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April 11, 2018 · OPINION

Truth about the Fauquier Cornerstone Committee

By David E. Willis

It seems as if some commenters during the course of several other letters and the discussions accompanying them have mentioned my name and that of a group of Fauquier residents with whom I associate, the Fauquier Cornerstone Committee, in a manner that some would find less than complimentary. As is typical, the critics have never even been to a Cornerstone meeting.

As the chairman of the FCC, please, allow me to respond directly to some of those specific comments from those who indicate they know me and what/how I think. I’ve nothing to hide. And, unlike some have actually written, I have nothing to fear from anyone since as far as I know, I’ve not heard of people in Fauquier disappearing or meeting untimely ends because they decided to get involved in Fauquier Republican politics. And once again I apologize for the length but there’s a lot to cover.

I will happily go on record now and say to any who may be reading this piece that if I have wronged you in any way (and that does not include speaking an uncomfortable truth about you in public), please, come to me and tell me what I did so that I may ask your forgiveness, since I have no idea who you are. But I won’t apologize to a nom de plume, so you’ll have to out yourself — at least to me. As I’m not aware of anyone from the Fauquier County Republican Committee that I’ve done wrong, I’m going to have to proceed under the assumption that your assertions are unwarranted and invalid.

First a little about the FCC that most residents of Fauquier County who may not associate with the FCC know little or nothing about. Yes, we began our committee in the late spring of 2014. Yes, it was birthed in the aftermath of the contentious FCRC canvass that year. In looking back at some of the documents floating around at the time regarding why we were joining together, at the top of the list were the tenets of the RPV Creed:

• That the free enterprise system is the most productive supplier of human needs and economic justice,

• That all individuals are entitled to equal rights, justice, and opportunities and should assume their responsibilities as citizens in a free society,

• That fiscal responsibility and budgetary restraints must be exercised at all levels of government,

• That the federal government must preserve individual liberty by observing Constitutional limitations,

• That peace is best preserved through a strong national defense,

• That faith in God, as recognized by our Founding Fathers is essential to the moral fiber of the nation.

When was the last time anyone can remember any or all of these being read at a FCRC meeting? Anytime in the last four to six years? Bueller? Me either. But there was more in those documents which I believe is worth noting when it went on to say about the purpose and reason for the FCC:

• “Encourage and support by all means possible the candidacies of those who espouse the core values as stated in the Republican Party of Virginia Creed and back it up with their actions. Likewise, we will endeavor by all means possible to prevent candidates who do not adhere to those principles, either as stated during their candidacy or after assuming office, from attaining or remaining in office.

• Endeavor to educate the general public about the core values and principles of the Republican Party and the importance of all voters in the electoral process.

• Stay informed on those issues having an impact on our community, county, and commonwealth, and support those issues in keeping with the core values and principles of the Republican Party.

• Recognize that the Fauquier County Republican Committee is the “County Unit” for Fauquier County, Virginia, authorized by and operated under the rules of the Republican Party of Virginia, and do everything we can to bring the Fauquier County Republican Committee back to those principles as stated in their (and the Republican Party of Virginia) creed.”

I’ve read comments about behavior by me and others that was described as “radical,” “mean spirited,” “unkind,” and “willing to be dishonest.” I would ask the writers: Have you not seen the different people on ALL sides of this disagreement exhibiting that sort of behavior? Don’t get me wrong. I’m not looking to excuse impolite behavior, because there is no excuse for it. But it never ceases to amaze me how people can be at the same function, watching the same sequence of events or reading the same articles, and walk away with a recollection of those events that bear no resemblance to each other.

I will be candid in that I have observed behavior on both sides of the current divide that could be labeled as such. I am sure that on some occasion over the last six years my behavior/attitude/speech could have been better. I tried my best to internalize but no one is perfect. But, I’ve never been dishonest and to the best of my recollection I have never been impolite, unkind, mean spirited or radical in my approach to what I perceive to be problems within the FCRC. Maybe spirited, but not mean spirited.

But why don’t I discuss some of the positive things done by the FCC since its inception and you, the reader, tell me if this sounds like a group only interested in “tearing down good Republicans” in Fauquier.

• Hosted a fundraiser for CareNet Pregnancy Crisis Center and raised over $5,200 (in spite of efforts by a prominent member of the FCRC to derail the effort).

• Hosted a fundraiser for the RPV to help retire debt it had incurred (no small part of it from the $70,000 spent to defend against a certain lawsuit filed by members of the FCRC) that raised over $16,000.

• The FCC was the driving force behind the growth of the FCRC from less than 70 members to over 180 (though it could have been even higher) due to recruitment of personnel.

• Recruited and trained delegates for Fauquier County to the 2016 1st District, 5th District, and state RPV conventions. FCC personnel accounted the following percentages of the Fauquier County Delegations to the noted conventions: 100 percent of the delegation to the 1st District Convention, just under 50 percent of the delegation to the 5th District Convention and over 50 percent of the delegation to the State Convention. In addition to the recruitment of delegates, there were several training sessions provided to instruct the delegates on how conventions were run and their duties and responsibilities as delegates.

• FCC personnel were instrumental in helping Martha Boneta host the Liberty Farm Festival in September 2016 at her farm in Paris. This event welcomed every declared Republican candidate for statewide office in the 2017 elections as well as a number of candidates running for congressional seats (Dave Brat and Tom Garrett immediately come to mind). Even the Republican candidate for Vice President (at that time), Gov. Mike Pence, came to the event and spoke. It was attended by an estimated crowd of over 1,300. Sadly, there was absolutely no participation on the part of anyone from the FCRC leadership or Republican county supervisors, for that matter.

• The FCC supported the ongoing Spanish language conservative radio outreach initially supported by the FCRC with a significant donation of cash from those who attended the holiday celebration held in December 2016. This enabled it to stay on the air for an additional few months.

• Donated needed goods provided by FCC personnel to the Fauquier Family Shelter.

• We hosted a meeting where we learned from Scott Sayre, chairman of the 6th District Republican Committee, how to organize grassroots efforts to grow our local Republican Committee. How to “Think Local & Win Bigger.”

• Provided a couple of introductory classes on the basics of Roberts Rules of Order. This much needed and appreciated training has helped FCC personnel immensely in understanding how things are supposed to work in a meeting like an FCRC meeting and makes it painfully obvious when those rules are not followed.

• This past Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, representatives from the FCC met with a group of African-American pastors from Fauquier County and hosted Congressman Tom Garrett to open a dialog between all parties in attendance. Darrell “DJ” Jordan, vice chair of the Prince William County Republican Committee, and Rev. Dean Nelson, a native of Fauquier County and chairman of the Douglass Leadership Institute, were instrumental in setting up this meeting working through Rick Buchanan. Congressman Garrett spoke to us about how we have much more in common than some would have us believe.

• The FCC hosted a meet and greet with Del. Nick Freitas, also attended by Del. Michael Webert, to introduce to Fauquier residents one of the Republican candidates vying for the nomination to run against Tim Kaine in November for the U.S. Senate.

• During each election, I’ve consistently seen the same individuals volunteering to assist the campaigns with door-knocking or phone calling, and a lot of them are FCC people.

Greg Schumacher has repeatedly made it clear that his intent is to unify the Republicans in Fauquier County around those issues upon which we can all agree and leave the rancor and advocacy for other issues on the outside. I’ve done my best during this campaign to adhere to that and believe I have done so, only responding with facts to refute what I believe to be errors or misstatement of facts. Supporters of Mr. Schumacher’s opponent have been a little more “liberal” with putting their opinions out there as facts.

Long ago in my law enforcement career, I was told something that seems to apply in political discussion as well. I could not understand why a defense attorney was personally attacking a witness on the stand. I was told: “If you can’t attack the facts, attack the procedure(s). If you can’t attack the procedure(s) or the facts, then attack the person.” In today’s world of politics, it has been adopted into what some have labeled “the politics of personal destruction.” The one side cannot argue the facts, or the procedure, so they go after the person.

Saul Alinsky’s 13 Rules for Radicals ended with: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” It certainly seems to have worked in the past (at least the last two canvasses) and I’m watching the same playbook being used during this canvass. I’m just not sure that it will continue to work, because before 13 comes No. &: “A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag.” I think we’re there.

Support Mr. Schumacher in his campaign to begin rebuilding the trust amongst Republicans in Fauquier County. Go to or on Facebook @greg4chair to learn more about his campaign for unity, common purpose and transparency. And if you want to know about me, what I think, or what the Fauquier Cornerstone Committee is about, just ask me. Unlike some of my/our detractors, I actually know what I think and what we’re about!

The writer is chairman of the Fauquier Cornerstone Committee.
Member comments
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BJ · April 17, 2018 at 3:23 am
I stopped reading at "That faith in God, as recognized by our Founding Fathers is essential to the moral fiber of the nation." Many view separation of church and state as required by the First Amendment. The First Amendment not only allows citizens the freedom to practice any religion of their choice, but also prevents the government from officially recognizing or favoring any religion.
Fauquier Fan · April 13, 2018 at 8:35 am
Greg Schumacher was okay with Democrats and Independents voting in the Republican Presidential Primary Election in 2016:

Greg Schumacher • 2 years ago:
"Agree with John. He did not say they crushed the "grassroots and conservatives" but the "anti-trump" forces. This is what the MSM does- try to make it seem somebody said something they actually didn't. While he die-hard Cruzites and anti-Trump folks will claim folks like me aren't "real conservatives" if we support Trump, I beg to differ. And saying that Trump and the Establishment are tight? They hated him as much as they hate Cruz. But they saw the hand-writing on the wall. As to him only winning because Denocrays voted? Please. A record turnout in votes an enthusiasm. Large number of independents, and probably some disaffected Dems. Trump is our only chance to slow down the destruction the ruling class of both parties has wreaked on our country. By the way, as much as our side rails against how we elected Repubs to the majority, and they didn't follow through on doing what we sent them to do, having delegates "vote their conscience" would be doing the same thing- not doing what they were sent there to do. And do you think for a moment that if the rules committee went the other way, that Erickson, Cucinelli, and all the Cruz supporters wouldn't be gloating?"
Fauquier Fan · April 13, 2018 at 6:52 am
The reality is that no matter who wins tomorrow the FCRC will continue to be ineffective.

If Harry wins the Cameron/Rick/David faction will continue their scorched earth tactics, appealing decisions until their Tea Party friends in the Virginia Republican Party side with them. If Greg wins the Cameron/Rick/David faction will immediately move to purify the party a la the Blackshirts, using small day long meetings that exclude military personnel serving overseas from participating to expunge current Republican officials and replace them with Republicans so out of the mainstream that people will start voting for Democrats as an alternative. There is no winning. And in the end Fauquier will eventually become like Loudoun County. Sad.

It is telling that David continues to post excerpts from Rules for Radicals, a book that is dedicated to Satan.

Finally, Scott Sayre is effective, if you mean by "effective" corrupt and willing to lie, withhold information from candidates and stack the deck in his favor for his reelection bid and the congressional candidate he is supporting. Even a preliminary perusal of what is happening the the 6th district (and David's support of this man) should give everyone pause. Mark my words, if Harry does not win tomorrow the same back room deceptive tactics will be used by Cameron/Rick/David to consolidate their power and Fauquier will be worse for it.
dew005157 · April 12, 2018 at 9:56 pm
“pilot house”, thank you for the kind words towards me. They are appreciated. Since this thread has devolved into something I had hoped it wouldn’t, I will point out two things in my letter to “Fauquier Fan.” First, early in my article I said I wouldn’t apologize to a pen name/avatar. Unless you come to me in person to tell me how I’ve been “unkind” to you or others in the FCRC, your allegations are without merit and will be ignored. Second, see Saul Alinsky’s Rules #13 and #7 later in the article. Congratulations on proving my point. See everyone Saturday (at least you’ll know who I am). And for the record: I think (from what I can tell) Sheriff Mosier is doing a good job as Sheriff and while I understand why he endorsed Mr. Burroughs it was disappointing; I did not agree with Aaron on how he handled the video incident (and told him so) but I understand why he did it; Aaron did not get arrested that night, merely escorted out (regrettable and horrible optics for all involved); I’ve yet to see anything substantive to indicate Scott Sayre is anything but an extremely effective grassroots organizer who has done some great things in the 6th District to grow the Republican Party there and place the power where it belongs- with the local committees; and thank you “pilot house,” “Fauquier Republican,” “Fauquier Fan,” Vickie (please introduce yourself to me on Saturday), and “Nister83” for caring enough to comment. And to George Beveridge, I never said I was ashamed of Fauquier. It’s the reputation that the FCRC has developed over the last few years to which I referred.
Nister83 · April 12, 2018 at 9:20 pm

Being a boating enthusiast I love your "handle." The difference between being wrong and being dishonest, i.e., lying if you prefer, is immense. I once thought I made a mistake but I was wrong.....just kidding.

It hadn't entered my mind that you were being dishonest intentionally in your comments regarding Mr. Schumacher, but here's my dilemma with your reasoning.

In your response to Mr. Willis article, you defined lying accordingly, ".... the offender destroys his credibility and slams the door on trust and important dialogue." Further, I think it's well documented during an FCRC meeting (which I was not in attendance) that Mr. Burroughs called Mr. Buchanan a "liar."

Therefore in keeping with your definition of liar, I'm puzzled why you would support a candidate (Mr. Burroughs) who tracks perfectly with your conclusion, given your eloquent coverage on many issues of which you've spoken. Respectfully, it just doesn't seem to fit. Best!
pilothouse · April 12, 2018 at 8:19 pm
That's OK Fauquier Republican. I wasn't shamed even though you responded to the wrong person. But I happen to like Mr. Willis, he wasn't unkind to me and I paid him some compliments in an earlier thread.
Fauquier Fan · April 12, 2018 at 8:16 pm
Fauquier Republican,

I assume you are responding to me. You don't even seem to know who you are responding to, but everyone can make mistakes. Yes, it is Aaron and not Adam, I messed up, but the facts are accurate.

Aaron was not arrested for disagreeing with the FCRC, he was removed from the meeting for purposefully videoing the meeting after a legal vote was taken on the matter ant the majority did not want the meeting filmed. Being a private organization the FCRC has the right to make such a decision.

What is scary is that you seem to think if people don't get what they want, should act in an orderly manner, just like the Left does.

Bob Mosier is a good man and a solid Christian and your attacks on him fall flat. Anyone who knows him knows he is a man of great integrity. It is likely that you do not care for him because Rick Buchanan supported his Democrat opponent against Bob in the last general election.

Yes, obviously it is necessary to have a sheriff's deputy (not police) at the meeting to deal with people like Aaron who believe that rules do not apply to them.

As for your last comment, I guess it would be difficult to know who I am because he is unkind to so many people that he cannot keep them all straight.
Fauquier Republican · April 12, 2018 at 8:10 pm
Sorry Mr. Pilot I didn't mean to shame you it was someone named Fan that I sent that last comment too.
Fauquier Republican · April 12, 2018 at 8:06 pm
Mr. Pilot,

From reading his article on this site, I learned his name is Aaron, not Adam. You don't even seem to know who he is but you claim to know everything that happend.

It is very disturbing that Mr. Burroughs and the rest of the leaders think they need to have a police officer to arrest people who don't agree with them. I think that must be Mr. Rich's idea and they are doing what he says.

Sheriff Mosier is going along with it and that is very disturbing to me and others I think who are afraid to say anything in case they get yelled at or even arrested.

Is it really necessary to have the police at our meetings? Why is that? Suddenly they appeared for a few meetings and then they arrested Aaron Winters and the last 4 or 5 meetings they have not been there. It almost seems like there was a plan to get someone arrested for some reason. It's very very much like what they do in communist countries where people get arrested if they don't agree with others.

Disturbing to say the least.

Now you attack Mr. Willis about being unkind to you? But how would he know it when he has no idea who you are? You seem to have a lot of personal problems about others that you keep throwing out accusations about things that may or may not have happened and you have no proof of anything. At least I got the proof on Mr. Rich. He is a truly despicable person, and Mr. Burroughs will just be his next puppet. I sure hope he doesn't win!

Fauquier Fan · April 12, 2018 at 7:46 pm
Fauquier Republican,

Here is the truth about the incident with Adam.

1) A sheriff's deputy is at every FCRC meeting or is available if there is an issue.

2) The FCRC is a private group that is not required to allow people to video them if they do not want to.

2) A vote was taken and the majority of members did not want a video made.

3) Adam didn't care about the vote and tried to continue to record the meeting.

4) When he did not listen to the will of the membership he was asked to leave and refused to do so.

5) Only then was he escorted out.

The moral of the story is that there are consequences for actions. Adam felt he was above the law and didn't need listen to the results of the vote (he likely learned this from Rick, Cameron and David).

I can see why Cameron, Rick, and David don't think there are consequences for actions. Cameron voted as a Democrat, Rick supported Lee Sherbeyn over the Republican nominees and they received no punishment.

And for David to say that the Cornerstone Committee is learning from Scott Sayre from the 6th District is scary. There are few people in Virginia who are as corrupt as Scott when it comes to getting their candidate elected.

David - I cannot speak for others but every time you have spoken to me yo have been unkind, everything you have said about people I admire has been unkind, and many things you have done to advance your political agenda in Fauquier have been unkind. It is no wonder that the leadership of the FCRC didn't attend the Pence event, why would they want to be around people who repeatedly act like you, Cameron, and Rick do?
Fauquier Republican · April 12, 2018 at 7:06 pm
Mr. Pilot,

You may want to seek help about your obsession with Carmeron Jones. Everyone that disagrees with you is called his name by you.

I noticed you did not even talk about the truth I uncovered about Mr. Rich, and you did not say whether or not you agree with what he did. Voters will take notice of that.

The sheriff disturbs me a lot. He stood there and watched as one of his police officers dragged Mr. Winters out and arrested him!

I think voters will be very very concerned about that! You don't seem to be.
If this is what it would be like with Mr. Burroughs in charge, as he was that night when the arrest was made, this is going to be even worse than it has been for the last two years.

Vickie · April 12, 2018 at 7:02 pm
Thank you for the truth about the Fauquier Cornerstone Committee. I'm quite impressed. I am one who was active previously in Republican affairs, but utterly turned off by the FCRC established membership, thus I dropped away. I liked all I read in the above post, and thought, wow, we could make such progress in the local Republican Party if we followed these ideas. I find absolutely nothing wrong in the information posted in the David Willis post. Pilothouse makes me believe we come from a different planet. OK. I am even more happy with my choice for Chairman. Years ago when I became unhappy with the status quo, I left. I would come back to the local committee if the local committee becomes more inclusive and votes in Greg Schumacher. Once again I stick my neck out and say vote for the best candidate, not the candidate that has hung around doing the same old same old. I happen to think highly of Sheriff Mosier, but not those he necessarily takes photo ops with. I hope the Sheriff makes himself available for a photo op with the new Chairman, Greg Schumacher.
pilothouse · April 12, 2018 at 5:30 pm
Fauquier Republican,

You sound just like Cameron Jones, so I now have a clearer picture of your frame of mind. For the record, yes I did state that you made malicious and immature comments about Mr. Rich, but I never called you stupid. That is for the readers to determine.

And I also believe that your mischaracterization of Sheriff Mosier will be noted by the voters too.
Fauquier Republican · April 12, 2018 at 4:24 pm
Mr. Pilot,

See this is what people don’t like about Mr. Burroughs, Chairman Hayes, Mr. Rich, and Tom (I forget his last name). They act just like you. I said something you don’t like, and then you call me stupid and malicious and immature.

I have never spoken to Mr. Rich. He gives me the creeps and I have seen how he treats others at the meeting. I don’t like confrontation, and all of those people are constantly yelling at people and putting them down at the meeting.

I remember when Mr. Burroughs yelled liar at Mr. Buchanan, what do you say about that? Do you defend him?

What I did do today after reading your reply to me this morning was to call the Carenet office. I know some people there and they told me that Mr. Rich DID call there and tell them that Mr. Jones is a shady character and that he was involved in a lawsuit. He tried to tell them that if they got a donation from the Cornerstone people they would lose their tax free status. Luckily they had a lawyer to help them learn the truth.

Thankfully they learned the truth before it was to late. It was actually Mr. Rich involved in a lawsuit against the Republican Party of all things!

They were very very thankful that Mr. Jones and his friends raised over five thousand dollars for them when they really needed it.

In light of what I learned this afternoon, I would say Mr. Rich is a liar. He told untrue things about Mr. Jones and his friends and tried to keep the Carenet from getting badly needed support just because he does not like Mr. Jones. What would YOU call that? Do you defend what he did Mr. Pilot?

I have seen Mr. Schumacher speak to the members of the committee several times and he has always been calm and reasonable and respectful, even when the chairman and Mr. Rich and others have treated him badly. I have respect for him which I don't have for Mr. Burroughs who has shown us a very ugly side of himself at times, and hangs out with people like Mr. Rich who will no doubt be telling him what to do just like he does Mrs. Hayes.

Another thing that scares me badly is that Mr.Burroughs is very very close to sheriff Mosier. I got a letter today saying that with both of them in a picture on the letter. I found that to be very chilling. I saw how they had a big police officer drag Mr. Winters out of that meeting and had him arrested, just because he wanted to record the meeting so others could see how badly the committee is run.

I worry that if Mr. Burroughs is a chairman and people disagree, they might get arrested or harassed all the time by the sheriff. This is not what we need in our county.

I am voting for Mr. Schumacher. I trust him and I don't trust Mr. Burroughs and his friends who are trying to buy this election with all their expensive mail cards threatening the end of the world if we don't vote for him. Everyone please vote for Mr. Schumacher on Saturday!

pilothouse · April 12, 2018 at 2:57 pm

I make no attempt to spin anything. I will always speak the truth. And as with Mr. Willis, I can emphatically state that I have never knowingly been dishonest, but I am imperfect and I can make mistakes. However, I don’t believe there is anything in my comments that are inaccurate.

You are certainly correct regarding the great thing about links to articles. I have found a very helpful link in Kasky’s rebuttal to Mr. Schumacher’s Baseless Assertions op-ed piece : I re.commend a review of all the recent threads about this Canvass election and how important it is to be accurately informed on the issues. The threads are right here in the Now Opinion section. I hope voters take a few moments to review them to help in making their decision on the best candidate to lead the Republican Party in Fauquier for the next two years.

The candidate’s views on issues pertaining to Fauquier is very important to our residents, and so too is character and those with whom the candidates associate. The facts will speak volumes in just a few minutes reviewing the threads. Burroughs is the right choice to lead the FCRC into the future.
Nister83 · April 12, 2018 at 1:52 pm
To further elaborate on my comments below, I've come across a more helpful link on this subject:
Nister83 · April 12, 2018 at 12:56 pm
Beware of Pilothouse’s attempts to spin. Good try but we can read for ourselves. After explaining why Mr.Kasky badly misrepresented his positions, Mr. Schumacher goes on to say about the future…..

“From this point forward, if Mr. Burroughs or his supporters want to continue to repeat these same, tired clichés and fear-mongering assertions, particularly without evidence, they are willfully and consciously misrepresenting my views and my character. Some would call it politics. I would call it lying.”

That is a very far cry from accusing anyone of having done this. It is a warning that having gone on record, if these kind of baseless accusations continue, then people are knowingly crossing over into that territory. Readers will have to judge for themselves if Mr. Burroughs surrogates continued with this after Mr. Schumacher laid down this warning.

It is also interesting to note that other articles sent by the Burroughs camp had a similar theme. I don’t know Mr. Schumacher and have never sat down to talk to him BUT….(and then throw in the kitchen sink). To really know what Mr. Schumacher is saying go to He writes extensively about what he believes and what the campaign is about.

Finally, in regard to conduct of the leadership, was Pilothouse not present at the meeting when Mr. Buchanan, who had the floor, was calmly stating his case before the Committee, and Mr. Burroughs leapt to his feet, out of order, and shouted. “That’s a lie!” Talk about demeanor and conduct….Perhaps outbursts like that are why the Committee was so adamant to not allow video recordings of the meetings for accountability and transparency.

The great thing about links to articles. People can judge for themselves in full context.
pilothouse · April 12, 2018 at 7:27 am
Fauquier Republican,

In your comment referring to Jim Rich as a liar, you defend your statement by saying, “Did he call these people and tell them lies about Mr. Jones? It seems like he might have since no one ever said he didn't.”

It seems like he might have since no one said he didn’t??? What kind of analysis this that? Is that critical thinking? Did you ever approach Mr. Rich and ask him if he said such things that you allege? Or seek clarification of what may have been misconstrued? Can’t we get back to some intellectual conversation? Your conjecture is exactly the mentality to which I speak regarding use of malicious words to insult and harm reputation. You jump to conclusion because “no one ever said he didn’t.” It’s an immature leap to assume someone must be lying when you didn’t check the facts and reject any other possibility as logical.

You are one of several who support Greg Schumacher who are seeding the distrust within the FCRC. You are a prime example of why I do not want to be represented in our local Republican Party by Schumacher as you are likely one of several on his leadership team. That's the kind of leadership voters must reject. I will vote for Harry Burroughs.
Fauquier Republican · April 11, 2018 at 8:45 pm
I think some previous remarks on this web page might have facts behind them.
I recalled some comments in an article a few years ago that I read about some guy named Rich, and what he did, so I looked them up and here is what I found.

The article said "In February “Friends of Cameron Jones” (candidate for FCRC Chairman), in conjunction with a local conservative group Fauquier Cornerstone Committee, held an event featuring former Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli as the keynote speaker.

Their goal was to raise $3,000 to benefit a local crisis pregnancy center that works with single mothers and couples during crisis pregnancies to provide alternatives to abortion.

Two days before the event, Mr. Jim Rich, who is the de facto leader of those in charge of the current county GOP committee, and one of four committee members involved in a lawsuit against the Republican Party of Virginia over last year’s county GOP canvass, made a phone call to this charitable organization in a failed attempt to sabotage the event.

Mr. Rich tried to discourage this organization from being the beneficiary of the proceeds of the event by telling them they were jeopardizing their tax exempt status by participating in this event.

Of course, his real intent is obvious. Should they drop out at the last minute, it would have interfered with the commitment by Friends of Cam Jones to this organization and disrupted the publicity for the event that drew about 150 people.

His reasons seem apparent, because he is desperate to retain power over the FCRC, and opposes Mr. Jones’ candidacy.

Fortunately the leadership of the nonprofit organization was not intimidated, and Friends of Cameron Jones was able to present them with a check for $5,250, more than double what they needed to purchase a much needed confidential messaging software, and to fund their college outreach program."

Having read this again, it seems to me that calling Mr. Rich a liar, as much as it is distasteful to call someone that, might just be accurate.

Did he call these people and tell them lies about Mr. Jones? It seems like he might have since no one ever said he didn't. Maybe you could ask him?

I don't know about a man like that; someone that would try to stop an event to benefit a group that prevents abortions. I wouldn't support him.

I would call him worse than liar.
pilothouse · April 11, 2018 at 8:20 pm
Mr. Willis,

I like your comments and believe they come from your heart. While I support Harry Burroughs for the FCRC chair, I don’t think unkindly of you, as others may, just because you support his opponent. I know your name but to the best of my knowledge we have never met. I think we could get along well if we worked together on any committee.

While the Cornerstone Committee was founded on good principles and does admirable work in our community supporting Republican causes, my difficulty in supporting the candidate endorsed by you and Cornerstone Committee is because of the very people from whom you say we have nothing to fear. Not fear of physical harm, disappearing or meeting untimely ends as you portend. The “fear” expressed by one other contributor on a different thread regarding the Canvas election, is with slander, and the most malicious words one can use to insult and harm reputation simply for expressing different or philosophically diverse opinions. Slander is often used by Greg Schumacher’s closest colleagues. You certainly know of whom I speak. That kind of fear cannot exist among colleagues seeking the common good in our community.

When the word “liar” is used to demean someone disliked, or to defend a position of disagreement, the offender destroys his credibility and slams the door on trust and important dialogue. Distrust replaces respect and does great harm in any attempt to recover and engage in meaningful debate. The distrust extends to persons with whom he associates, and Greg Schumacher seeks advice from, and is influenced by some of the very people who use the most egregious words to argue their point. I have not seen any of that kind of vile behavior from Harry Burroughs or his supporters. In fact, Schumacher himself hurled the “liar” insult in his NOW Opinion letter, “Baseless assertions” of March 16. There is simply no justification for a leader to comport himself in this fashion.

Cornerstone represents many things good, so does the FCRC. But some members on both committees will likely never see the best in each other and will probably fall short of what they are fully capable of achieving. I for one do not want to be represented in our local Republican Party by the kind of leadership that I have already seen on display by Greg Schumacher and his closest colleagues. That is a very compelling reason why I will vote for Harry Burroughs on April 14.
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