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March 4, 2019

Supervisors begin detailed budget talks on Tuesday

File Photo/Lawrence Emerson
The board of supervisors listens to testimony during last year’s budget hearing. This year’s public hearing will take place at 7 p.m. Tuesday, March 14, at Fauquier High School.
Public Hearing
• Topics: Fiscal 2020 county budget and tax rates.

• Details: County administrator proposes $331.1-million plan that would raise average taxpayer’s annual costs $45 to fund more fire/rescue personnel; county school system would get $3.1-million increase.

• Agency: Board of supervisors.

• When: 7 p.m. Tuesday, March 12.

• Where: Fauquier High School auditorium.

• Fiscal year: Begins July 1.

• More information: Click here
Fauquier’s board of supervisors Tuesday will kick off its review of the county administrator’s fiscal 2020 budget proposal.

The board this month will conduct five work sessions on Paul S. McCulla’s $331.1 million spending plan in the Warren Green Building at 10 Hotel St. in Warrenton:

• 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 5.

• 4:30 p.m. Thursday, March 7.

• 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 12.

• 4 p.m. Thursday, March, 14, with the school board.

• 2 p.m. Tuesday, March 19.

> Proposed budget at bottom of story

The supervisors moved the March 5 and 12 work sessions to 4:30 p.m. after teachers launched an online petition calling for budget discussions later in the day, when they could attend. Originally, the board planned for those two sessions to begin at 2 p.m.

Mr. McCulla’s proposed budget calls for a 1.2-cent real estate tax rate increase. That would generate $1.15 million — all of which would fund nine new emergency services jobs and the reclassification of three existing positions in the department.

The real estate tax rate stands at 98.2 cents. With the proposed rate increase, the annual tax bill for an average single-family home valued at $378,000 would rise to $3,771, according to Mr. McCulla. 

The proposed 1.2-percent hike equates to an increase of $45 for such homeowners.

The county administrator’s budget plan would give the school system an increase of $3.5 million, including $1 million to help with its salary “compression” issues, according to Mr. McCulla.

But the total proposed increase for the school system falls $1.4 million short of the amount Superintendent David Jeck seeks. 

Dr. Jeck’s fiscal 2020 plan totals $149.6 million, or 6 percent more, an $8.8 million increase over this year.

Mr. McCulla’s plan also includes about $1.2 million for a 1.4-percent cost-of-living and 0.6-percent merit increase for county government employees.

The supervisors’ public hearing on the proposed budget and capital improvements plan will take place at 7 p.m. Tuesday, March 12, in the Fauquier High School auditorium.

The board plans to adopt those documents and tax rates at 4 p.m., March 21, in the Warren Green Building.

The new fiscal year begins July 1.

— Don Del Rosso

2020 Proposed Fauquier Budget by on Scribd

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nonewtaxes · March 5, 2019 at 7:14 am
There are far more taxpayers than teachers. let us rally around the call to lessen the government burden on our personal budgets by lessening government.

lets increase class size to 30 like in the good old days.
lets get rid of psychologists in the schools. thats a health issue, not an education issue. lets not pay nearly $1,000,000/yr to rent software to design bus schedules. how was it done before computers? SROs?? Do you really think schools are so dangerous you have to have armed cops in them at all times? lets make school bus drivers pay for the gas in the busses. how come the mechanic that works in a garage pays for his own tools but the firefighter gets his tools paid for by the county? lets monitor classrooms and see how much teaching is done after SOLs, lets have teachers work during the summer so they can justify an annual salary,

maybe we should pay for profit companies to build towers so we can rent space off of them. that should generate lots of money. hows that going so far?

lets add a service charge each time you use the fire or sheriff department

lets build more airports. if one airport is progress, two airports must be even more progress. how much economic opportunity can we stand? lets make room for amazon.
Savefauquiercounty2019 · March 4, 2019 at 4:16 pm
These leaders don't own the county, the community does. Teachers it is time to tackle this. Start contacting local businesses and churches and request their support.
BestKeptSecrets · March 4, 2019 at 8:41 am
Teachers, you are very educated professionals.
Support your superintendent like glue. The teaching profession is notoriously known for not being cohesive. Women are fearful they will come across as aggressive. It is not aggression needed. Be assertive. Stand together and demand the funding requested by your leader! He can't tell you your presence is needed. But it is needed. Be there. Be together. If you know suggestions that can drive down costs, send your suggestions to him. Your time and efforts will be well spent. This is long overdue. Make Fauquier County, the county professionals want to flock too. It is not only the teaching profession that is sorely needed by nursing. COME ON. Flock like birds. Squawk to make the slower birds catch up. If there is a teacher being obstinate, jump up and down and push them to help. Show up. Be there. Your presence is vital.
Silii · March 4, 2019 at 7:30 am
The county has managed to get windfall profits from taxpayers via the extreme real estate tax increase. How did that happen? The system to appeal real estate tax increases was a joke, as hundreds of citizens learned, with 3 of the 5 members of the BOE (the appeals board for real estate assessments) being real estate agents in Fauquier County and the other 2 being whatevers insider connections appointments. Moving on, tax and fees increases are the absolute mantra of the longterm Republican leadership in Fauquier County in spite of their con job of saying Republicans are anti-tax increase. The proposed budget is faulty on the face of it because it came via a county administrator and his deputy who have long outlived their jobs and need to go. All Board of Supervisers seats are up for election this year. Ask your candidate if they will see to it that the county "leadership" will be replaced with people who aren't so relaxed and connected in their jobs.
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