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January 18, 2021

266-acre Upperville farm sells for $2.9 million

Photo/Gomer Pyles
Formerly part of the late Rachel and Paul Mellon’s estate, this 266-acre farm near Upperville sold for $2.9 million.
A 266-acre farm near Upperville sold last week for $2.9 million.

The Quadrangle Road property — also along Rokeby and Rectortown roads — includes four farmhouses, a dairy barn, other farm buildings, ponds and stone walls.

The late Rachel “Bunny” and Paul Mellon previously owned the farm as part of their 4,000-acre estate in Northern Fauquier.

The Virginia Outdoors Foundation holds a conservation easement on the land.

The Marshall District property went on the market in 2018 with an asking price of $3.99 million, according to

Paul MacMahon of Sheridan-MacMahon Ltd. Realtors represented the seller and Peter Pejacsevich of Middleburg Real Estate represented the buyer.

The sale tops the most recent list of Fauquier property transactions.

The Fauquier County Circuit Court clerk’s office recorded these real estate transfers Jan. 7-13, 2021:

Cedar Run District

Duane T. and Joy P. Bashay to Araceli Saldana, 5.5 acres, off Rt. 612 near Sowego, $150,000.

Erik and Sally A. Biondi, trustees, to Phillip B. and Courtney H. Brown, Lot 37, Section 2, Warrenton Village Subdivision, 7432 Porch Road, near Warrenton, $325,000.

Jon R. and Elaine M. Schoenike to Steven R. and Shanna Leary, Lot 12, Phase 1, Whisperwood Subdivision, 7462 Coblentz Ave., near Warrenton, $555,000.

Carol A. Freeman to Francis J. and Sharon N. Patry, 8.6 acres, Lot 6, Fred G. Williams Trust Division, Marsh Road, Bealeton, $189,999.

Cheryl R. Walker to Travis R. and Margaret E. Brown, 1.5 acres, 13603 Blackwell’s Mill Road, Goldvein, $275,000.

Veronica C. Lopez and Jaime N. Fraire to Stuart R. May, 2 acres, 11201 Forever Lane, Midland, $460,000.

Center District

Winchester Chase Development LLC, Jeffery K. Rizer as manager, to NVR Inc., Lots 24 and 25, Winchester Chase Subdivision, off Winchester St., Warrenton, $330,000.

Cynthia M. Lewis to Victoria F. and Amos Crosgrove, 26,944 square feet, Lot 2, Wood Family Subdivision, High St., Warrenton, $225,000.

Jeremy D. and Sherry A. Dove to Rachid Rouiller, Lot 419, Addition to Warrenton Lakes Subdivision, 6480 Goochland St., near Warrenton, $375,000.

Gloria S. MacNeil to Josue A. and Alfredo J. Villasenor, Unit 43, Phase 3, Villas at the Ridges Condominiums, 256 Sapphire Court, Warrenton, $400,000.

Craig R. and Michelle M. Paul to Charles and Priscilla R. S. Trewartha, Lot 52, Section 2E, Olde Gold Cup Subdivision, 154 Secretariat Court, Warrenton, $550,000.

Veronica J. Mongeau-Minor to Montice S. and Karin A. Rowlette, Lot 67, Section B, Bear Wallow Knolls Subdivision, 441 Denning Court, Warrenton, $274,000.

Lee District

Rickey and Sherry Bosarge to Maurice A. and Kirsten L. Green, Lot 6, McConchie Acres Subdivision, 5260 Sumerduck Road, near Sumerduck, $460,000.

Kelly Green and Jenna Justen to Soutonnoma Ouedraogo and Rachel E. Azanleko-Akouete, Lot 46, Phase 7, Cedar Brooke Subdivision, 10871 King Nobel Lane, Bealeton, $485,000.

Dale A. Doidge and others to Melvin K. Ritenour Jr., 75 percent interest, 3.2 acres, 13812 Royalls Mill Road, Sumerduck, $69,000.

Evelyn M. and Larry B. Olinger, trustees, to Sami J. and Suzie S. Qura, Lots 6, 7 and 8, Stinnett Subdivision, 202, 204 and 210 N. Rappahannock St., Remington, $650,000.

Marshall District

John and Kelly M. Carpentier to Michael L. and Cecilia Hale, 10 acres, 5021 Hideaway Hill Lane, near Marshall, $485,001.

Linda S. Hutchings, Frederick R. Scott Jr. and others to Dakota T. Schreiner and Elisa J. Scott, 75 percent interest, 2 acres, 4350 Scotts Road, near Marshall, $400,000.

Calvert Avenue LLC, Wayne Hauter as manager, to Olga D. and John D. Crown, trustees, 6.3 acres, Rolling Grove Lane off Wilson Road, near Marshall, $195,000.

Jeannette R. Florence, trustee, to Marcia Flores, 8.4 acres, Rt. 55, near Markham, $75,000.

Whaddabout LLC, Douglas H. McCorkindale as manager, to Langhorne Farm LLC, 260.7 acres and 5.1 acres, Rokeby Road, near Upperville, $2,900,000.

Scott District

Brett A. Hitt, trustee, to Hartz Construction Co. Inc., 3 acres, Lot 1, Fortune Mountain Estates Subdivision, Fortune Mountain Road, near Marshall, $110,000.

Margaret D. and Robert W. Rice Jr. to Bryan G. Larman and Dahye Seo, Lot 25, Phase 2, Auburn Mill Estates Subdivision, 5324 Forrest Court, near Warrenton, $670,000.

Lakeside Homes LLC, Devin T. Finan as managing member, to Ryan and Micca Hatfield, Lot 12-A, Phase 11-B, Brookside Subdivision, 4852 Point Road, near Warrenton, $859,000.
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