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October 12, 2020

The Plains home, 18 acres sell for $2.675 million

This home and 18 acres on Milestone Road near The Plans sold for more than $2.67 million.
This home on 64 acres on Foxville Road near Warrenton sold for $1.65 million.
This home on 8.5 acres on Rokeby Road near Upperville sold for $1.5 million.
A home on 18 acres near The Plains sold recently for $2.675 million.

Built in 1967 and expanded in 2012, the house on Milestone Road has four bedrooms, 3-1/2 baths, four fireplaces, an outdoor dining room, a heated pool with a waterfall and a two-car garage.

The property also features a guest cottage, equipment shed, four-stall barn, a dog kennel and two fenced paddocks.

The property went on the market in April with an asking price of $2.675 million, according to

Cricket Bedford of Thomas & Talbot Real Estate represented the seller and Emily Ristau of the same brokerage represented the buyer.

The Scott District sale tops the most recent Fauquier real estate transactions, which include two additional seven-figure deals:

• A four-bedroom house on 64 acres near Warrenton sold for $1.65 million.

Built in 1973 and remodeled in 2016, the 6,500-square-foot house has 3-1/2 baths, a garage, a whitewashed brick exterior and standing-seam metal roof. The Foxville Road property features a paved driveway and fenced pastures.

The property went on the market in August with an asking price of $1.65 million, according to

Will Thomas of TTR Sotheby’s International Realty represented the seller and Paul Paolini of Keller Williams Realty represented the buyer.

• A five-bedroom home on 8.5 acres near Upperville sold for $1.5 million.

Built in 1965, expanded in 1996 and renovated in 2017, the 4,200-square-foot home has five bathrooms, a heated pool, a two-story pool house and a two-car garage. The Rokeby Road property features a pond.

The property went on the market in June with an asking price of $1.5 million, according to

Mary L. Roth of Atoka Properties represented the seller and Cricket Bedford of Thomas & Talbot Real Estate represented the buyer.

The Fauquier County Circuit Court clerk’s office recorded these real estate transfers Oct. 1-7, 2020:

Cedar Run District

Daniel Olsabeck to Aaron and Jennifer Redus, 1.4 acres, 10693 Brent Town Road, near Catlett, $470,000.

Kenneth L. and Natalie J. Ortberg to Adam and Jeannie Larrea, 2.4 acres, Lot 1-A, Benjamin Subdivision, 8131 Frytown Road, near Warrenton, $375,000.

Kenneth W. Putnam to Jay A. and Lisa M. Shultz, 3.8 acres, Sparrow Lane, Midland, $149,000.

Sybil M. Shropshire, trustee, to Ian S. and Sara S. Scvhiller, 10 acres, Lot 1, Kapetanakis Division, 9416 Rogues Road, near Midland, $547,000.

Jerry N. Longerbeam to Michael D. Fleshren, 1 acre, 9200 Meetze Road, near Warrenton, $330,000.

Richard L. and Theresa L. Boutchyard to Bradley D. Kurtz, Lot 10-A, Somerville Acres, 13284 Sillamon Road, Goldvein, $350,000.

Jason and Heather Dunphy to Yesenia C. Pineda, 2.6 acres, 9169 Green Road, near Warrenton, $440,000.

David and Lauren Gladden to Bridget A. Rose and Andrew S. Keys, 2.5 acres, Lot 4-B, Sheaffer Division, 9135 Meetze Road, near Warrenton, $450,000.

Center District

Douglas A.C. Morales and Carolina A. Trujillo to Jeremy E. Merryman, Townhouse 204, Phase 2, Leeds Square, 204 Leeds Court East, Warrenton, $255,000.

Mary E. and James J. Featherstone III to Timothy G. and Nicole V. Carroll, 0.43 acre, Lot 7, Section 1, Phase 1-B, Menlough Subdivision, 94 Menlough Drive, Warrenton, $606,000.

Ryan C. Chapman to Elizabeth K. Camery, 401 Falmouth St., Warrenton, $253,500.

Ellyn a Larson to Lisa M. and Charles R. Munley Jr., Lot 48, Section 1, Olde Gold Cup Subdivision, 360 Gay Road, Warrenton, $462,500.

Frederick A. and Donna J. Murray to Girma B. Mersha and Woosene T. Kebede, Lot 299, Addition to Warrenton Lakes Subdivision, 7226 Marr Drive, near Warrenton, $390,000.

Carla E. DiGiulian to BST Properties LLC, 39,324 square feet, Lot 31, Warrenton Lakes Subdivision, 7289 Mosby Drive, near Warrenton, $302,000.

Robert J. and Julie L. Dietrich to Julie C. Copeland, 0.2 acre and 0.09 acre, Lot 25 and part of Lot 26, Moser Subdivision, 105 Moser Road, Warrenton, $400,000.

Mark F. and Teresa B. Chinery to Todd and Cristiane Reutzel, Lot 68, Phase 1, The Reserve at Moorhead Subdivision, 8 Moorhead Drive, Warrenton, $536,000.

Lee District

Donald R. Nelson to Daniel V. Dove, 2 acres, 8036 Lonerock Lane, Bealeton, $337,000.

Christopher M. and Lauren S. Stewart to Lexicon Government Services LLC, 0.23 acre, Lot 17, Section 1, Meadfield Subdivision, 6426 Waterdale Court, Bealeton, $345,000.

NVR Inc. to Amiee N. Arceneaux and Cyrus B. Fabricius, Lot 31, Neighborhood B, Phase 1, Mintbrook Subdivision, 7554 Hancock St., Bealeton, $315,930.

Lexicon Government Services LLC to Walter A.G. Baires, 0.23 acre, Lot 17, Section 1, Meadfield Subdivision, 6426 Waterdale Court, Bealeton, $345,000.

Lisa M. and Charles R. Munley Jr. to Austin J. Hill and Hannah E. Spriggs, Lot 22, Section C, Meadowbrooke Subdivision, 6642 Oak Shade Road, near Bealeton, $285,000.

NVR Inc to Maurice D. Williams, Lot 32, Neighborhood B, Phase 1, Mintbrook Subdivision, 7556 Hancock St., Bealeton, $287,590.

Jennyfer Morales to Mark A. Cruz, Lot 95, Section C, Edgewood East Subdivision, 11282 Falling Creek Drive, Bealeton, $327,000.

Scott A. and Holly M. Cook to Susan Dillman, Lot 88, Section 2, Phase 3, Lee’s Glen Subdivision, 11681 Flag Rock Drive, near Remington, $350,000.

James E. Megee to Matthew Dillon, 0.69 acre, 10482 James Madison Highway, near Bealeton, $300,000.

Brennan M. Shepherd to Homer Knicely Jr., Lot 216, Section Q, Meadowbrooke Subdivision, 67826 Huntland Drive, Bealeton, $305,000.

Mark E. and Wilma J. Hanna to David J. and Tina McAndrew, 10 acres, Lot 7, Fisher Division, 7139 Heritage Eagle Lane, Bealeton, $590,000.

Saberton Co. LLC, Charles E. and Rosemary D. Saberton as members, to David Hehr, 6.1 acres, 11557 Kings Hill Road, near Remington, $595,000.

Alexander V. Andreeff to Deborah A. and Frederick A. Elmore III, trustees, 72.7 acres, 13358 Arrowhead Laned, Sumerduck, $850,000.

Michael R. and Patricia M. Cackowski to Ryan L. and Briana Pearsall, 8.5 acres, 9663 S. Pines Road, near Warrenton, $515,000.

NVR Inc. to Joyce Day, Lot 3, Neighborhood B, Phase 1, Mintbrook Subdivision, 11825 Hall St., Bealeton, $283,100.

Richard A. and Tanya Snyder to Serene and Justin L. Snyder, 1.49 acres, 7164 Covington’s Corner Road, near Bealeton, $295,000.

Patricia S. Stern and Lisa A. Burke to Robert L. Taylor Sr., 1 acre, 7179 Covington’s Corner Road, near Bealeton, $290,000.

Linda C. Fomenko to Andrew and Cathleen M. Jackson, Lot 11, Section 1, Drysdale Subdivision, 7552 Pilcher St., near Warrenton, $385,000.

Red Maple Properties LLC to HJE Group LLC, 79.7 acres and 20.4 acres, Rts. 28 and 29, near Remington, $605,000.

Mark L. and Marla L. Deskins to Nelis M. Viera and Mauricio R. Flores, Lot 2, Section 1, Fox Plantation Subdivision, 8030 Tackett Lane, Bealeton, $430,000.

Sarita L. Larkin-Price, trustee, to David and Carrie Anguiano, Lot 43, Phase 2-B, Section 2, Bealeton Station Subdivision, 11135 Kira Court, Bealeton, $405,000.

Denise Y. Southerland to Oscar G. Valle, 4.5 acres, 12710 Marsh Road, near Morrisville, $294,000.

Marshall District

Alaina C. and Wesley V. Hamby Jr. to Desiree Karanovich, 2.57 acres, Lot 4, Ashby Division, 7510 Chestnut Hill Lane, near Orlean, $490,000.

Daniel K. and Karen Andrews to Grayson C. Vanburen, 1 acre, Lot 5-A, Mills Division, 6235 Park Place, Hume, $360,000.

C. Gibson and Cheryl T. Dunn to Amanda M. and Christopher J. Mills, 6.5 acres, 2299 Scuffleburg Road, Delaplane, $795,000.

Barbara J. Welch, trustee, to Margarito and Marina Castro, 12.8 acres, 5856 Moore Road, near Marshall, $345,000.

Dana and Brooke H. Streep to Patrick A. Gorman, 64.4 acres, 9474 Foxville Road, near Warrenton, $1,650,000.

Carl F. Coffey, trustee, to Suzanne Meskell, 13.1 acres, 13216 Hazegrov Farm Lane, near Linden, $730,000.

Katherine T. and Thomas O. Nutt III to Tyler L. and Ariahna K. Jones, 6 acres, 6692 Tapps Ford Road, near Amissville, $662,000.

CC Total Home Solutions, Cesar C. Arellano and others as members, to Amber Berlin, 5.3 acres, 7931 Leeds Manor Road, near Marshall, $430,000.

Henry L. Fletcher Trust, Cassandra L. Kincaid and others as trustees, to Henry C. and Sheilagh M.S. Rothkopf, 1.7 acres, 9450 Foxville Road, near Warrenton, $475,000.

Key Investment Holdings LLC, Milly Delvalle as manager, to 1327 Rokeby Road LLC, 8.5 acres, 1327 Rokeby Road, near Upperville, $1,515,000.

Bleake House Farm Trust, Henry L. Townsend Jr. as trustee, to Alden F.K. and Emily T. Fahy, 107.9 acres, Bleake House Farm, off Free State Road, near Marshall, $460,000.

Phillip W. and Esther C. Walker to Christopher Zuck and Holly Vellenoweth, 30 acres, 8209 Great Run Lane, near Warrenton, $900,000.

Scott District

Elizabeth M. Ritchie to Jeffrey R. Lascola and Maria P. Nieto, 0.33 acre, 5399 Old Alexandria Turnpike, New Baltimore, $310,000.

Edward H. Thomas estate, Matthew J. Yao as conservator, to P.B. Global Holdings LLC, 0.5 acre, 5191 Hopewell Road, near The Plains, $150,000.

Lionel Plaza and Yoshilda S. Palacios to Bengt R. and Monika Lungquist, Lot 38, Section 2, South Hill Estates, 7004 Stonehurst Court, near Warrenton, $382,000.

Anjela Carroll to 3647 Milestone Road LLC, 10.4 acres and 7.5 acres, 3647 Milestone Road, near The Plains, $2,675,000.

Elissa L. White and Michael A. Angelo and Nicholas W. Christianson, 7 acres, 3190 Zulla Road, near The Plans, $960,000.

William T. and Patricia A. Roberts to Todd L. Murray, 1 acre, 7157 Bunker Hill Road, near The Plains, $410,000.

William Brumfield to Nicholas A. Tiger, Lot 19, Section 9, Bull Run Mountain Subdivision, 2321 Lookout Road, near Haymarket, $412,000.

Patrick W. and Diana B. Hewitt, trustees, to David W. and Laura E. Andrews, 2.1 acres, Lot 10-R, Phase 1, Buckland Oaks Subdivision, 6452 Cotswold Way, Broad Run, $580,000.

Alexander F. and Emily B. Maloof to Brittany and John Payne Jr., Lot 7, Phase 12-B, Brookside Subdivision, 4638 Bee Court, near Warrenton, $585,000.

Craig R. and Nicole A. Cheeseman to Dylan Yelinek, 2 acres, 5665 Beverly’s Mill Road, near Broad Run, $475,1010.

Makram Bannourah to Karissa A. Oliver and Joseph A. Conner, 2 acres, 6127 Beverley’s Mill Road, near Broad Run, $460,000.

Kenneth W. Hyde to Willard Investments LLC, 1 acre, 5069 John Marshall Highway, near Broad Run, $40,000.

Sean and Shannon Crocker to William T. and Lindsay S. Beale, 43,643 square feet, Lot 10, Leith Village Subdivision, 1539 Easton Lane, near Middleburg, $480,000.

Toney A. and Donna A. Davis to Walter J. and Carla R. Wright, Lot 82, Land Bay H, Vint Hill Subdivision, 4069 Shrayer Court, near New Baltimore, $598,490.

Beverly B. and Richard P. MacWelch Jr., trustees, to Ana Merino and Mario Escamilla, 2 acres, 6121 James Madison Highway, near Warrenton, $465,000.

Buckland Farm LLC, David M. Blake as managing member, to Lonnie L. and Sheila M. Finley, 55.3 acres, Vint Hill Road and Pleasant Colony Lane, near New Baltimore, $750,000.

Navid R. and Judith C. Keshavarz-Nia to Aleksandra C. and Eric P. Johnson Jr., 9.8 acres, Lot 2, MacMahon Division, near Halfway, $450,000.
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