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July 24, 2018 · OPINION

Liberal calls to abolish ICE would leave us vulnerable

By Tina Nagy

Lately many liberals seem to have as their objective a call for open borders, which would be the end result of abolishing ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and and everything it does. This desire has reached a fever pitch after news broke that “children are being separated from parents” in detention centers, a policy which has been followed for over 20 years, and throughout the Obama administration until 2015, when he chose to arbitrarily disregard border laws and immigration policies with his infamous “I have a pen and I have a phone” quote.

What isn’t widely understand, however, is why ICE must separate children from "parents." So just to clarify, if you've never actually been on a border patrol, here is what ICE is dealing with:

• Stop and think for a minute why someone might want to illegally sneak across a nation's border, when they could simply cross legally as a visitor. Many of those crossing the Mexican border over to the U.S. are criminals being pursued by the Mexican government, just as U.S. criminals also sometimes resort to crossing the Canadian or Mexican border to evade capture.

• Many of those crossing the border are guest agricultural workers, and all these workers enter legally. That means that those being smuggled illegally do not have jobs, and many do not have families or any place to stay once they cross.

• Mexicans and Central Americans are not the only people trying to cross the border illegally. Chinese and Russians and Syrians are also caught trying to smuggle themselves into the U.S, many of them members of gangs or victims of gangs who abuse and exploit them.

• Many people crossing the U.S. border have no identification at all, so ICE is forced to detain them while they search records to see if this person is fleeing jail or capture, or has already been convicted of a crime in the U.S. or some other country.

• Many women cross the border while heavily pregnant, so that they can give birth in the U.S. and immediately claim benefits. "Birth tourism" is popular among illegal migrants from many countries, including Mexico, Russia, Honduras, Nicaragua and China.

• Thirty percent or more of those crossing the border are convicted criminals, who regularly cross borders to move drugs and child prostitutes. That isn't a statement based on "racism," it's simply a sad fact based on ICE and FBI records.

• Criminals pose as parents to smuggle in children for nefarious purposes, including as cover for drug balloons they have swallowed and for prostitution.

• "Rape trees" along the border are used as a rest stop for criminal smugglers who rape girls and women who have paid to be smuggled in. These notorious trees are used to terrorize everyone crossing into submission and extortion.

• Criminal gangs such as drug cartels and MS-13 are also crossing the border and these gang members torture and kill innocent victims, sometimes for no other reason than for purposes of terrorizing the community or initiating a new gang member.

In summary, let me reiterate strongly that not everyone crossing the border is a desperate mother and child seeking refuse from criminals, some are criminals themselves, and these must be separated as wheat from the chaff, which is why children must be separated from parents or people posing as their parents who have committed a criminal act by crossing the border and have no ID and must therefore undergo background checks.
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nonewtaxes · July 31, 2018 at 10:05 pm
Yeah, well there used to be no Air force at one time also. Time and technology change.
martinkus · July 31, 2018 at 9:42 pm
Make the "Space Force" a reality that Trump desires and then launch him to the stars!
Silii · July 31, 2018 at 11:20 am
Nonewtaxes, My comment doesn't say there were no problems with immigration prior to Trump. However, Trump chose the option to do mass separations without identifying parents and children, to ship the children all over the United States, to deport parents without even telling them where there children are, to traumatize children who now are showing signs of severe psychological trauma, yes, those children are still in the US. This is snot a previous administration or Congress, it is the Trump administration and the current Republican leadership in the House and Senate who will not schedule debate or allow bills to come to the floor for debate and vote. The debacle happening at the border is a direct result of Trump's ignorance and authoritarian behavior, his uninformed decisions and the total incompetency of his appointees. The administration can't even follow court orders and timelines.

The comment about genocide is irrelevant to my example that parents have always gone to extreme means to save their children and themselves. Actually, the slaughter and threats of death perpetrated on innocent children and families in Central American countries is akin to genocide.

Trump said and promised over and over and over during his campaign and after his election that Mexico would pay for the wall. Now, all he wants is millions and millions of US taxpayers dollars to pay for the wall. Guess what, Trump lies and lies and lies and people fell for it. This isn't the tax dollars of the wealthy, either. They got their tax breaks. So, guess whose money Trump thinks he can blow on a wall?
nonewtaxes · July 30, 2018 at 9:14 am
Isn't building a wall far more humane than tearing down families? How can progressives fight against building the wall when they know what the alternative is?

How can immigrant parents be doing the right thing when they know that they'l get caught and then split up?
nonewtaxes · July 30, 2018 at 9:10 am
Yes sir. Its all Trumps fault because immigration wasn't a problem until 2 years ago. Prior to that it was all peaches and cream.

As you want to make the case of people migrating to escape genocide you should continue with the analogy and list the countries now that are engaged in genocide. Is there genocide ongoing in Mexico?
Silii · July 27, 2018 at 11:34 am
You can list all the awful undocumented data you want, as is done in this article. You can use all the language you want to make the immigrants seem like the horrible cheats and liars and outlaws that the Trump administration and his minions want. Those diversionary,hateful tactics don't work, however. The fact is, parents have always taken desperate means to save their children. Look, for example, at the kindertrains leaving Germany in 1939 - Jewish parents put their babies and young children on trains to England just to save their babies. And, yes, most of those Jewish parents were exterminated but their children survived. The parents crossing into the US are just as desperate to save themselves and their children from slaughter.

The existence of ICE, or not, is no excuse whatsoever for the grossly inhumane treatment of children and families that America has perpetrated on them. As of today, the Trump administration still does not know which children belong to whom but they know that many parents have been deported while their children remain somewhere in the US.

The decision to do this massive separation of infants (some still nursing), toddlers, and children from their parents and put most of them into holding cages (operated by a private contractor making millions from his federal contract plus a big donator to the Trump campaign) in empty big stores on the scale we have just witnessed was strictly the Trump administration deliberately choosing to do so. Other administrations have had the option but chose not to be so cruel and inhumane and, frankly, it's irrelevant what any previous administration has or has not done. We are in the Trump administration now and his administration is wholly responsible for the border debacle. The Trump administration and administrators at Department of Homeland Security were and continue to be totally disorganized, ignorant, and ill-prepared to intelligently handle the massive separations. These political appointees are totally ignorant of relevant immigration law. There are many ways the children and families could have been identified upon separation but DHS was totally incapable of doing that. This mess falls solely on Trump and his infidels at DHS and other federal agencies.

I won't waste my time addressing the fact that the Republican controlled Congress absolutely refuses to address immigration issues, issues that we all agree need to be addressed. Trump has proven to be totally incapable of dealing with immigration and border issues. He has proven himself to be only capable of hate mongering to keep his syncophants around, not solving problems, just lying that he is solving problems because he is so great.
nonewtaxes · July 24, 2018 at 12:36 pm
You had the progressives stymied at "stop and think".
BJ · July 24, 2018 at 10:07 am
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is a necessary component of protecting our borders, not only for people seeking shelter but drug and sex trafficking. I propose instead of getting rid of ICE that we have a stronger vetting process for Russians coming to this country as either students or investors, they are causing extreme damage to the USA.
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