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June 12, 2013

Liberty High awards 266 diplomas to Class of 2013

Photos/Cassandra Brown
Amanda Harris checks her phone backstage for the last time before graduating.
Nikia Jenkins gets some last minute help fixing her SCA collar and sash from Stephanie Hannaman, a secretary in Liberty's main office.
Shelby Meriwether and her cousin Cara McGlamry catch up before the ceremony.
Graduates line up to receive their diplomas.
Kirsten Crofford walks through the rain after graduation.
The people who make a difference in your life are not the ones with the most credentials, the most money or the most awards. They simply are the ones who care the most.
— Principal Roger Lee
Photos by Cassandra Brown

Graduation program at bottom of story

Liberty High School awarded diplomas to 266 members of the Class of 2013 on Sunday afternoon, June 9.

LHS graduation took place at the Jiffy Lube Live Pavilion near Gainesville.

Principal Roger Lee’s remarks

Wow! The school year is over and only a few more moments before you, the Class of 2013 become official high school graduates.

Did you think this time would actually get here? Did you think you would finally not have to hear “Let’s have a great day today; it’s up to you to make it happen”?

You have reached this day due to your hard work and commitment to learning. At this point, you no longer have to worry about your next high school homework assignment, next paper due date, next exam. Those worries will come again soon enough for those of you heading to college in the next few months. But today we celebrate your achievement of high school graduation.

It is clearly a milestone in your life. I’m sure that you’ll have many more memorable moments, but today is special. You’ll be asked by friends and family — if you haven’t been already — now that you’ve graduated from high school, what are your plans? What college are you going to? What do you plan to study? Have you found a job yet? Have you thought about enlisting in the military?

Let’s think for a few moments about what is important in the world Let’s consider the philosophy of Charles Schultz.

You know Charles Schultz. He is the creator of the Peanuts comic strip. He asks if you can:

• Name the five wealthiest people in the world.

• Name the last five Heisman trophy winners.

• Name the last five winners of the Miss America pageant.

• Name 10 people who have won the Nobel or Pulitzer Prize.

• Name the last half dozen Academy Award winners for best actor and actress.

• Name the last decade’s worth of World Series winners, Super bowl champs, NBA Champs.

Could you name them? Maybe not.

Those are all first-rate top notch, noteworthy accomplishments.

Now try this:

• List a few teachers who aided your journey through school.

• Name three friends who have helped you through a difficult time.

• Name five people who have taught you something worthwhile.

• Think of a few people who have made you feel appreciated and special.

• Think of five people you enjoy spending time with.

I bet you can come up with names for those questions.

The point is: The people who make a difference in your life are not the ones with the most credentials, the most money or the most awards. They simply are the ones who care the most.

Recently, our seniors recently reflected about their Liberty High School teachers. In the Senior Issue of the Patriot Press, the LHS student newspaper, here are some of the quotes from the graduating seniors describing their LHS teachers:

• “Helped get me excited about learning.”

• “Pushed me to try harder.”

• “The teacher that knows everything about me.”“

• “I have learned that no matter how big a problem is, I can overcome it.”

• “Really made learning fun.”

• “Wonderful person and role model.”

• “Taught me a successful work ethic.”

• “Fostered skills that I will use the rest of my life.”

• “Taught me to never give up.”

• “Inspired me to try harder.”

• “The most caring person I have ever met.”

Members of the Class of 2013, your observations and comments about your teachers show that you understand what is important. And to the LHS staff: I can’t say it any better than our graduates have. Thank you to the Liberty High School staff, for making such an impression on our graduates.

So, seniors as you go forward in your life’s journey, remember the personal touch means the most. You’ll achieve great things, accomplish much. I hope you make a lot of money, but most importantly, be happy and remember what really is most important.

Today, you’re a LHS senior. In a few moments you’ll be LHS graduates. But before we get there, think back four years ago when you entered ninth grade. You were probably a little scared, maybe felt a little overwhelmed. Your freshman yearbook had on the cover “The Making of a Liberty Eagle.”

Go back and look at that yearbook. As you began your high school career, your yearbook stated what was needed to become the finished product – a strong, intelligent, joyful and proud Eagle.

You have become that strong, intelligent, joyful and proud Eagle. You’ve learned a lot in four years, made new friends and grown as a person. You’re graduating as potential leaders; you’re prepared. Life won’t be perfect, but you’re prepared to handle it. You have a solid foundation.

But every one of you can do more and develop more. Remember the lessons taught by your parents, teachers and coaches. Remember the people that mean the most to you are the ones who care about you. Remember to give back to your community.

In the words of Winston Churchill: “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

Be sure to give.

Congratulations and best wishes always.

Liberty High School Class of 2013

Key to symbols:

*** = Highest distinction
** = High distinction
* = Distinction
G = Student Council Association officer
N = National Honor Society member
S = Spanish Honor Society member
MV = Mountain Vista Governor’s School

Margaret Nicole LaWanda Adams

Edwin Aguilar

Timothy W. Alexander, Jr.

Andrew B. Allen

Kristen Paige Alphonso

Katherine Marie Angell **NSG

Boone A. Arnold

Matthew T. Ashby

Connor Foxx Aubrey

Josie LeAnn Ayers

Rachel Lynn Bacon

Katie Lynn Bacon *

Joel Bacot

Brandon Lee Bailey

Taylor Michele Ball

Virginia Samantha Ballard

Thomas McKinley Baltimore

Alexsus Banks

Devontae Antonio Barbour

Diana Barboza

Brittany Nicole Barr

Rocio Barragan

Kathryn P. Barrett

Jessica Mia Barton **

Ryan Lawrence Baughman

Grace Inez Bell

Christopher J. Berger

Tanner Blake Berhalter

Newell A. Bey

Logan P. Blanton

Brittany Dawn Bontrager

Craig Boyd

Logan Robert Brewster

Edith Briones

Jackson Adrian Browett

Tavia Lenea Burden **

Kianna Lynn Butler

Jason Edward Butler

Sylvia Corrine Buyna-Mullins

Emily Sarah Capron *

Elizabeth Ann Capron *

Michelle Nicole Carman-McClanahan

Cameron Vaughn Carr

Joel Logan Carver **

Danielle Michelle Cash

Kassandra Nohemy Chavez

Robert Chiccehitto

Harley Christensen

Mikayla Ellyn Ciuffo

Kevin Bruce Clark

Jacob Thomas Clopton *

Xavier Colbert

Demetrius Colvin-Dodson

Carlos Contreras

Kala Cooper

Lanny Ross Cornwell III

Megan Victoria Costello

Michael Cristino

Kirsten Michelle Crofford ***

Kimberly Marcia Culver **

Emerald Elizabeth Daigle

Dean Andrew Dakon Jr.

Joshua Davis

River Bailey Temple Dawson

Ana Paula De Souza

Amber Dawn Defnall

Haley Lynn Dempsey

Amber Ray Noel Dennis

Isaac D. Diaz *

Courtney Ann Marie Doucet **NSG

Derek R. Dueling

Kevin Micheal Duvall

Amanda Nicole Dwyer

Jack William Earnshaw

Alexis Brooke Edwards

Taylor Scott Ellrich

Kara Ann Embrey

Joshua David Fink

Jeffery A. Fisher

Stephen Edward Fisk

Anthony Fletcher

Raymond Fox

Kevin Alexander France

Samantha Anne Frazier

Amber Marie Friend

Maggie Lynne Fulcher

Eric Z. Gager

Tiara La'Shae Gerald

R. J. Gough

Dustin W. Gray

Kaitlyn Renee Gray

Amber Nicole Gray

Meagan Renée Green

David M. Gregory

Ashley Patricia Gross

Ana Guerrero

Hannah Rain Haller *

Delvin Hamlett

Amanda Lynn Harris

Ian Michael Harris

Alan Jackson Hartman

Shannon Nicole Hartman

April Lynn Hatton

Andrew Lynwood Hawk

Austin John Hawk

Daniel T. Heflin

Sierra Morgan Heiderman

Kaylee Autumn Henderson *N

Dylan Reid Henry

Martin Hey

Robert Dale Hill

Dillon A. Hill

Jacob Thomas Hilliard

Jack Ryan Alexander Hirschhorn **

Zachary William Holland

Kirstie Lee Holliday

Thomas P. Hough

Aristotle Onassis Howard II

Jonathan Howery

Haley Brooke Huffman

James Logan Huggins

Cody Owen Huntington

Ryan Wesley Huntington

Cathryn Moriah Jacobs

Tiffany Jenkins

Michael Allen Jenkins

Nikia Jenkins — G

Christian H. Johnson

Richard Harold Jones

John Dimitrios Karellas **NS

Lottice Elaine Keller

Lianna Monique Kerns

Christyne McKinnely King

Ashley Nicole Kirby

Victoria Lynn Kirschbaum

Chase Cortland Kopp

Rachel Kreiger **

Melissa Amber Kunkowski

Grace Ann Lambert

Michael Langhorne

Monique Laraque

Cheyenne Cymone La Torre *

Tanner Camden Lee *

Evan Michael Legan

Morgan Cline Lewis

Joshua Anderson Lewis *

Leoni Ley

Tyler Phillip Lindsay

Calvin Lindsay

Tyler L. Longerbeam

Ricardo A. Lopez Dimas

Arthur Patrick Ludke, II

Kimberly Anne Luschenat-Brown

Sarah Jean Madden

Gabrielle May Madore

Charles Michael Mahoney

Keylin Virginia Mallie

Heather Lynn Manson

Dru Alexandra Martin

Jenny Esperanza Martinez

Sandra Y. Martinez

Courtney Page Maskell — **NG

Kyle H. Mauck

Edward Russell Mayo

Adam McArtney

Cory Seth McCauley

Austin McCorkle

Bailie Rae McDougall

Sarah Katherine McMillion

Emily Rose Meier

Shelby Leigh Meriwether — G

Abigail Brooke Miller **

Courtney Michelle Miller

Lynsey Nicole Miller

Nicholas Garrett Moore

Guadalupe A. Moran

Erin Symone Morant **

Ryan Charles Morris

John Tyler Morris

Luke Priest Morrison ***

Danet Chantel Morton

Justin Andrew Mosher

Michael Thomas Mosteller

Cecil Curtis Mullins

Erin Elise Mullins

Stuart Wayne Mumaw

Jordan Elizabeth Munson

Haley Marie Muse

Ryan Mark Nary **

Mayra Mabelicia Navarrete-Diaz

Pervez M. Nawabe

Karen Elizabeth Neal

Kayla Lynn Nelson

Cody Andrew Nester

Nathan Newville

Tyler William Niskanen ***

Maria Elena Orellana Viera

Daniel Justin Paluh

Maya Zhané Parson

Aaron Patterson

Jessica Lyn Patton *

Tara Nicole Patton

Shelby Lynn Payne

Katie Phillips

Faith Kathryn Phipps

Kayla Ashley Plott

Maria Charlotte Podubrin

John Robert Powell

Victoria Preston *

Alexander M. Price

Samantha Leigh Price

Andrew Christian Przybylek

Dustin M. Puckett

Ethan Garrett Rawlins

Robert Joseph Rector

Hannah E. Rice

Sydney Sierra Ritchie

Kayla Lee Robinson

Quentin Matthew Rodney

Wannicha Rojanapradith

Desiraye Nichole Rose **N

Kyle Paul Rosengarth

Britney Paige Rossi

Ashley Marie Rowzie

Royer Rubio *

Kayla Marie Runge

Rachel Kristine Russell

Edward Patrick Rust

Dhruv Sachani *

Marcus J. Samuel

Rebecca Ann Sanchez

Garrett James Sanders **N

Kate E. Schlenker

Olivia J. Schoffstall ***NSMV

Kyle Ryan Schubert

Jason Andrew Scott

Jenna Anne Seale

Emily Adele Shannon

Justin Taylor Shoup

Clifton Lyle Shull, Jr.

Alexander Scott Simoes

Christopher Scott Simpson Jr.

Cody Lee Slaustas

Skyann Marie Smith *G

Garrett Henry Smith

Abbe Beth Smitley

Nikkie Marie Snyder

Joseph Patrick Soares

Arely Rosaura Solis Flores

Mark Richard Spalding Jr.

James Lee Sparks

Megan Ann Spiteri

Alexis G. Steele-Stewart

Justin Anthony Stramer

Edward Lee Stringfellow Jr.

Andrew David Summers

Frederick A. Suthard

Reneē Estelle Tapscott

Alisha Storm Taylor

William Wyatt Teller

Ryan C. Thoden

Patrick Robert Thomas

Shanice Lynn Thomas

Tanya Lee Thompson **

Shirley René Thompson

Alyssa Dawn Truschel **

Charo Haurie Ustaran

Dianna Stephany Vela

Andy Antonio Ventura

Tiffaney Marie Vertner *

Christian Michael Vorrath *

Kyle Patrick Walker

Charles David Walker *

Kayla Elizabeth Walling **

Qiaolu Wang **

Joshua A. Ward

Dylan Warnell

Matthew Ryan Warren

Caitlyn Marie Watkins

Kodie Brooke Weatherholtz

Connor John Wheeler

Janay Akilah White

Giulia Ann White

Felicia Nicole em Whiteside

Savanna Nikole Whorton

Amber Danielle Wilcoxon — G

Emily Lynn Wilder

Eric Rashad Roger Williams

Cierra Renee Wilson

Brandon Mickel Wood

Anna Rose Wright *

Susana Fidela Zavala

Key to symbols:
*** = Highest distinction
** = High distinction
* = Distinction
G = Student Council Association officer
N = National Honor Society member
S = Spanish Honor Society member
MV = Mountain Vista Governor’s School

2013 LHS Graduation Program by Fauquier Now

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LAM5 · June 13, 2013 at 10:17 pm
What a blessed day!!!! Best day ever..Im so proud of my daughter Lynsey..She did it..Wow how time flies...
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