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August 3, 2020

222-acre Delaplane farm sells for $2.55 million

The circa 1852 main house at Montana Farm near Delaplane, which sold for $2.55 million.
A 222-acre farm near Delaplane sold recently for $2.55 million.

On the west slope of Cobbler Mountain, Montana Farm features a renovated 1852 main house with three bedrooms. The Carrington Road property includes two-bedroom tenant house, a cabin, a “party barn” and other structures.

The Fauquier County Board of Supervisors holds a conservation easement on most of the land.

The property went on the market in May 2019 with an asking price of $3.4 million, according to The listing had recently dropped to $2.65 million.

Lynne Wiley of Washington Fine Properties represented the seller and Kathryn Harrell of the same brokerage represented the buyer.

The Marshall District sale tops the most recent Fauquier property transactions.

The Fauquier County Circuit Court clerk’s office recorded these real estate transfers July 23-29:

Cedar Run District

Joseph Brown, trustee, to Iosif Y. and William M. McCarthy IV, 5.33 acres, 8251 Old Dumfries Road, near Catlett, $325,000.

Robert B. Heather to James E. Redic Jr., 1.37 acres, Lot 2, Bridges Subdivision, 9353 Meetze Road, Midland, $420,000.

Donald G. and Deanna L. Carpenter to Adam J. and Sara Vigneault, Lot 13, Phase 1, Auburn Crossing Subdivision, 7800 Overbrook Drive, near Catlett, $535,000.

Kellie M. and Jeffrey W. Stover to Blanca I. Hernandez, 5.56 acres, Lot 1-A, Benner Division, 7744 Frytown Road, near Warrenton, $749,000.

Thomas R. Wade heirs, by special commissioner, to Rooster Development LLC, 2 acres, Ensor’s Shop Road, near Midland, $78,000.

Coleta and Edwin M. Worthington Jr. to Jose A. and Awilda Hernande, 5.1 acres, Lot 11, Coventry Subdivision, 12544 Lake Coventry Drive, Morrisville, $490,000.

Lori J. and Ralph L. Pasley Jr. to Sheri L. Jackson, 1.1 acres, 8313 Greenwich Road, near Catlett, $267,000.

Joseph and Stormie Mechem to Tiffany M. and Donovan M. Royal, 14.3 acres, 1776 Patriot Way, Midland, $445,000.

Nilay G. St. Onge to Ermes and Marticorena Bueso, 10 aces, 11030 Brent Town Road, near Catlett, $462,500.

Kier M. and Timothy Sexton to Jenifer L. and Paul C. Kincheloe IV, 1 acre, 8007 Taylor Road, near Catlett, $414,000.

Caliber Homebuilder Inc. to Matthew and Stephanie Crist, 1.66 acres, 7495 Greenville Road, near Nokesville, $497,361.

Eben and Amanda Cox to Nancy A. Nichols and Lucy Brown, Lot 8, Section B, Warrenton Estates Subdivision, 9554 Meetze Road, near Midland, $349,900.

H. Cynthia and Gregory S. Salamone to Potomac District Council of The Assemblies of God Inc., 0.71 acre, 8413 James Madison Highway, near Warrenton, $425,000.

Center District

Winchester Chase Development LLC, Jeffrey K. Rizer as manager, to NVR Inc., 0.14 acre and 0.14 acre, Lots 9 and 10, Winchester Chase Subdivision, off Winchester Street, Warrenton, $330,000.

Daniel F. Carr to Tyler and Amber B. Payne, 0.47 acre, Lot 3, Bethel Academy Subdivision, 6933 Blantyre Road, near Warrenton, $380,000.

James P. and Nell R. Lawrence to Barry I. Aron, 195 Locust St., Warrenton, $460,000.

Jeanette M. and Richard I. Wolff II to Andrew M. Coe and Laura M. Cacciatore, Lot 63, Section 2, Highlands of Warrenton Subdivision, 466 Estate Ave., Warrenton, $445,000.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Shelly P. Reaves, Unit 3, Blairhouse Townhouses, 276 Jackson St., Warrenton, $193,000.

Russell J. and Lacey T. Adams, by special commissioner, to Brian D. and John J. McDermott, Lot 146, Section 2-D, Olde Gold Cup Subdivision, 208 Equestrian Road, Warrenton, $440,000.

Laura McCauley to Steven E. and Stephanie L. Crouch, Lot 39, Bear Wallow Knolls Subdivision, 435 Ridge Court, Warrenton, $255,000.

Lee District

William B. and Marie E. Eckert to Angela R. and Christopher Gray, 1.19 aces, Lot 36, Canterbury Village Subdivision, 9746 Reeves Court, near Warrenton, $350,000.

Jared Cassada to Megan Miloser, Lot 28, Phase 1, Southcoate Village Subdivision, 6556 America Way, Bealeton, $340,000.

Jonathan D. and Misti W. Ress to BGRS Relocation Inc., Lot 45, Phase 1, Riverton Subdivision, 12225 Remland Court, Remington, $455,000.

BGRS Relocation Inc. to Dawn M. and James C. Sisson, Lot 45, Phase 1, Riverton Subdivision, 12225 Remland Court, Remington, $452,500.

Chanda J. Albrittain to Alvaro A. Guerrero and Sofia Alegre, 10,012 square feet, Lot 74, Section 3, Phase 2, Meadfield Subdivision, 11287 Meadfield Drive, Bealeton, $294,900.

Randall O. and Susan Evans to Trisha M.H. and Andy D. Burks, 10,136 square feet, Lot 86, Section 3, Phase 2, Meadfield Subdivision, 6254 Goulding Court, Bealeton, $335,000.

Marshall District

Christopher D. Higginbotham, trustee, to Christian B. and Laura W. Coyner, 6.1 acres, 3307 Cobbler Mountain Road, Delaplane, $585,000.

Caliber Homebuilder Inc. to Johnathan C. Dufresne and Maria N. Coleman, 0.7 acre, 12020 Hume Road, near Hume, $406,000.

James L. and Jennifer M. Sweigart to Barbara A. and William E. Benner Jr., Lot 6, Haines Division, 9476 Withers Mill Way, near Warrenton $770,000.

Charles E. McWilliams Jr., trustee, to Joseph R. and Kristi K. Snider, 50 acres, 5457 Greenstone Lane, near Marshall, $450,000.

TQPRT LLC and CQPRT LLC, Thomas C. and Clare Whelan as sole members, to Thomas B. Whelan, trustee, 100.1 acres, Lot 2-R, Chattins Run Farm Subdivision, 9135 Maidstone Road, near Delaplane, $4,250,000.

Mary T. Campbell estate, Joanne C. Miller and Hilda C. Connor as executors, to Justin P. Soles, 2 acres and 2.9 acres, 8430 Springs Road, near Warrenton, $460,000.

Montana Farm LLC, Peter C. Schaumber as manager, to Jackson 50 LLC, 221.92 acres, 3459 Carrington Road, near Delaplane, $2,550,000.

Scott E. and Brittany Buchanan to Bridgett McIntosh, 5 acres, Lot 5, Cobbler View Subdivision, 9526 Cobbler Ridge Road, near Marshall, $654,500.

Kristal B. Breeden to Keri K. and David R. Smith, Lot 42, Section 1, Silver Cup Subdivision, 7371 Iron Bit Drive, near Warrenton, $565,000.

Castlerock Enterprises Inc. to William R. and Katherine E. Tapsell, one-half interest, 4.3 aces, Lot 1-A, Chattins Run North Subdivision, 2850 Chattins Run Lane, near Delaplane, $320,000.

Baldwin D. Tufts and Maximilian Tufts Jr. to Erin C. Kokoshkin, 25 aces, 8439 Holtzclaw Road, near Warrenton, $890,000.

Scott District

Danielle L. and Edwin K. Smock III to Clifford A. and Lea M. Bohn, Lot 30, Phase 14-C, Brookside Subdivision, 6015 Sunflower Court, near Warrenton, $660,000.

Gerald F. and Jacqueline J.F. O’Hara, trustees, to Bryan and Tamara Henry, 1.7 acres, Lot 58, Phase 2, Snow Hill Subdivision, 5864 Old Dominion Court, near Warrenton, $750,000.

Matthew C. Martin to Christopher J. Wilson, 2773 Crenshaw Road, Rectortown, $500,000.

Wilma A. Hoovler Trust, George D. Scheulen as trustee, to Brian Hoyt and Kathryn Aleda, 22.82 acres, 6154 Herringdon Road, near The Plains, $990,000.

Theodore D. Sharp to Jonathan S. and Amy S. Ressler, 5.55 acres, Lot 31, Valley Green Subdivision, 6183 Cooper Lane, near Broad Run, $579,000.

James C. Chiles to Academy Street LLC, 10 acres, Lot 19-A, English Chase Subdivision, 8888 Grasslands Court, near Marshall, $375,000.
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PabloCruz · August 5, 2020 at 4:49 pm
@BrandonJ-Yes you are correct. I was referring just to local policy in this case.

@AngryBob-You're right in your assessment that this was done on purpose. It started as a movement of local landowners to repel the westward expansion of the suburbs, and gained the support of the BOS, several of whom have have received payments from the county, and are receiving tax breaks from having their land in easement.
At this point, it has expanded to the point that we have to ask "how much is enough, and what is sustainable." About 25% of all the land in Fauquier is in easement, and it grows each year. The BOS has allocated over $800,000 this year for the PDR program, in spite of a massive budget shortfall and budget cuts that will cause real harm. Recall that we never dug ourselves out of the hole that was created in the 2008 real estate crash.

I have researched many properties that are in easement, and it is staggering how little real estate tax is being paid, relative to the value of the property. For example, the property in question has been divided into multiple lots; several of the lots are 30 acres, valued at about $300/acre, with a tax bill of about $60.00/year.

As @steelernation referred to, it places more of a relative burden on average homeowners, where we end up subsidizing the cost of these easements. I have researched the service districts, and in Marshall for example, typical 1/4 acre lots are taxed at approximately $400,000/acre.

The BOS has a duty to enact policy that allows balanced business/residential growth; these things go hand-in-hand. It will be very difficult to achieve under the circumstances.
AngryBob · August 5, 2020 at 1:06 pm
@PabloCruz: I agree 100% with everything you said.

In addition, the purchase of these development rights (with our money) extinguishes a place where you or I could someday build a home on some land. But the rich don't want us riff-raff in their neighborhoods.

So what we have is new houses on 1/4 acre lots in the service districts, 70's relics with nice yards, and mansions on hundreds of acres. What is most appalling is that this was done on purpose.

I've always lived in Fauquier, but Warren County sounds more and more appealing each day.
Jerome Fields · August 4, 2020 at 7:57 pm
PabloCruz - Spot on! fauquierflash means well.....God love him.
PabloCruz · August 4, 2020 at 6:19 pm
fauquierflash-I'm glad you commented, I'd like to address a couple of your points.

"Seems easy for certain folks to be critical of successful, hard working individuals."
My criticism is of the tax policy first, and secondarily, the individuals that take advantage of them. If an individual is willing to accept public tax dollars (Purchase of Development Rights)and tax-breaks, then that individual should be willing to accept public scrutiny. Real estate, etc. is a matter of public record.

"Maybe someday you will be more successful and others will get a chance to be critical of you without knowing all the facts."
Whether or not I am successful (which you don't know) is immaterial to this discussion. It's about tax policy. There are plenty of successful people in Fauquier, that are not in a position to utilize these types of tax instruments. There are also plenty of individuals that are born wealthy, and are a total disaster, professionally, personally, or both Finally, I'm struck, but not surprised by your manifest classism, when you suggest that success is equivalent to the degree to which you can defer taxes.

fauquierflash · August 4, 2020 at 2:33 pm
This property has raised Beef Cattle for over 7 years at least. Totally restored the Homes, Barns and buildings and saved a wonderful property from going in disrepair. Seems easy for certain folks to be critical of successful, hard working individuals. Maybe someday you will be more successful and others will get a chance to be critical of you without knowing all the facts. Smile and try and enjoy living in Fauquier.
steelernation · August 4, 2020 at 11:17 am
agree with PabloCruz - certainly doesn't look like a "farm" to me , my grandparents had a working dairy farm - certainly didn't have a "party barn"! their barn had cows and hay in it (where I spent many happy days as a kid!). "conservation easement" code words for tax evasion. amazing how the rich find the loopholes while the rest of us continue to work to pay our way - and theirs!
brandonj · August 3, 2020 at 9:21 pm
Actually Pablo the best transfer of wealth mechanisms are the Federal Reserve and Income Tax.
PabloCruz · August 3, 2020 at 5:40 pm

PabloCruz · August 3, 2020 at 5:39 pm
222 acre Delaplane “farm” That doesn’t look like a farm to me. No means of production anywhere in sight, but it has a “party barn.”

Isn’t it great that Fauquier County Board of Supervisors had the wisdom to use your tax money, to purchase the development rights from these people, thus giving them permanent, substantial tax breaks on this luxury property?
It’s one of the best transfer-is-wealth schemes ever invented.
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