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June 15, 2020

Home near The Plains, 28 acres sell for $2.95 million

This home on 28.4 acres near The Plains sold for $2.95 million.
Built in 2008, this home on 50.5 acres near Hume sold for $2 million.
A home on 28.4 acres near The Plains sold last week for $2.95 million.

Built in 2001 on Smitten Farm Lane, the 7,900-square-foot stone and siding house has four bedrooms and 7-1/2 bathrooms. The property features a swimming pool, a glass conservancy/greenhouse, stables and fenced paddocks.

The property went on the market in May 2019 with an asking price of $3.5 million, according to

John Coles of Thomas & Talbot Real Estate represented the seller and Kody Yazdanipour of Long & Foster represented the buyer.

The Scott District sale tops the most recent Fauquier property transactions.

Also last week, a home on 50.5 acres near Hume sold for $2 million.

Built on Leeds Manor Road in 2008, the 4,600-square-foot stucco, stone and log home has three bedrooms and 4-1/2 bathrooms. The house has an unfinished basement and an elevator shaft for future use.

The Virginia Outdoors Foundation holds a conservation easement on most of the Marshall District land.

The property went on the market in April 2019 with an asking price of $2.19 million, according to

Alan Zuschlag of Washington Fine Properties represented the seller.

The Fauquier County Circuit Court clerk’s office recorded these real estate transfers June 4-10, 2020:

Cedar Run District

Rock Investments LLC, Lanny R. Cornwell III as manager, to Christian and Kelsey C. Cuervo, 1 acre, 7501 Elmore’s Lane, near Warrenton, $375,000.

James E. Fletcher to Anthony C. Guidotti, 4.78 aces, 11897 Bristersburg Road, near Midland, $249,900.

Julie Russell to Kamela Elkins, Lots 3 and 4, Block 2, Rhodes Subdivision, 9579 Bastable Mill Road, Calverton, $238,000.

Thomas J. Rodgers and others to Kira and Blaine Fairchild, 21.71 aces, off Rogues Road, Casanova, $240,000.

Dawn and Gregory W. Smith Sr. to Oleg and Tetiana Biletska, 4.39 aces, 7715 Frytown Road, near Warrenton, $655,000.

Miller-Germantown Acres LLC, Peggy M. McWhinney as managing member, to Edward F. and Terra L. Phillips, 108.88 aces, 5494 Germantown Road, near Midland, $800,000.

Center District

Carey L. Knoerdel to Alecia K. Bryan, 10,134 square feet, Lot 17, Kimberley Subdivision, 102 Fairfax St., Warrenton, $438,550.

Cynthia S. Rohls, trustee, to Kyle Packer ad Victoria Jewell, 0.62 acre, Lot 94, Phase 3, Ivy Hill Subdivision, 7182 Homestead Court, near Warrenton, $525,000.

Atkins Construction Group LLC, Danny M. Atkins as manager, to Susan L. Charney, Lot 92-B, Block 4, Foxhills Subdivision, 650 Gold Cup Drive, Warrenton, $530,000.

Michael L. Shea to Baron Buckner, Lot 123, Bethel Academy Subdivision, 7192 W. Bethel Drive, near Warrenton, $370,000.

Barbara A. and Michael S. Breeden to Javier A.S. Taborga, Townhouse 196, Phase 2, Leeds Square Subdivision, 196 Fairfield Drive, Warrenton, $249,500.

Rose Maldini and Michelle M. Root to Cynthia S. Rohls, Unit 45, Phase 2, Villas at the Ridges Condominiums, 261 Sapphire Court, Warrenton, $364,900.

Ali Rokai and Zahra to Jeffrey and Veronique Simmons, 0.3 acre, Lot 57, Edgemont Subdivision, 361 Hidden Creek Lane, Warrenton, $485,900.

Lee District

Mintbrook Developers LLC, Russell Marks as manager, to NVR Inc., Lots 31-34, Neighborhood B, Phase 1, Mintbrook Subdivision, Hancock Street, Bealeton, $268,000.

NVR Inc. to Accakle M. Baptiste-Jennings, Lot 13, Neighborhood B, Phase 1, 7514 Hancock St., Bealeton, $297,040.

Steven DeCato to Mark D. and Leigh P. Lehenbauer, 12.17 acres, 10983 Lees Mill Road, near Remington, $640,000.

Jarred Walker to Sharon and Edward Keefe, Lot 17, Section B-3, Bealeton Station Subdivision, 6158 Winston Cove, Bealeton, $260,000.

Matthew J. Roy to Randy Andes, Lot 1, Section 1, Phase 2, Lee’s Glen Subdivision, 11716 Battle Ridge Drive, near Remington, $304,000.

Marshall District

Select Property Management VI LLC, William C. Duhring as manager, to Jennifer M. May, 14.5 acres and 5 aces, Lots 1 and 2, Hoover Division, 3656 Cobbler Mountain Road, near Delaplane, $725,000.

Master Builders LLC to Rockwood Homes Inc., 5.56 acres, 7580 Bear Wallow Road, near Warrenton, $225,000.

James Smith to Daniel M. and Laura S. Gossin, 18.27 acres, Lot 4R-1, Cobbler Valley Estates Subdivision, 10478 Cobbler Valley Lane, near Delaplane, $799,000.

Mark F. and Annemarie Turner to Kristopher N. and Jennifer G. Mack, 5.78 acres and 5.71 acres, Carrington Road, Delaplane, $725,000.

Amanda J. Caldwell to Eric Campbell, 0.78 ace, 9275 Springs Road, near Warrenton, $310,000.

Joseph J. and Teresa L. Sholy to Tiffany N. and Travis W. Rogers, Lot 49, Section 1, Silver Cup Subdivision, 7392 Iron Bit Drive, near Warrenton, $570,000.

Diane P. Deford, trustee, to Gregory R. and Zane M. Settducati, 16.94 acres, 9423 Double Edge Lane, near Marshall, $493,000.

Anthony J. Horan and Susan L. Trotter to Tanya L. and James J. Masiello, 50.5 acres, 5790 Lees Manor Road, near Hume, $2,095,000.

Scott District

Jeffrey W. and Mary C. Matthews to Allan H. Josselyn, trustee, Lot 11, Section 6-A, Broken Hills Subdivision, 7094 Lakeview Drive, near Warrenton, $400,000.

Deadra and Albert G. Van Metre Jr. to W. Lawson and Jo Ann Rollins, trustees, 28.49 acres, 28.49 Smitten Farm Lane, near The Plains, $2,950,000.

V.M. Merten Farm LLC, Albert G. Van Metre Jr. as manager, to W. Lawson and Jo Ann Rollins, trustees, 1.97 acres, 7081 Smitten Farm Lane, near The Plains, $600,000.

Dara L. and Michael Weber to 2 Acres Inc., Lots 10 and 11, Parramore Subdivision, 6666 Kelly Road, near Warrenton, $310,000.
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PabloCruz · June 15, 2020 at 7:54 pm
MH-you’re correct. $800,000. My error
Mark House · June 15, 2020 at 7:52 pm
PabloCruz - "The board of supervisors has made drastic cuts to the 2021 budget and yet, has decided to continue to fund the Purchase of Development rights program at over $800,00 for next year."

Is that $800,000?

Agree with your statement. Our neighbor pays less real estate tax then we do on 3 acres, and they have 150 acres more land.
PabloCruz · June 15, 2020 at 6:22 pm
From Fauquier Real Estate online:
5790 Leeds Manor Rd. 50.5 acres in VOF Easement valued (land only) for tax purposes @ $195,200.
Land is divided into 2 parcels:
A 1 ac. homesite valued at $180,000.
The remaining 49.5 ac. valued at $15,200.

From June 8:
132.03 acres in Virginia Outdoors Foundation easement, sold for $1.7 million.
Valued for tax purposes at $34,400, or 2% of market value.

The board of supervisors has made drastic cuts to the 2021 budget and yet, has decided to continue to fund the Purchase of Development rights program at over $800,00 for next year. The exchange of development rights for cash and tax breaks, through the use of easements, is a massive transfer of wealth from working people, to the rich. It is a perversion of the philosophy of land preservation. If we have any hope at all of beginning to address the meteoric rise in income inequality, these programs need to be ended immediately. The only exception should be for working farms that are income-tested, or for land that is preserved for the public benefit, and open to public use.

In case anyone isn't aware, The Windy Hill Foundation (which was started by some of the people that hold these easements) is a "charitable" organization that has built and operates several "workforce" rental housing projects in Marshall, The Plains, and Middleburg. As stated on their website, these units were built for the "workforce" i.e. teachers, firefighters, police officers, etc. and the occupant can receive a rent subsidy depending upon their income in comparison to the Area Median Income, AMI.
According to their website, Very Low Income for 1 person is 50% of AMI, or $44,100/year.
The starting pay of a B.A. level teacher in Fauquier? $44,800.

With partisan politics exerting an almost unbreakable stranglehold on Washington, we need our local government working in conjunction with citizens to implement revenue solutions that are locality-specific. We can't expect Richmond to change the composite index to benefit Fauquier, when Fauquier has intentionally devalued its assets, and thus skewed its ability to pay. This is just common sense.

This is an easy solution. Suspend the PDR program immediately, and then begin a systematic audit of the tax policies that have made it so difficult to fund basic public services. Failing to begin to address these unfair policies will ensure our continued movement toward an oligarchy. No democracy in history has ever survived with the level of income inequality that is being experienced today in the United States. This is not normal.
Let's approach this issue from a perspective of basic fairness and common sense. The fact that we need the Windy Hill Foundation at all is a failure. It means that we don't pay our public servants enough to be self-sufficient. Let's change that for good.
Lately I keep hearing that "we're all in this together." Let's see if that's true.
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