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February 5, 2017

“Unity rally” draws a crowd to Old Town Warrenton

Photo/Don Del Rosso
“We’re all Americans, regardless of our race, religion and ethnicity,” says Atefeh Rokhvand, a third-grade teacher at the Manassas Mosque.
Thomas Jefferson and Lady Liberty join the rally.
We have heard hateful and xenophobic speech over the past few months aimed at dividing us. We haven’t experienced such dissonance and garbled communication since the events at the Tower of Babel.
— Rose Lyn Jacob, Culpeper rabbi
By .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Staff Journalist
About 400 people attended Saturdays’ “Rally for Unity” in downtown Warrenton.

The Northern Piedmont Chapter of the Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy organized the hour-long event that featured eight speakers and local musician Brooksie Wells.

Gathered on Courthouse Square, the crowd repeatedly interrupted the speakers’ remarks with loud applause and cheers.

Dozens of people, bundled against the cold, held signs that read: “Diversity makes America Great,” “We are all immigrants,” “Ban fear, hatred and ignorance,” “Jesus loves refugees” and “Security with passion.”

Trump supporter Kelley Anne Finn of Prince William County held a sign that read: “There’s a new sheriff in town and his name is Prez Donald J. Trump.”

But, she and a few others expressing viewpoints that countered the unity theme drew little attention during the rally that started at noon.

Though speakers repeatedly stressed the rally had no political agenda, they clearly directed their criticism at President Donald J. Trump and his executive order banning immigrants and refugees.

“Hate and fear defeat the concept of home,” said Rev. Edwin Gulick Jr., who grew up near Casanova. “Warrenton is my home town and in 2010 after over 40 years away in college, seminary, Maryland, Tidewater, Kentucky, I am back. The term home town is evocative. I love being home. I want others to love being home . . . to feel safe, connected, known and loved.”

Rev. Gulick serves as assistant bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia

“How scary it is when someone prejudges 1.4 billion Muslims,” said Hussain Rashwan, a businessman and member of the Islamic Society of Winchester. “I find it insulting to Muslims and insulting to us as American people who believe in freedom of religion and equal opportunity.”

“This is not the United States that I know.”

At that point, a woman in the audience shouted: “You are America. We are here for you.”

“We have heard hateful and xenophobic speech over the past few months aimed dividing us,” said Rabbi Rose Lyn Jacob of Culpeper. “We haven’t experienced such dissonance and garbled communication since the events at the Tower of Babel.

“The goal was and is to confuse and unnerve us. It took the events of the past two weeks for all Americans to internalize the adage: The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Between speeches, Ms. Wells led the crow in protest songs from the 1960s, including “If I Had a Hammer” and “This Land Is Your Land.” Many knew the words by heart.

“I used to sing these song in the ’60s, and we’re still singing them,” she said.

Penny Perry, 68, of Warrenton, attended the rally because she believes America should welcome immigrants.

“America is a country of immigrants,” said Ms. Perry, a retired newspaper and book editor. “They enrich our nation. I can’t imagine not having more of them coming here.”

Atefeh Rokhvand, a second-generation Iranian, and her family came from Prince William to attend the rally.

Ms. Rokhvand, 35, found the speakers’ comments and audience response heartening.

“We’re all Americans, regardless of our race, religion and ethnicity,” said Ms. Rokhvand, a third-grade teacher at the Manassas Mosque. “We can live together. We have more in common than some people want to believe.”

The turnout impressed Scott Christian of Marshall, a member of the public policy group that organized the rally.

“It was rewarding that so many thought it was important to come out and that they brought their children,” said Mr. Christian, 68, a retired educator who lives near Marshall.

He suggested it may be necessary to hold other rallies to respond to future actions by President Trump.

“You never know what’s coming down the pike.”
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Virtus · February 11, 2017 at 8:31 pm
Warrenton “Unity Rally” or Protest?

Was the Warrenton February 04, 2017 “Unity Rally” organized by the Northern Piedmont Chapter of the Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy an interfaith “Unity Rally” or a protest demonstration in response to the President’s travel ban executive order?

Northern Piedmont Chapter of the Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy Press release details posted by Fauquier Now: “Let’s work to break down the walls that separate us -- all of us -- Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, Universalists, and “Nones:”

Appears to be a rally for religious unity so far – right? posted: 'Rally for Unity' scheduled for Saturday in downtown Warrenton”: "The event is an opportunity for Warrentonians to “stand in solidarity” against to policies that shut out refugees and lawful immigrants and to “stay engaged,” Christian said:”

If this was an inclusive religious unity rally, why were there no Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, etc. speakers?

Don del Rosso, Staff Journalist, of Fauquier Now reported: “Though speakers repeatedly stressed the rally had no political agenda, they clearly directed their criticism at President Donald J. Trump and his executive order banning immigrants and refugees:”

Are Rabbi Jacob’s comments as reported by Fauquier Now politically motivated? “We have heard hateful and xenophobic speech over the past few months aimed at dividing us.“

Moreover,’s Ms. Dellinger captured another political aspect of the “Unity Rally”: “After the rally, about 50 people met…for the first meeting of “Straight Outta Warrenton,” a self-described non-partisan resistance group…The group discussed strategies for impacting the upcoming 2018 Virginia elections:”

As to Mr. del Rosso’s comments regarding the low number of individuals who provided countering viewpoints, perhaps more dissenters would have shown up if more details had been provided regarding the political nature of the rally.

Another political view of the rally: “We held a unity rally in Warrenton today, which was all about denouncing the acts of our new president.” – Andrew Richardson. See:

The Center’s posting describing the rally: “For many of us, Saturday’s “Rally for Unity” (in Warrenton) was a deeply inspiring event, bringing together people of all faiths to speak out against repressive policies that discriminate against refugees and other citizens of selected Muslim countries:”

“Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves” (Gospel of Matthew 7:15), King James Version

“Exclusive: Virginia Imam Says America, Israel Behind 9/11 Attacks”:

“CAIR Offers Terror Sympathizers and Misleading Rhetoric to Condemn Orlando Tragedy”:

“IRAN’S AMERICAN NETWORKS: The Islamic Republic turns to the U.S. to wage war on the U.S.”:

“Virginia Imam's Long Radical Record”:

I recommend that Fauquier citizens investigate the “facts” before attending future “unity” rallies so they can determine if a “rally” is a “rally” or a political demonstration.

“Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light.” - George Washington
Jeffersonian American · February 9, 2017 at 6:05 pm
DEAR BEKEMP(Cont.)- While the facts cited here are just a few examples of the significant evidence in the historic record to date which overwhelmingly vindicate Thomas Jefferson as a man of great character and moral rectitude; and as someone innocent of the charges of fathering slave children, Dr. Donald Livingston, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at Emory University, National Endowment for the Humanities Fellow and President of the Abbeville Institute for the Study of Southern Culture notes there is a great deal of ideologically driven "advocacy scholarship" throughout academia (and the pop culture media) today, which is more interested in changing behavior than in truth. Solid scholarship and truth will eventually out those omissions of fact; intentional or unintentional errors in the transcriptions of historic documents; and other blatant falsehoods which contradict everything known about Thomas Jefferson contained in the historic record.

A fable has been defined as "a fictitious narrative or statement," usually of known origin. Proponents of the Thomas Jefferson-Sally Hemings Fable are asking modern Americans to believe that Thomas Jefferson became obsessed with an immature, uneducated 14-year-old slave girl while in Paris, less two years after the passing of his beloved wife Martha; and that he proceeded to conduct an illicit, 38-year love affair with Sally Hemings for the remainder of his life fathering one, or more, or all of her children. Based on everything we know in the extensive historic record pertaining to Thomas Jefferson, such a fable is not only unthinkable, it is preposterous.

The University of Virginia continues to receive hundreds of millions of dollars from Leftist foundations with the stipulation that they keep the Thomas Jefferson-Sally Hemings Fable alive. Their very highest leadership promotes this. Smearing Thomas Jefferson has been a BIG fund-raising business for much of the past 20 years for all organizations involved. Prior highly credible and distinguished, life-long scholars of Jefferson, such as Dumas Malone, Merrill Peterson and Forrest McDonald, and such current scholars such as Dr. Clyde Wilson, Historian Emeritus of the University of South Carolina (and who many distinguished scholars today consider to be America’s Greatest Living Historian) all have rejected the Hemings Fable after decades of renowned Thomas Jefferson scholarship.

With the hope of promoting an informed public dialogue on the Jefferson-Hemings issue, the Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society has issued a public challenge for the most prominent scholars on the other side of the issue to engage in public debates. Dr. Turner’s recently televised appearance at a Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society news conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., which summarized the report findings, received high praise from scholars and historians alike; and was covered by national and international journalists.

There is a growing awakening across our land, a yearning by American citizens to recall and seek increased knowledge and understanding of the essential truths and guiding principles that represent our cultural, political and spiritual inheritance, much of it authored and championed by Thomas Jefferson. Ultimately, with the passage of time, works by revisionist historiographers fail to withstand critical thought and scrutiny, and their efforts disintegrate before the underlying presence of the truth- their works become scorned and discredited. The Jefferson-Hemings Controversy: Report of the Scholars Commission, remains faithful to the study of our American history as a never-ending search for the truth, as it masterfully examines, weighs and documents the facts contained in the historic record to date along with newer research.

Dr. Turner concludes, "It is my hope that our report will at minimum help to correct some of the mythology that has grown up around this issue in recent years. The ninety-two percent margin by which the members of the Scholars Commission concluded that the allegation is probably false should at least give those otherwise inclined to accept the charge reason to pause, as should the fact that the leading scholars who embraced the argument that Thomas Jefferson fathered children by Sally Hemings prior to the release of our report have been unwilling to defend that position in public debate."

An outstanding repository of sound scholarship resides at the Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society ( and I encourage all who seek truth to review the significant details of the historic record to date there for starters. All good wishes, JA
Jeffersonian American · February 9, 2017 at 5:41 pm
DEAR BEKEMP- Few times in my life have I been more saddened than to witness in our modern era the spreading of Spectacular Lies, deliberate or incompetent errors, alterations of historic document transcriptions and omissions of fact, in direct contradiction of the documented facts contained in the historic record as reported by Monticello and many other groups which clearly continue to promote and publish misinformation in regard to the Thomas Jefferson-Sally Hemings Fable- a fictitious narrative of known origin.

The Report of the Scholars Commission on the Jefferson-Hemings controversy documents the results of a year-long, independent panel inquiry by thirteen distinguished academics from across the nation. Working without compensation at the request of the Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society, the scholars were unanimous in their conclusion that "the allegation is by no means proven," and with but a single mild dissent their views "ranged from serious skepticism about the charge to a conviction that it is almost certainly untrue." Each argument in the debate is examined in careful detail in the comprehensive 412-page volume, with more than 1,400 footnotes documenting their analysis.

According to Dr. Turner, Chairman of the independent Scholars Commission, very little else is known about Sally Hemings in the historic record, as Jefferson made passing references to her in only four of his more than 20,000 letters; and only eleven brief entries in his memorandum books, most of them lists of servants and only a single listing after she returned from Paris. Furthermore, years later, while President Jefferson brought a number of servants from Monticello to work at the White House, Sally Hemings was not among them and remained at Monticello. In an undated note to one of his Monticello overseers prior to departing for Washington, D.C., Jefferson instructed that his daughter Martha and her husband were to receive "everything the plantation will furnish," and added, "They are to have also the use of the house-servants, to wit, Ursula, Critta, Sally, Bet, Wormeley and Joe. So also of Betty Hemings, should her services be necessary." According to Dr. Turner, if Sally Hemings had filled the role of his de facto wife or mistress, surely her name would have been listed with that of her mother, Betty Hemings, for special treatment; and surely he would have taken her with him among the dozen slaves he regularly took to Washington- but he never did. Compiling verbatim all listings and descriptions of Sally Hemings contained in the historic documents, Dr. Turner notes everything known about Sally Hemings fit onto one side of a standard index card. Quite clearly the report observes, with the almost total absence of information pertaining to Sally Hemings, she appears to have been a very minor figure in Thomas Jefferson’s life.

Today, many mistakenly believe Jefferson's paternity was established by 1998 DNA testing reported in the journal Nature, but those tests did not even involve DNA from Thomas Jefferson, and merely established that Sally's youngest child, Eston, was likely fathered by one of more than two-dozen Jefferson men living in Virginia at the time- of whom at least seven are thought to have been at Monticello when he was conceived. At the time of Eston’s conception, the elderly President Thomas Jefferson, age 64, was documented as suffering a host of medical and physical maladies including debilitating rheumatism clearly documented in the firsthand accounts; and intense migraine headaches which often lasted for weeks at a time.

By far the strongest family traditions (stories passed down from one generation to the next) suggesting President Jefferson's paternity of a Hemings child was told by descendents of Thomas Woodson, long thought to have been the slave "Tom" upon whom the original 1802 story was founded. However, six different tests of descendents of three of Woodson's sons proved beyond any doubt he could not have been fathered by Thomas Jefferson. And for many generations, descendents of Eston Hemings passed down the story that he was not President Jefferson's son, but rather the son of an "uncle." The report explains who that uncle might have been.

Furthermore, the scholars conclude that neither Sally Hemings nor her children received "extraordinary privileges" at Monticello, and her children were not all given their freedom at the age of 21 as is often claimed. It is true that Sally's sons Madison and Eston were freed in Jefferson's will, but so were all but two of the sons and grandsons of Sally's mother Betty Hemings who still belonged to Thomas Jefferson at the time of his death. Sally's sons received by far the least favorable treatment of those freed in Thomas Jefferson's will.

Here is the link to the Executive Summary of the Scholars Commission Report highlighting their sound scholarship: Commission Executive Summary

Bekemp · February 9, 2017 at 7:21 am
JA, did the "thoroughly" debunk the Jefferson-Hemings "fable." My understanding is that the report was inconclusive, saying that Hemings' child Eston Hemings could have been fathered by Thomas Jefferson, or one of 19 other Jeffersons. Also, wasn't there disagreement among the scholars, with Paul Rahe's dissenting opinion asserting that TJ was the "most likely" father? Did the National Genealogical Society Quarterly criticize the TJHS Scholars Commission Report for poor scholarship and failure to follow accepted historical practices of analysis?

I'll be honest, I'm no TJ scholar. My research rarely goes beyond Wikipedia. But I suggest that history is not what we wish it to be in order to prove some agenda. TJ was a great man, he was not perfect. I appreciate your scholarship and conviction. I learned

Jeffersonian American · February 8, 2017 at 5:39 pm
As to the matter pertaining to Monticello in prior comments, most unfortunately, the deeper you investigate the agenda of the former Thomas Jefferson {Memorial} Society today (owners of Monticello today), you will find clear evidence of their teaching and promoting this great American founder and Patriot, Thomas Jefferson, as a Cad, a Hypocrite and a Slave Rapist. Having taken guests on tours of the Monticello residence in recent years, and hearing their scripted tours promoting the Thomas Jefferson-Sally Hemings Fable (a fictitious narrative of known origin), nothing could be further from the truth what Monticello is promoting about this fable. The well-documented historic record to date overwhelmingly vindicates Thomas Jefferson as not only one of our greatest American founders who changed the world with his Declaration and his Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom (among his many other significant accomplishments), but it also vindicates him as a deeply religious and spiritual man who was a devoted husband, father and grandfather who adored his family. In his only published book, NOTES ON THE STATE OF VIRGINIA, Thomas Jefferson went on to denounce the sexual exploitation of slave women by their 'masters,' with his observation, "The whole commerce between master and slave is a perpetual exercise of the most boisterous passions, the most unremitting despotism on the one part, and degrading submission on the other. Our children see this, and learn to imitate it; for man is an imitative animal... if a parent could find no motive in his philanthropy or his self-love, for restraining the intemperance of passion towards his slave, it should always be a sufficient one that his child is present."

Recent year visits to Monticello with other guests found numerous visitors angry over such a blatantly false narrative and smear campaign against the character and legacy of Thomas Jefferson that is being waged by the Foundation that bears his good name. Each time, I politely referred the 20-something graduate students giving the scripted house tours to the website reference where they could find the independent Report of the Scholars Commission, which exhaustively studied and thoroughly debunked the Thomas Jefferson-Sally Hemings Fable
( ). And each time afterward, several of the tour group members visiting from around the nation shared their dismay of the Monticello leadership for promoting this false smear campaign, and expressed their appreciation for speaking out to correct the staff (who are forced to give the scripted tours by their Radical Left handlers).

There are few greater evils than profiting off the name of one of our greatest American founders through deliberate spreading of Spectacular Lies, omissions of fact and even closely collaborating with a Pulitzer-Prize winning "historian" and "author" who deliberately altered historic document transcriptions to change their meaning- completely opposite of the actual historic record on the original handwritten document page. Monticello's ideologically driven, "advocacy scholarship" currently found throughout all of their programs and operations- is more interested in changing behavior than in truth pertaining to the Thomas Jefferson-Sally Hemings Fable. However, truth is a very powerful thing, and so solid scholarship and truth will eventually out those omissions of fact; intentional or unintentional errors in the transcriptions of historic documents; and other blatant falsehoods which contradict everything known about Thomas Jefferson contained in the historic record to date. In the interim, enormous damage has been done to the great character and legacy of Thomas Jefferson, exactly as championed by the discredited Thomas Jefferson {Memorial} Foundation. Far too many hapless Americans believe what they hear from Monticello and many universities, public schools, public museums, television pop culture programming, Hollywood and other collaborating entities in their vast money and "Advocacy Scholars" network.

On another note, Emeritus Professor of Religious Studies, and former Dean of Honors Students at the Jefferson Scholars Foundation of the University of Virginia, Dr. William Wilson, provided an excellent seminar discussion of "Jefferson the Theist," and it is well worth watching to learn the essential truths about Thomas Jefferson's life-long spiritual journey (he was never an atheist or a Deist as many have erroneously described him in recent decades). Enjoy this C-SPAN lecture produced by the Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society:

Thank you all for reading- I am honored to share this information will all of you from these distinguished Jefferson scholars. If America is going to survive into the future, current generations would be well-served to keep our Jeffersonian American values dear in their hearts. Farewell and good day to all.
Jim Griffin · February 8, 2017 at 2:18 pm
Finally, JA comes to his senses and warns us about the dangers of Trump's Russian embrace. I just knew anyone claiming Jeffersonian principles would turn out to oppose our communist-loving POTUS as revealed today by the reliably conservative National Review:

Trump *is* a Bolshevik. Why did it take JA so long to get there?

Jeffersonian American · February 8, 2017 at 2:04 pm
Of course, not all of our fellow Fauquier citizens who attended the "Interfaith Unity Rally" had malice in their hearts- however, if they had no alternate motives, then they were very clearly and tragically duped. Certainly the well-financed, "Invisible Hand" organizers behind this rally are Bolsheviks in their beliefs and tactics, suggesting in their public advance promotion that the Rally was about religion and tolerance (it had nothing to do with religion and everything to do with attacking President Trump's lawful, constitutional, moderate measures to safeguard the American citizenry in a time of great danger to our national security posed by the massive, unchecked, illegal alien invasion from known countries exporting state-sponsored Radical Islamic Terror and jihadism. If you deny this Culture War is already underway with deadly attacks inside our beloved country, then you are sadly part of the problem and not the solution to keeping America safe beginning with our borders, but also including our language and our distinctly American culture as a free and sovereign nation in the world community of peaceful nations. To advocate the destruction of our nation through the elimination of our borders and border security with unlimited entry into our country by millions of illegal aliens and more agents of Radical Islamic Terror is a great evil and a terrible thing to do against all peace-loving, law-abiding, assimilated American citizens of every background, be they recent immigrants or descendents of American settlers.

Finally, some background perspective on our current challenges and national dangers facing Americans in 2017. President Eisenhower quietly and efficiently rid our Federal Government of Communists which had become embedded there throughout his two Administrations spanning 1953-1961. On 4 November, 1953, he wrote his Attorney General, the distinguished Herbert Brownell, in a memo since declassified:

I am in full agreement with what he (FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover) says about anyone who is now or who has ever been a Communist. The Communists are a class set apart by themselves. Indeed, I think they are such liars and cheats that even when they apparently recant and later testify against someone else for his Communist convictions, my first reaction is to believe that the accused person must be a patriot or he wouldn't have incurred the enmity of such people. So even when these 'reformed' Communists have proved useful in helping us track down some of their old associates, I certainly look for corroborating evidence before I feel too easy in my mind about it. I also believe that anyone, who after the blockade of Berlin began (or some other equally revealing incident), continued to speak in support of the Soviets or in terms of sympathy for them, is either very stupid or very dangerous.

The President repeated to his Attorney General, ".we must search out some positive way to put ourselves on the side of individual right and liberty as well as on the side of fighting Communism to the death."

My fellow Fauquier County citizens, we are witnessing ongoing groups of radical Leftists and their Fellow-Travelers attempting to subvert our U.S. Constitution and established laws in their fight to eliminate our U.S. borders in recent years with a massive illegal alien invasion that is allowing additional Radical Islamic Terrorists in our beloved country and into our beloved communities. This makes these activist Bolshevik groups in the words of former President Dwight Eisenhower, "...either very stupid or very dangerous."

(continued briefly next post)
Jim Griffin · February 8, 2017 at 7:53 am
Summary of JA's posts: If you disagree with JA, you're a "Radical Leftist," maybe even a "Bolshevik." That includes the board that runs Monticello:
Jeffersonian American · February 8, 2017 at 5:05 am
In reply to “Bekemp,” while I agree it is important for all Americans to re-discover the essential truths of Thomas Jefferson and his towering legacy, sadly I cannot recommend the former Thomas Jefferson {Memorial} Foundation, who currently owns Monticello (their Radical Leftist Board of Directors voted some years ago to eliminate the word “Memorial” from their official name for much of the last century; and their brand of revisionist history, or “Advocacy Scholarship,” is now intended to fundamentally transform Americans’ traditional relationship with Thomas Jefferson- a particularly vile and dishonest mission). They are actively networking with many other organizations, universities, museums, pop culture media and television outlets and financed by Radical Leftist Foundations to achieve this objective in recent decades. For example, what the Thomas Jefferson {Memorial} Foundation at Monticello won’t tell you is that Thomas Jefferson (who studied all of the major world religions) as he read his personal copy of the Koran, made extensive notes in the pages according to distinguished scholars who have recently examined Jefferson’s copy (the same copy U.S. “Congressman Keith Ellison” placed his hand on and swore his Oath of Office; and the same book which Obama recently used to make the Spectacular Lie that America’s Founding Roots contained Islam. Nothing can be more further from the truth. The notes made by Thomas Jefferson in the margins of many pages of his Koran had absolutely nothing good to say about Islam according to these trusted scholars. This should also be a warning to Americans today. I would encourage you to seek out other sources for more intellectually honest, sound scholarship pertaining to Thomas Jefferson. Here are just a few of those sources to get started in your own independent research: and

As you conduct your own independent investigations into the immense character and legacy of Thomas Jefferson, these are some highly credible, sound scholarship sources that you will find refreshing to read and view. These essential truths of Thomas Jefferson shall set us all free as Americans today; and serve to push back the frontiers of ignorance.

Good day to all.
Jeffersonian American · February 8, 2017 at 4:53 am
Please note to all who believe the Spectacular Lie so often repeated in recent decades that, "We are a nation of immigrants," with the admonishment to read your old history books. We are a nation of Settlers. Recall Jamestown and Plymouth Rock. The “Immigrants” came later. Our American Founders and Patriots bequeathed to us a confederation of sovereign, independent States after King George III freed them by name in the 1783 Treaty of Paris; and after many long years of struggle for American independence and liberty against all odds. Our European Founders envisioned a federative polity of sovereign states in a voluntary union. Dr. Clyde Wilson observes the Virginia and Kentucky documents of 1798-1800 spell out beyond any doubt that the final defense of freedom in the American system is the people acting in their only-constitution-making identity, that of their sovereign states. Dr. Wilson notes the states were the legitimate and peaceful resort to protect the liberties of their citizens and themselves as communities from federal encroachment. Dr. Wilson also notes that Jefferson wrote an inquisitive foreigner years after leaving the White House, “But the true barriers of our liberty in this country are our State governments; and the wisest conservative power ever contrived by man, is that of which our Revolution and present government found us possessed. Seventeen distinct States, amalgamated into one as to their foreign concerns, but single and independent as to their internal administration.”

Mr. Seth Keshel accurately summarizes what the Bolsheviks are really up to in our current time- in our Fauquier community and across the nation- as they shamelessly promote what can only be defined as hatred for traditional American values, ideals and the rule of law established by our constitutional republic; and promoting violence in the streets against all law-abiding American citizens (Senator Kaine of Virginia, you are a disgrace to our State and to our voluntary Union for advocating this lawlessness and criminality: )

Mr. Keshel observes the left does not have humanity as a driving force in their quest to hurl open America's gates to the world. Their goal is only political power, and by any means necessary. Among assimilated, working Americans, their ideas have failed. Multiplying the population of America 23-fold is of little consequence to them if the more than 3 billion people of the world considered desperately poor, making less than two dollars per day, drown the American lifeboat but keep them in power. For this reminder of why the 2016 election broke the way it did, 84 Lumber deserves our heartfelt thanks, but certainly not our business.

Are Fauquier County Christians and other religious moderates being duped by such Chicago and ADAMS planned, Bolshevik-styled gatherings as the recent Warrenton “Rally for Unity?” Mr. Brian Lenney makes a compelling argument here:

(briefly continued next post)
Bekemp · February 7, 2017 at 4:23 pm

I suggest that the "Jeffersonian American" spend a little more time doing research on Jefferson and what Jefferson said. The above site is maintained by the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, Inc., which owns over 2,500 acres of Jefferson's Monticello plantation, and has a wonderful repository and data base of all of Jefferson's writing, letters, etc.
Tell It Like It Is · February 7, 2017 at 1:58 pm
Well Jimbo, that's a good one. I love you too. Sorry you've been asleep for the last 8 years. You got some catching up too.
Less time in front of the mirror and more time on homework.
Jim Griffin · February 7, 2017 at 1:46 pm
Tell It:

Republicans hold the purse strings at the local, state and federal levels.

If you object, be sure to let them know, but do not kid yourself or try to kid others: Republicans control local spending, Virginia's senate and house, the US senate and house -- and now the presidency.

Blame them if you like, but save your bluster for those who decide, and they are not Democrats.

If you're looking for a clue, it's spend without tax that's worse because we then pay bankers for borrowing. Who does that benefit?

Righto! It's Republicans!

Love you, Tell it. If there wasn't one of you, someone would need to pretend they were you.
Tell It Like It Is · February 7, 2017 at 1:34 pm
"How Democrats spend your (my) money", you ask?

Oduma healthcare, millions in irresponsible welfare and food stamp programs, ransom money to terrorist, and maybe millions more to Iran on his last days in office for what I have no f'n clue. Our tax dollars hard at work!
But maybe I'm wrong?

Perhaps you were traveling when all that went down. Good for you.

Jim Griffin · February 7, 2017 at 10:40 am
Tell It:

You claim "I can't afford to travel cause of tax and spend Democrats!"

For years, Republicans control local government, our Commonwealth's House and Senate and the Federal House, Senate -- now the Presidency.

Please explain how Democrats spend your money when they are in the minority and haven't controlled purse strings for many years.
citizen observer · February 6, 2017 at 2:26 pm
It was after either the Brussels or Paris attacks that the authorities raided local mosques and found caches of weapons. Obviously that cleric supports radical behavior instead of denouncing it.

How about the thousands of innocent Christians recently tortured and killed and their churches burned in the middle east by radical Muslims? Where is the spirit of unity in that?

I recently watched a video from a Marine in Iraq. He said he can't go out because the locals will capture, torture, and behead him. He asks if Americans aren't free to walk in their neighborhood, why are they allowed to in ours? Remember the soldier that was beheaded in London outside a Sharia Law neighborhood?

Ben Carson visited Syria last year and spoke with the refugees. They do not want to come here. He suggested we use our resources to build them a safe encampment over there instead, which seems like a win-win for all.

As I previously said, this temporary ban affects only 1% of the visas issued and has been done before by Presidents with no issue.
Tell It Like It Is · February 6, 2017 at 2:20 pm
Well you sure sounded like one. Thank you for clarifying that.
I can't afford to travel cause of tax and spend Democrats!
Nice chatting with you though.

Oh and you shouldn't talk about "your" mirror that way.
It has no way to defend itself.
Jim Griffin · February 6, 2017 at 2:00 pm
Tell It:

I am no Democrat, thank you. I will thank you to stop attempting to speak for me or characterize my views. I have no support for Pelosi or HRC nor do I suggest we invite terrorists for another 9/11 attack -- all of which you falsely assign to me as you blindly waste your powder.

We are a nation of immigrants. Immigrants are not amongst our biggest problems, and yet are often amongst our best answers to problems.

Americans also like to travel; I sure do. I believe we should treat others as we hope to be treated ourselves.

America cannot be both First and Alone. The global leadership of the United States of America has always expressed its power and glory through partnership with other nations.

Our best friends now question their support, and here I refer to the United Kingdom and Australia, Canada and Mexico, amongst countless others, from members of The Five Eyes to NATO, while we offer rhetorical support to Russia and Putin.

It is here I find common cause with John McCain, Lindsay Graham and other Republicans who are critical of our current course on these issues. Blame Democrats all you want, the real problems are in the mirror.
Tell It Like It Is · February 6, 2017 at 1:40 pm

We have 10's of thousands of improperly vetted people in this country thanks to people that think on your frequency.

You dems and some of your policies are the same people that prayed on "the stupidity of the American public" with healthcare. What did his right hand woman Pelosi say? Oh ... "you have sign it before we can read what it says" or something to that affect.

Whose ignorance?

America must come first!

Jim Griffin · February 6, 2017 at 12:51 pm
Tell It Like It Isn't:

It is disgusting and reflective of your ignorance that you for even a moment suggest that I specifically by name "would just blindly welcome them in without proper vetting while they wait for the next 9/11 type terror act."

The current vetting process can take two years. I support it.

Read the statistics from the FBI and Interpol provided below: FBI says non-Muslims = 90% of US terrorism; Interpol says Muslims tied to two percent in Europe.

"All the terrorism worldwide involves radical Muslims" is a statement that is at odds with responsible accounting for the sources of terrorism and violence in the US and abroad. Unless of course you denigrate the good people in law enforcement at the FBI and Interpol the way you did me.

No wonder you choose pseudo-anonymity.
BJ · February 6, 2017 at 12:22 pm
While everyone is watching the "Muslims" the Russian and Chinese Mafia is sinking their teeth deeper into our country. Let's take a look at the sex trafficking that is rampant in the USA to include small children under the age of 2. Why isn't anyone screaming about that?
Tell It Like It Is · February 6, 2017 at 11:46 am
My, my isn't this a spirited discussion.

Keep letting your guard down and letting them in and may soon have this in our backyard in Fauquier.

Manassas mosque with suspected radical leadership ties is already way too close.

I'm all for a "legal" immigration policy that makes sense and that has no ties to radicalization.

Some, like JG I guess, would just blindly welcome them in without proper vetting while they wait for the next 9/11 type terror act? What?

I doubt that is an "if" but more like a "when" it happens.

CO, I agree. "Not all Muslims are radical but almost all the terrorism worldwide involves radical Muslims." Those Muslims that are not need to do more to prevent and also agree.

Question is ..... why they don't when they know they attend venues and follow leaders that have clear ties to radicalization? Don't know. Maybe a good portion of those really do support the radicals but just want someone else to do the dirty work perhaps? Again, don't know, but not waiting to find either before speaking up.

Jim Griffin · February 6, 2017 at 11:14 am

Here in the homeland the FBI says non-Muslims carried out more than 90% of all terrorist attacks.

The Daily Beast says "So here are some statistics for those interested. Let’s start with Europe. Want to guess what percent of the terrorist attacks there were committed by Muslims over the past five years? Wrong. That is, unless you said less than 2 percent."

"As Europol, the European Union’s law-enforcement agency, noted in its report released last year, the vast majority of terror attacks in Europe were perpetrated by separatist groups. For example, in 2013, there were 152 terror attacks in Europe. Only two of them were “religiously motivated,” while 84 were predicated upon ethno-nationalist or separatist beliefs."
citizen observer · February 6, 2017 at 10:49 am
JG I didn't say all, I said almost all. If I listed all the acts of terrorism in the world; your list, though true, would be minimal.
Jim Griffin · February 6, 2017 at 10:09 am
CO: "almost all the terrorism worldwide involves radical Muslims."

Dylan Roof is a young white male supremacist.

Columbine Massacre was committed by White Male Protestants.

Aurora Theatre massacre was committed by a White Male Protestant.

Sandy Hook Massacre was committed by a White Male Protestant.

Tucson Massacre was committed by a White Male Protestant.

Roseburg Massacre was committed by a White Male Protestant.

Charleston Massacre was committed by a White Male Protestant.

Oak Creek Sikh Temple Massacre was committed by a White Male Protestant.

San Ysidro McDonalds Massacre was committed by a White Male Protestant.

UT Austin Tower Massacre was committed by a White Male Protestant.

I will stop here but the list is long. How did you miss these, CO?
citizen observer · February 6, 2017 at 9:58 am
If the non radical Muslims would spend as much time and energy speaking out condemning the violent radicals in their religion as they do protesting a president trying to keep us safe, the problems would vanish. Not all Muslims are radical but almost all the terrorism worldwide involves radical Muslims.

I'm not against anyone that wants to come to America to: work hard, pay taxes, and enjoy the freedoms we have. Those that want to come here and institute Sharia Law and take away rights of women and gays, or work for cash and pay no taxes, need to stay where they are. No country in the world allows those with ties to cartels, gangs, terrorism, or convicted felons to walk into their country like we have been doing recently.

Amazing there were no protests when President Obama made the list and banned Iranians. Or when President Clinton enacted the Mexican Exclusion Act in 1996 and deported many illegals. Or when Senator Clinton said in a 2006 speech that President Bush needs to address illegal immigration and build a wall. Seems it's okay for a Democratic leader to do anything necessary, but not so for a Republican one.

According to the US State Department over 10 million visas were issued in 2015 (2016's numbers haven't been released yet). The number affected by this temporary ban to fix vetting problems and keep us safe is around 1% of the total visas issued. So America is still open for business even though protestors and the media claim otherwise.
Jim Griffin · February 5, 2017 at 6:10 pm
Cam: It's odd commentary about a unity rally that assigns divisive labels to those observed, like "leftist" or "Bolshevik" or "mainstream Christian." Unity, indeed!

What a crazy, rambling screed the pseudo-anonymous "Jeffersonian American" weaved! No doubt you posted it here for our mutual amusement, and so we thank you for exposing it further to the best disinfectant, the light of day.

I am guessing everyone in attendance, pro or con, loves this country and wishes for her the best, which is found in our diversity of thought and freedom of belief and worship.
Cameron_Jones · February 5, 2017 at 4:24 pm
Reposted comment by "Jeffersonian American":

As one of the Fauquier citizens who countered the march today (confined by Town Police to stand peaceably in front of the General District Court Building across the street from the Bolshevik, so-called, “Interfaith Rally,” gathered on the Fauquier Bank Plaza in Courthouse Square), I will clarify there were about 150 Leftist protestors with many signs and some dressed in elaborate “Occupy Wall Street” styled costumes, along with speaking rostrums, electrical amplification connections, live music performers with guitar and piano moved into place, featuring their 1960s protest songs (“Blowing in the Wind,” and “This Land Is Our Land,” and “Everybody Get Together,” etc.), all of which were obvious clues this was a totally manufactured, planned event in its design. Not surprisingly, I heard no “mainstream” Christian (Protestant or Catholic or Jewish) voices among the speakers present- none of the speakers I heard today bore any resemblance to the Christian faith and teachings I learned in any of the many Protestant churches I have ever attended. What I did hear was a lot of America-bashing, with one black speaker pointedly condemning the United States of America for its ongoing racism, history and sins of slavery for which he claimed we have still not sufficiently risen above, and much, much more. Thankfully, most of the over 68,000 Fauquier Citizens stayed away. This Bolshevik Gathering in downtown Warrenton today had nothing to do with religion at all- and it had everything to do with America Bashing and condemning duly elected U.S. President Donald Trump in his modest efforts to restore our Constitutional laws of the land with respect to securing our national borders and modestly, temporarily, securing our immigration procedures and policies that have long ago disintegrated into a massive, widespread lawlessness with devastating national consequences- impacts which have affected every Courthouse Square, every County, and every State in America in our current time.

“Those People” who gathered in Fauquier County today and who knowingly and openly cheered and embraced the ideals of Karl Marx and the tactics of Vladimir Lenin- or who unknowingly were dupes or fell into the category of Lenin’s “Useful Idiots,” at the hands of their Chicago Alinskyite and Muslim “ADAMS” event organizers, will be back to subvert our American sovereignty and our American Constitution here in Fauquier County. They will return, more emboldened, to promote their clearly stated vision of lawlessness, Open Boarders and Globalism. They must be confronted and defeated in their evildoing in direct opposition to our traditional American Constitution, State and local laws, and our Jeffersonian ideals.

Most significantly, however, were the large number of Fauquier citizens who walked by or drove by our humble band of citizens for the one hour we were there to confront the Bolshevik Gathering, rallied around our nation’s original American Flag- the Gadsden Flag- waving, honking horns and rolling down their windows to express to us their solidarity, approval and heartfelt gratitude in standing in the public square for our traditional American constitutional republic. Happily I can report in total, these Fauquier Citizens passing through town and walking by the Anti-American Rally out-numbered the hapless Dupes and the more sinister Bolsheviks gathered under the Marxist-Leninist/Chicago/ADAMS organizers. This fact should be duly noted by those who would seek to destroy our County and our nation’s laws, and our way of life.

Lawful Americans and Fauquier citizens take note of Thomas Jefferson’s warning of long ago: “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” Prepare yourselves and your neighbors for what is sure to come next to our community from these evildoers promoting a despicable, Globalist, Marxist-Communist Utopia – a vision that requires the death of America without her borders, and without her Constitution as the law of the land. Today was just a calling card which we somberly witnessed- too close for comfort in our beautiful home town and county in the Mother of All States.

Traditional Americans of genuine Judeo-Christian faith must win this rapidly emerging battle for the hearts, souls and education of the minds of our citizens across our American continent; or else return to pre-Jeffersonian days before his magnificent beacon of liberty and freedom to the world, the Declaration of Independence of our God-ordained, Natural Law rights, which marked the end of some two thousand years of darkness, feudalism, serfdom, human misery and death- and a period in human history emerging resurgent and gaining strength across the world in the form of Radical Islamic Terror and Jihadism, by those who are now once again seeking and working tirelessly to extend the boundaries of Hell, unchecked and inside the borders of our own beloved country.
Jim Griffin · February 5, 2017 at 3:06 pm
Del Rosso is a fine writer, this a fine publication, one of many.

Balance in part comes from competing points of view. We have equal access to them at our finger tips.

For mention of the five counter-protesters, you can go to, where they devoted 43 words in two sentences to them. That's more than eight words per so-called counter-protester.

Or perhaps to the -- I've seen your byline there -- which didn't cover the event at all, not even the five so-called counter-protesters.

There is great balance in reporting, even when some choose not to report at all.
Cameron_Jones · February 5, 2017 at 12:31 pm
Judging from the comment by a counter protester identified as "Jeffersonian American" in the previous post announcing this "rally" on FN, I would say that Mr. Del Rosso's reporting is disingenuous at best.

Previous article is located here:

Where are the long quotes from those who disagreed? Where is the photo showing the counter protesters who were held across the street by the Sheriff according to the comment by "Jeffersonian American"?

Where is the balance in reporting?

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