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May 18, 2020

A 129-acre farm at Hume sells for $1.56 million

This 1920 home and 129 acres at Hume sold for $1.56 million.
This property on Rock Hill Mill Road near The Plains sold for more than $1 million.
A 129-acre farm at Hume sold last week for $1.56 million.

Built in 1920, the renovated and expanded house at Harmony Creek has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, two fireplaces, wood floors and a large kitchen. The property includes a guest house, a three-bay equipment shed, a four-stall barn, a riding ring, a spring-fed pond and a stream.

The Virginia Outdoors Foundation holds a conservation easement on the land.

The property went on the market in July 2018, with an asking price of $1.65 million, according to

Paul MacMahon of Sheridan-MacMahon Realtors represented the buyer and Charlet Shriner of Re/Max Premier represented the seller.

Also last week, a home on seven acres near The Plains sold for more than $1 million.

Built in 1988, the home has three bedrooms, 2-1/2 bathrooms, a log dining room and a sunroom. The property on Rock Hill Mill Road features a two-bedroom guest house, a lap pool, extensive gardens, fenced paddocks and run-in sheds.

The property went on the market in October 2018 with an asking price of $1.48 million, according to

Lynn Wiley of Washington Fine Properties represented the seller and Charles Schutte of Top of Virginia LLC represented the buyer.

The Fauquier County Circuit Court clerk’s office recorded these real estate transfers May 7-13, 2020:

Cedar Run District

Richard P. and Betsy A. Alldredge to Larry Payne and Lisa A. Harsh, 1.5 acres, Lot 4, Cattle Lands Subdivision, 3570 Cattle Lands Drive, Catlett, $495,000.

Dun-E-Nuf LLC, Stanley A. May as sole member, to William Ramirez, 28.2 acres, Dumfries Road, near Catlett, $418,000.

William D. Peters to David R. Colton, 110.5 acres, Lawyers Rest Lane, near Somerville, $425,000.

Joseph and Angela Baumgartner to Leonard C. and Terri A. Sowards, 4.3 acres, 4629 Casanova Road, near Warrenton, $386,500.

Catherine and Christopher J. Aubrey to Joshua M. and Christina S. Sink, 10.1 aces, Lot 2, Grace Estates Subdivision, 1479 Grace Estates Drive, near Catlett, $544,000.

Erika S. and Phillip C. Mahaney to Douglas J. and Elaine G. Lucas, Lot 76 Phase 2, Woods at Warrenton Subdivision, 6360 Redwinged Blackbird Drive, near Warrenton, $689,500.

Center District

Rhonda H. and Berkeley Jeffries Jr., trustees, to Valerio Pastori and Nadia Tardivo, Townhouse 11-A, Phase 1, Leeds Square Subdivision, 168-A Leeds Court, Warrenton, $158,000.

John J. Donovan and Suzanne Mannix to Jeremy J. and Brittany Phillips, 0.96 ace, Lot 51, Phase 2, Millwood Subdivision, 7438 Waters Place, near Warrenton, $467,000.

Wilson L. Bosley to Kenneth Howard, Unit 16, Hillside Townes, 11 Aviary St., Warrenton, $280,000.

Lee District

William J. Graham III and Margaret G. Aunins, trustees, to Sudley Homes LLC, 2.54 off Sumerduck Road, $30,000.

NVR Inc. to Michael and Mary Urban, Lot 18, Neighborhood B, Phase 1, Mintbrook Subdivision, 7526 Hancock St., Bealeton, $324,990.

James L. Seltzer Jr., trustee, to Edwin O.S. Ruiz, 20,000 square feet, Lot 45, Section B, Edgewood East Subdivision, 11249 Edgewood Drive, Bealeton, $279,000.

Joshua M. and Christina S. Sink to Bernard M. and Margaret A. Jay, 2 acres, 7279 Covington’s Corner Road, near Bealeton, $344,000.

Mattie L. Yates and others to Leonel and Elizabeth Gonzalez, 2.56 acres, 4807 Midland Road, near Midland, $175,000.

Christian L. and Kelsey C. Cuervo to Rapheal B. Caire, Lot 32, Section D, Meadowbrooke Subdivision, 10750 Blake Lane, near Bealeton, $284,000.

Marshall District

MSH Construction Inc. to Nicholas and Karen Sket, 1.58 acres, Lot 3, Paradise Estates Subdivision, 9519 Paradise Road, near Warrenton, $529,900.

Carl R. and Jodi A. Liebel to Daniel and Adrienne Montgomery, Lot 12, Section 2, Silver Cup Subdivision, 7306 Iron Bit Drive, near Warrenton, $562,500.

Joseph R. Snider to Mark B. Taylor and Nicola M. Dickson, 129.1 aces, 11403 Hume Road, near Hume, $1,562,000.

Scott District

Mark and Tara Richards to Eric B. and Stephanie Oetjen, Lot 2, Phase 10-A, Brookside Subdivision, 6767 Lake Anne Court, near Warrenton, $598,000.

Johnny J. and Ximena E. Saada to Yaw D. Damtey and Ataa Kwarteng, Lot 19, Section 1, South Hill Estates Subdivision, 5213 Beverly Court, near Warrenton, $389,900.

Kelley P. Dever to Franco Traverso and Samantha Bendigo, Lot 62-A, Phase 9-B, Brookside Subdivision 7547 Edington Drive, $785,000.

Sherry L. and Dennis L. Bearden to BGRS Relocation Inc., Lot 63, Phase 12-B, Brookside Subdivision, 1214 Brittle Ridge Road, near Warrenton, $515,000.

BGRS Relocation Inc. to Wilson L. Bosley, Lot 63, Phase 12-B, Brookside Subdivision, 1214 Brittle Ridge Road, near Warrenton, $515,000.

Charles A. and Barbara J. Wilson to Joseph and Angela Baumgartner, 1.7 acres, Lot 73, Phase 2, Section 2, Lake Whippoorwill Subdivision, 6084 Mint Springs Drive, near Warrenton $610,000.

Monaca and Eric Onstad to Lanny R. Cornwell and Mary M. Lieb, Lot 18, Phase 15, Brookside Subdivision, 5058 Parkside Court, near Warrenton, $682,000.

Helen H. and John J. Donovan Jr. to Kari Mavian and Patrick Quinn, 7 acres, 6071 Rock Hill Mill Road, near The Plains, $1,043,671.
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steelernation · May 19, 2020 at 10:25 am
As an addendum I must add that I believe in capitalism. Have nothing against working hard and becoming wealthy if that is your desire. That is what America is all about. But as PabloCruz stated - as a middle class homeowner who pays my fair share (at full taxable value) of taxes I should not have to subsidize those who take advantage of tax easements to get even wealthier.
steelernation · May 19, 2020 at 10:18 am
Amen to PabloCruz - have always felt that these special tax easements - whether for agriculture, forestry or conservation are just a way for the rich to get richer. And as Linda Ward stated raising crops to feed people and animals is a farm and should qualify for an agricultural tax easement. However it drives me crazy these special "loopholes" are given to the rich to reduce their tax burden and on the other hand we can't even get revenue to build a new library which is sorely needed and would benefit all citizens.
I could go on and on but the bottom line is this - Fauquier county ( with their anti-business mindset) has no significant business/commercial tax base . therefore the bulk of our taxes come from - you guessed it - middle class homeowners who don't qualify for any special treatment.
Linda Ward · May 19, 2020 at 9:41 am
PabloCruz - Agree wholeheartedly. Raising crops to feed people and animals is a farm. Raising horses to race or for entertainment is not a farm, but a business.
PabloCruz · May 19, 2020 at 9:18 am
According to Fauquier Real Estate online:
Harmony Hill, Hume, VA-valued for tax purposes at $534,500-or 34% of sales price.
128.15 acres in VOF easement, valued for tax purposes at $44,500 or $349.59/acre.

Another Fauquier County "farm"

I suggest that Virginia change the law regarding easements such that; any property owner desiring to place their land into easement, or be taxed based upon "use" value, must undergo a means-test to ensure that the primary source of income to the property owner, is from agriculture. In addition, the definition of "agriculture" for tax purposes must be changed to be more restrictive. Common sense would suggest that we should protect our food supply, and by extension, local farmers. But in Fauquier for example, if you breed and raise horses for racing (gambling) or other horsing-sports, this activity falls under the current agricultural umbrella. Fauquier, nor the state, should be subsidizing the horse industry. By subsidizing horse businesses, but not others, they are picking winners, and that is not capitalism. There is a property on the market for $25,000,000 in Upperville, that has an 18-hole private golf course. It meets the current standard to receive reduced taxes.

It is likely that if the law was was changed to this new means-test model, most properties in the county would not meet the new standard.

It's okay to become, or to be wealthy and own large pieces of property; that's the American way. But it's not okay to ask others to subsidize your lifestyle. And government should not be in the business of picking winners and losers; this sets a very dangerous precedent.
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