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How do you describe Fauquier County in terms of safety for residents and visitors?

Considering crime, law enforcement, fire/rescue services, highways, geography, the environment and other factors, which choice best represents your outlook?
Select one of the following options, then click the "vote" button.
  Very safe.
  Fairly safe.
  Extremely dangerous.
(133 Votes)
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May 15, 2014 at 10:37 pm
The county as a whole is fairly safe. It's when you live in the Town of Warrenton with teenage sons and daughters that the nightmare becomes reality. We personally know Warrenton families with the worst drug possessing, drug using and drug dealing teens that will never be target by the Town of Warrento Police because they are "In" with the Town of Warrenton Police as familiy members or just social friends. These bad apples (the kids) are poisining our other children with free reign. I've made several complaints to the Town of Warrenton Police officers all the way to the Chief of Police and nothing was done till I picked up the phone and went above them to the Fauquier County Sheriffs office. Yes, I said "above". A Sheriff is voted in. A town Police Chief is an employee hire by the Town Manager. The "Town" is an incorporated "business". I'm a the point now where the word "Police" should be used for State Police, not the Town's security. I remember the days when you could call the Town of Warrenton Police and personally talk with the previous Chief Connie Novak. My current experience is if you ask to talk with the Chief of Police, you are either told he's on vacation or are sent to just a random Police Officer on staff. Take note that the educational requirement to become a Town of Warrenton Police Officer is a G.E.D.

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