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November 6, 2018

Fauquier voters decisively back Republican candidates

Republican candidates Corey Stewart, Denver Riggleman and Rob Wittman carried Fauquier County in Tuesday’s election.
By the Numbers

of Fauquier County’s 50,888 registered voters cast in-person or absentee ballots in the Nov. 6 general election.

In the 2014 midterm election, 43 percent of Fauquier voters cast ballots.
On a damp Election Day, Fauquier County voters again overwhelming supported Republican candidates — this time for U.S. Senate and House of Representatives seats.

Local turnout for the midterm election — halfway through President Donald Trump’s first term — surged to 63.26 percent.

Of 50,888 registered voters, 32,192 cast ballots.

Four years ago, only 43 percent of county voters cast ballots in the last midterm election, during President Barack Obama’s second term.

In the 5th Congressional District race for an open seat, the county’s voters overwhelmingly backed Denver Riggleman, a Nelson County defense contractor and distillery owner.

Mr. Riggleman won 57.4 percent of the Fauquier vote in his campaign against Leslie Cockburn (D), a journalist and author who lives in Rappahannock County.

The Republican will succeed retiring Rep. Tom Garrett (R) in the sprawling district that runs from Northern Fauquier to the North Carolina line. Mr. Riggleman had 54 percent of the district vote and a 25,000-vote margin with all but five precincts counted late Tuesday night.

Fauquier voters also favored 1st District Rep. Rob Wittman (R) in his successful re-election bid for a sixth term.

Mr. Wittman, a Westmoreland County resident, got 66.2 percent of the Fauquier vote to 33.7 percent for Vangie Williams (D), a King George County resident who works as a project manager for a government contractor. Overall, Mr. Wittman had a 37,000-vote margin late Tuesday, with a few precincts uncounted in the district that stretches from Southern Fauquier to Hampton Roads.

Corey Stewart (R) also carried Fauquier in his longshot bid to unseat Sen. Tim Kaine (D).

Mr. Stewart, the Prince William County Board of Supervisors chairman, got 55.2 percent of the Fauquier vote to 43.6 percent for Mr. Kaine in his successful campaign for a second term. The senator had 56 percent of the statewide vote late Tuesday night.

In Fauquier, Democrats carried only The Plains Precinct, where both Mr. Kaine and Ms. Cockburn won majorities. Mr. Kaine also carried the Courthouse and Warrenton precincts, both in the county seat. Republicans carried every other county precinct in the House and Senate races.

Fauquier voters also overwhelmingly supported two Virginia constitutional amendments that would allow local governments to give real estate tax breaks for chronically flooded properties and for certain veterans and their surviving spouses.

Unofficial Fauquier Results

U.S. Senate

42.63 percent — Tim Kaine (D): 13,724 votes
1.97 percent — Matt Waters (L): 634 votes
55.26 percent — Corey Stewart (R): 17,790 votes

1st District House

33.75 percent — Vangie Williams (D): 1,996 votes
66.2 percent — Rob Wittman (R): 3,915 votes

The 1st District includes the Fauquier precincts of Bealeton, Catlett, Lois and Morrisville.

5th District House

42.43 percent — Leslie Cockburn (D): 11,108 votes
57.43 percent — Denver Riggleman (R): 15,036 votes

The 5th District covers the rest of Fauquier, the precincts of Airlie, Baldwin Ridge, Broad Run, Casanova, Courthouse, Kettle Run, Leeds, Marshall, New Baltimore, Opal, Remington, Springs Valley, The Plains, Warrenton, Waterloo and Vint Hill.

Question 1 — Flooded property

67.74 percent — YES: 21,322 votes
32.26 percent — NO: 10,153 votes

Question 2 — Veterans’ and survivors’ property

84.41 percent — YES: 26,667 votes
15.59 percent — NO: 4,925 votes

The 1st District includes the Fauquier precincts of Bealeton, Catlett, Lois and Morrisville.

The 5th District covers the rest of Fauquier, the precincts of Airlie, Baldwin Ridge, Broad Run, Casanova, Courthouse, Kettle Run, Leeds, Marshall, New Baltimore, Opal, Remington, Springs Valley, The Plains, Warrenton, Waterloo and Vint Hill.

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Jim Griffin · November 9, 2018 at 4:51 pm
RGJLA: Agreed with your nit. I appreciate the observation and thank you for it. It is an important contribution to the subject that enlightens.
RGLJA · November 9, 2018 at 4:43 pm
@Jim Griffin. I appreciate your comments on the topic here, but I do have one nit to pick about your comment that "None of us -- save for American Indians -- has origins in America" That is false. American Indians are no more native to this land than we are. They came here 15,000 years ago from Asia. They walked across a land bridge between Russia and Canada that existed at that time called Beringia. Their DNA origins are Asian. I mention this to highlight the futility of trying decide who really owns any part of America. Human migration happens continually and you can't retrospectively fix anything by going back in history. We were all born into our own circumstances and we all have the same rights we were born with, and nothing more, whether your ancestors were slaves, Indians, or fish in the primordial goo. If you're an American citizen, you have all the rights of an American citizen. Nothing less, and nothing more.
sshrader · November 8, 2018 at 4:46 pm
I watched (online) Corey Stewart speak about Confederate heritage and it comes across as a manipulative use of what he knows is important to some people from whom he wants to get a vote. I did not get the impression that he has a deep knowledge of the Civil War or a personal connection to people who were directly affected by the war, it was just a simplistic listing of what he knew would rouse the crowd.
brandonj · November 8, 2018 at 3:40 pm
Sounds like Sandra is perfectly comfortable with the Democratic brand of identity politics.

sshrader, Corey Stewart likely lost due to his associations with the alt right groups. Most people vote straight along party lines and likely didn't know much about Corey, but I think the fact that he lost pretty handily in the state and not by a landslide in Fauquier is a sign of general disapproval.

What's wrong with embracing Confederate heritage?
sshrader · November 8, 2018 at 1:20 pm
I was surprised by how many people in Fauquier voted for Corey Stewart. His connection to Jason Kessler and Paul Nehlen are undeniable, I thought that more people would be unwilling to overlook these connections, his profiling of immigrants, and his questionable (manipulative) embracing of confederate heritage (considering that he is from Minnesota).
Jim is right to point out that racism exists in each and every political party, but that neither party affiliation equates a person to being racist. That is why I am surprised that so many people here voted for Corey Stewart, I do not think that most people agree with his darker thoughts and approaches so why were so many willing to ignore them? It is troubling.
Jim Griffin · November 8, 2018 at 10:21 am
I do not think Republicans racist. Indeed, quite the opposite, I think racist Republicans are out of step with the norms of their party. The same is true for racist Democrats. There are too many racists and no political party has a monopoly on them.

My comments in particular were directed at one who used here the written phrases -- and I quote -- "synagogue of satan" and "multicultural cesspool." As RGLJA notes, such behavior is "shunned and denounced regularly by all."

None of us -- save for American Indians -- has origins in America, our nation a melting pot of immigrants. The reference to synagogues is especially shameful post-Pittsburgh and Charlottesville.
RGLJA · November 8, 2018 at 9:02 am
Sandra is not only wrong, she is dangerously wrong. Sandra and Melrose and others here have denounced the President as racist, and the 59% of our friends and neighbors in Fauquier county who voted Republican this week as racists. This is simply irrational hate.

When we view our political differences as a battle between good and evil, we can self-justify all kinds of atrocious behavior. World history includes too many examples of the wars, mass killings and atrocities which have been "justified" this way. The USA is the fairest, most generous country in the world. We have become a shining example of successful race integration. True racists are shunned and denounced regularly by all. But we shouldn't trivialize that charge by introducing it into politics. Democrats have gone hog-wild on the racism charge recently, and mob-like behavior is growing as a result. I hope this overreach will be met with the universal condemnation it deserves. Democrats should be shamed for this kind of rhetoric, not only because it is wrong... it is dangerously wrong.
Truepat · November 7, 2018 at 10:34 am
The C Hunter Richie school polling place has been overcrowded for the past two elections and continues due to all the building in the area. Something should be done to fix this issue.
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