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March 27, 2018 · OPINION

Time for local Republican committee to change

By Rick Buchanan

As Republicans across the state move into the season of the biennial reconstitution of party leadership, things here in Fauquier County once again heat up. If you follow this election in these pages and in other public venues, you have seen letters from various viewpoints.

Many, however, are not aware of the internecine battle that has been proceeding under the radar. This past Saturday, March 24, a major skirmish ended when, at the urging of some on the Executive Committee of the Republican State Central Committee, the current leadership of the Fauquier County Republican Committee withdrew at the last minute their weak appeal of the ruling by the 5th District Committee, which on December 2 had decided unanimously in favor of an appeal that bore my name concerning the improper actions of the FCRC leadership.

I was not originally planning to bring this action. Aaron Winters, chairman of the Fauquier Young Republicans, had grown weary of the conduct of the FCRC leadership and was trying to change this by working directly with the current chairwoman, Kay Hayes. His attempts to persuade her to follow FCRC bylaws met strong resistance. So at the September 12 meeting, he had planned to publicly object to their continued violations of their own bylaws.

This was not to be. While attempting to film the public meeting, Mr. Winters was unceremoniously escorted from the room by a sheriff’s deputy, no doubt called for just this purpose. Therefore, it was left to me to stand and formally object to the violations of the bylaws being committed. When my objections to the violations of our bylaws were dismissed out of hand at the September 12 meeting, I had little choice but to file a contest to this obvious rule-breaking that ended up being heard by the 5th District Committee.

An appeals committee was formed by the 5th District chairman to analyze my appeal. This subcommittee consisted of a chairperson and two representatives from the 5th District Committee, one chosen by each side, and was charged with reporting its findings of the appeal to the entire 5th District Committee.

The 5th District Committee is made up of all 23 chairmen of the 5th District Committees and 5th District members (13) in various leadership positions in statewide Republican organizations.

During the appeal review process, the current FCRC leadership made several claims, but when requested to back their claims, they were never substantiated, which required this statement to be included in the appeals committee report: “Numerous attempts were made to receive specific documentation that countered Mr. Buchanan’s claims. No documentation was received from either Ms. Hayes or other members of her committee that submitted affidavits.”

The 5th District Committee found numerous irregularities in the conduct of FCRC leadership in the decision it unanimously rendered. It stated: “The FCRC violated its own bylaws . . . . The 5th Congressional District Committee is concerned that Republicans in Fauquier County have been disenfranchised by the FCRC’s violations of these rules [State Party Plan, the FCRC Bylaws, and Robert’s Rules of Order].”

As trust in the current FCRC leadership was absent, they took further steps to ensure accountability when they resolved, “We also require that at least two observers be allowed at meetings and the reconstitution of the committee [FCRC], comprised of District Committee members, the State Party, and/or 5th District SCC, to enter and observe the process and be provided with required documentation, as an extra layer of accountability.”

Furthermore, the FCRC is now functioning under the eminent threat of dissolution, as the decision further stated: “Be it further resolved that failure of the FCRC to comply [with this decision by the 5th District Committee] will result in a hearing to determine whether the FCRC is a functioning committee.”

After reading this, I hope you agree with me that it is time to make a change in leadership in our party here in Fauquier. It is not time to slash the membership rolls in half, as the current leadership just did. It is time to grow the party and work together for a better Fauquier. The future here in Fauquier depends on an informed Republican electorate showing up at the polls at Fauquier High School between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Saturday, April 14.

You are the “deciders.”

The writer is a member of the 5th Congressional District Republican Committee.

Report CD5 Committee Rulings on Buchanan Appeal Re Fauquier by Fauquier Now on Scribd

Member comments
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Jeffersonian American · April 9, 2018 at 5:14 pm
PILOTHOUSE, you are absolutely right to point out one correction- I did create an error in my prior comments when I failed to include “VICE” (as in Vice Chair, who is the person I meant to reference while I typed in haste and fatigue the other day. My slip and my humble apologies to our current Chair, Kay Hayes, who like all of the Fauquier County Republicans I have ever met- deserve to be appreciated for their best days and tireless efforts, including Mr. Burroughs. I happen to look forward- along with many others- to the possibility of General Schumacher leading a new infusion of members in the coming years as the new Chairman- including many of our long-suffering members who are welcomed for their constitution-conservative principles, hard work and considerable numbers. I know of no good reason to keep our local party divided along conservative principles- that only loses more local, State and national elections for us. Including other grassroots conservatives among the other state and national party representations (Constitution, American Independent, Southern National Congress, etc.), we face a truly horrific onslaught of Democrat Party Bolsheviks which threaten our very nation’s survival. There can be no sugar-coating of these facts to even the most casual observers today. It is a distinct possibility the massive American empire which replaced the old Jeffersonian order of things over 150 years ago has truly exhausted its moral and political resources, and has now finally appeared to have exhausted its financial resources as well. This is why we must embrace the return to “little r” republicanism- and stop building our local, State and national Towers of Babel. Without a change of course, we are witnessing the very disintegration of our beloved country in our modern era once more.

I too, have become very concerned and fatigued of late, witnessing a menacing trend by our local Party candidates to embrace the State and national GOP Republican redefinition of our Federal, State and Local Governments as centralized force- far too many Republican Establishment types and their accomplices are modern statists- with Republican Government meaning to them the machinery of the federal government, under the control of their party, to be used for their agenda- constitutionalists and conservatives with Jeffersonian ideals be damned.

These are the same local County Republicans we are witnessing who ALWAYS raise (or nefariously adjust) our taxes with Big Government Republican Out-Of-Control Spending; oppressive measures against individual land owners and working farms; embrace of every local public school ballooned budget request every year for increasingly bad public education outcomes (AGENDA 21, STANDARDS OF LEARNING, and “GOALS 2015” are just a few examples since you asked for them). Political Correctness has infected far too many of our party officials at all levels as well- and attempting to appease increasing numbers of new recent citizens fleeing from primarily Socialist and Marxist Third World nations who continue to embrace Big Socialist Government; other new illegal alien arrivals; and even support of illegal alien sanctuary policies through our local and regional churches who disastrously embrace the “Multi-Faith Alliance,” (pro-open borders; anti-rule of law, Anti-Trump rallies like the one we suffered in Warrenton’s Courthouse Square last year- which was actually organized with similar rallies around America by the Chicago/Alinsky Bolsheviks- but don’t take my word for it- I recommend everyone perform their own research if you refuse to believe it). I happen to be dismayed that nearly all- if not every one- of our remaining Republican Virginia House and Senate Republican office holders and national candidates have been accepting Islamic Funds- thereby aiding and introducing Creeping Sharia into our communities across the State and the nation- as grave a threat in my lifetime as we have seen.

Of course our local party has accomplished a lot of good in recent years. I certainly believe in land conservation efforts by all creative means possible, just not at the expense of RAISING MY TAXES- all the while respecting those individual landowners and farmers who seek traditional commerce (with reviews and business licenses) on their properties within reason. I certainly support our outstanding local law enforcement, Sheriff, fire and emergency management services and responders and their increasing requirements.

In parting this discussion also, I thank all of you for all you do, and for taking the time to hear these concerns that other Fauquier friends and neighbors have also expressed quite freely in recent years. Most importantly after our upcoming local vote, united action means victory for America’s sacred principles.
Phil · April 8, 2018 at 5:11 pm
I do agree with you Vickie. Either candidate will bring new leadership and is challenged to make things better. We all spout off at times because we're upset with the status quo you mention. Both sides manage to bring out the worst in us. We all want what is best for our Republican Party and we need a fresh start. I hope that leadership will be with Harry Burroughs, but I've said my last and will be signing off.
Vickie · April 8, 2018 at 3:54 pm
I, for one, am truly glad that April 14 is nearly upon us. I have to admit I have been sorely tried, (but not overwhelmed) by the spouting off done here. Is there any wonder why so few people have the stomach to even run for office? Those that do so are to be commended for sticking to it, even when certain forces are so vile and bitter. I think the part that bothers me most is the tendency of certain parties to plainly bald face lie with nary a blink or snicker. It takes tremendous talent or audacity to pull it off. There can be disagreements and differing opinion, and also the ability to work together to get things done. At least that's true in some groups. I'm not sure how that's going to work out this time, but there is one thing for sure. We cannot remain at status quo. There must be change, and hopefully, for the better. So much push and pull will result in a new group forming, and I hope our county will be the better for it. See you on the 14th.
Reagan Republican · April 8, 2018 at 12:25 pm
Pilothouse, I think you have to understand the way that the Cameron/Rick/David faction works. They, along with their supporters, intentionally (or ignorantly) misrepresent their opponents and intentionally misrepresent what their opponents say in an attempt to discredit them, but in the process they only discredit themselves.

For example, they repeatedly claim that they want a big tent where everyone is welcome, including the current leadership and members of the committee, then they go on to call people who don't agree with them "liars," "mafia," "paranoid insider's," "RINO," "not a true conservative," "Democrat lite," and ask "when did you stop beating your wife?" and say they should be kicked off the committee.

It reminds me of Reagan's old axiom, trust but verify. I trusted what they said when I got involved, but when I worked on verifying what they said, I sound that their actions did not match what they were saying. Does that mean that Harry Burroughs is perfect and has never gotten upset? Not at all, but I see him as the clear choice.
RGLJA · April 8, 2018 at 10:50 am
Good grief, I leave you guys alone for a couple of days, and I come back to see the FCRC mafia has gone nuts again with nasty attacks on their fellow Republicans. Runner tops the chart though, with his attempt to demean Greg Schumacher's character. Please, oh please make this election all about Greg Schumacher's character. There isn't a more decent and honorable man on the entire committee than Greg Schumacher, and Runner knows that very well. But that apparently won't stop him from falsely dragging Greg Schumacher into his own bitter feuds from years ago; the same strategy used no matter who the opponent may be. Anyone who has listened to Greg Schumacher for five minutes knows he is an ally for those who care most about conservation. Yet, the same paranoid insiders and going to try to spread their paranoia again; it's the only game they have. This is the kind of falsehood that deepens the frustrations within the FCRC. If you don't like Jones or Buchanan, then don't don't for them. If you want to debate Greg Schumacher's character, go for it. Tell us what he has ever said or done that supports your false attack.
pilothouse · April 8, 2018 at 9:53 am
Jeff American, there’s really too much in your missive to respond to point by point. It’s all so fluffy. But you’ve made several references now to the current Republican Chairman being a ‘he’, i.e., “our current Republican Chairman and his ardent faux-conservative Republicans…” You apparently don’t know much about our chairperson because he is a she. Likewise, you apparently aren’t well informed about the FCRC membership as you attribute, “Political Correctness" run amok in our Local Republican Party Establishment.” Can you name even one issue supported by the leadership or even the general membership of the FCRC that was PC endorsed or supported? Start with the past four years, go back one decade if you wish.

And what do you mean by, “Let us begin that worthwhile journey...from a scheming local Republican Chairman with slick, expensive political mailers.” The current chairperson, once again a ‘she,’ is not running for reelection for the chair, and she certainly has not mailed any political ads.

I’m thinking you are not well informed about what is going on in Fauquier County politics.
Phil · April 8, 2018 at 8:35 am
An eerie silence from RGLJA on my request to comment on the character of Schumacher and his supporters who fall on their “liar” manifestations to those with whom they disagree. It’s a tough one, I know. Try and give it a shot.
Matthew Smith · April 8, 2018 at 8:14 am
I should have said "the stance taken by many on your side".
Matthew Smith · April 8, 2018 at 8:10 am
Jeffersonian American, a landowner putting a conservation easement on his/her land is a property right. The landowner has the right to determine how their land is used and that right is transferable to future owners. Both candidates are solid guys and both will work hard to grow the party, but the stance taken by your side of this one important issue is why many Republicans, including myself, don't believe that your side should lead the Committee.
Jeffersonian American · April 8, 2018 at 6:38 am
I disdain "Politics As Usual" and the chronic infection of "Political Correctness" run amok in our Local Republican Party Establishment and elsewhere- in our current time of danger to our American Way Of Life. Those are the nefarious Politics As Usual, Political Correctness and arrogance of power represented by our current Republican Chairman and his ardent faux-conservative Republicans In Name Only and Democrat Friends. By their actions we have known them already and have seen what they have brought to Fauquier County in recent decades. I shudder to think what will surely result next in the face of continued higher taxation, oppression of citizen property rights, Political Correctness and more foreign (outside) non-traditional Virginia culture infecting our society which seeks to fundamentally transform Virginia and our County into another Fairfax County and worse. And so I will repeat for you again- and anyone else who does not see and understand the dangers we presently face as American and Virginia citizens- what I have observed will be needed locally to begin respecting our Virginia and U.S. constitutions and our local citizens who wish to live under constitutional government once more:

Let us begin that worthwhile journey with a single step on April 14th- **AWAY** from a scheming local Republican Chairman with slick, expensive political mailers, entrenched with over 30 years of failed Big Government Republican Establishment Politics As Usual- and select someone who has the capacity to work with and include all concerned local citizens to aspire to find genuine conservative future candidates who only seek to bring about better local, truly representative government.

Then truth and beauty, and our local healing process, can truly begin.
pilothouse · April 7, 2018 at 2:02 pm
Jeff American. I'm not sure what to say. But thanks for supporting Harry Burroughs. You are a great American.
Reality · April 7, 2018 at 1:55 pm
Vickie, so you are trying to get people in a twist? You are just like Cameron and Rick who keep attacking people, asking them if they "have stopped beating their wife," demanding people be kicked off the committee, and trying to destroy people's lives.

That lets me know that Greg will likely do the same thing if he is elected.
Jeffersonian American · April 7, 2018 at 11:26 am
Both major parties in recent decades have shown their disdain for our original constitutional republic by much of their words and unconstitutional deeds.

Perhaps Lester Jackson expresses it best. Those dissatisfied with "lesser evil" Republicans should defeat them in primaries. They should not substitute a vastly greater evil for a lesser evil in order to punish the lesser. The consequences will be irreversible. And don't lecture me about "Independents," as I have seen one Fauquier County Marshall District "Independent" after another over the past 20 years come and go- all essentially Closet Democrat Liberals. One recent Marshall District Supervisor even had the unmitigated gall to refer to himself as an "Independent" after a lifetime record of donating many thousands of dollars to Democrat candidates- elected with the support of his local Establishment "Republican" Friends and former Chicago Lawyers who utter the virtues of the “Republican" Party while scheming behind our backs to remain our betters at the seat of our local power structure to the exclusion of genuine, grass-roots, Virginia and U.S. Constitution-respecting conservatives.

Locally, we continue to witness so-called "Republicans" who have voted multiple BIG GOVERNMENT MASSIVE ANNUAL TAX INCREASES; full funding and support of Cultural Marxism in our public schools (United Nations AGENDA 21 and "GOALS 2015" and SOL curriculums); student Multiculturalism and Diversity Awareness Ad Infinitum- all to the exclusion of our American founding and other basic American history knowledge and principles. And then there are the other bad political rashes about us. Just look at our local Fauquier Sanitation Commission and the political animal retiree from Fairfax County (and former Fauquier Board Chairman) who apparently controlled everything and everybody on this very expensive little sewer commission and its very strange series of local happenings in Catlett and elsewhere.

There is, however, a welcome opportunity for local change to elect a new Fauquier County Republican Party Chair who is honest, distinguished, humble, trustworthy and reputable in character- and one who is made of a finer metal than most men today- to bring an end to this local Republican AND "Democrat Lite" candidate cronyism, false conservatism, and other cancers upon our local Body Politic which have infected our County over the past 20 years based on my direct and behind-the-scenes participation and observations. Fauquier citizens deserve better, straightforward representation and honesty from their local government elected leaders and future candidates.

I ask all Fauquier citizens of good faith, common sense and traditional values to ponder the following: Can we avoid the point of no return upon us here in Fauquier County? Can we avoid the "ever-expanding local government MALADMINISTRATION to meet the needs of an ever-expanding local government" syndrome mushrooming before our very eyes? Can we avoid more horrific annual increases in property, real estate and other local taxation which directly, negatively impacts our Natural Law rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness? Must we continue to nominate Big Government Republicans who will never seek to reduce the size, scope and budget of our local government to provide essential-only services without distressing our younger families and driving older and fixed-income residents to move away? Can we avoid more illegal alien lawlessness and disastrous, broken public school education standards? Can we avoid more “Business As Usual” now that our county is on the brink of a Northern Virginia Takeover? Can we even avoid all Democrat candidates who today represent only the End of America with their Marxist-Communist ideology?

Can we appeal to the better natures of our local citizens of all backgrounds to locally govern ourselves with more thoughtful, representative, grass-roots, "little r" republican government in our fair county? Can we find and promote local candidate leaders who will begin teaching and championing “little r” republican conservatism, individual responsibility, civic virtue, and the concepts of liberty and freedom to all individuals and families who seek to better themselves, our community and our State?

Let us begin that worthwhile journey with a single step on April 14th- away from a scheming local Republican Chairman with slick, expensive political mailers, entrenched with over 30 years of failed Big Government Republican Establishment Politics As Usual- and select someone who has the capacity to work with and include all concerned local citizens to aspire to find genuine conservative future candidates who only seek to bring about better local, truly representative government.

Then truth and beauty, and our local healing process, can truly begin.
See you all at the voting tables on Saturday, April 14th at Fauquier High School.
Phil · April 7, 2018 at 11:26 am
RGLJA, obfuscation…really? I have avoided comments about philosophical differences and ideology. But I have spoken plainly about character. There is no confusion and no ambiguity about what I said of Schumacher and his team. The readers can judge for themselves by reading the thread here. Character is important. If you lambaste your adversaries with vileness and vulgarity, it speaks volumes about motives and character.

Harry Burroughs is honest, states his position clearly about conservation and controlled growth in our county, and his team of supporters have been circumspect in all opinions shared in the two major media. Schumacher has dodged the issues and speaks as irreverently of his adversaries on Facebook and in the press as do his supporters. He’s all smokescreen, and so I see you are too. How about commenting on Cameron Jones and his “liar” manifestations?
Reagan Republican · April 7, 2018 at 8:23 am
RGLJA - I am confidant also, that is why the Republican canvass voters have seen through the Tea Party attempts to gain control and have repeatedly elected the best leadership in the past four elections.

RGLJA · April 6, 2018 at 10:53 pm
RR - That's hilarious. I'm very confident that Fauquier Republicans will see right through the obfuscations of Reality, Runner, and yourself. Let's just let the voters decide.
Vickie · April 6, 2018 at 8:50 pm
I knew RINO would get knickers in a twist.
Reagan Republican · April 6, 2018 at 6:09 pm
RGLJA's last comment is so typical of the Cameron & Rick faction. She knows she intentionally twisted Reality's words and when called on the carpet she poo-poo's Reality's response. That is not the type of leadership Fauquier County needs. We need leadership that will listen and not twist words.
RGLJA · April 6, 2018 at 1:01 pm
Okay Reality.... It's not useful to quibble over definitions, and I think I've made my point anyway, so have a great day.
Reality · April 6, 2018 at 10:18 am
RGLJA, no, you are again purposefully misinterpreting what I am saying, I am talking about conservation as an ideology. Nice try though.
RGLJA · April 6, 2018 at 9:12 am
Reality, if you're talking about conservation easements, that isn't ideology at all. That is a single issue, with liberals, conservatives, moderates, on both sides of the issue. Look at Mike's editorial in for an example. He is 100% in favor of conservation easements, yet he is also 100% in favor of Greg Schumacher. He clearly sees the FCRC needs better leadership, and he also understands that Greg Schumacher is fully committed to preserving the beauty of Fauquier County and the comprehensive plan. So, you are assigning false motives to the people you are attacking. You're actually attacking people on your own side of that issue. This is an example of the paranoia I've mentioned several times.
Reality · April 6, 2018 at 8:24 am
RGLJA, yes, I think it has a lot to deal with ideology based around conservation versus growth. The old guard in Fauquier are concerned about growth and what that will do to the county, while it has been documented many times that Rick and Cameron have been supportive of development. While it may not be mentioned at the county GOP meetings, it has been written about extensively on this site, in the Fauquier Times, and on the blog that Rick and Cameron own.

Again, you misread what I have written. On purpose? I have never said I am a moderate, quite to the contrary, I am very conservative and always have been, I just don't like how the conservatives in Fauquier act. At the first FCRC meeting I attended a member of the committee cam up to me and told me that we had to get rid of Jill Vogel because she wasn't a "true conservative." The person didn't know me at all and that was the first thing they said. After meeting Jane Hurst, Robin Corcoran, Kevin Kelley, Tom Valk, and more, I realized that they were nice people who were working to get Republicans elected.

And I didn't say that the Republican Party has become "too conservative over time," I showed evidence that the Republican Party has moved to the right over the last 40 years. I never said it was bad, I just said that is what has happened and that the moderate Republicans who have been involved for longer tend to be more moderate. I am not sure why you are trying to twist what I said. It has to be either ignorance or intentional, either way it is incorrect.

Vickie - it is funny that you seem to indicate that you tell people to "stop trying to place tired labels on others" then in the next sentence you apply the RINO label on moderate Republicans. The hypocrisy is hilarious!
Vickie · April 5, 2018 at 11:15 pm
So interesting I am one of the few people not afraid to say my name. A lot of hiding happens behind closed doors and empty rhetoric. I know how I am voting. Everyone else can concern themselves with their own vote, except for martinkus. Somewhere I think I read he is a Democrat, and can't vote in this pass. Personally, I don't have inside knowledge on that. I don't have to justify my vote - it's just mine. I can play nice nice and work with others, unlike some posters. Basically, people need to follow the rules, and stop trying to place tired labels on others. The sole purpose of labels in this case is to attempt to color someone as more of something, more conservative, more right, or less moderate, in order to try shifting focus from inclusion. I have noticed in some cases that those who label themselves "moderate" sometimes border on a more labeled RINO mentality... I don't know if that applies. It is just an observation of people I have observed in other situations. None of the individuals in these posts may fit that label. I have no idea. But just to breathe it will release a tirade of posts I imagine. No matter. I am not calling anyone anything, other than voicing my observation of a serious lack of tolerance existing here. That is abundantly clear. After April 14 fence mending will be the first order of business under new business in Roberts Rules of Order.
RGLJA · April 5, 2018 at 1:35 pm
Reality- I've given you the honest truth in every word I've written. You may believe this is an ideological devide, but I literally have never heard, nor witnessed, anything like an ideological discussion, much less debate, at any time within the last two years of FCRC meetings. Not even once. On the other hand, there has been plenty of frustration about the chair following our rules, complying with committee bylaws, trying to change bylaws, allowing members to speak at meetings, parliamentary inquiries, Robert's Rules, and so on. Ideology has nothing to do with any of that. There is zero ideological substance in any of our meetings. What you are describing as an ideological divide is really just your own baseless fear of imaginary issues and motivations of the people you don't want in the room.

Any yes anyone can pay dues for the privledge of sitting in the room and not being allowed to speak. At least full fledged elected members are allowed to make motions and ask questions, though not much else under the current leadership.

On your last point, I've twice given you my position on booting members from the committee. I'm against it. It is your side that won't abide others on the committee. You say you have worked with your moderate friends for decades, and you think that Republicans as a whole have become just too conservative over time. I'm surprised you continue to frame the issue that way, because you aren't respecting the Republican voters of Fauquier county who chose other Republicans to work with you. Perhaps the voters will think it's time for a balanced committee that will represent them more faithfully.
martinkus · April 5, 2018 at 1:19 pm
I can't wait for the canvass - it's going to be one helluva event!
pilothouse · April 5, 2018 at 9:50 am
Vickie, I’ve worked in education, industry and served in the military. So I speak with experience when I say all three disciplines require teambuilding and strategizing for the future to be successful. It’s the same in any political organization, parties of every color, and in campaigning. People must work effectively together in order to accomplish the mission. Those who do not have the people skills to work with others effectively are weeded out.

In the military if I had someone in my command who affected morale, tore apart cohesiveness and jeopardized readiness by demonizing others in the unit, I would have demoted that person, not promoted him.

In both education and industry that person would be shown the door, terminated, fired immediately. Both Reality and Runner are on point in their questions to you. Despite the horrendous things Cameron Jones has said of others here, you believe he is someone who should be included in this big tent idea. I say there is no room for him.

Seeding discord is like an insidious disease and can very quickly destroy morale and team effectiveness. Leaders who protect the bad people who sow the seeds of discord are not good leaders. I see Greg Schumacher defending Cameron Jones because “…he works very hard for our Party” as a betrayal to our Republican Party and the conservative values we hold so dearly. His is not justification for keeping someone on a team. I join Runner in this regard. There is no room for Cameron Jones in the FCRC, or any others who speak and act with such malice as we have seen and read in this tread, nor for those who protect them.
Reality · April 5, 2018 at 9:27 am
RGJLA - You continually tell people half truths.

First, there is a big ideological divide in the Republican Party here in our county, in the state and nationally. Just check out this graph and you can see the GOP has moved massively toward the right in the last forty years as shown here: The people who have been involved in the Fauquier GOP for decades tend to be from the more moderate part of the GOP while those who got involved recently, as part of the Tea Party movement, tend to be more conservative.

Second, the truth that you and Vickie seem to intentionally miss is that anyone who wants to join the Fauquier GOP can join. Anyone can join the committee here: That is the truth, anyone can join, support, and work for the GOP.

I find it ironic that conservative Republicans in Fauquier, who would normally support local control of government, run to the state GOP organization and demand they control the local election because they don't like who is in control. Either you support local control or you don't and it seem like Rick, Cameron, and their supporters don't support local control.

RGLJA, will you state, for the record, that Jim Rich and Les Cheek should not be booted off the committee and that Cameron and Rick are wrong for suggesting it?

RGLJA · April 5, 2018 at 8:59 am
Runner and Reality are complaining that Vickie wants to potentially boot a few obstructionists from the committee. Yet their own insider strategy is to boot out half the entire committee! That club of insiders has literally cut slots in half for this election. What kind of leader would devise a strategy to tell Fauquier voters that half the members they elected in 2016 are "poisonous" and must be removed? Not just Jones and Buchanan, but HALF the committee!

I guess we'll see how that bizarre strategy works out. I'm confident that Fauquier County Republicans are going to continue to vote for their trusted friends and neighbors despite the small club of insiders who continue driving such an exclusionary strategy. And for the record I say again, I don't favor booting anyone from the committee.
Reality · April 5, 2018 at 6:41 am
Vickie, using your logic, shouldn't the 1st & 5th Congressional Districts and the Republican Party of Virginia Central Committee do the same thing? I would enjoy being a voting member on one of these committees but am not allowed because of their restrictive membership policies. The state central committee has less than 80 members and the district committees are even smaller. The irony is that they are all controlled by Tea Party Republicans and don't want more members because it would dilute their influence.

No one would be booted? From how I read it, you say that they won't get booted if they "get along" and knowing Cameron and Rick's history, there would only be enough "true conservatives" that you could hold the county GOP meetings in a phone booth.
Vickie · April 4, 2018 at 9:43 pm
All Republicans interested in actively serving the County and electing/supporting viable candidates should be welcome to serve in the Fauquier Republican Committee. No one would need booting if they could just get along in a big tent, rather than demand a pup tent. If individuals persist in breaking rules, fighting against inclusion and leading secret agendas, then they need to move on, or be pushed out. That's the definition of inclusion minus systemic problems over and over and over again, year after year.
Phil · April 4, 2018 at 9:05 pm
Vickie and RGLJA, you miss the point completely and it’s staring you right in the face. How many different ways must this be restated? It’s the Jones and Buchanan consortium that is poisoning our committee. Schumacher appears to ignore the obvious. Take one more look at Jones’ comments and tell me this is acceptable adult behavior and a voice that should influence our future direction. It is not defensible.
Reality · April 4, 2018 at 8:44 pm
Vickie - What is the right size for the Fauquier County Republican Committee? What are the names of the "elitists" who are on the committee? Why do people have to be members? Aren't you a hypocrite when you say that the Fauquier GOP needs inclusion and then suggest that certain people should be booted out?
Vickie · April 4, 2018 at 5:35 pm
RGLJA once again speaks the truth. Runner speaks nonsense. Martinkus speaks ridiculous nonsensical rhetoric, suited to just rile people up without allowing any reasonable discourse. Limiting group size to a small band of elitists, keeping out other voices and assistance, while sitting back and resting on laurels, does nothing to further the cause of Republican values and growth. We need inclusion not seclusion. We need to take our large area of agreement and move ahead adding to our base. We need to boot out the obstructionists. To do that, we need Greg Schumacher. See you at the polls April 14.
RGLJA · April 4, 2018 at 4:13 pm
Runner's comments have hit another new low. First, it is laughable to characterize Greg Schumacher as "extreme right" versus the "moderate and considerate forces (Harry Burroughs)". What nonsense. Greg Schumacher epitomizes the demeanor of a gentleman at all times. He has never once been anything but cooperative with every person on the committee. Compare that with the shocking outburst from Harry Burroughs, shouting in red-faced anger at one of our members who dared to suggest we should consider nominating new members to the committee. THAT was a man who couldn't even control himself, much less lead others. It was embarrassing to every person in attendance at that meeting, whether you were for or against the issue.

The divide in the committee isn't about ideology at all. It's all about opening the committee to allow more good Republicans to join and work with us. One side wants to slash the committee membership, and the other wants to expand it.

Runner's comments epitomize what's wrong with the committee. His sad and depressing view is that "the losers should pack up and go home". What an awful and counterproductive posture to take with fellow Republicans. I have said often that we need all the Republican help we can get, and we need serious leadership who can unify us in our common goals. Of course we will disagree at times. Politics ain't easy. But it is going to take all kinds of Republicans to win elections.

I ask all the good Republicans of all stripes to come out and vote for the people who actually want your help, vote for a leader like Greg Schumacher who wants all of us on board, vote for a better committee that wants to work together to win elections.
martinkus · April 4, 2018 at 12:57 pm
The local Republican party is competing with the major dysfunction and chaos in the White House. One must wonder why the Republican party, in general, is currently in such a mess and very vulnerable to a "blue tidal wave" this November.

As I mentioned before, from what I have heard from members attending the committee meetings, the FCRC has a "circus-like" atmosphere. "Dysfunctional" comes to mind, much like the Republican dysfunction up on Capitol Hill and within the White House (i.e., Trump-mediated chaos...after all he is a demagogue and a carnival-barker). Would new FCRC leadership alter the local "dysfunction"? Hard to predict considering the current "divide" within the FCRC. Many folks believe that if the FCRC continues its drive toward the "political right," it could alienate moderate/centrist Republicans. Moreover, a turn to the far-right could change the county's priorities regarding land preservation and residential growth (in a negative way for us conservation-minded folks). It is clear, though, that the Democratic Blue Wave continues to grow nationwide. Look what happened last year in Virginia! Is Fauquier County, a deep red community, in the cross-hairs? Good luck to both candidates for the FCRC leadership position and to all other candidates seeking FCRC membership as voting members. Hopefully, there will be a "healing process," but I doubt it, based on what I have heard, including the comments on this, and other, threads.

The upcoming canvass could become a powder keg if folks get out of line and lack respect, especially if registered voters are "challenged" before obtaining a ballot. As Trump would say: "SAD."
Phil · April 3, 2018 at 1:05 pm
This is a sad time for the Republican Party and a very, very low point in Fauquier County politics. It’s a shame to see our Party torn so badly from within and I hope that this thread, and others, will help voters make a learned decision in determining the winning team in this debate. The losers should pack up and go home. Start another committee if you want, but stop this power struggle nonsense within the FCRC.

This is a classic intra-party political battle between forces of the extreme right (Greg Schumacher et al), against the more moderate and considerate forces (Harry Burroughs) within the FCRC. I believe Burroughs is the gentleman (emphasis added) to lead the future of the FCRC. If I knew nothing else about the candidates and their supporters except by way of the print in this media, I would say Schumacher and his friends should be packing their bags. They so desperately want control of the Party to which they claim allegiance; they are willing to destroy it, along with any opposition that stands in their way in order to get it.

I have seen Cam Jones riled up before and take low shots at his adversaries. But comments like his below are flat out despicable and represent the absolute worst in any Party. Calling someone a liar is so exceedingly caustic and immature; it is something I might expect to hear at a child’s playground, not in adult conversation. I have heard him say it before in other forums such as this, and at committee meetings, the word rolls too easily across his tongue. His friend and colleague in the party circle, Rick Buchanan, is also well known for his callous calling of a liar for those with whom he disagrees. What does it take to achieve this “liar” label? From what I have observed, it only takes disagreement. Present a view they think is incorrect, you’re a liar. Break with these men and their line of thinking, you are a liar. Don’t like the opinions or facts presented, call them a liar. Small minds think like this and don’t deserve to lead anyone, let alone the FCRC.

I read it here in this thread; despite the egregious name-calling from his friends, Greg Schumacher is quick to defend his pals as good men. “These are competent men who care deeply about and work very hard for our Party,” he says. Well I don’t think they deserve a pass and we don’t need men like this in our Party. Call it for what it is. They are intolerant of those holding opposing views. Schumacher listens to them.

At a time when Schumacher says we need to mend, he can hurl insults too. In his comment, “Runner” said to Schumacher regarding his association with Cameron Jones, “Stick around him and his conduct will likely begin rubbing off on you.” It clearly already has. Schumacher in his NOW Opinion letter, “Baseless assertions” of March 16, uses the same “lying” label regarding an opinion that he thought inaccurate and did not like. I’ve never heard a good leader say something like that. It’s unacceptable.

Schumacher states in this thread, “Voters will have to decide which candidate has the vision, plan and proven leadership ability to build bridges…” I don’t know what kind of bridge that is, but I don’t want to cross it. There’s sure to be more of his insult hurling pals on the other side.
Reagan Republican · April 1, 2018 at 7:19 pm
Cameron Jones 4 years ago - "'Danny', When did you stop beating your wife?" (google it, I did.)

Cameron Jones on 3/30/2018 - "Jim Rich = LIAR," "I have done more to expand the participation of Republicans in this county than anyone ever has."

Cameron Jones today - "On this most Holy day when we celebrate the Resurrection of Christ, I wish everyone peace and goodwill."

No wonder why people dislike Christians.

Cameron Jones
Reality · April 1, 2018 at 6:13 pm
RGLGA, you stated that I questioned Greg about whether he has done any community outreach. My question assumed that he did do minority outreach, I just wanted specifics on what kind of outreach it was and what the results were.

Sure, you can put it off onto the current leadership, but who among them has said they wanted minority outreach? I'm not sure because I don't go anymore because of the way people treat each other. It seems, according to your response that the current leadership approved minority outreach, right?
Cameron_Jones · April 1, 2018 at 9:31 am
On this most Holy day when we celebrate the Resurrection of Christ, I wish everyone peace and goodwill.

Have a joyful Easter!
RGLJA · March 31, 2018 at 10:39 pm
What difference are you talking about Reality? You asked for specifics and I gave you a great example. I've got another one if you're really still questioning minority outreach, but why don't you tell us what the FCRC has done, beyond what Greg and Kathy started? What results do we have on other initiatives?

As for winning the race for Chairman, let's just leave it to Republican voters to decide that issue.
Reality · March 31, 2018 at 8:12 pm
RGLJA, Word are important and if you read my questions you will see that I did not say that I "questioned Greg about whether he has done any community outreach." What I did ask is "What specifically have you done over the last two years to get minorities involved in the GOP? What were the results?"

See the difference?

Also, if Rick and Cameron have done to organize grass root Republicans in Fauquier County than anyone else in recent years, why can't they win a simple race for chairman?
RGLJA · March 31, 2018 at 7:39 pm
Oh come on Runner. You're doing the very thing you accuse others of doing. Let me try to change the tone as Greg suggested, and say something nice about folks.

First, Rick Buchanan and Cam Jones have done more to organize grass root Republicans in Fauquier County than anyone else in recent years. They are both high energy people that make things happen. Their initiatives with voter registration drives, the candidate debate forums, the outreach to minority communities, and the campaign events are just a few of the things that they have done, and no one in Fauquier county has done a better job of this. I don't see how anyone can deny the good work have done for the party in Fauquier County.

Second, Reality questioned Greg about whether he has done any community outreach. That was a hanging pitch right over the plate, but I guess Greg chose not to blast it back. One example, Greg and his wife Kathy personally championed the Spanish language conservative radio show that broadcast our conservative message into communities where outreach is most needed. The FCRC was very skeptical but Greg and Kathy prevailed by making a passionate and convincing case for trying it. Another example of his leadership. I think the FCRC ultimately supported this because of the universal personal respect for Greg and Kathy. It was hard to keep the La Otra Cara de la Moneda on air, but the Schumacher's worked hard to gather private donations and fundraisers to give it a good head start.

Third. As for Jim Rich, I'll admit he is a smart and tough adversary, and he knows Virginia Republican politics well. He is not a natural leader, but he does have the guile needed for a tough political fight. It would be better to have him on our side, than against us.

The FCRC could be a far greater unit if all the talented people available were put to good use. There is one thing we are missing, and you all know what it is.
Phil · March 31, 2018 at 1:06 pm
Mr. Schumacher,

I’m a skeptic and will continue to support Harry Burroughs, but this dialogue is important to the readers who are undecided. To your comment about the log in my eye, “ilk” is not a pejorative word. It applies to a type of people similar to those who have already been mentioned. Cameron Jones and Rick Buchanan are those to whom I was referring and were a large part of the commentaries in this exchange. It’s important because I was distinguishing them apart from many others in the Cornerstone committee who support you, but who don’t feel the need to insult, malign and disparage those who don’t fall in line with their way of thinking. You haven’t been here for long, but we’ve heard the same from them for years. Yes, antagonism is held by both sides, but their vile, bitter barbs have deepened the mistrust.

Jones, a part of your team and I daresay one who has great influence upon you, reveals his hatred for his opposition in nearly every forum. Stick around him and his conduct will likely begin rubbing off on you. He needs to move past his canvass defeat of four years ago. He whines as much as Hillary and offers about as many excuses for his defeat. It was because of Jim Rich, or Kay Hayes, or the dems who voted in the canvass, he says. Cross-party voting is legal in the Commonwealth and those dems who voted in his lost election effort were just as likely to have voted for him as his opposition.

I agree with you that we need to get past this antagonism. But review this thread of comments. The Burroughs supporters haven’t been flinging the mud. I don’t wish ill of you, but I do earnestly believe you are in troubling company and I want your opponent to win this important election in our county.

The farmer in me says you can’t grow good crops without pulling weeds and tilling the soil with good manure. Likewise, you can’t grow a team by throwing manure. Your colleagues are throwing the manure. I hope you start pulling some weeds and think about changing your fertilizer.
martinkus · March 31, 2018 at 12:56 pm
WOW - this thread is competing with the "dysfunction" in the White House, fake news and all of the rest! One must wonder why the Republican party, in general, is such a mess. As I mentioned before:

From what I know and have heard from members attending the committee meetings, the FCRC has a "circus-like" atmosphere! "Dysfunctional" comes to mind, much like the Republican dysfunction up on Capitol Hill and within the White House (i.e., Trump-mediated chaos...after all he is a demagogue). Would new FCRC leadership alter the local "dysfunction"? Hard to predict considering the current "divide" within the FCRC. Many folks believe that if the FCRC continues its drive toward the "political right," it could alienate moderate/centrist Republicans. It is clear, though, that the Democratic Blue Wave continues to grow nationwide (most current event: Pennsylvania special Congressional election). Look what happened last year in Virginia! Is Fauquier County, a deep red community, in the cross-hairs? Good luck to both candidates for the FCRC leadership position and to all other candidates seeking FCRC membership as voting members. Hopefully, there will be a "healing process" (but I doubt it, based on the comments on this thread)! The upcoming canvass could become a powder keg if folks get out of line and lack respect.
Reality · March 31, 2018 at 9:31 am

I know I asked some good questions, which you immediately disregarded and that is a concern to me.

I have no doubt that Rick, Cameron and David all are competent people who care deeply for what they believe in. I have known many people who are competent but are also mean spirited and act poorly when dealing with others. I don't think I attacked them and would ask you to show where I did. I do mention how they have attacked other Republicans in the past? Sure I have, but the evidence is insurmountable and one only needs to look at the Fauquier Free Citizen website that Cameron and Rick own, or read many of the op-eds that David has written. I think it is fair game, just like you commenting on how you believe the current leadership of the GOP has acted poorly.

I have no doubt that there is fault on all sides of the issue and if you read my original post you would see that I said that "None of this is to say that the current leadership is ideal, I just don't see how change in leadership will lead to change in Fauquier." I admitted that the current leadership is not ideal, so I think it is unfair for you to say that I am commenting like there is no fault on the current leadership.

With all that said, Can I ask that you please answer the questions I asked, I really would like to know the answers.

Reagan Republican · March 31, 2018 at 9:12 am
The real Cameron Jones has finally shown up.

G Schumacher · March 31, 2018 at 6:03 am
Reality, you ask some good questions, but you lost me when you essentially attacked Messrs. Buchanan, Jones, and Willis over their past actions. You talk about the company one keeps. These are competent men who care deeply about and work very hard for our Party. But last night, a number of Mr. Jones’ comments, and his tone, were out of line, and I told him so.
On the other hand, you and Runner comment like there is no fault on your and my opponent’s side. One of the reasons I am running is to change the heavy-handed and disparaging treatment I have observed from a few in our FCRC leadership who currently operate out of a power and control paradigm. This type of toxic leadership both promotes ongoing division and serves to breed the kind of frustration and heated rhetoric you see being exhibited from both sides.
What Runner fails to recognize as he concludes the election is over because of my associations, is that many are just as frustrated with the bad behavior exhibited by my opponent’s side. A few examples:
• There are many witnesses to an instance where my opponent, in an angry, out of order outburst, leapt to his feet and shouted to Mr. Buchanan "That's a lie!" when he stated something I shared with him that I knew to be totally factual.
• I have watched people in the minority be disparaged as being disruptive and accused of not working to elect Republicans, when, in point of fact, the folks that did most of the grunt work of knocking doors in past elections came from this group. Check with Alex, the RPV rep who organized such activities.
• In our last meeting about the Call for this election, after making the suggestion that the candidate who loses the election should be put into an at-large position, a member of the head table said, condescendingly, "There is no consolation prize."
• In the same meeting, the Chairman addressed me as "you and your friends..." A comment like this from the Chairman?
• When we first started coming to the FCRC meetings, and it was discovered that I was a retired general, a member of the Executive Committee stated to me, referring to the minority side, "You're not one of those people..."
• Referencing the invalidation of the election of 14 new members, the FCRC was told that Mr. Buchanan’s appeal was “frivolous” , and that his action “expelled” 14 needed members going into the gubernatorial election. But what Mr. Rich failed to mention is that many more qualified, associate members could have filled numerous vacant positions. If Mr. Rich and the leadership were truly concerned about having more members on the Committee on the eve of the election, they would have filled all possible vacancies. Instead, there was arbitrary exclusion, not just on this occasion, but during the entire time since the last canvass when FCRC membership steadily declined by almost 50%. What was done to try to retain these people?
• And Runner himself does not appear to see the log in his own eye. “People of their ilk”? Kind of like the “those people” I referred to above. He obviously believes its OK for him to apply pejorative labels to others, and fails to recognize what he reveals about himself in that statement and the rest of his post, and why people want change so badly.

I cite the above examples simply to illustrate that the perception of being known by the company one keeps applies to all sides, and that guilt about tone, heated rhetoric, personal attacks and bad behavior exists on both sides of the divide. There are no winners here.

Rather than dooming my campaign as Runner suggests and hopes for, the back and forth last night simply illustrates just how deep our divide has become, and how desperately we need change and new leadership. It’s not about associations – it’s about records of performance, and, most of all, it’s about leadership. Voters will have to decide which candidate has the vision, plan and proven leadership ability to build bridges, forge a new working coalition, and chart a new direction for the good of our Party. There are good, talented people on both sides, and we must ensure that all are valued and respected as we relearn how to work together. It will take a seasoned leader with years of experience in leading teams, organizational change, and forging new alliances to bring us back together. It will take patience, forgiveness and forbearance. We have to refrain from ripping the scabs off of old wounds. Continuing down the same path is simply not a viable option.

And I hope we can go through Sunday, at least, in the spirit of a blessed and joyous Easter.
Phil · March 30, 2018 at 9:26 pm
Mr. Schumachaer, I believe you are going to lose the canvass election, not because you lack sincerity or conviction in your belief you can better lead the FCRC. You are going to lose because of the yoke around your neck that is pulling you down. The yoke is Cameron Jones and Rick Buchanan. People of their ilk tarnish the good work of the Republican Party, the FCRC and specifically of the Cornerstone committee because they are the face of the committee that supports you. Your association with them means people will not trust you. They believe you will act and speak just as they do. It is their contemptible behavior that is the primary reason the FCRC is so divided.

I believe you have hitched your wagon to the wrong team. You stated that you “encourage those who support me, and those who don't, to always be thinking about the tone of their comments.” Well, I am and we are. Your association with Jones and Buchanan has wounded your reputation. Look at the comments Jones has written here. This is the same we have been hearing for over four years from Jones and Buchanan. “Reality” wrote that he won’t print his name because he is afraid of what they will do. Do you wonder why? Look at the vileness in the man and what he prints. Reagan Republican wrote “I just don't like the Tea Party's tactics (referring to Jones and Buchanan), I think that many are mean spirited, unkind, and willing to be dishonest.” The repulsive and hateful words they spew is what we loathe and can no longer tolerate.

For the record, Cameron Jones did vote in the Democratic primary. Reality stated it correctly and Jones denies it. The county registrar says he voted in their primary and has the proof. Check it out.

Mr. Schumacher, your association with people of that ilk is what we do not want in the FCRC, and that is why you will lose this election.
Cameron_Jones · March 30, 2018 at 8:22 pm

The sanctimonious tone of your comments twists the truth about the 2014 canvass.

Both the 1st District and the State Central Committee upheld my appeal by 2/3 vote at each level.

Jim Rich, Scott Russell, Tom Valk and George Beveridge then sued the FCRC, 1st Distric and Eric Herr the Chair, and the RPV.

They dragged out a lawsuit for nearly 2 years and dropped it the day before it was to go to court where they would have lost. They cost the RPV over $70,000 and Eric Herr several thousand personally.

And the lies about how we "relentlessly attacked" Scott Russell at meetings and every opportunity; I suppose you can offer something other than your words to back up those allegations?

That's what I thought...
Cameron_Jones · March 30, 2018 at 8:10 pm
Reality whomever fake name hider,

What do you think we’re going to do to you; really???

It really doesn’t matter who you are; I put my name out there, always have.

In case you don’t actually do any research, just spout the lies and platitudes told you by Jim et al, Fauquier is rapidly turning Democrat. What do you think happens when all those folks move out here from Arlington, and Fairfax, and other points east?

One of the reasons we have not been able to get the votes we need to win (missed by a mear 26 last time!), is because Jim et al have been bringing Democrats out to defeat anyone who even looks like they might have a chance to win.

They did it to me in 2014, and they did it last time. Of the voters who turned out last time to elect Kay Hayes, 131 are PROVEN Democrats, including Leslie Cheek III who donates thousands to the Democrat Virginia League of Conservation voters.

So did we come up short on votes last time, or were we cheated again? My math says we actually won by 105 votes. We’ll see what happens this time, won’t we?

Jim Rich et all were forced to expand the committee, and it is not the largest by far. Prior to that, they have done everything they can to “keep it small and control them all”. When I joined the committee in 2012, there were 32 members.

The FCRC should thank me.

I have done more to expand the participation of Republicans in this county than anyone ever has.

My appeal of their underhanded tactics of bringing Dems out to defeat me in 2014 resulted in an expansion of the committee to 213. The first meeting in April 2016, Jim told a friend of mine “This isn’t right” as he looked out at 200+ Republicans; the biggest gathering of Republicans at any FCRC meeting EVER.

You’re welcome!

“Jim Rich told me several months ago that you voted as a Democrat in a presidential primary….” Jim Rich is a LIAR; can’t sugar coat it; he’s a LIAR.
Ask him for proof; I'm betting he has none, just like he runs around telling everyone I'm a developer, Rick's a developer, Schumacher's a developer, all the while he is embracing Carter Wiley, the biggest commercial developer in Fauquier!

Jim Rich = LIAR.

Why don’t you ask him about how he told lies to Karen at CareNet as he tried to sabotage our fundraiser for them? That was classic Jim.

As for elections here in Fauquier, the committee votes on primary versus any other nomination method. If we ever have two Republican candidates run for the same office, then the COMMITTEE will decide that, won’t they?

The current leadership ignores anyone they don’t approve of, so how is that good for the Party? We could have had a Republican running against Mary McDaniel, but that was not what Jim and Kay and their cronies wanted, so it didn’t happen did it?
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