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September 23, 2018 · OPINION

Privileges, responsibilities in November election

By Margaret Mackie Sanders, M.D.
Broad Run

If you think that Social Security and Medicare are good and necessary programs, you should support the political party that created them and not support the party that wants to cut them.

If you are between the ages of 21 and 64 and think that affordable health care is a good and necessary thing, you should support the party that created it and not support the party that is finding indirect ways to derail it.

If you think that Supreme Court judges should favor individual rights over corporate rights, you should support the party that believes that people's personal rights are more important.

If you think that it is possible to live on a minimum wage of $7.25 per hour ($14,500 per, year) you would be sadly mistaken. That would cover $750 in monthly rent, a $200 car payment and $250 for food, with nothing left for dependents, clothing, gas, incidentals, taxes or insurance. If you think that increasing the minimum wage is a good thing, you should support the party that agrees with you and not the party that wants to cut it.

If you would like to see corporate tax loopholes closed, you should support the party that wants to do just that and not the party that just gave them a huge windfall.

If you think that clean water and clean air are God-given and worth protecting, you should support the party that wants to keep them clean.

We are privileged to live in America, and we have a responsibility to participate in our representative democracy by voting. We have excellent candidates in Sen. Tim Kaine and Leslie Cockburn, seeking the 5th District congressional seat, running this November. These candidates are committed to the above ideals. Please vote. If you don't vote for your ideals, others will vote for different ones.
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BJ · October 15, 2018 at 7:18 pm
nonewtaxes - "I was thinking the democrats were the arrogant ones. Don't they call people deplorable? Sounds like they think they are better than others."

That was on Hillary, not everyone feels or felt the way she did/does. She definitely wasn't speaking for me.

If you really want to be fair, look at the list of things that Trump has called people over the past two years, everything from stupid to crazy.

Check it out: The 487 People, Places and Things Donald Trump Has Insulted on Twitter: A Complete List (July 2018 and has added to it).
martinkus · September 28, 2018 at 12:23 am

You clearly drank the "Trump-aid." Re-election? We will see. Moderate Republicans are turning against the Herr Trump day-after-day. Not clear if enough far-right evangelicals can pull him over the finish line next time. He is so full of bull crap!
Silii · September 27, 2018 at 4:04 pm
Republicans - Congress and the president - including Tom Garrett and Rob Wittman (the 2 current Congressmen with Fauquier County precincts) voted to raise my federal income taxes and to cut the taxes of the wealthy. The local board of supervisors - all Republicans - once again raised property taxes. Republicans in the state legislature continue to raise "fees" for various things. Republicans in the state legislature have given no indication that they will act so that my state income taxes won't increase as a result of changes to the federal return. Does anyone get it about Republicans lying about not raising taxes?
nonewtaxes · September 25, 2018 at 5:27 pm
I was thinking the Republican party was one of low taxes and less government intervention. Those two ideals promote economic growth and freedom.

I was thinking the democrats were the arrogant ones. Don't they call people deplorable? Sounds like they think they are better than others.

Tyrant? Far as I know its the republicans who are getting kicked out of restaurants. But even if you just talk about Trump, don't you have faith in the balance of powers? A president can be a tyrant but not have unlimited power.

How you feel now is how 1/2 the country felt for the last 8 years. Only 6 more years to go.
martinkus · September 25, 2018 at 12:43 pm
Cory Stewart in the U.S. Senate...are you kidding me? A mini-Trump who is much like him...arrogant, divisive, polarizing, filled with inflammatory rhetoric, and of course, full of bull****. The Republican Party, as I knew and supported, does not exit anymore. It's the party of Trump, with a core of far-right voters. Many senior members of Congress are afraid to speak up against this arrogant tyrant! I used to be a Republican but the party that I supported in the past is long gone. The Republicans have lost their way. Perhaps now is the time for the Blue Wave to consume the toxic Red Tide?
Demosthenes · September 25, 2018 at 5:44 am
Nonewtaxes is right on a thing or two. And so is Dr. Sanders.

The minimum wage probably isn't meant to be a living wage. Raising it will eliminate some jobs for young people who are just entering the workforce, and a higher minimum wage can actually create a dis-incentive to gain more skills and education.

Also, he's right in saying that Obamacare had/has flaws. Republicans should have passed a replacement for it that was better, as promised by Trump on the campaign trail. He claimed there would be insurance for everybody, and it would be cheaper. Neither of those things are true under his government. Dems are now talking about a medicare for all - that definitely has my attention.

I don't know that either party will ever close tax loop-holes, or create policies that benefit average Americans over the donor class. I also don't see either party doing much to change gun laws, though if either party would I'd see that favorably.

Yes, the economy is doing well right now. Of course we are in a period of growth that began during the Obama presidency. He didn't really make that happen, and neither is Trump responsible for that. Free markets experience the business cycle, and while things are good now that won't last forever. Deregulation can stoke that fire a little bit in the short run, but I'm not crazy about seeing that happen while ignoring environmental effects or issues like stability in the financial markets.

Obviously supreme court judges should follow the constitution. But there is important wiggle room in how they do that. The Citizen's United decision, which now allows for virtually unlimited amounts of money to be spent by big business on elections, was one that clearly distorts our democracy in favor of corporations. The court could actually revisit that issue, but it probably won't if it is made up of mostly conservative judges.

I wish one of our political parties saw the world as clearly as I do! Until that happens, I have to choose the one that I hate a little less than the other. As for now, the past two years of Republican control hasn't really left a positive impression on me. Other than confirming a judge and passing a tax cut that leads to a trillion dollar deficit this year I'm not sure what they have actually accomplished. I'll be looking for democrats who are worth voting for, perhaps a change of the guard is in order.
nonewtaxes · September 24, 2018 at 11:49 pm
Social Security is a lousy as a retirement program. It earns about 2%. SSI was established as a way for democrats to buy votes.

If obamacare worked, why would the government have to guarantee profits to the insurance companies? Yes, the insurance companies are still making profits paid for by wealth transfer dollars.

Supreme court judges should favor no one. They should enforce the Constitution.

Only making $7.25 hour. Try learning a trade or going to college or starting a business. Try to earn more by bringing some value to the job.

Aint nobody closing tax loopholes.

Like the 4% economic growth that the democrats said was impossible to do? Vote for the party that lowered taxes and regulations.

Like to keep your guns. Vote for the party that protects that right.

Like having a job? Vote for the party that got unemployment down to 4%.

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