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October 5, 2020

Horse farm near The Plains sells for $4.65 million

This home on 107 acres along Young Road near The Plains sold recently for $4.65 million.
A 107-acre horse farm near The Plains sold recently for $4.65 million.

Built in 1995, the 6,500-square-foot stone home at Hidden Trail Farm has four bedrooms, 5-1/2 baths and geothermal heating/cooling.

The farm has an indoor arena, an eight-stall barn, a swimming pool and a log cabin guest house.

The Virginia Outdoors Foundation holds a conservation easement on most of the land.

The property went on the market in May 2015 with an asking price of $7.2 million, according to

John Coles of Thomas & Talbot Real Estate represented the seller and Shannon Casey of Middleburg Real Estate represented the buyer.

The Scott District sale tops the most recent list of Fauquier property transactions.

The Fauquier County Circuit Court clerk’s office recorded these real estate transfers Sept. 24-30, 2020:

Cedar Run District

Jared O. and Melissa K. Jensen to Emmanuel K. Akpaku, Lot 77, Phase 8, Cedar Brooke Subdivision, 10797 Reynard Fox Lane, Bealeton, $459,900.

Susan and Victor F. Cruz Jr. to Kevin P. and Amy N. Hedden, 2.48 acres, Lot 5, Private Colony Subdivision, 5186 Chase Lane, near Casanova, $693,500.

Samuel B. Blaser to Victor F. Cruz Jr., 2.09 acres, 5370 Midland Road, Midland, $402,000.

Joan T. White to Trigon Homes LLC, 5.61 acres, Rogues Road, near Auburn, $180,000.

Eugene and Virginia Longerbeam Trust, T. Huntley Thorpe III as trustee, to Richardo Sandoval and Silverio Valdez, 4.5 acres, Rt. 28, near Bealeton, $100,000.

Cedar Run Calverton LC, Christopher Albrittain as manager, to Euro Group LLC, 14 acres, Old Calverton Road, near Calverton, $395,900.

Karen Ingerson to Sarah B. Akers, Lot 4-R, Section 2, Antique Hills Subdivision, 7748 Taylor Road, near Catlett, $620,000.

Center District

Frances V. Walters to Juan C. Machado, Lot 7, Crestview Estates Subdivision, 627 Fauquier Road, Warrenton, $380,000.

Eric M. and Allison D. Brindley to Jared J. Gruber, 1.15 acres, Lot 76, Warrenton Lakes Subdivision, 7333 Hunton St., near Warrenton, $540,000.

Richard Gainey Jr. to John T. and Clarissa M. Adams, Lot 399, Addition to Warrenton Lakes Subdivision, 7096 Cumberland Drive, near Warrenton, $526,000.

Pia C. Broderick to Lady K. Vasquez and Oscar A.P. Cavero, Lot 22, Phase 2, Highlands of Warrenton Subdivision, 539 Highland Towne Lane, Warrenton, $310,000.

Lacy Nelson to Austin Burruss, Lot 234, Towns of Oak Springs Subdivision, 134 Oak Tree Lane, Warrenton, $265,000.

Gavin and Kimberly D. Inson to Andrew and Rebeccah Garretson, 1 acre, 6537 Hidden Hollow Lane, Warrenton, $590,000.

Virginia L. Blackmer to Joseph Dingman, 15,188 square feet, 485 Fauquier Road, Warrenton, $310,000.

Veronica A. Marquez and Marco Jimenez to Fawn M. and Philip O. Deitsch III, Lot 12, Madison Square Subdivision, 32 Madison St., Warrenton, $374,000.

Alan N. and Mary S. Carrico to Hughes Court LLC, Lot 1, Block C, Crestview Estates Subdivision, 916 Broadview Ave., Warrenton, $377,000.

Lee District

Bobbie R. and Roger T. Weaver and others to Razon Ali, 29.25 acres, Weaversville Road, near Opal, $265,000.

Fauquier County Board of Supervisors to Anton and Donna Given, 3.38 acres, Crawley’s Dam Road, near Goldvein, $75,000.

Roger R. Lewis to Katya A. Guzman and Jose A.G. Juarez, 0.47 acre, Lot 21, Phase 1, The Meadows Subdivision, 7088 Helm Drive, near Remington, $320,000.

NVR to Jonathan C. Shields, Lot 33, Neighborhood B, Phase 1, Mintbrook Subdivision, 7558 Hancock St., Bealeton, $280,080.

Larry M. and Charlotte E. Carr to Kristina and Keith Keiser, Lot 75, Phase 2, Southcoate Village Subdivision, 6001 Declaration Court, near Bealeton, $432,000.

Sugarland Properties LLC, trustee, to Christian S. and Evelyn K. Shaw, Lot 16, Phase 1, Wankoma Village Subdivision, 191 Wankoma Drive, Remington, $210,000.

Johanna Zarate to Haley and William S. Beals, Lot 63, Section 2, Phase 1, Lee’s Glen Subdivision, 11751 Battle Ridge Drive, near Remington, $285,000.

Marshall District

Robert G. and Jeanne E. Allen to Janice E. and Daniel J. Miller, 0.94 acre, 8445 Leeds Ridge Road, near Warrenton, $475,000.

Phillip S. Thomas, trustee, to Michael and Laura Hilleary, 10.1 acres and 9.9 acres, 1040 Gap Run Road, Paris, $900,000.

Rockwood Homes Inc. to Nathaniel S. Scott and Sarah T. Chrisp, Lot 22, Section 1, Appalachian Lookout Subdivision, 4140 Cherry Hill Road, Linden, $299,000.

George T. Wheler III to Amy Levin, 43.9 acres and 55.3 acres, Scuffleburg Road, near Delaplane, $800,000.

John W. Adams to Derick A. and Sydney K. Jones, 2.4 acres, Lot 4, Enon School Estates Subdivision, 6125 Hawks Nest Lane, near Marshall, $625,000.

Joel S. and Sylvia E. Young to Pilar C. Rickert, 2 acres, 12007 Briar Patch Road, Hume, $445,000.

Joseph M. and Batina J. Marchetti to Jack B. and Deborah A. Williams, 77.6 acres along Rappahannock River, 13485 Hume Road, near Hume, $839,900.

Scott District

Fauquier Capital LLC, D. Brook Middleton as manager, to Brian K. Duncan and Michele J. Law, 103.3 acres and 4.1 acres, 7163 Young Road, near The Plains, $4,650,000.

Bunker Hill Investments LLC, Nancy Tuomey and Frederick G. Graham as trustees, to Nancy Tuomey and Frederick G. Graham, trustees, 2 acres, 7248 Bunker Hill Road, near The Plains, $200,000.

Fauquier Lakes LP to Lakeside Homes LLC, 0.24 acre, Lot 11-A, Phase 11-B, Brookside Subdivision, near Warrenton, $187,500.

Freeman L. and Martha B. Sands to Peter J. and Kathy A. Gray, Lot 142, Phase 8-H, Brookside Subdivision, 3352 Boathouse Road, near Warrenton, $570,000.

Steven M. Thrash and Leah E.M. Jacob to Karl K. Lenz, 2.2 acres, Lot 2-B, Sleepy Hollow Subdivision, 4353 Broad Run Church Road, near New Baltimore, $420,000.
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Linda Ward · October 9, 2020 at 4:10 pm
Pablo - $400,000 should be the maximum bid then to keep things honest. Not happening but why an auction?
PabloCruz · October 9, 2020 at 12:08 pm
CR- Yes.
Land only is valued at $22,100 or $345.31/acre.
Total taxable value including improvements $372,800.
Cammie Rodgers · October 9, 2020 at 11:56 am
Auction: Historic 64 Acre Paris Farm
The historic Liberty Farm will be auctioned on October 31st. Liberty Farm’s 64 breathtaking acres is at the intersection of Route 17 and Route 50, and at the place where the Piedmont, the Blue Ridge and the Shenandoah meet.
1037 Gap Run Rd, Paris, VA 20130
Auction Date: October 31st at noon
Previews: Oct 10th, Oct 18th, Oct 24th 1 to 3pm
Tranzon Fox | Jeff Stein | .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) 888-621-2110

Is this under Conservation Easement?
PabloCruz · October 6, 2020 at 7:50 pm
If the townhouse owner was taxed at the same per-acre rate as the $5,000,000 home, their taxes would be $6875.68.

*Correction-their tax assessment would be $6875.68.
PabloCruz · October 6, 2020 at 7:37 pm
Farmbum-the system I am referring to is the county’s real estate tax system, and the way that monetary values are assigned to land for the purposes of taxation. This is a man-made construct and can be changed at any time. The number one factor in most home purchases is budget. A higher budget means more choices, a lower budget means less. A higher budget is an opportunity bias. The government should not reward or punish, based upon opportunity bias or the lack thereof. Taxation of a homesite no matter where it is, should be free from bias or favor, i.e. equitable. As well, its system of taxation should not result in a disparate impact on any group.

A $5,000,000 residence on a 1-acre homesite that is assessed at $250,000/acre is rewarding an opportunity bias.

A $175,000 townhouse on .0275-acre homesite assessed at $60,000 (the equivalent of $2,181,818/acre) is punishing the lack of opportunity bias.

If the townhouse owner was taxed at the same per-acre rate as the $5,000,000 home, their taxes would be $6875.68.

Interestingly, our country has a history of imposing higher tax rates on communities that are predominately of color. Legal? Yes.
farmbum · October 6, 2020 at 11:10 am
PC - You are presenting and interesting take on "the system". And AB brings another definition to what you all think are exploiting or inequity within "the system".

Land conservation, easements and zoning are indeed difficult to provide value on.

AB states the issue as "it is not a farm". The zoning and easements allotted could indeed be other than "a farm". What that definition is, well, varies greatly. Maybe it is a zoning issue, maybe it is a conservation issue. The owner does not exploit the tax breaks. The owner pays the tax on how the land is accessed.

PC you mention against value. You cannot compare a house plot in a defined service district to a house plot in a rural setting. You can compare the house and what a parcel of the land the house sits on. After that, how can one assign value to undeveloped land, vs. land abutting all amenities known to a community?

AngryBob · October 6, 2020 at 9:54 am
Farmbum, the issue here isn't zoning or development. It's not about tax breaks for farmers. The issue is that the "farm" mentioned in this article is not a farm. It is a rich person's playground. And that rich person is exploiting tax breaks meant for hard working farmers who work their land.

It's like someone who is so wealthy they don't have to work, but then applies for food stamps because they have no income. Sounds absurd? It's nothing compared to these wealthy estate owners who basically make the rest of us pay their taxes.
PabloCruz · October 6, 2020 at 9:26 am
farmbum- The comparison is not flawed. The reason why is because the comparator is equity, not the system that generated the inequity.

Your challenge to get involved is noted.
farmbum · October 5, 2020 at 11:51 am

Your comparison is flawed. Marshall is within a Service District.

Last I checked Service Districts were "planned" for developers.

Talk to your local Republicans about subsidies for "wealthy land owners".

Get involved if you have a better idea on taxation. Especially if it comes to land values. Easements are a form of conservation to protect "values and a way of life".
PabloCruz · October 5, 2020 at 11:23 am
Farmbum-Oh wow, an ad-hominem attack. What a surprise. If you have a substantive defense of the government subsidy for wealthy landowners, via transfer of wealth from all others, readers would love to see it.

This isn't about developers. Most of the land in easement is in northern Fauquier, and it isn't under duress, so there shouldn't be any need to sell to developers.

In addition, much of the rationale in Fauquier for land conservation is preservation of values and a way of life. So what is more important, the money or the values? Would all the land in northern Fauquier be sold to developers if the tax breaks went away?
I have some family heirlooms with significant value. I wouldn't sell them for anything. Just my values.
farmbum · October 5, 2020 at 10:56 am
Sounds like some are jealous of others.

You don't like the current tax laws or how rural land is zoned...try and change it.

Fauquier has established service districts that should appeal to developers.
AngryBob · October 5, 2020 at 10:10 am
PabloCruz · October 5, 2020 at 9:25 am
According to Fauquier Real Estate online: Hidden Trail Farm

105 acres of the property is in VOF easement, valued for tax purposes at
$35,500 or $336.52/acre.

1 acre homesite valued at $275,000
1 acre homesite valued at $150,000

For comparison, a .0275 acre lot in the Marshall townhouses is valued at $60,000 or $2,181,818/acre. This demonstrates the gross disparity in tax policy between those who have influence, and those who don't.

Also of note is Fauquiernow's report that the average farm in Fauquier lost $5,846. There are several possible interpretations of why.
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