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October 29, 2015 · OPINION

Challenges require leader for the next sheriff

By Louis Ginesi Dominguez

A heroin epidemic with illegal drug peddlers operating on our streets and near schools with impunity are killing young people and flooding the hospital emergency room with overdoes.

Then, murder, bank robbery and all sorts of crime are causing fear county residents have never experienced before.

Also, red light runners, speeders, reckless drivers and drunk drivers own the roads and streets of Fauquier County.

Fauquier County is quickly becoming a paradise for perverts, degenerates and derelicts of every stripe.

Lack of law enforcement and concern for the safety of county residents is to blame for the crime wave that is now reaching into every corner of the county.

What is urgently needed is a new sheriff, a sheriff that cares about children and families in the county, a sheriff that will reorganize the office into an effective crime fighting force, a sheriff that will roll up his sleeves and be of the street with his deputies fighting crime, a sheriff that will raise the standards by earning accreditation for the agency and by hiring qualified deputies, a sheriff that will be accountable to the residents of the county, a sheriff that will not squander taxpayer dollars by buying a fleet of luxury SUVs and pickup trucks that are not used for law enforcement purposes, a sheriff that is a family man and good neighbor, and a sheriff with proven leadership qualities.

The sheriff that can restore law and order in Fauquier County is Bob Mosier. He has what it takes to stop criminals from plowing their trade in our county.

The writer is a retired law enforcement officer.
Member comments
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USPatriot · November 3, 2015 at 5:22 pm
Fauquier101 I unfortunately do not have the capability to predict or read the future. You, I and the rest of the community will know later on tonight. Thanks.
jaken · November 2, 2015 at 6:16 am
I don't think anyone will deny that Sheriff Fox did a credible job in his first term. Even Bob Mosier said at the Warrenton Forum, that he had utmost respect for Fox when he worked at the sheriff's office and they called him a crime solving machine or something like that. Fox is a local and had his finger on the pulse of the county....he knew everyone which made it easier to solve the crimes. The problem as I see it is the crime element that has taken hold in Fauquier is coming from outside the county, even from outside the country. Fox has lost touch and to put it simply, is way over his head. He seems totally disconnected. When asked if he had a plan for something like Ferguson, MO where to happen in Fauquier. He replied that he had been talking about just that at breakfast with the Chief of Police in Warrenton just the other day. I was shocked!

Mosier, on the other hand, has vast experience with the type of crime now plaguing Fauquier. He is enthusiastic, hardworking and dedicated to making Fauquier a safe place to live again. Vote Bob Mosier Tuesday Nov. 3rd.
Happy to be here · November 1, 2015 at 11:44 pm
One more thing that I am Fedup with....Riding my Harley in and out of town and seeing Sheriff Charlie Fox's re-election campaign signs nailed to trees along Meetze Road and along Elk Run Rd- how is that permitted by County code to be enforced by our current Sheriff?
Happy to be here · November 1, 2015 at 11:40 pm
And do not forget us retirees......we did work there no too long ago, and we know the real deal-remember?
Happy to be here · November 1, 2015 at 11:36 pm
To Paul, Billy and Greg-Fellas I refuse to address ThePlainsman or Fauquier101-you may have grown up in Midland and in the Plains or Freestate, but you all apparently still no nothing about the county or the climate we all worked together in under has not been that long since we all sat together on Member's Hill and I had to listen to ill speak of this county, the citizens and the visitors under breath. Unbelievable what you trying to peddle to the public about what is hidden in the those crime stats under reporting, minimizing numbers and down playing the real issues. This county needs a change- real simple. A change in the Sheriff's Office not the Deputies-they are ready to do their jobs and prevent crime and they are not at fault, it is the Boss that we all know need to go! The southern end of the county needs help- real modern law enforcement help, not smoke and mirrors. Honest help from their local law enforcement-a new Sheriff is deserved of the citizens of this county, we have good deputies they just need a new Boss and new direction.
Vote Bob Mosier for Sheriff!
And be sure to thank Brenda for listing the names of some-at least 2 people that really did not endorse Charlie in the ad from the paper this sister, my aunt never gave permission or any endorsement and by the way-if half of the names were spelled correctly and if the names were listed in alphabetically by LAST NAME of those that did give their endorsement it would be much easier to see the real connection of those people. The Deputies in the Command Staff, the retired Deputies hired back to help out this last few critical weeks, and their wives, children, parents, etc. Can someone really endorse the Sheriff under the name of their business and them self and have also their spouse and children do the same with the business and their names? Probably so but what you see included in the ad with those names is just about the same thing going with the crime stats, reports, heroine use and deaths and service of the current administration...Fauquier Citizens deserve better come out and vote on TUESDAY Vote for change- Vote for Bob Mosier for Sheriff!!
Fauquier101 · October 30, 2015 at 9:35 pm
USP, Tuesday will be here soon enough. I don't have anything negative to say about Sheriff Mosier. It's just so many of these misinformed letters are going out and are so wrong. I don't know all of the deputies but I know a few and they are good young men who love this county. I want to continue to see fauquier folks working for the fauquier county sheriffs office. It's human nature to do and act differently when you are "home" versus "away." I appreciate us being able to have an open and adult conversation here.

What is your prediction for Tuesday?
USPatriot · October 30, 2015 at 8:36 pm
Bob would be a great Sheriff here in Fauquier County. Experienced law enforcement officers with years under their belt know what they are talking about. I want the best deputies that are the most qualified. It would not hold the Sheriff back from hiring who he thought would do the best job. It would put the best standards and the best minimal qualifications in place. You haven't a clue. I personally don't have a problem with hiring anyone that doesn't know a thing about Fauquier. If they are the most qualified they will do the best job. That is common sense. Is our Sheriff currently hiring the best qualified? I have my doubts.

The key to community policing does not take someone from the community ThePlainsman. A well trained law enforcement officer with good communication skills can do the job. I can take a law enforcement officer from any other department and hire him in Fauquier and if he is good at community policing he will be efficient in the job. The key to good community policing is for cops to get out of their cars. Stop and talk to people and communicate. They must listen to the needs of the people. Community policing is providing public education on current crime trends in the community and surround areas. It doesn't take a local to do that. I have a list of professional law enforcement officers that are assigned to community policing. Hiring someone like them would be a huge asset to the community. How many full time community policing deputies does Fox currently have? I made a call and was told there are none and that the former full time deputy has been assigned to the schools in the position of SRO and has been so for many years. This is not acceptable.

And what does Fox have planned for the next 4 years? I have yet to hear a platform and his vision for the future of the office. I watched him make jokes to sidetrack from answering the questions like a good leader would. All I have heard is negativity and blaming the board of supervisors which I have confirmed is not true. Let us talk about his integrity. I am sorry but he was a total embarrassment to the agency and the deputies that serve us. That is what I observed in person at the forum in Warrenton. I did not see a leader.

Yes Bob Mosier will be a great Sheriff. He will lead us into the future. He will move us forward instead of the current standstill. I do not agree with how Louis Dominguez wrote this particular letter but I without a doubt feel that Mosier is the best qualified candidate. You can't discredit his accomplishments no matter how hard you try. His record speaks for itself. What I hear are people that feel that just because someone is local and a native that they are the best qualified. If Fox and Mosier had to sit through a panel of well qualified law enforcement leaders I have no doubt based on my experience that Mosier would be their pick.

You wish that someone would get on here and tell about Bob's main supporters Fauquier101? Sounds to me that you are a bit desperate. Provided me a list of what Sheriff Fox has done for the past three terms? Then provide me with a platform on what Sheriff Fox will do for the next 4 years? I am curiously waiting to hear. I am all ears!!!
Fauquier101 · October 30, 2015 at 4:32 pm
USP...what made it apparent that I am a Sheriff Fox supporter? Because I put "All the way with Charlie Ray?" Yes, you are right.

Sure Bob would be a great Sheriff for Fairfax County but Fauquier County still understands and respects someone like Sheriff Fox. Would help against lawsuits? Show over the past 12 years where accreditation would have helped? It would hold the sheriff back from hiring who he thought would do the best job because as you put it it would make him hire the most qualified according to folks who probably don't know anything about Fauquier.

I wish someone would get on here and tell about Bob's main supporters!
Jim Griffin · October 30, 2015 at 3:59 pm
USPatriot: One of the key qualifications for a law enforcement officer is community experience. I have trouble getting past the fact that Mosier has lived in Fauquier less than two years while Fox has actually been our sheriff for more than a decade.

A key to community policing is knowing the people, what they do, where and when they do it. You need serious time in the community to even begin to fully understand it. Placing the top law enforcement job in the county into the hands of someone who's spent less than two of the past ten years here does gives me pause, and your hypothetical panel of experts would be concerned, too, or they aren't worth their credentials.

This opinion piece in support of Mosier is a disgusting lie. It falsely paints our fine community in a terrible light: Our streets are dangerous, our hospitals teeming with overdoses, heroin dealers openly operating in our streets. Red-light runners, too!

Sad to think the author chooses to live amongst "perverts, degenerates, derelicts of every stripe" in our open air drug markets, dodging red-light runners (haven't seen it happen in over a decade here), murderers and worse. He really should move if that is what he thinks of Fauquier County.
USPatriot · October 30, 2015 at 1:56 pm
You are so wrong Fauquier101. The Sheriff will not lose control a lot of control over his office. Apparently you haven't a clue about what accreditation is and how it will benefit the agency, the county and the citizens. Strong policies will bring a stronger defense against lawsuits. The agency is less likely to be sued with strong policies. Accreditation brings accountability. It also brings in community oriented policing which is currently not present in the sheriff's office. It is apparent that you are a Fox supporter that is misrepresenting the true facts on accreditation.

I say it like this. If we had a panel of professionals looking to hire a sheriff who would they pick? They would pick the most qualified candidate. With all of my experience in law enforcement and level of education Bob Mosier would without a doubt be the most qualified.

Drug and gang activity is alive and well in Fauquier County. I also like others question why our sheriff doesn't provide the drug arrests in the reports to the local newspapers. What is there to hide? I would like to ask why the sheriff doesn't have anyone assigned to the DEA task force. What an asset that would be.

I can't say that I agree with everything that Louis Dominguez has written. I don't know about the SUV's. I do know that we need a sheriff that will raise the standards so that we hire the most qualified people for the job. Accreditation will do this.
Fauquier101 · October 30, 2015 at 9:28 am
Louis, welcome to the party! Retired law enforcement officer? What a joke.

Again here is yet another person saying we live in a third world country with all of this crime. Crime is down! Regardless of what Sheriff Fox says at least crime isn't rising when everywhere else is declining. Fauquier County sure is a paradise but not for the folks you mentioned. If you had your facts in order you would see how many of these folks have been arrested and given serious time in jail!

Accreditation is a huge waste of money and does not benefit the Fauquier Citizens one bit. THEIR sheriff loses a lot of control over his office therefore we should just become a county police force. What do you know about the luxury SUV's not being used for law enforcement purposes? What are they used for? You, sir, are so misinformed and continue to be disgruntled over any and everything.

Tell the folks how you became a law enforcement officer and your history.

"All the way with Charlie Ray"
Jim Griffin · October 29, 2015 at 9:21 pm
Never prove it? You admit it in the next sentence! I factored in that there is disagreement about why it is down, but that is the point: Contrary to these false claims, statistics contradict this writer's falsehoods.

Certainly you must agree: Our hospital emergency rooms are not flooded with drug overdoses. Our county is not "a paradise for perverts, degenerates and derelicts of every stripe."

Which is my point: Provably false. Even you agree: Crime is down for many reasons and not up as this retired law enforcement officer falsely claims.

It may be time for a new sheriff. That is unclear, I'll give you that. But it is clear that this opinion piece relies upon wild falsehoods for proof.
Pale Rider · October 29, 2015 at 8:45 pm
ThePlainsman - I like you "all provably false" and then you never prove it. The reason some crime is down in Fauquier is because it is part of a nation trend, not because of anything that Charlie Fox has done. In fact, at the Marshall forum, he even said that he had heard crime was down and, even though it was nationwide, he was going to take credit. Fauquier may even have lower crime than SOME surrounding counties, but it is far from the best in the state.

And lets give credit where it is due, there are regional task forces and state and national law enforcement who has had to do the heavy lifting in Fauquier, only bringing the FCSO in at the last minute so they don't mess things up.

Fauquier Sheriff's Office is antiquated and needs a breath of fresh air. It is time for Mr. Fox to get out of the henhouse.
Jim Griffin · October 29, 2015 at 4:41 pm
All provably false. Crime is at an all-time low in Fauquier County. No one denies this, they simply debate why -- is it a nationwide trend, or is it from good policing?

One thing's certain: Fauquier's crime reduction leads every nearby county. The Fauquier sheriff's office was just awarded top honors for its traffic enforcement program.

Flooding hospital emergency rooms with overdoses? Our county is "a paradise for perverts, degenerates and derelicts of every stripe"?


If this is what you think of Fauquier County, I discount your opinion. It is at odds with what I know to be true. I'm still weighing this election choice, but this sort of drivel shouldn't be printed. It does your chosen candidate a disservice. I would not live in this county if it were anywhere near your sad description; Quite the opposite is the truth -- it is on the average day idyllic, which is why so very many good people live here.

In fact, both of these candidates are fine people. We are lucky to have at least two of the three candidates for sheriff proven to be effective law enforcement officers.

Perverts, degenerates, derelicts. Really? You're trying to persuade us to believe you, and this is what you think of our community?
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