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June 11, 2013

Fauquier High awards 279 diplomas to Class of 2013

Photos/Morgan Rice
Roger Sites delivers his 20th and final commencement address as FHS principal.
Graduates, after you receive your diplomas, I want to continue a tradition I started some years ago. I have a dollar bill for each of you. You see, I want you to always remember your graduation at FHS; because you will have earned your FIRST DOLLAR as a graduate from Fauquier High School.
— Principal Roger Sites
Photos by Morgan Rice

Graduation program at bottom of story

Fauquier High School awarded diplomas to 279 graduates during its 50th commencement Saturday morning, June 8, on Falcon Field.

It marked the final graduation for Roger Sites, the Warrenton school's principal since 1992.

Mr. Sites presided over the one-hour, 45-minute ceremony under an overcast sky. But, the rain stayed away.

Principal's remarks

What a glorious morning! We are assembled here to celebrate the 279 outstanding young adults in the Class of 2013

This morning, I wish to extend a special acknowledgement to the members of our armed forces. Would all current military personnel, veterans and ROTC students please stand. Thank you for all you do to keep our country safe and free.

As a demonstration of respect to our flag and country, the presentation of colors will be performed by the Junior ROTC Color Guard under the command of Lt. Colonel John O’Sullivan. Please stand during the presentation of colors and during our National Anthem, to be sung by Sadie Carr, Marina Finelli, Victoria Kurfees, Jasmine Stevens, Collin Steves, and Sean Trapani.

On behalf of the Class of 2013, I welcome parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, family members, school board members, faculty, Mr. Andrew Paul and the Fauquier High School musicians, and honored stage guests:

• Our Superintendent, Dr. David Jeck.

• Our Associate Superintendent for Instruction, Dr. Sandra Mitchell.

Our Assistant Superintendent for Administration, Ms. Janice Bourne.

Our Assistant Superintendent for Special Education and Student Services, Mr. Frank Finn.

Our school board members, Mr. Duke Bland, vice chairman, Mr. Brian Gorg and Mrs. Sheryl Wolfe.

And I especially welcome these outstanding graduates of the Class of 2013.

A few words of appreciation are in order. I thank Mr. Kelican, Mr. Raines, Dr. Yuille, Mr. Nelson Rodriguez and the custodial staff, First Sergeant Torelli, SRO at FHS, Sheriff Charlie Fox and his deputies, Mr. Rankin and Mr. O’Brien, sound technicians, and Mr. Drayer, our lector, for their cooperation and diligent work in preparing for this ceremony. And, special thanks to Coach Creasy, who arrived at 3 a.m. this morning to pump water off the field. We also thank those on the stage for their support. I thank the very talented and exceptional Fauquier High School faculty and staff for their continuous, solid support of these graduates. On our faculty are six national board certified teachers, an impressive number at a high school, and Mr. George Murphy, Washington Post Agnes Meyer Teacher of the Year.

I especially want to express my appreciation to Miss Diana Story and Mr. Paul Reynolds, co-sponsors of the senior class. Every year, under their extraordinary leadership, the Fauquier High School senior class makes strong, positive, and lasting contributions to our school’s community. Thank you, Miss Story and Mr. Reynolds.

Seniors and audience, please, join me in expressing appreciation to these outstanding educators at Fauquier High School.

Our celebration would not be complete without recognizing the support of parents and grandparents who have given extraordinary encouragement and support to ensure that these graduates participate in today’s ceremony. I ask all parents and grandparents to stand! Thank you.

(Introduction of National Honor Society president)

Mattie Reynolds, president of the Fauquier High School Chapter of the National Honor Society, is a serious scholar and a strong leader in our school community. This year, in addition to her responsibilities in the National Honor Society, she was president of the Spanish Honor Society, Senior Class Treasurer, Art Club Leader, and a member of the Relay- for-Life Team. Mattie’s passion, however, in her own words is “giving back to the community that has given so much to me.” Organizations that have benefitted from her fundraising initiatives include Toys-for-Tots, Relay-for-Life, FHS Helping the Homeless, and the Fauquier Free Clinic. When she discovered that the local branch of the Salvation Army had had numerous requests for jeans, she organized a “Gently Used Jeans Drive”, and people donated several hundred pairs of jeans to that organization. As well as being exceptionally kind, Mattie is generous with both her time and her talents, and I know these gifts to the community will be an inspiration to others. Mr. Paul Reynolds, Co-Senior Class Sponsor, is her father.

This delightful young lady, who is as nice as her captivating smile, will attend Randolph Macon College in the fall. Here is your National Honor Society President Mattie Reynolds.

(Introduction of SCA President Daron Tapscott)

Daron’s academic coaching teacher, Mr. Batson, gave him the nickname “Tappy” and it stuck. Reading the morning announcements was one of Daron’s favorite things to do in his senior year, and he usually began with, “Good Morning, Fauquier High School, this is your main man, Tappy, coming to you live from the main office.” Daron is very creative. In fact, he’s a one-man talent show. He participated in many school plays and his portrayal of the character Aldapho in the musical, The Drowsy Chaperone was riveting. He totally captivated the audience….magnetic! Daron can sing, play a guitar, and loves to show off, but he is also very calm, mild-mannered, and impressive. He has more charisma than anyone I know. If the FBI were coming to my house, I would want Daron to meet them at the door! Mr. Cool! He is a very classy gentleman who respects others and always has a positive comment about everything. So, here is the man, our main man, “Tappy,” who will make us happy!!

(Introduction of senior class President Maddie Lenhart)

Maddie: a singer, an actress, a homecoming queen, and a young lady who is poised, compassionate, but CAN BE A DIVA! On stage, she captivates the audience with her extraordinary talents as evidenced in her portrayal of the character Irene Molloy in the FHS production of the musical Hello Dolly. Her alter-ego could be Taylor Swift. Both began singing and playing a guitar as toddlers. Both are extremely talented, nice girls! Are there hidden secrets?? Well……During the afternoon announcements: What caused an occasional pause or giggle? What caused her voice fluctuations? Why did she never conclude the announcements the same way? Hint: Distractions. She could not focus because Mr. Kelican and I did our best to distract her, and Maddie did her best to ignore us. That is why she was not perfect! Maddie has helped us with many projects this year, and I could not have found a more conscientious class president.

Maddie is going to Bridgewater College and will major in political science. I will follow her career because her college roommate, Rachel Jones, is the daughter of Mark Jones, the identical twin brother of Mike Jones, my son-in-law. Rachel adores me and will tell me everything!

Although she once said, “I do not want to leave Fauquier High,” Maddie’s past successes in music and academics will serve as stepping stones toward many more long-lasting successes in the future. She is considerate and intelligent and the type of person I would be honored to call my daughter!

On behalf of the Fauquier High School administration, students, and faculty, I thank ALL SCA Officers and Senior Class Officers.

Principal’s remarks

Again this year at Fauquier High School, we celebrate some of the recent accomplishments of the members of the class of 2013.

• Fauquier High School’s 2013 graduates received $1,672,850 in scholarships and donations, and we are still receiving notice of college scholarships that have been granted.

Congratulations to the recipients, and join with me in thanking the many community organizations, businesses, civic groups, colleges, individuals, and military services for their generous support to our seniors.

Most students do not go to school with their parents, but these students have no choice because their parents work at Fauquier High School!

• Ashley Brown.

Ashley is one of two seniors on the softball team and she is known as “Mom” (pause) because of her compassion, calm and encouraging manner, and her genuine kindness. This personable, lovely young lady is one of Mrs. Paula Glascock’s granddaughters. Ashley comes to the Guidance Office every day to visit Nana Glascock. Why? Is it to visit her grandmother or to text a friend? Ashley, on April 12, at 2:15 p.m. I saw you texting in the guidance office. Ashley, you had better clean your grandmother’s house and tell her that texting is NOT the main reason for your daily visits – Grandmothers ALWAYS come first!

Caleb Lantz.

Caleb is a gentleman from West Virginia. He is personable, he has a smile for everyone, and his classmates say he is a loyal friend. His teachers say he is a quiet, conscientious student who always works hard in his classes. He loves sports and is known for his 3 point shot accuracy in basketball. Caleb will attend Roanoke College this fall. He can share memories with Zach Chrisinger, another top athlete and another great person.

• Bryce Sampson.

Bryce Sampson, chosen by his classmates as the “Most Likely to Brighten Your Day,” is a very nice guy and a superb gymnast. He began his gymnastics career when he was nine years old and three months later won his first match. This year he placed 1st in the all-around gymnastics competition in the Commonwealth of Virginia, 4th in the regional competitions, and then, in the Junior Olympic National Gymnasts Competition, he placed 3rd in the nation in the all-around competitions. Bryce will attend Ohio State University where he will compete on the school’s gymnastic team.

• Assata Siders.

She is an articulate, mature, and refined young lady who has volunteered her time and effort to support the Fauquier High School Child Care program. Her work is excellent and her high academic performance qualified her for the National Honor Society. She is a voracious reader and is active in her church group. She will attend VCU this fall.

There are many memorable students and events associated with the Class of 2013. Time will not permit me to mention all of them, but allow me to share with you just a few of our students’ accomplishments.

• Wen Cao.

He came to the United States four years ago. Even though his English language proficiency was weak his determination was strong. He learned both English and the content material in his academic classes, he was on the honor roll, and he received a perfect attendance certificate. Today, four years later, he is a graduating member of the FHS Class of 2013!

• Hailey Miller.

She is a field hockey star who knew the importance of punctuality because she was always our number-one backup to give morning announcements when President Tappy had a schedule conflict. Hailey has received many accolades in field hockey. She was a member of the first all-district, all-region, and all-state teams. She was the player of the year on the all-district team and defensive player of the year on the all-region team.

• Collin Steves.

On behalf of the senior class, I appreciate your enthusiastic attention to the daily countdown of remaining school days which began when there were only 20 days left, Collin. The big display board was in the main lobby for all to see. Incidentally, Lucy VanNess said your iPhone had a 180-day countdown calendar!

• Megan Grimes.

She was a cheerleader, managing editor of the yearbook, president of SADD, and secretary of the SCA. Everyone knew that this very busy young lady always made sure that projects were completed. As co-captain of Relay-for-Life, Megan often came to school before 7:00 a.m. to work on program details. Fauquier is a better place because of her dedication and tireless efforts.

• Matt Barnes.

He passed the American Drafting and Design Associations Certified Mechanical Draftsman’s test and is now a certified draftsman. Congratulations, Matt!

• Imogen Sherrit.

She is an exchange student from Scotland and was Fauquier High School’s contestant in the Rotary Club annual speech contest in February. She tied for first place and won $250. Imogen spoke about the importance of service and the connection between service and peace.

• Alexandra Wolfe.

She placed first in the state in the SkillsUSA automotive technology competition. Alex is the first female in the competition’s 21-year history to achieve this distinction. Later this month, she will represent the Commonwealth of Virginia in the national SkillsUSA automotive technology competition in Kansas City, Missouri. Alex plans to attend the University of Northwestern Ohio on a full scholarship in the fall.

• Jacqueline Flynn.

The fact that one’s hair is wet is not justification for staying home from school. Just ask Jacqueline; she came to school every day regardless!

• Caity Ashley.

She helped provide medical care and housing on a mission trip during her winter school break. I read her journal entries and I commend her on demonstrating her love and respect for others.

• Megan Shoemaker:

Every school needs a cheerleader both on and off the playing field, and Megan has been a cheerleader for everyone at Fauquier High School. Each morning Megan entered the main lobby of our school with a huge smile on her face. Mrs. Lantz, her cheerleading coach, describes Megan as an awesome girl and a natural leader. She brings out the best in all of us because of her positive influence.

• Samuel Eleazer.

He won first place in the Commonwealth in the 2013 Ford/AAA Student Auto Skills Contest. Sam will represent Virginia in the National Auto Skills Contest in Dearborn, Michigan.

• Justina Augustine.

This softball shortstop lets nothing get past her except the wind, and, when she is at bat, pitchers fear her powerhouse hitting skills. Justina was the first team All-Evergreen District Player of the Year, and the regional softball coaches named her as the first team All-Region II and Region II Player of the Year. Last year, she was second team All-State and destined to be first team All-State this year.

• Anthony Frank.

He received “Honorable Mention” for his poetry submission in the 2013 Teen Poetry and Short Story Challenge from the Fauquier County Public Library, and he placed 8th in Promotional Graphics at the 2013 Technosphere State Conference in Richmond, Virginia.

• Samantha Cooper.

She completed all the graduation requirements in January so she could spend a semester in Russia. She lived with a host family, taught English to kindergarten children, and shared time and experiences with people whose language, history, and culture are very different from ours. She says, “It was an absolutely incredible experience.” Samantha, we are so happy you decided to graduate with your class.

• Aubrey Munoz.

This year’s vice president of the Fauquier High School Chapter of the Future Farmers of America, has been one of the club’s strongest sources of energy behind the numerous projects the FFA sponsored this year. Aubrey, known as “Curly” placed first in the Central Area Horticulture team and won the FFA State Degree. She is the only FHS student who has achieved this honor in several years. She is a member of the National Honor Society, she earned 3 varsity letters in soccer, and she received numerous agriculture scholarships. Aubrey will study plant genetics at Randolph Macon College next year.

Congratulations to these students who were named Athletes of the Year by the Fauquier Times-Democrat: Maxwell Strum, Caity Ashley, Justina Augustine, Zach Chrisinger, Brianna Hill, Grant Holmes, Hailey Miller, and Nick Solhjou. They were recognized last weekend at a breakfast in their honor at Airlie Conference Center.

These students are entering military service: Air Force – Devin Minor, Derrell Mullins, Sean Trapani; Marines – Timothy North; VMI – Grant Holmes, Jack Wessel, and Emma Nobile who received a 4-year ROTC scholarship. We extend our appreciation to all of you for your dedication to our country.
Thank you to the host families for taking care of our foreign exchange students.

Congratulations to these students who passed the State Board of Nursing Test for Nurses’ Aide: Olivia Batten, Stephanie Belcher, Christina Brown, Samantha Donohue, Katherine Hopkins, Robert Martinez, Kaiulani Miller, Brittany Page, Callie Schumacher, Antonia Tibbs, and Eva Velasco.

My appreciation to Sarah Hussion and Lacey Chalmers, even though we were next-door neighbors, they never tried to tell me how to do my job. At times, I wish they had!

Collin Steves and Maddie Lenhart were the Homecoming Queen and King. Congratulations.

Caity Ashley and Mackenzie Reid were the Prom Queen and King. Congratulations.

And, at the After Prom Party, Mary Winston stayed to hear her name called as the winner of a nice car donated by Country Chevrolet.

These students received recognition from the College Board based on their exceptional achievements on the 2012 Advanced Placement Exams – AP Scholars: Curtis Grady, Martha Reynolds, Sergio Ribeiro, Parth Vaghani, and Andrew Warzinski. AP Scholars with Honors: Sophie Byvik, Fiona McCarthy, and William Stribling. AP Scholar with Distinction: Jordan Evans.

Congratulations to all!

This year, FHS students earned a total of 1,816 college credits through Dual Enrollment classes.

Garrett Croson, Summer Church, and Kevin Sanford were among more than 2,000 DECA students in the Commonwealth of Virginia who participated in the 2013 DECA State Leadership Conference competitions. They received top honors in these competitions and qualified to represent Fauquier High School at the DECA International Career Development Conference in Anaheim, California.

This year Fauquier High School athletes set another record. These talented athletes achieved six district championships: Boys’ Lacrosse, Softball, Boys’ Tennis, Girls’ Tennis, Boys’ Track, Girls’ Track.

Field Hockey – The Girls’ Varsity Field Hockey Team played in the State Semi-Finals. Senior players were – Maggie Gabany, Bailey Hilton, Elizabeth Maldonado, and Hailey Miller.

Our wrestling team continues to be one of the top teams in the state. This year the team was eighth in the state in the Double A classification. FHS had four wrestlers who were winners in the top 8 places. Seniors are Max Strum second place and Michael Villalobos eighth place.

These seniors received all-state honors recognitions in the indoor and outdoor track competitions.

• Sarah Thornton and Briana Hill placed fourth in the indoor track 400-meter relay.

• Grant Holmes placed second in the indoor pole vault and first in the outdoor track pole vault.

• Ryan Enos placed fourth in the indoor pole vault and fifth in the outdoor track pole vault.

• Briana Hill placed fifth in the indoor track 300 meter dash and in outdoor track she placed fourth in the long-jump, seventh in the 100 meter dash, sixth in the 200 meter dash and fourth in the 4x100 meter relay.

I watched these track stars enter each competition with confidence and a smile!

Performing Arts – We are proud of our outstanding performing arts programs this year – our nationally recognized marching band, our talented and diverse music students in band, chorus, and orchestra, and the many talented students who participated in our dramatic arts programs.

Congratulations to the Fauquier High School Marching Band. On May 1, Virginia State Delegate Michael Webert presented band members and the band director, Andrew Paul, with a Joint Resolution of the Virginia General Assembly commending the band for “placing tenth in the nation in the 2011 United States Scholastic Band Association National Championship for Open Class Bands.” The Falcon Marching Band once again placed tenth in the nation in the 2012 National Championship.

School Publications – The 2012-13 editors of The Falconer, our newspaper, The Eyrie, our yearbook, and Voices and Visions our literary magazine have devoted immeasurable amounts of time and effort to earn the award-winning recognitions given to our school publications each year. Thanks to Eyrie senior editors Brenna Doughty, Megan Grimes, Maryclaire Griffin, Jenny LaBranche, Melissa Stone, Olivia Batten, and Samantha Sahami; thanks to Voices and Visions co-editors Alexandra Holland and Anthony Frank; and congratulations to Sophie Byvik, Jordan Elliott, and Sarah Thornton who received 1st place awards for their journalistic writings in The Falconer.

And thanks to the leaders and members of our spirited “Zoo” who support our athletes throughout the year.

Our students also excelled in many club activities, and participated in many community service projects. I thank the Senior Class of 2013 for their efforts to make FHS the outstanding school community that it is!

Traditionally at this time, I offer to entertain you with song and dance instead of making further remarks. And each year, someone in our performing arts program says to me, “I can perform better and, at the same time, make you look wise for asking me.” Well, I always concede, and I will today. Sit back and prepare yourself for an awesome performance by Maddie Lenhart and Daron Tapscott.


Graduates, after you receive your diplomas, I want to continue a tradition I started some years ago. I have a dollar bill for each of you. You see, I want you to always remember your graduation at FHS; because you will have earned your FIRST DOLLAR as a graduate from Fauquier High School. Just think – you are making $1 for taking 30 seconds to cross this stage. If you keep that up, based on an eight-hour work day, five days per week, and 52 weeks per year, you will make almost $250,000 a year and you will be a millionaire before you reach the age of 25.

And now, the moment for which you have been anxiously waiting — the presentation of the diplomas. Dr. Jeck, Mr. Drayer, Mr. Reynolds, Ms. Story, Mrs. Mitchell and Mr. Kelican, please, assist me.

Fauquier High School Class of 2013

Key to symbols:

* = With highest distinction, 4.0 or greater on weighted scale.

** = With high distinction, 3.75 to 3.99 on weighted scale

*** = With distinction, 3.5 to 3.74 on weighted scale

N = National Honor Society member

C = Senior class officer

S = Student Council Association officer

Casey Patryck Adamowicz

Maxwell Sinclair Adkins-Strum

Eric Arellano

Jose Dejesus Arellano ***

Jose Fabian Arellano ***N

Luis Arellano

Marta Ariza

Robles Courtney Asawadeekul

Caitlin Rebecca Ashley *SN

Anouchka Augereau

Justina Augustine **N

Jacqueline Gail Babos *N

Kayla Christine Bagby

Jamal Derek Bailey

Jacob Ray Baker

Kernos Dexter Ball

Kelsey Caylen Barbero

Matthew Ryan Barnes **N

Olivia Leigh Batten

Stephanie Kay Belcher

Greer Beatrice Blanchette

Julia Elaine Blevins

Dominik Alan Bonshire

Andrew Richard Bradfield ***

Benjamyn Riley Brady

Jacob Dylan Bratcher

Mary Frances Brooks

Adrienne Nicole Brown

Ashley Paige Brown ***N

Christina Anne Brown **N

Brooke Avery Budd

Samantha Rae Bunn **N

Sophie Rose Byvik *N

Mackenzie Blair Cahoon

Nathan Campbell

Ryan Andrew Campbell

Zhi Feng Cao ***

Zhi Wen Cao ***

Arianeli Carino

Sadie Carr ***N

Brendan James Carrick ***N

Chelsie Myree Carter

Erin Rachael Carter

Travon Carter

Sharadah Catalan-Rosado

Colin Bruce Cate ***N

Nikkita Chanel Centeno

Lacey Nicole Chalmers

Morgan Leigh Chastine ***

Michael Charles Chelette

Zachary Edward Chrisinger

Summer Ann Church ***N

Carmen Cobos


Nathaniel Comer

Kenny Ross Latayada Conag

Samantha Kay Cooper

Karina Covarrubias

Brooke Allison Cox

Marcquis De’ Von Cropp

Garrett Keith Croson

Nathan Daniel **

Matthew Vincent DarConte

Elaine Hope DaSilva *N

Avery Nathaniel Davis

Dameon Lynn Davis

Carly Day
Reece N. Dew

Colin Patrick Diehl

Danielle Anne Di Lisi **N

Samantha Elizabeth Donohue

Brenna Theresa Doughty

Kathryn Mimi Dovan **

Andrew James Downey

Bryan Droguett

Bradley Austin Duncan

Calvin Rudy Dushman

Samuel Joseph Eleazer

Jordyn Linsay Elliott

Ryan Scott Enos

Ethan Wagner Eustace

Jordan Alex Evans *N

Megan Leigh Farmer **N

Ethan Wayne Ficklin

Christopher Allen Fincham **

Marina Rae Finelli ***N

Joseph Edward Fisher

Logan James Fisher ***N

Yoseli Berumen Flores

Jacqueline Marie Flynn **N

Anthony C. Frank ***

Maggie Amelia Gabany

Robert James Gazes

Meagan Elizabeth Giblin

Courtney Rochelle Glascock

Joseph Allen Glascock

Luis Miguel Godoy-Arellano

Curtis Alexander Grady

Maryclaire Boyer Griffin

Kaila Ann Griffith

Megan Holly Grimes — S

Ellen Annette Grimsley

Cody Michael Gross *

Alesha Dawn Guidry

Jose Gutierrez

Alejandro Guzman-Arellano

Kelcie Anne Hall **

William Mitchell Hall

Natalie Michelle Harpole

Dominic Joseph Heisler

Carlton Hellandsjo

Christopher Raul Heras

Shawn Michael Herrell

William Denzel Heyl

Kyle Patrick Higgins

Briana Z’Hane Hill **N

Cameron Lee Hill **

Dashawn Hill

Tsenoh Xi Hill

Bailey Raine Hilton

Kennedie Alexis Hinson

Phillip Biebel Hodge

Alexandra Murphy Holland

Grant Austin Holmes

Jillian Sarah Holt **N

Rush Jack Samuel Holt

Thomas Conley Hooker ***N

Cecil Leonard Hopkins

Katherine Fay Hopkins

Amanda Horton

Rebecca Sarah Hussion **N

Christian Alan Iliff

Mary Faith Jackson

Brianna Quinne Jansen

Stacey Nicole Jasper

Joseph Ashby Jenkins

Rachel Lauren Jones ***N

Lauren Michelle Keever

Brandon Scott Keithley **N

Julie Ann Kohler ***

Victor Eric Kondzielawa

Tyler John Kovalik

Victoria Christian Kurfees

Jennifer Michelle Labranche **N

Caleb Lee Lantz

Samantha Maria Lapins **N

Shaina Haltar Latker

Nicole Layton ***N

Madison Alexandra Lemelin

Madeline Louise Lenhart — C

Brandy Erin Leonard **N

Sarah Hope Lilley

Duane William Line

Emily Pierce Little

Sydney A. Long

Sofia Esther Luna ***N

Liliana Sergiu Luncari

Robert Nathanial Lunceford

Natalie Francesca Machuca

Kevin Jerome Mack

Sarah Anne Malaby

Elizabeth Laling Maldonado ***N

Jordan Daniel Martin Mantay

Robert Matias Martinez

Todd Thomas Mathews

Fiona Caley Galen McCarthy *N

Marissa Jacqueline McGinty **N

Bria Nicole McNair

Adria Margaret Fiona McNaughton

Jonathan Alfonso Mendoza

Hailey Conroy Miller — S

Michaela Fallon Miller *N

Shane Eric Miller

Alexis Danielle Mills

Alyse Gabrielle Mills

Devin Minor — M

Devin Minor
Allison Elizabeth Moore

Cory Dylan Morgan ***

Derrell Edward Mullins — M

Aubrey Michelle Munoz *N

Alexis ViShonne Murray **N

Emma Louise Nobile *N

Asma Noman ***N

Timothy Lee North — M

Brian William O’Connor **N

Jendaya Regina O’Grady ***

Wesley Brice Olinger

Brian Benjamin Paap

Brittany Taylor Page

Michael Parker

Hannah Asia Patel

Chenoa Kamanah Payne **N

Eryck Scott Pierce

Thomas Alexander Piggott

Samantha Lea Pletch

Kenneth Paul Pusateri

Fabiola Carolina Ramirez

Ryan William Ranslem ***

Lauren Meredith Ray **

Makenzie Maurice Reid **N

Martha Frances Reynolds *CN

Sergio Alfred Ribeiro **

Courtney Elizabeth Rice

Mireya Rodriguez **

Jeremy Levi Rogers

Anthony Christian Rossi

Trevour Adrian Russell

Samantha Sahami

Bryce Roger Sampson

Kevin Michael Sanford **N

John Yates Savage ***

Callie Marie Schumacher

Robert White Scott

Savanah Garcia

ohn Anthonty Seminoro

Kellie Aydlette Sengstack ***N

Terrance Kelly Sharp

Brian Isaac Melvin Shenk

Imogen Sherrit

Megan Jean Shoemaker ***CN

Assata Rashaan Siders ***N

Jonathan Samuel Simpson ***N

Taylor Bryce Simpson

Katherine Taylor Siple

Alexandra Lavern Smith

Jacob Michael Smith

Katelyn Rose Smith

Tyler Scott Smith

Bradley Ryan Smoot

Ashley Renee Soaper *N

Nicholas Amir Solhjou — C

Michael David Spitzer

Maeve Kathleen St. Ledger **N

Luke Stalls

Jasmine Camille Stevens

Collin Matthew Steves ***N

Hope Isobel Stoecker

Melissa Abigail Stone ***

William Clarkson Stribling *N

Nicholas James Succop

Rebecca Holly Surface ***

Daron Zachary Tapscott — S

Dillon Bradley Tapscott

Marco-Ronald N. Tcheukado ***

Timothy Shawn Testerman Jr.

Benjamin Louis Thompson ***

Sarah Elizabeth Thornton

Antonia Domonique Tibbs

Kacie A. Tinnesz **N

Kyle James Tracy ***N

Sean Patrick Trapani Jr. — M

Bradley Troutman

Joshua Jeremiah Turner

Parth Ashok Vaghani *

Lucy Arden Van Ness **

Shane Vass
Eva Elizabeth Velasco

Tara Jonell Via

Michael Alfonso Villalobos

Evelyn Ruth Wagner

Charles Robert Walden

Melvin Lindsay Walker

Leigh A. Walker-Macias

Adam John Warren ***

Andrew Peter Warzinski ***

John Fitzgerald Wessel

Kyle Joseph West — N

Troy Kazuki Williams

Meredith Paige Wingo

Robert Maxwell Winn ***

Delvecchio Maurice Winston

Mary Elizabeth Winston

Alexandra Bronwyn Wolfe

Clint Louis Woods

Marisa Diane Workman

Mallory Anne Wyne ***N

Haley Samantha Wynn

Diana Xicohtencatl

Mary Virginia Yates

Genesis Mark A. Yazon

Key to symbols:

* = With highest distinction, 4.0 or greater on weighted scale.

** = With high distinction, 3.75 to 3.99 on weighted scale

*** = With distinction, 3.5 to 3.74 on weighted scale

N = National Honor Society member

C = Senior class officer

S = Student Council Association officer

2013 FHS Graduation Program by Fauquier Now

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