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February 14, 2018 · OPINION

GOP chairman endorses Burroughs as successor

Harry Burroughs
By Kay Hayes

My term of service as Fauquier County Republican Chairman is ending soon, and I would like to take this opportunity to express my deep appreciation and thanks for your loyal support, tireless hard work, and commitment to the pursuit of excellence. No matter how difficult and demanding the tasks or challenges we faced throughout these two years, we have prevailed and our county is better for it.

All members and volunteers can take pride in the fact that we consistently delivered Fauquier County for our presidential, congressional, statewide and local Republican candidates, often in landside victories of 60 to 70 percent. Fauquier County Republicans won every single precinct in 2016 federal elections, and our county government continues to be led by GOP officials. Our committee has a proven track record of winning elections, the core function of our existence.

I am hopeful our next chairman will lead the committee in continuing this legacy of excellence and victory, not only for our federal, statewide and General Assembly candidates, but also, and perhaps more importantly, our local candidates. Active members and supporters of this committee are well aware of just how influential our committee is in determining the makeup of local elected officials and, by extension, the policies adopted in Fauquier.

While it remains to be seen just how many will seek election as the new FCRC Chairman, I invite you to join me in supporting Harry Burroughs. Much of the credit for our electoral success goes to the leadership talents of Mr. Burroughs, who serves as vice chairman for precinct organization. For the past two years, he has spent nearly every day on some aspect of committee business, and has provided immeasurable support to all involved with the committee infrastructure. As a resident of Fauquier County for over 30 years, his longtime involvement in our community, and his valuable experience of 38 years working for elected officials in the House of Representatives, we have a great citizen who is willing to step up and lead the committee as chairman for the next two years. Mr. Burroughs has my full support, and I am confident he will lead our committee to future victories.

As the committee has not approved a date and location for the next party canvass, where Mr. Burroughs will be elected, please look for further correspondence, which will have details informing you when and where you can cast your vote. The results of this canvass are critical, and I am asking that you support our efforts with your vote for Mr. Burroughs and our committee candidates.
Member comments
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Vickie · March 6, 2018 at 3:08 am
One of things everyone knows is that newcomers are the people with fire in their bellies. They ask, "What else can I do", not roll their eyes and look bothered. I expect campaign voter drives, contacts, door knocking, hunger for additional people to come out and vote Republican. We cannot sit on our laurels or on anything else. With all the overflow of libs our way, and a bunch of people taught all the wrong "Facts" in schools from elementary to college, we are breeding a bunch of leftist ideas and not preparing to keep our county conservative. It's time to elect someone who will volunteer to raise our party to a more active level, and go out there and build a solid base of both new and seasoned voters. It is clearly not Burroughs, who passes out sample ballots a few days ahead. We need MG Ret. Schumacher. I'm in.
Fauquier Republican · February 20, 2018 at 6:03 pm
I have been an associate member of the FCRC for a while now, and I am considering whether I should continue. I don’t want to put my name because I don’t like confrontation, and I have seen what happens when others spoke out.

There is a lot of division among the members, and in my opinion it stems from the head table, and that is where Mr. Burroughs sits. Mr. Burroughs may be a perfectly nice man, but he has an ugly side too which he displayed when Mr. Buchanan questioned the method of bringing in new members. I have spent some time reading the bylaws and I believe Mr. Buchanan was correct, but because the chairman would not acknowledge that, he had to take his argument higher. Although the chairman never said so at all, I understand that higher powers agreed with Mr. Buchanan.

I don’t profess to understand all this political stuff, but I’m learning. What I have learned so far is that the current leaders of the Republican organization here in Fauquier don’t seem to do a whole lot to recruit new people to our organization. Why do we have more associate members than actual members? I’ve done some asking around, and Fauquier is the only Republican organization in Virginia that even has associate members? Why is that? We have also lost about 75 or 80 members in the last two years, mostly it seems over rather arbitrary issues, especially in light of the acknowledgment by our chairman that the membership roles were messed up. I guess that’s why the old membership chairman quit.

I think we should invite all Republicans to join us! More hands make lighter work, and as far as I can determine, we have never actually done any activities to get voters out to the polls, we just sit at the polls and hand out sample ballots which most people don’t really want anyway.

For the last election for governor we had a building in Warrenton, but as far as I know the only one organizing anything was Alec, and he was always pleading for people to come help. I think some NRA people came to knock doors a few times too.

I understand other local Republican organizations do something called precinct organizing to get people out to vote. I don’t recall that Mr. Burroughs who is our precinct organizer for the committee ever organized anything that I saw. My precinct leader did all that for us, and the only things we got from the committee were the sample ballots, and we didn’t get them until a couple of days before the election.

Mrs. Hayes always talks about how the committee once again won the day for Republican candidates in our county, but the facts as I see them are that Fauquier has always been a Republican county, and people are just doing what they normally do, which is go out and vote for Republicans. I do worry that the county is becoming more and more Democrat though, and if we don’t begin to do something more than have a booth at the fair and pass out sample ballots, then we will soon have Democrats running our county.

So when Mr. Schumacher said he was going to run, I thought that maybe this would be the change we need to get our committee working to elect Republican candidates. I hope he can win and we can get to work. Everyone on the committee seems to like him, and he has a lot of leadership skill having been a general and all. Our country needs us to elect Republicans every time we can and the current leaders of our committee don't seem all that interested in doing what we are supposed to be doing, at least according to friends I have in other counties.

I think I will be voting for Mr. Schumacher.
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