Section 3-A, Bealeton, $117,934.

Daniel R. and Brittany DeGroat to Kurt A. and Gretchen A. Bowers, 5.13 acres, 8310 Diamond Hill Road, near Warrenton, $390,000.

Jonathan M. and Dorothy M. Tomko, by substitute trustee, to FFC Properties LLC, Lot 160, Section M, Meadowbrooke Subdivision, 10911 Rugby Drive, Bealeton, $206,500, foreclosure.

James Solano to Douglas Brod and Xinmei Sheng, Lot 28, Phase 6, Cedar Brooke Subdivision, 10820 King Nobel Lane, Bealeton, $410,000.

NVR Inc. to Ian and Elizabeth Barclay, Unit 50, Phase 9, Waverly Station Condominiums, 6220 Willow Place, Bealeton, $254,990.

Marcel J. Gonzalez to Michael A. and Blanche M. Harvey, Lot 26, Section A, Edgewood East Subdivision, 6759 Schoolhouse Road, Bealeton, $150,000.

Kevin W. Bailey, trustee, to Wilderness Homes Inc., Lot 12, Stinnett Subdivision, North Duey Road, Remington, $110,000.

Shane A. and Kelly J. Jacobs to Anna Papadogiannakis and George Hatzigeorgiou, Lo 64, Phase 9, Cedar Brooke Subdivision, 10819 Grimbert Court, Bealeton, $425,000.

Curtis M. Blansett and Cathy M. Hoffman to Melissa D. Fisher, 1.57 acres, Lot 6, Kings Hill Subdivision, 11513 Tilia Lane, Bealeton, $330,000.

Jeffrey Pengelly to Kenner D. Fortner III, Lot 30, Phase 1, Riverton Subdivision, 12195 Remland Court, Remington, $310,000.

Helen M. McGrady to Bradley C. McGrady, 1.5 acres, Cemetery Road, near Remington, $115,000.

Norma J. Furr to Eric and Donna Armstrong, 1.48 acres, 8162 Botha Road, near Opal, $370,000.

Laura A. Judd, by special commissioner, to Thomas Cheatham Properties LLC, 5,568 square feet, Church Street, Remington, $3,000.

Jesse F. Heflin to Denise A.G. and Richard L. Heflin Jr., 0.52 acre, 100 W. Bowen St., Remington, $215,000.

Greg Leitz to Wilderness Homes Inc., 200 N. Franklin St., Remington, $50,000.

Marshall District

Claire E. and Richard B. Nichols Jr. to Peter Q. Weeks and Joyce Gates, 1.06 acres, 1150 Poplar Row Lane, Upperville, $350,000.

U.S. Bank NA, trustee, to Eric Dawson and Brittany Davis, 2 acres, 8391 Keiths Chapel Lane, near Warrenton, $289,900.

Robert A. And Amee F. Burgoyne to Tihomir N. Yankov and Laura L. Galante, 21.89 acres, 4287 Altavista Lane, near Marshall, $745,000.

Samuel Rodriguez to Kayleigh G. and Dashiell M. Trick, 0.52 acre and 5 acres, 6299 Enon School Road, $439,900.

Catherine B. Birman to June C. and Philip F. Snow Jr., 29.6 acres, Lees Ridge Road, near Warrenton, $1,440,000.

John E. and Donna L. Richards to Edgar A.L. Martinex, Unit 17, Section B, Marshall Townhouses, 8599 Ashby Court, Marshall, $139,900.

William A. and Leslie P. Lemeshewsky to Joseph M. and Kathleen M Veoni, 21.8 acres, 29.72 acres and 26.25 acres, Parcels A-C, Willow Hill Road, Delaplane, $640,000.

Patrick W. and Taylor M. Andrews to Andrew J. Hertneky, 5.13 acres, 9836 Timber Heights, Marshall, $315,000.

Shelia B. Underwood to Acie W. Watts Jr., 0.17 acre, 4173 Rosstown Road, Marshall, $90,000.

William H. and Erin R. Farley, trustees, to Kimberly D. and Don C. Gay Jr., 3.07 acres, 8579 Opal Road, Warrenton, $750,000.

John D. Metz to Laura J. Gilliard, 1.24 acres, Lot 5, Morgans Bluff Subdivision, 4661 Morgans Bluff Drive, near Marshall, $399,900.

Anna D. and John K. Jerry to IBEW Relocations Holdings LLC, 8.12 acres, Lot 4-A, Mountjoy Estates Subdivision, 9449 Elihu Hill Road, near Marshall, $387,500.

Phyllis E. Anderson and others, trustees, to Robert M. and Rita J. Graham, 5.78 acres, Cannonball Gate Road, near Warrenton, $140,000.

Belen K. Rodas and Damien A. Weiss to Tammy M.C. and Thomas J. Foley Jr. and Thomas J. Foley, 10.16 acres, Lot 14, Piney Mountain Subdivision, 7333 Fox Call Lane, near Warrenton, $560,000.

Scott District

Ryan and Melissa McKinley to Mary and Michael A. Alipio, Lot 18, Section 1, Addition to Marstella Estates Subdivision, 7398 Auburn Mill Road, near Warrenton.

Richard A. Lake Jr. to Mark C. and Tabitha A. Supernaugh, Lot 24, Section 6-A, Broken Hills Estates Subdivision, 7105 Meadow Lane, near Warrenton, $419,900.

Margaret M. Sanders to Stephen M. Ponce and Blake E. Christian, 6.64 acres, 6080 Sarah Lane, Broad Run, $640,000.

Thomas W. Velte to Bonnie L. Powell and J. Caesar Velasco III, 10.01 acres, 5439 Hillside Farm Lane, near The Plains, $588,000.

Neilson L. Sherrill to David Ogilvie, Lot 109, Phase 8C-1, Brookside Subdivision, 3810 Daisy Lane, near Warrenton, $520,000.

Paul G. and Lisa A. Henke to Monica L. Adams, 1.18 acre, Lot 18, Phase 1, Snow Hill Subdivision, 6823 Sandstone Court, near Warrenton, $588,000.

DPAR Investments LLC, Douglas R. Parent as manager, to James B. Finkl, 20.57 acres, Piney Branch Lane, near The Plains, $775,000.

David W. Hauck Trigon Homes LLC, 2.24 acres, Lot 2, Hilldale Subdivision, off Rt. 693, near Warrenton, $128,000.

Todd Hill to Peter Devita, 1.03 acres, Lot 7, Oliver Acres Subdivision, 5541 Oliver Lane, Broad Run, $379,000.

Raymond A. Stankevich to Melvin Griffin and Kirbie L. Lapina, 25,005 square feet, Lot 14, Section 1, Mosby Woods Subdivision, near Warrenton, $355,000.

George Goletz to Jonathan D. and Emily McCrillis, Lot 2, Land Bay H, Vint Hill Subdivision, 3709 Osborne Drive, near Warrenton, $520,000.

NVR Inc. to Lindsey and Chadwick Pressey, Lot 62, Phase 14-B, Brookside Subdivision, 4650 Gates Road, near Warrenton, $671,570.

Scott T. and Nicole M. Russell to Jeffrey D. and Julia A. Burlette, Lot 7, Phase 9-C, Brookside Subdivision, 7364 Tucan Court, near Warrenton, $600,000.

Carolin M. Helfenstein to Judith A. and David B. Scales, trustees, 1 acre, Lot 14, Mill Run Acres Subdivision, 7326 Moss Lane, near Warrenton, $425,000.

NVR Inc. to Brian and Kristen Tardif, Lot 4, Phase 11-A, Brookside Subdivision, 3988 Lake Ashby Court, near Warrenton, $568,515.

Edward and Caroline M. Hamann to Peter and Tammy Kinsley, 10 acres, Lot 25, Valley Green Subdivision, 5519 Valley Green Drive, near Broad Run, $760,000.

NVR Inc. to Leanne Mullin, Lot 9, Phase 10-B, Brookside Subdivision, 4117 Eddy Court, near Warrenton, $633,035.

Van T. and Ursula Leinbach to Lindsay W. and Wilson B. Caspari IV, Lot 41, Section 1, Addition to Marstella Estates Subdivision, 7302 Stuart Circle, near Warrenton, $389,000.
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