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August 17, 2020

124-acre Clovelly estate sells for $3.7 million

Clovelly, off Springs Road west of Warrenton, sold for $3.7 million.
The Rectortown home 17 acres sold for $2 million.
The 124-acre Clovelly estate just west of Warrenton sold last week for $3.7 million.

The property along Springs Road features a five-bedroom home that dates to 1745. Renowned architect William Lawrence Bottomley designed a major reconstruction in the 1920s. The home also recently underwent major restoration and remodeling.

Clovelly also has a guest cottage, a 29-stall stable, a garage, an equipment barn, other buildings and stone walls that date to the 1700s.

The Virginia Outdoors Foundation holds a conservation easement on most of the property.

The property went on the market in May 2019 with an asking price of $4.28 million, according to It last sold in in June 2012 for $2.15 million, according to county real estate records.

In the recent transaction, Will Thomas of TTR Sotheby’s International Realty represented the seller and the buyer.

The sale tops the most recent Fauquier real estate transactions, which include four additional seven-figure deals:

• The Hunt Country Manor Apartment complex in Warrenton and a small commercial property nearby sold for $3 million.

• A four-bedroom home on 17 acres at Rectortown sold for $2 million.

• 7.1 commercial/industrial acres in the 17/66 business park at Marshall sold for $1.26 million.

• A five-bedroom home on 27 acres near Delaplane sold for just more than $1 million.

The Fauquier County Circuit Court Clerk’s office recorded these real estate transfers August 6-12, 2020:

Cedar Run District

Bobby J. and Jennifer L. Dotson to Andrew W. Krizaj, 2.67 acres, Lot 6, Deep Run Estates Subdivision, 13288 Blackwell’s Mill Road, Goldvein, $450,000.

Mary L. and Gerald M. Celedonia to Seneida A.S. De La O, Lot 14, Section 2, Kettle Run Forest Subdivision, 3288 Daffan Drive, Catlett, $385,000.

Elliott Robinson, Earl Jordan and others, by special commissioner, to Jesse A. Ramirez, 2.96 aces, Midland Road, near Midland, $55,000.

Janelle W. and John Davenport Jr. to Amanda Corvetto, 3.2 acres, Lot 4, Park Lane Subdivision, 5132 Park Lane Drive, Midland, $435,000.

Matthew B. and Joanna B. Hopkins to Darren and Jeanine Rhoton, 1.8 aces, 4024 Langley Lane, near Nokesville, $649,000.

CWRS LLC, Charles W. Rider as managing member, to CLL Opal Investments LLC, 2.1 acres, off James Madison Highway, Opal, $160,000.

Woodward Land Holdings LLC, Bessie G. Woodward as managing member, to RMH Builders LLC, 1.8 aces, Bristersburg Road, near Midland, $85,000.

Center District

Hunt Country Investors LP to Steeplechase Manor LLC, 512 Winchester St., 520 Winchester St., 393 Jackson St., 381 Jackson St. and 361 Roebling St., Warrenton, $3,090,000.

Antonia C. Spaith to Mark and Andrea Ousley, Unit 56, Phase 6, Villas at the Ridges Condominiums, 287 Amber Circle, Warrenton, $400,000.

Christopher J. and Katherine E. Branchetti to Linda M. Pommer, trustee, Unit 106, Phase 24, Villas at the Ridges Condominiums, 194 Moonstone Drive, Warrenton, $404,000.

Winchester Chase Development LLC, Jeffery K. Rizer as manager, to NVR Inc., 0.17 ace, Lot 12, and 0.15 acre, Lot 11, Winchester Chase Subdivision, off Winchester Street, Warrenton, $330,000.

Rebecca A. Kirk to Cody A. and Gretchen M.T. Thompson, Lot 42, Section A, Bear Wallow Knolls Subdivision, 429 Ridge Court, Warrenton, $282,000.

Jayson D. and Karlene Markham to Joseph and Jessica N. Miller, Lot 390, Addition to Warrenton Lakes Subdivision, 7148 Chesterfield Drive, near Warrenton, $470,000.

Caitlin A. Clarke to Elena R. and Oscar A. Ventura, Lot 231, Addition to Warrenton Lakes Subdivision, 7215 Marr Drive, near Warrenton, $390,000.

Fox Den Properties LLC, Deborah L. Rice as manager, to Michael L. and Kathleen D. Dean, 0.39 acre, Lot 3, Conway Grove Subdivision, 131 Winchester St., Warrenton, $564,000.

Donald Sauer III to Louis A. Magdon, Lot 88, Section B, Bear Wallow Knolls Subdivision, 406 Denning Court, Warrenton, $259,900.

Karen F. Thompson to Phyllis A. Snipes, Lot 72, Block B, Section B, Broadview Acres Subdivision, 619 Gold Cup Drive, Warrenton, $532,500.

Prakasaro V. and Nandini R. Velagapudi to Staurynee D. Harris and Samuel H. Hoover, Lot 54, Phase 1, The Reserve at Moorhead Subdivision, 207 Preston Drive, Warrenton, $405,000.

Ralph S. and Patricia A. Desimone, trustees, to Louise M. and Edward J. Labombard III, Lot 21, Phase 2, North Rock Subdivision, 82 North View Circle, Warrenton, $512,000.

Kevin T. Roop to Stephen and Maria Fedore, 0.4 acre, 50 Warrenton Blvd., Warrenton, $421,000.

Lee District

NVR Inc. to William J. Cook and Sarah B. Tegen, Lot 4, Neighborhood B, Phase 1, Mintbrook Subdivision, 11823 Hall St., Bealeton, $287,450.

Brittany J. McCauley to Terri Hundley, Townhouse 45, Phase 4, Bealeton Station Subdivision, 6184 Newton Lane, Bealeton, $275,000.

NVR Inc. to Patrick T. McClaugherty, Lot 5, Neighborhood B, Phase 1, Mintbrook Subdivision, 11821 Hall St., Bealeton, $281,345.

Donald Sanders to Eland LLC, 1.43 aces, 5825 Sumerduck Road, Sumerduck, $140,000.

Yvonne Seay-Anderson to Blake Meadow LLC, Lot 40, Section D, Meadowbrooke Subdivision, 10753 Blake Lane, Bealeton, $260,000.

William C. Edwards to Noor Abu-Laban, 11.2 acres, Lot 4, Olinger Division, 8028 Botha Road, near Warrenton, $597,000.

NVR Inc. to Kimberly A. Pumphrey, Lot 6, Neighborhood B, Phase 1, Mintbrook Subdivision, 11819 Hall St., Bealeton, $275,430.

Andrew R. Burnell to Patrick J. and Megan D. Boisvert, Lot 13, Phase 1, Riverton Subdivision, 12187 Riverton Court, Remington, $362,000.

NVR Inc. to Taylor and Tyler Berkley, Lot 7, Neighborhood B, Phase 1, Mintbrook Subdivision, 11817 Hall St., Bealeton, $300,930.

Marshall District

James R. and Kimberly S. Samuels to Karen E. Nalls, 2 acres, 13353 John Marshall Highway, Linden, $445,000.

Helene P. Mann to Billy S. and Jamie L. Childress, 11.3 acres, Lot A-12, Cobbler Spring Farm Subdivision, off Rt. 732, near Marshall, $210,000.

Gregory C. Forde to Jacob Winn and Cassie G. Boyd, 0.5 acre, 10282 John Marshall Highway, near Delaplane, $307,000.

Whiting Industrial LLC, Glenn F. Miller as member/manager, to Elite Power & Energy Corp., 29,266 square feet, Lot 2-H, Whiting Court Land Condominium, 7587 Capitol Way, Marshall, $341,334.

Sarah W. and Harry F. McNaught Jr. to Clovelly Farm LLC, 124.4 acres, 8669 Springs Road, near Warrenton, $3,700,000.

Mina D. Ghassabeh to Ali A. and Nia Eshgh, 27 acres, Lot 2, Possum Hollow Farm Subdivision, 9583 Possum Hollow Drive, near Delaplane, $1,025,000.

17/66 LLC, James L. Jessup Jr. as manager, to Marshall Lot 8 LLC, 7.18 acres, Lot 8, 17/66 Business Park, Whiting Road, Marshall, $1,268,145.

Susan P. Bradshaw, Shirley P. Laing and others to Randolph K. and Virginia M. Poe, two-thirds interest, 2.59 acres, 8643 Wales Road, near Fauquier Springs, $150,000.

Johnathan and Jamie Deal to Johnathan Deal and Kylie Christensen, one-half interest, 5.5 acres, Lot 2 Mills Subdivision, 11784 Crest Hill Road, near Hume, $180,000.

Terrence Dantzler Sr. to Marlon and Stacy Philpott, Unit 9, Section A, Marshall Townhouses, 4515 Fieldstone Court, Marshall, $206,000.

Scott District

Edward D. and Elizabeth M. Rodemsky to Perry M. and Amy M. Meade, trustees, Lot 29-R, Auburn Mill Estates Subdivision, 7116 Baldwin Ridge Road, near Warrenton, $775,000.

Charles H. East to April Parr, Lot 12, Section 2, Rolling Acres Subdivision, 5674 Linden Court, near Warrenton, $312,000.

Bryan E. and Sandra L. Sutton to Daniel F. Carr, 1 acre, Lot 2, Fox Glen Subdivision, 6983 Wayland Drive, near Warrenton, $535,000.

Kit L. and Sharon M. Rudd to Carolyn P. Robbins, Lot 13-77, Phase 13-C, Brookside Subdivision, 3698 Dockside Drive, near Warrenton, $560,000.

Cheryle R. and Eldridge L. Schaeffer Jr. to William A. and Antoinette Lionhood, Lot 190, Phase 8C-3, Brookside Subdivision, 7182 Heron Place, near Warrenton, $800,000.

Todd M. and Valerie M. Reigel to Brian Champ and Kelly Bowen, Lot 26, Phase 8-A, Brookside Subdivision, 7339 Lake Willow Court, near Warrenton, $550,000.

John W. Mountjoy, James D. Mountjoy and William J. Mountjoy to Matthew and Joanna Hopkins, 9.9 aces, of Rogues Road, near Auburn, $210,000.

Aran Capital Partners LLC, Mark S. Kelly as managing member, to Rosemary A. Shelton, 1.2 acres, 5676 O’Bannon Road, near The Plains, $440,000.

Eric J. Riddleberger and Lydia Strohl to Pamela I. Gwaltney, trustee, 17 acres, 3074 Rectortown Road, Rectortown, $2,000,000.
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Linda Ward · August 20, 2020 at 2:22 pm

I like what Matt Davenport has to say about the land, he actually farms his land in Delaplane, VA.

"It would be good to further incentivize the use of farmland for actual farming through the land-use tax structure. Currently, a lot of what was once good farmland is simply mowed like a large lawn or allowed to grow up in bushes, while receiving the same reduced tax valuation as land that is farmed. This land is in what is known as the “open space” land-use program, but it doesn't provide the same level of economic, employment and cultural benefits to the county.

I would create a two-tiered system whereby land that is being farmed would receive a somewhat more favorable tax valuation than land in the open space program. Many other counties use a system such as this."
PabloCruz · August 17, 2020 at 1:15 pm
Clovelly-According to Fauquier Real Estate online:

122.4 acres in VOF easement, valued for tax purposes at $48,600 or $397.05/acre.

To provide some perspective on how grossly perverse the land taxation scheme has become in Fauquier, consider this comparison: The Marshall townhouses sit on 1/30 of an acre. Those lots are assessed at $60,000, or approximately $2.1 million per acre.

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