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October 13, 2020 · OPINION

The American way of life depends upon this election

By James Rich
The Plains
Harry Burroughs

Every four years, the Constitution provides that the American people have the right to hire the president or rehire as the case may be. We the people give the performance reviews and make the hiring decisions. Looking at the objective information, it is clear that we should rehire President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence for another term. Here’s why.

President Reagan was fond of saying that the best social program in the world is a good job so that individuals can stand on their own two feet and be free and independent. Freedom and opportunity ensure that we don’t have to rely on some politician to provide our financial wellbeing, which could be taken away from us. Let’s look at the Trump/Pence record on the economy. By pushing through the first major tax reform bill in 30 years and by eliminating burdensome and unnecessary red tape and regulations, the economy soared to unprecedented heights.

Before the Trump reform, the U.S. had some of the highest taxes on business in the world and the tax code discouraged U.S. companies operating abroad from sending back home revenue earned abroad. The president with the help of Congressional allies reversed these job killing policies and enabled U.S. businesses to be much more competitive with foreign companies. This meant more U.S. jobs. The Trump tax reform provided tax relief for most middle income families, provided $415 billion in tax relief for small businesses, doubled the child tax credit for working parents, repealed the Obamacare mandate penalty on individuals.

In addition to regulatory and tax relief, the president moved to stop unfair trade practices. Examples include pushing through Congress a repeal of NAFTA and replacing it with the U.S. Mexico Canada Trade Agreement which provides a more level playing field for U.S. goods and manufacturing. For the first time, a president took on China and reversed the naïve policy that China is a developing nation which poses no threat to U.S. jobs or national security. Now the Chinese Communist Party’s policies of unfair competition, theft of intellectual property, aggression in the Pacific, and commercial and state espionage are being forcefully challenged.
Americans responded to these new policies and opportunities. The economy, including all important job growth, shattered all positive records. Working people at all levels benefited. Manufacturing revived with one million new jobs. Employment for all Americans soared to record numbers benefiting Hispanic, Asian, Black, White Americans. Minority employment levels were never better. Employment opportunities for women skyrocketed. Interestingly, working people at the lower and middle income levels gained more in net wealth that any other groups.

As we know, the coronavirus has temporarily blunted the significant economic progress we have experienced since the president was elected. The damage was worsened by the lack of transparency by the Chinese Communist Party at the outbreak of the virus on its territory. But we are moving forward again. The president has spearheaded significant funds to combat the virus and its deleterious impact on health and jobs because of forced shutdowns at the state level. He closed the borders to prevent more infections despite relentless criticism from Joe Biden and fellow Democrats.

When Congress wouldn’t act, he signed executive orders getting additional relief to the American people. The Trump administration is funding and encouraging new therapeutics and vaccine development to combat this insidious virus. The jobless rate is going down; 877,000 new jobs were added in September. We are on the way back.

All of this could be reversed by a Biden administration. Mr. Biden has said he wouldn’t hesitate to shut the economy down again throwing millions out of work with small businesses possibly closing for good. Increasingly, scientists and economists are saying this is not the best way to proceed. See the recently released Great Barrington Declaration organized by scientists from Harvard, Oxford and Stanford. As we claw our way out of the virus induced downturn, Mr. Biden would drown us in record new taxes and damaging government regulations including green new deal type legislation which would cause blackouts as we are now seeing in California, fuel shortages and significant job losses. Biden/Harris oppose American natural gas production. Gas displacement of coal in utility and industrial facilities has been the largest single factor in reduction of air pollution including Co2.

Mr. Biden and his Democrat allies in Congress want to tell us what kind of car we can drive, what kind of health care we can get, what kind of foods we can eat, what kind of education that our children receive, what we can think or believe (especially regarding our religious convictions). Biden even supported allowing the federal government to dictate zoning regulations to local governments. If you are frugal and save, he wants to tax your unrealized income sitting in your account even if you haven’t drawn out any appreciated income. If you have saved for retirement you are branded as rich and need to be taxed even more. He wants to heap taxes on savers who have interest and dividend income. Evidently, professional politicians Biden/Harris don’t know that working people who have retired actually live on that income to pay the mortgage the power bill and health care costs etc. Those funds are also used to hire people and purchase goods to keep the economy and jobs moving forward.

We can’t go backwards on the economic recovery underway and the bright prospects for defeating the virus. The president and his Congressional allies will get us back to economic prosperity and freedom from the fear and damage of the virus. Students and teachers will be getting back to school and we will all return to normalcy if we keep the president and his team on the job.

Other accomplishments include: strengthening and supporting our military; providing for our veterans; ensuring that our allies pay their fair share of NATO defense expenses; fighting terrorists; standing up to Iran and its nuclear weapons program; encouraging school choice and charter schools; ensuring that preexisting conditions and so called surprise medical costs are covered; protecting the dignity and sanctity of human life. The president helped establish a more peaceful Middle East with his leadership in bringing together Israel and the United Arab Emirates. He has also brokered a settlement with Serbia and Kosovo. He has been nominated 3 times for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Very importantly, the president has appointed well respected conservative judges to the federal courts including the Supreme Court who will protect our Constitutional rights, the separation of powers and limited government as envisioned by our Founders.

Most important of all, President Trump and his Republican allies in Congress cherish and respect America and its ideals of freedom and opportunity. They acknowledge the goodness of America and the genius of our Founders. They don’t want to move against our free enterprise system and our culture and our freedoms. Joe Biden and the leftists in Congress like Bernie Sanders, AOC and Kamala Harris are todays “blame America first crowd” (a phrase coined by Democrat turned Republican Jeane Kirkpatrick, the first woman to serve as U.S. ambassador to the U.N., as she described the radical left in the 1970s) finding fault in the very fabric of our society from our founding while trying to overturn all of which we hold sacred as a nation.

We Americans are not perfect, but we continue to be that beacon of individual rights, human dignity and freedom as enshrined in the Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights. That’s not just our view as Americans but the view of the hundreds of thousands of people of all races, religions and backgrounds who are trying to immigrate and become Americans. Legal immigrants have added much to America’s culture and advancement over the years and they don’t take America for granted. The president will stand up against violent totalitarian groups who want to burn and tear us down, the rioters, looters and murderers.

On the other hand, Biden/Harris and their allies, refuse to condemn ANTIFA, admitted Marxist groups who espouse the destruction of the traditional family and the far left who despise America and admire Cuba and Venezuela. Peaceful demonstrations are one thing, violent mobs are another. The president agrees with Lincoln’s views: “Let not him who is houseless pull down the house of another, but let him work diligently and build one for himself, thus by example assuring that his own shall be safe from violence when built”. Mothers, dads, grandparents, children, small business people, all people, have the right to be safe when they walk down the street or work in their shops wherever their neighborhoods are located. Defunding and undermining the police is a path towards destruction and chaos. Help keep America free, strong, prosperous and true to our values. Let’s reelect President Trump and his dedicated, principled Vice President Mike Pence and their Congressional allies.

Mr. Rich previously served as chairman of the Fauquier County Republican Committee and of the 10th Congressional District Republican Committee. Mr. Burroughs served as vice chairman of the Fauquier County Republican Committee.

Member comments
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jpebbets · January 7, 2021 at 3:39 pm
You are a couple of idiots. Stop getting your news from tv. Stop getting your “news” from fox liars. Wake the hell up from your orange tire dream
Jerome Fields · November 3, 2020 at 8:53 am
Lyndon Johnson signed into the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Enough said as far as I'm concerned.

"The Civil Rights Act of 1964, which ended segregation in public places and banned employment discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin, is considered one of the crowning legislative achievements of the civil rights movement. First proposed by President John F. Kennedy, it survived strong opposition from southern members of Congress and was then signed into law by Kennedy’s successor, Lyndon B. Johnson. In subsequent years, Congress expanded the act and passed additional civil rights legislation such as the Voting Rights Act of 1965."
Sven622 · November 2, 2020 at 5:34 pm
Socialism is when the citizens own the means of production. Not one Democrat ever has suggested this. Nor will they ever. Stop crying "Socialism" when you don't even know what it means. Providing Americans with health care is not anything like socialism. Bailing out farmers because the president blew up the damn trade agreements is not socialism. Just because these programs are sometimes referred to as social programs does not make it the same thing as socialism. I know it uses some of the same syllables.
Gonearethedays · November 1, 2020 at 10:56 am
There aren't enough Traditional Americans left for a repeat of the 1972 and 1984 Historic Presidential Campaign Landslides, but the best we can do in the modern, Post-Obama America, Post-American Continent is building as we speak. New Age Americans are joining Traditional Americans to vote for President Trump as if their peace, prosperity, law and order and American Dreams are all on the line- because they are on Tuesday November 3rd. It's Already Happening:

Photographs Don't Lie- an honest look from around the nation can be found here:

More on Battling the Marxist Revolution In America:
Jeffersonian American · October 31, 2020 at 8:30 pm
If President Trump were such an evil, authoritarian dictator as you and many other Democrats suggest, why are all the Bolsheviks running around the urban and suburban areas of country committing murder and mayhem not made examples of in public executions on national television and live in our local courthouse square. We used to know how to deal with mere horse thieves here in Virginia as recently as the 19th Century- but now far too many Democrats are running amok and are not being held accountable. No alleged dictatorship, bullying, bragging or lying has prevented the Democrat Bolsheviks in this country from running roughshod over the law abiding American citizenry. And you can't blame President Trump because he has not done enough in my humble opinion to restore law and order- nor have the local authorities. That's why your local Sheriff is such an important constitutional office- even more so that the President of the United States. We need more strong Constitution protecting Sheriffs to protect our local law and order and rapidly disappearing American way of life. Joe Biden? He's made a vast fortune while in public office doing exactly what you accuse President Trump of failing miserably at- China Joe continues to Bully, Brag, and Lie about everything he has ever done or not done as a ultimate Washington, D.C. Swamp Creature and Career Corrupt Politician. He even puts the late Democrat career politician Lyndon Johnson to shame.
Mark House · October 30, 2020 at 9:40 am
Trump's way is the American way? More like an authoritarian way, like me/agree with me, or I'll destroy your career/life and lie about it. Bullying, bragging, and lying are not the American way.
Jeffersonian American · October 28, 2020 at 9:26 pm
Mr. Engels, like the Confederate States of America and many other historic American monuments from all eras you are enraged by and vehemently disagree with- you repeatedly demonstrate through your words and postings that you would like to systematically eradicate any and all things that you don't like- including your fellow Americans and human beings like me who pro-offer intelligent discussion and fact-based arguments to your views and the views of others.

Your rants and name calling and would-be permanent dismissal of others you disagree with reminds me of the young Boy-Devil Incarnate, played by then-seven-year-old Billy Mumy in the 1961 Twilight Zone episode where he threatens to send anyone and everyone he doesn't like to The Cornfield (never to be seen again).

By your words written below, this classic Twilight Zone episode (Life Imitating Art) is perfectly analogous to you.

In case you haven't seen it, here is the video for "It's A Good Life," the Twilight Zone teleplay written by the masterful American playwright, producer and creator Rod Serling- truly one of last of the Conservative American Democrats I had a great deal of respect for while growing up in the 1960s- a masterful story and a powerful Twilight Zone episode that you constantly imitate here on these pages, failing to read the larger room you find yourself in:
Jeffersonian American · October 28, 2020 at 10:52 am
Of course AMERICAN THINKER, GATEWAYPUNDIT.COM and other conservative sites are among the most reliable World Wide Web sites today for their current events news commentary and investigative journalism reporting articles.

But don't take my word for it- just read the following link and view the linked videos provided below in the MASSIVE news story coverage from last night's Tucker Carlson live interview with Mr. Tony Bobulinski. Writing at AMERICAN THINKER, Andrea Widburg notes Bobulinski is an experienced international businessman who found himself working with Hunter Biden, James Biden, and others on a deal between the Biden group and CEFC, a Chinese energy company with ties to the Communist government and the military. After leaving the Navy, Bobulinski became an international businessman whose expertise led to Hunter Biden and his people wooing Bobulinski to give them the business expertise they needed to get their partnership up and running. In the links below, Bobulinski powerfully confirms that Joe Biden was deeply involved in the transaction, which had its beginnings when Joe was still Vice President.

The partnership, SinoHawk, was intended to bring together CEFC and the Biden family. Both Hunter and James Biden, after all, brought nothing to the table other than their last name and, with it, the promise that China would have access to political influence at the highest level of American government.

Bobulinski’s name recently became public knowledge when James Gilliar, another businessman working on SinoHawk, sent an email to Tony Bobulinski, setting out the terms Gilliar had been negotiating with CEFC. What caught everyone’s interest was the statement that Hunter would hold “10[%] for the Big Guy.” Bobulinski confirmed that Joe Biden was the “Big Guy.”

At this point, Schiff, the media, and Joe Biden, none of whom ever denied the legitimacy of the email, claimed that the whole thing was a Russian smear. This unfounded accusation got Bobulinski’s dander up. As a naval officer from a military family and a true patriot, being smeared as a Russian agent was beyond the pale.

Bobulinski demanded that Schiff retract the insult and, when Schiff failed to do so, he went public and did a full document dump. Bobulinski had saved everything – every document, every email, and every text. (CONTINUED NEXT POSTING)
Jeffersonian American · October 28, 2020 at 10:51 am
(CONTINUED) That’s the quick background to the interview with Carlson, during which Bobulinski said that:

Hunter and James Biden brought nothing to the deal other than the Biden family name; What China wanted was the Biden family name; Joe Biden was involved in the business deal, so much so that he had veto power over negotiations; In 2017, Bobulinski met Joe Biden twice when the Biden side of SinoHawk was courting him to step in and act as CEO; Bobulinski also spoke at length with James Biden, Joe’s brother; When Bobulinski asked James how they could get away with this kind of deal, which seemed to be falling into dangerous territory given that Joe could run again for president, James announced, “plausible deniability,” and The Biden group stiffed Bobulinski, leaving him out of pocket for all his expenses while channeling CEFC’s money into another entity that did not involve Bobulinski.

If we had a decent media, this story would be on every front page and at the top of every news hour. Instead, Bobulinski is trying desperately to get Americans to know that he is not a Russian agent and that Joe Biden was in bed with the Communist Chinese government, starting when he was Vice President and continuing after he left the White House.

(As an aside, and separate from the Bobulinski interview, a former CIA operations office believes it’s entirely possible that Biden was already doing China’s bidding in 2012, when the Obama administration gave China free rein in the South China Sea).

Author Widburg provides the embedded videos from the FOXNEWS Tucker Carlson investigative reporting interview with Bobulinski, and concludes:

We’ve always known Joe Biden is an odd bird. Just think of the lies, the egotistical boasting, the offers to fight people, the skinny dipping, and the way he fondles and sniffs little girls. He is a genuinely creepy man.

It speaks volumes about Washington D.C. and the Democrat party that Joe spent 47 years in the Swamp and rose to the second-highest office in the land. What we’ve learned now, though, irrefutably and without any Russian hokum, is that Joe Biden is also a profoundly corrupt man who willingly sold out America and her allies to enrich himself and his sleazy, incompetent family.


My fellow Americans, the documented historic evidence from the past 47 years and the swiftly mounting more recent documented evidence against China Joe Biden is damning and overwhelming.
Demosthenes · October 25, 2020 at 11:40 am
OMG, I can't believe it took me this long to realize who Jeffersonian American really is.

Not that I know him by name.

But now I see it is obvious that he is actually a hardcore liberal, playing the part of a crazy conservative, in order to make the whole conservative movement look totally absurd. His work is clearly designed to drive moderate republicans away from their party.

This explains so much.

Your strategy was a bit underhanded, but well played, sir, well played.
Jerome Fields · October 21, 2020 at 5:41 pm
Jeffersonian Anti-American is a fabricator of facts, and a brainwashed propagandist. The Gateway Pundit is like reading the National Enquirer.
Even our own FBI will not jump into the mud pit with Meadows and Ratcliff.

Why do you keep rehashing the past? Very few care, especially the Millennials who are coming out to vote in droves (for Biden/Harris).
Jeffersonian American · October 21, 2020 at 12:32 pm
Pablo, the collossal 1960s mistake J. Edgar Hoover made, along with his boss, Democrat President Lyndon Johnson, was failing the American People by NOT EXPOSING the totally fraudulent Martin Luther King while he was alive- BEFORE President Johnson arranged for his murder and total cover-up in April, 1968.

On another note, at least here in Fauquier County, Virginia, and very likely many other places nationally, it looks like the Biden Campaign and the Down-Ticket DEMOCRAT races are all finished now with the late-breaking evidence coming out:

GATEWAYPUNDIT.COM - Anonymous-source-confirms-joe-biden-involved-hunter-biden-pay-play-deals-ready-go-public-video (BLACKLISTED - PREVENTED PUBLISHING FULL LINK HERE)
badelectronics · October 20, 2020 at 6:07 pm
farmbum · October 21, 2020 at 10:18 am
Those bailouts are the direct result of "trade wars are easy".

Those bailouts are tax payer funded.

Those bailouts are the new socialist mantra of the Republican policies.

And a lot of the people who receive them think nothing of it, all is well, carry on.
Cammie Rodgers · October 20, 2020 at 7:45 pm
"Trump’s farmer bailout has given $21 billion to red counties and $2.1 billion to blue ones."

Buying votes is illegal. So is taking bribes. Isn't the POTUS constitutional obligated to help and lead ALL AMERICANS not just the ones that voted for him?
Linda Ward · October 19, 2020 at 6:39 pm
PabloCruz - Lots of ugly in American history. Take the writing of the "Star-Spangled Banner". I'm happy to be a citizen of the United States, yet let's get real here, there is much that has been hidden or written to suit the winners.
PabloCruz · October 19, 2020 at 11:37 am
JA- Yes, I made a mistake. It doesn’t change any of the other facts. You admitted that J. Edgar Hoover failed in his fool’s errand, to discredit MLK, and expose him as a communist. An ugly footnote in American history to be sure.
Jeffersonian American · October 19, 2020 at 11:13 am
Author Patrick Seay eloquently notes at the Abbeville Institute blog linked below, in the not too distant past Richmond, Virginia was a place where the past was remembered with reverence, and the future was faced all the more boldly because of it. Today in our commonwealth, which is currently under the management of ignominious and barbaric politicians, there now remain fewer reminders of men who, by the examples they set, provided a standard that most of our day are incapable of meeting. The removal of Richmond’s monuments only provides the doltish agitators, screeching against men of whom they know nothing, a temporary slake to their thirst for cultural conquest and systematic eradication of our Virginia and American history. ln observing the despotic conduct of the Governor of Virginia and the Mayor of Richmond up to this point in their terms, I have been constantly reminded of the philosophic wisdom of General Lee, who once wrote, “The forbearing use of power does not only form a touchstone, but the manner in which an individual enjoys certain advantages over others is a test of a true gentleman.” Is it any wonder that our local, State and Federal government officials have been so pathological in their attempt to remove the image of Robert Edward Lee from the public conscience?

Mr. Seay astutely observes what we are experiencing in our time is another manifestation of the spiritual warfare that has been raging since the fall of mankind. While Mr. Seay is unremitting in his opposition to the removal of any monuments to the soldiers and statesmen of the South, he is at the same time cognizant of the fact that the memory of godly men will never be in vogue within the city limits of New Gomorrah, and that such a trashy city is unworthy to have such beautiful monuments. To him (and me), Richmond is now the place where the monuments used to be, and we and millions of others will lose nothing by staying as far away from it as possible. The demonstrators can have their Vanity Fair in its streets; at least they will not be plagued by the reminders of men who were greater than themselves.

A century from now, when the names of those responsible for the destruction Old Richmond are either forgotten entirely or indignantly remembered, those of Lee, Jackson, Stuart, Davis, and Maury will remain esteemed in the minds of those who have taken the time to learn from the lives that they lived and the examples that they set.

Indeed it is truly sad and horrifying to see what is happening to our once-beautiful American historical monuments in Virginia and elsewhere. Truly despicable- these are high crimes against Virginia and our nation equal to the Terrorist Taliban world cultural site atrocities. The articles below powerfully summarize why I will never again as much as pass through or stop in the City of Richmond, Virginia- not to even urinate in a public rest room there- much less enjoy history tourism and visits as I once did, dating back to the 1960s more than a half-century ago.

The key passage from the 1870 New York Herald newspaper tribute, a day after General Lee's passing, became truly prophetic: "...for Robert Edward Lee was an American, and the great nation which gave him birth would be today unworthy of such a son if he regarded him lightly." Indeed, the citizens and leaders of Richmond and the State of Virginia are truly unworthy today of the once beautiful, once protected National Register of Historic Places, once magnificent fine arts masterpieces that once graced Monument Avenue. And Virginia and our nation are significantly forever degraded, debased and poorer for it.

And One More Thomas Jefferson perspective for our intolerant, hateful, bigoted, historically ignorant Confederaphobes posting in this on-line paper:
Sammy · October 19, 2020 at 9:15 am
little makes the case against this lot of republicans better than jeffersonian american's pleas on their behalf
Linda Ward · October 19, 2020 at 6:58 am
JEFF - "From an editorial in the New York Herald newspaper, the day after General Robert E. Lee’s death in 1870:"

So Lee was a saint just because someone in the New York Herald said he was?

My Great-Grandfather was a pretty nice man according to his obituary, while the family who knew him told a different truth. He was a mean and violent man who would hit his kids with hammers, who allowed his wife, my Great-Grandmother to bleed to death after giving birth to their 4th child at the age of 29, because he was too stubborn to go for the doctor. Which do we believe, the editor of a local paper or the people who lived to tell tale?

History is sometimes at odds with the Truth.
Jeffersonian American · October 19, 2020 at 1:25 am
Sammy, Monticello has been taken over by the Radical Left in recent decades, as evidenced by their deliberate changing of the name of their organization, the former "Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation" since their ownership of Monticello began in the 1920s, recently dropping the word "Memorial" from their official name. Their Board of Directors has included one of the most reprehensible Race Agitators in our nation, the former Chairman of the NAACP. If you study the vast historic record factually and truthfully, you will learn of James Callendar's published slander story of 1802 that originated the Jefferson-Hemings Fable, a fictitious narrative of known origin. You can read all the details of the Independent Scholars Commission Report which reviewed all of the evidence contained in the historic record to date and overwhelmingly concluded that the allegations that Thomas Jefferson fathered slave children by Sally Hemings to be false. Don't take my word for it- no need to attack the messenger here- educate yourself. Monticello, the Smithsonian, the popular media, discredited Pulitzer Prize winning authors who deliberately omitted facts and altered historic document transcriptions in their books to spread Spectacular Lies to distort and promote the Thomas Jefferson-Sally Hemings Fable and many, many others are not only to be exposed and condemned for smearing the good name of Thomas Jefferson- they are obscenely PROFITING from smearing Thomas Jefferson's good name today- and that is very wrong. These entities and these individuals smearing Thomas Jefferson in our current time may have hundreds of millions of dollars being funneled to them by well-known Radical Left Foundations whose objective is to fundamentally transform Americans' traditional relationship with Thomas Jefferson as one of the foundational pillars of America- but the one thing they do not have on their side are the documented truths contained in the historic record to date. And as some of our readers here know, Truth is a very powerful thing. Facts are stubborn. So I encourage you and anyone else interested to read the Executive Summary of the Independent Scholars Commission linked here:

Truth also is a powerful thing when it comes to other historic figures in our American history as well- don't blame me for pointing out The Real Martin Luther King- read the declassified FBI files and voluminous documented history provided by King's associates and close friends, and two Presidents- Kennedy and Johnson (and former Voluble Adolescent Attorney General Robert Kennedy). All three Democrats, late in their lives, had nothing good to say about King. Again, no need to attack the messenger here. Seek out the study of our American history as a never-ending search for the truth- and that will set you- and all of us- free. Free from the Frontiers of Historic Ignorance, Intolerance and Bigotry of the very worst kind.

Sammy, you state, "the aspersions you cast upon our national heroes such as MLK speak for themselves..." My national heroes don't include the deeply fraudulent Martin Luther King, but I can state that a nation that vilifies one of the very greatest Christian sons that Virginia and America has ever produced as I and many others have read throughout the pages of our American history- Robert Edward Lee, a man of immense personal character- does not deserve to survive. A nation such as that will eventually fall- sooner rather than later, I might add from the rot within.

I see you are perfectly fine imposing your heroes on me and many millions of other Americans, while most Democrats rejoice over the destruction and systematic eradication of our factual, truthful and nobler aspects of our American history as personified in Robert E. Lee, Thomas Jefferson, our American founders, and others. (CONTINUED NEXT POSTING)
Jeffersonian American · October 19, 2020 at 1:24 am
(CONTINUED) To see just how far we have fallen as a nation, one only needs to compare the following passage written in 1870 versus the current events and Evildoers of today in Richmond, Virginia, across the Old Dominion, and the nation.

- From an editorial in the New York Herald newspaper, the day after General Robert E. Lee’s death in 1870:

“For not to the Southern people alone shall be limited the tribute of a tear over the dead Virginian . . . we have claimed him as one of ourselves; have cherished and felt proud of his military genius as belonging to us; have recounted and recorded his triumphs as our own; have extolled his virtue as reflecting upon us – for Robert Edward Lee was an American, and the great nation which gave him birth would be today unworthy of such a son if he regarded him lightly. Never had mother a nobler son. In him the military genius of America developed to a greater extent than ever before. In him all that was pure and lofty in mind and purpose found lodgment. Dignified without presumption, affable without familiarity, he united all those charms of manner which made him the idol of his friends and of his soldiers, and won for him the respect and admiration of the world.”

Lastly, Pablo, you desperately need a history lesson. U.S. President Herbert Hoover served from 1929 to 1933, and pre-dated the vile shenanigans of Martin Luther King. It was FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover and U.S. President Lyndon Johnson who failed the American People when they failed to expose The totally fraudulent, Real Martin Luther King before the world in the 1960s.

Ancient Rome fell when a majority of Roman citizens felt it was no longer worth preserving. A nation today which honors Martin Luther King with a National Holiday while simultaneously standing by and looking the other way as monuments to Robert E. Lee and Thomas Jefferson and many others are being systematically eradicated and criminally destroyed is not worth saving. There will, however, come the opportunity some day in the near future, former Americans citizens will sort themselves out to regain what has been lost of their original constitutional republic- sometime, somewhere on the former American continent. For Truth is a very powerful thing, along with those Natural Law Rights espoused by Thomas Jefferson, and upheld by Robert Edward Lee and countless others.
dc9dawg · October 16, 2020 at 9:21 pm
According to recent polling, Trump is likely to lose the national election in a landslide, and Virginia by even more. Trumpism may continue to have significant appeal in our local, Republican-majority area, but it is a spent force at the national and Virginia state level. If the Republican party is to have a future in Virginia statewide, it must become more centrist and focused on improving the lives of ordinary Americans. By suggesting that Biden supports Marxists, you only undermine your own credibility. Move on.
Cammie Rodgers · October 16, 2020 at 6:16 pm
AlohaEx - Ha, so original. Who writes your comments a 10 year old? How's that Hawaiian shirt diaper fitting?
Alohaexpress · October 16, 2020 at 5:35 pm
Cammie Rodgers reported to dog catcher.
Cammie Rodgers · October 16, 2020 at 4:55 pm
Jeffersonian American and AlohaExpress reported to Editors.

Libel and slander are against the law.
PabloCruz · October 16, 2020 at 2:08 pm
JA-Your commentary on MLK is irresponsible. Herbert Hoover’s campaign against MLK to expose him as a communist is well known, and represented one of the worst examples of leveraging government power against US citizens. Therefore all of the information on the tapes and in FBI documents is suspect. Most credible historians are viewing these revelations in context as highly suspect. Trump has shown his willingness to use his power against citizens and government officials, most recently in the fashion of one of his communist political idols, Vladimir Putin, calling for the arrest of his political opponents. You stated that you are far to the right of Trump. We can only logically conclude from your statements, that it is you that is the communist.
Sammy · October 16, 2020 at 11:24 am
let Monticello speak truth to denial of Jefferson's parentage (which Jefferson's family acknowledges in part by including the children at family events):

short version: "The issue of Jefferson’s paternity has been the subject of controversy for at least two centuries, ranging from contemporary newspaper articles in 1802 (when Jefferson was President) to scholarly debate well into the 1990s. It is now the Thomas Jefferson Foundation’s view that the issue is a settled historical matter. A considerable body of evidence stretching from 1802 to 1873 (and beyond) describes Thomas Jefferson as the father of Sally Hemings’s children."

the aspersions you cast upon our national heroes such as MLK speak for themselves .. Taken as a whole, these denials reveal you as the bigot you are and there is a special place in history for you and Joe McCarthy .. it has no home in this fine community
Jeffersonian American · October 16, 2020 at 7:44 am
Sam, get ready for a stronger dose of constitutional government. It's around the corner...

I'm far to the right of Donald Trump, but at the moment he is all Traditional Americans of all races and socio-economic backgrounds have in preventing a total Bolshevik Revolution from engulfing our nation- so it is a rather simple voting decision for me. And of course, I agree with you Socialized Medicine is for failed nations and failed countries- we don't want our once great, free enterprise, free market American Health Care destroyed by Bolsheviks and DEMOCRATS seeking control over our every day lives- even control over our individual bodies- who lives and who dies; social scores, Death Panels, ethnic cleansing, genocide, etc. Our recent World History is filled with such examples.

Sam, you continue to repeat and promote Spectacular Lies about the Thomas Jefferson-Sally Hemings Fable- the overwhelming evidence contained in the historic record to date spanning over 240 years overwhelmingly vindicates Thomas as never having fathered any slave children- nor does the vast historic record indicate anywhere that Thomas Jefferson was a Cad, a Hypocrite or a Slave Rapist. Quite the opposite in fact- Thomas Jefferson was a devoted husband, father and grandfather who revered his family- and even whose political enemies vouched for his character in life. He tried- and failed by one vote- to end slavery in the Virginia State Legislature long before he became U.S. President; and wrote eloquently about the evils of slave masters consorting with their female slaves in his only book published, "Notes on the State of Virginia." You do the independent research and look it up. As to the modern DNA evidence which points to only a Jefferson male who may have fathered Hemmings last child, Eston, modern and ongoing DNA studies strongly point to a younger Jefferson male nephew in the Carr family who has also been well documented in the historic record consorting with slave women in and around Monticello. May I recommend you get educated on the independent Report of the Scholars Commission on the Jefferson-Hemings Controversy here:

Here are some more links to trusted scholars and academic sources to learn more about The Real Thomas Jefferson:

Sam, I need not comment further on what I think of a nation that now embraces for its National Holiday a male sexual predator who in real life was far, far removed from being a man of the cloth- and who was a serial philanderer who preferred Asian prostitutes and Black Russian mixed drinks with his circle of raunchy friends and groupies- just read Ralph Abernathy's autobiography AND THE WALLS CAME TUMBLING DOWN, along with the FBI files on MLK. Here is an introduction to the FBI files on King and his Communist associates:

Recently declassified FBI documents suggest civil rights religious hero Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a sexual predator who preyed on dozens of women. FBI transcripts of secret audio recordings of King’s private life allegedly reveal a man who exploited his fame and status to commit heinous sexual acts with countless women across the country, including allegedly witnessing another minister forcibly rape a “parishioner” while King “looked on, laughed and offered advice.” The FBI documented King's sexual exploits in the 1960’s up until his assassination in 1968.

Here is just a small group of original recently-declassified FBI documents:

Finally Sam, Senator McCarthy in the early 1950s was correct about exposing the many Communists throughout the many levels of our Federal Government who had become embedded there after 20 years of Roosevelt and Truman DEMOCRAT Administrations. President Eisenhower was disgusted at McCarthy's tactics and personal attack on a great American, General George Marshall, but in fact, President Eisenhower worked quietly and very effectively behind the scenes during his two terms of office to investigate and remove many thousands of Communists who had become embedded throughout our Federal Government (sound familiar again today?).

Instead of attacking the messenger and spreading Spectacular Lies about Thomas Jefferson and a whole range of other subjects, why don't you educate yourself on the facts instead?
Jerome Fields · October 15, 2020 at 11:53 am
Vote out the Lout!
Sammy · October 15, 2020 at 11:24 am
jeff am .. get ready for a strong dose of constitutional govt .. it's around the corner ..

health allocated by wallet size "has horrifically failed every where and every time it has been tried around the globe over the past 150 years .. with hundreds of millions dead and hundreds of millions more humans suffering left in its wake" ..

donny trump has "socialized medicine" -- why not us? cadet bonespur didnt serve, why does he get govt care? Or moscow mitch?

speaking as you are about American founders, what's your take on your namesake fathering african-americans (against whom you discriminate) whose descendants are among us today .. Monticello says yes, definitely, DNA analysis, etc .. still a liar/denier afraid to admit history and hypocrisy?

Martin Luther King and Cesar Chavez .. communists, too? they have national holidays now .. still spitting on nat'l heroes who would've joined the crowd on Saturday mornings in the park?

bob good's been exposed as bad -- lied about his investments and now the right's folly in the 5th is clear, Dr. Webb is a far better choice .. the rpv is both broke and broken thanks to the likes of you ..

as they once asked of McCarthy, "haven't you done enough?" frankly, you are neither Jeffersonian nor American and its time you reflected on the sorry overused septic tank you will leave in your wake
Jeffersonian American · October 15, 2020 at 7:44 am
Hooray for One World Government? Hooray for the United Nations? Throw away our constitutional republic of our American Founders?

MY GOD You People- you continue trying to extend the boundaries of Hell by promoting Socialism, Marxism and Communism across our land when it has horrifically failed every where and every time it has been tried around the globe over the past 150 years... with hundreds of millions dead and hundreds of millions more humans suffering left in its wake.

Just ask anyone who has been extremely blessed to escape these modern Socialist-Marxist-Communist Hellholes to make it to America today. Throw out our constitutional republic and several thousand years of morals and Judeo-Christian Laws?

Mr. Privileged and others are speaking of pure Evil incarnated. You are all in dire need of a factual and truthful American History Lesson. But we already know you don't and won't respond to logical thinking- for you are Committed Marxists or Communist Revolutionaries at heart.
sharlene · October 14, 2020 at 7:24 pm
Hear-hear, Mr. Privileged!
Mr. Privileged · October 14, 2020 at 5:58 pm
To James and Harry,
You are correct. Once every 4 years we get to choose the president, vice president and senate and congress that we want to manage our governments activities. I am hopeful that my fellow citizens have grown weary of the “American way of life” that this article harkens nostalgically for. For too long this country has slaughtered and disrespected the indigenous and many of its “imported people”. We have historically used overseers and police intimidation, voter suppression, violence and systemic racism along with popularism and Christian patriarchal dogma to create a caste system here in America that challenges the most robust apartheid and elitist regimes in the world. Trump’s family epitomizes the “winners” we now create. Many of us are hopeful that in a few weeks a landslide of moral votes will sweep our favored founding father ideological descendants out of office and this country will begin its most magnificent and metamorphic change yet. Due to shifting demographics, and the slow expansion of our democratic principles, the reorientation of the primary benefactors of our quazi- capitalism/socialistic system will soon become those who need help, rather than those who deserve an achievement prize. As this shift occurs, we shall have to endure James’s and Harry’s and all their Republican friends’ lamentations of the loss of “the good ole’ days.” We shall answer their fragility wails by increasing the torque on our law enforcement to pivot and focus prosecutions of our home grown, All American, white supremacists, homophobes, misogynist, and militia terrorists that thrive under our present republican leadership. Fauquier County is a well spring of this rotten egalitarian centrism. Eventually, probably at this election, or maybe the next, “we the people” of this country will finally win our 400-year-old “civil war” once and for all.
To the inevitable victors of this battle for the soul of our country- I say we should raise our glasses and offer genuine remorse and reparations for those we have displaced and harmed, then we should ask complaining James and Harry and all their elite friends to join “everyone else” here in America and together we accelerate this age of social fabric building and inclusivity and kindness. We do not want our government to “Make America Great Again” we want to Make America Great because we help make this world a better place for ALL present and future beings to live life. So hear-hear, to life!
Linda Ward · October 14, 2020 at 4:24 pm
Regeneron is $96,000 a dose! "Trump COVID-19 treatment: President had stakes in Regeneron and Gilead, makers of antibody cocktail, Remdesivir".

"As part of Operation Warp Speed, New York state-based Regeneron won a $450 million federal contract in July to manufacture and supply the company's antibody cocktail REGN-COV2.

The New York Times reported Friday that Regeneron’s chief executive, Dr. Leonard S. Schleifer, a member of Trump’s golf club in Westchester County, New York, said Trump’s medical staff reached out to the company for permission to use the drug and the Food and Drug Administration cleared it."

"President Donald Trump previously reported he earned capital gains from Regeneron Pharmaceuticals and Gilead Sciences Inc., the manufacturers of two of the medicines he's taken as part of his COVID-19 treatment plan.

According to a 2017 financial disclosure form filed with the U.S. Office of Government Ethics in June 2017, Trump had a capital gain of $50,001 to $100,000 for Regeneron Pharmaceuticals and $100,001 to $1 million for Gilead Sciences Inc. The form notes the information was of April 15, 2017.

Trump’s subsequent disclosure forms, including his 2020 form signed July 31, did not list Regeneron or Gilead. "
Silii · October 14, 2020 at 2:01 pm
Becca, Do explain how the healthcare Trump got for his covid19 wasn't 100% socialist medicine? Taxpayers picked up the ENTIRE bill, including his little airlifts to and from Walter Reed, his little beauty queen parade edangering the secret service agents, all his meds including getting special permission for the monoclonal antibodies which is still under study, getting hyped on dexamethasone, all expenses for inpatient care, all the doctor bills, all the special clinic set up at the White House, on and on and on. (And, he hasn't said thank you to one of us. He just keeps spewing hatred and bragging on himself and lying until his orange makeup runs.) Maybe all Americans should have access to that level and extent of care and we would have far fewer deaths.
Mark House · October 14, 2020 at 9:02 am
"This is an administration that cannot stop the White House from being a hot spot for the coronavirus. Even if Trump and his underlings wanted to attempt something nefarious, Douthat is right: This is the laziest, most incompetent bunch of wannabe authoritarians ever to work at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. They are incapable of the planning required to scuttle next month’s election."
Demosthenes · October 13, 2020 at 9:51 pm
@ Goodwin - Dude, all forms of social welfare are examples of socialism. Even here in the good ole USA.

It's not all evil. But it could be. The goal for all of us should be in having the wisdom to realize where the goldilocks region lays, where we have plenty of free market competition but also compassionate policies that ensure that everyone has a fair chance at a successful life.

In a real free market there would be no public schools. Those with the money for tuition would go. Screw everyone else. There would be no public roads. Those with the resources to pave their own roads or pay for access to private roads would have access. Screw everyone else.

We do not live in a true free market, never have.
PabloCruz · October 13, 2020 at 9:22 pm
JG-Land is one of our most basic means of production. The Fauquier BOS uses of the purchase of development rights program to restrict in perpetuity, the rights of future landowners to do as they see fit with their land- to make a determination of that lands highest and best use. They also use urban planning to force settlement patterns to conform to their (the government’s) will. Do you think this could be construed as socialism?
badelectronics · October 13, 2020 at 9:20 pm
@JimGoodwin: "Becca, do explain how SoSec and Medicare ARE Socialist. I'll wait." Although I'm not Becca, she can disagree and correct me if she chooses. A service IS a product Jim. Take a lawyer! Even if not written her lawyerly advice is still a product. But I'm sure you knew that, right? Now, go to your definition below, and work through it and you'll understand that you answered your own question, or in this case, self-own.
jim goodwin · October 13, 2020 at 9:03 pm
Demosthenes, I'm not confused about the difference between Socialism and "Democratic Socialism".

Straight from the DSA website:

"We are socialists because we share a vision of a humane social order based on popular control of resources and production, economic planning, equitable distribution, feminism, racial equality and non-oppressive relationships."

It walks like a duck and quacks like duck.
jim goodwin · October 13, 2020 at 8:57 pm
so·​cial·​ism | \ ˈsō-shə-ˌli-zəm \
Definition of socialism
1: any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods
2a: a system of society or group living in which there is no private property
b: a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state
3: a stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done

Becca, do explain how SoSec and Medicare ARE Socialist. I'll wait.

Demosthenes, the definition you chose is a convenient interpretation that makes it easy to pretend that Social Security and Medicare are Socialist programs. They are not. They are social welfare programs.

Social Security simply redistributes money. The money a person receives from SoSec is directly related to how much they paid in over their lifetime. It does not produce anything, other than misery because it has become an abused system by our corrupt politicians. It never should have been started.

Medicare is also a redistribution mechanism. It's an insurance program paid for with our tax dollars. Health care providers operate as private entities and are reimbursed by the program. They are not employed by the government nor are their businesses owned by the government.
Demosthenes · October 13, 2020 at 8:02 pm
To our confused friend Jim Goodwin,

Socialism is when the government participates in a meaningful way in the economy. This is often done to create equality or equality of opportunity.

Social security is a government program that creates some level of equality for all people in old age. Same thing with Medicare, which is government intervention into healthcare to create equal access for old folks.

Public roads create equal access to travel. Schools create equal access to education. VA hospitals guarantee equal access to healthcare for our vets.
And these are all forms of socialism within our mixed system which is mostly, but not entirely free market.

When democrats talk about programs that would increase socialism, their changes would make us more similar to France, or Japan, or Germany, or the UK, or Canada. No one is ready to put us on the path to tragedy like Venezuela or North Korea.

Seriously, how do you not know the difference between modern democratic socialism and old school marxist socialism?

badelectronics · October 13, 2020 at 4:58 pm
Aloha Express, "Kamala Harris is a former crackhead. She admitted so."

Did you get that 'news' off of FaceBook?
Becca · October 13, 2020 at 3:58 pm
Jim, do explain how Medicare and Social Security are not socialist. I'll wait.
jim goodwin · October 13, 2020 at 3:39 pm
Speaking of ignorance, Becca, all of the things you mentioned are NOT examples of Socialism. And Aljazeera? Really?

I also didn't say that the current policies or programs being pushed by the Democrat ticket are themselves Socialist.

So, like every good Democrat that is completely blind to the PATH TO SOCIALISM, you fail to see all the hallmarks of the Socialist mentality. Go read The Goulag Archipelago. Or if that's too much for you, look up Yuri Bezmenov on YouTube. Go learn how identity politics, a game played by Democrats, can be traced back to Karl Marx. Go learn how the one of the tactics of Socialists is to use group identity to pit groups against each other in order to foment societal unrest. I could go on and on but the playbook is well known an every tactic being employed by Democrats is taken from it.

Becca · October 13, 2020 at 1:23 pm
Conflating socialism & Communism is as ignorant as it gets. The US is already a mixed economy, exhibiting aspects of both capitalism & socialism, & the socialist bits are the best parts - Social Security, Medicare, highways, libraries...
jim goodwin · October 13, 2020 at 12:41 pm
AlohaExpress, I mostly agree with you but, let's face it, Trump is no role model either.
Having said that, I'm not looking for role models in politics. That's pointless. I want to know what the politician believes and what they will do.

Biden and Harris believe in the same kinds of things that Leftists in every communist country believed. Had it not been for our system of government, which includes freedom of religion, freedom of speech and the right to bear arms, this country would have gone in the exact same direction as the former Soviet Union, China, Cambodia, Cuba, Venezuela, etc.

Those who think that's just overblown hype are ignorant and blind or are purposely obfuscating the truth because they believe so strongly in the Socialist ideal.
Demosthenes · October 13, 2020 at 11:35 am
Savefauquier - Or, do teachers ever ask why they can't make ends meet or afford housing on their pitiful salaries while tax payer monies go to increasing our military budget every single year, even in times of relative peace?

Trump has said that we should not be involved in "endless wars" and I have been impressed by how well he has avoided additional international entanglements. But at the same time he increases the military budget by tens of billions every single year.

Obviously teacher pay comes more from state and local money than from federal taxes, but imagine what we could do as a country if we raised federal contributions to education in the same way we have raised military spending. Or imagine if we just didn't spend that at all and did not run trillion dollar deficits when the economy was roaring (aka Trump's budgets even before corona).

I don't see anything in budgets from republicans these days that matches the fiscal responsibility that they are supposed to be known for. And I don't see any reason to support a president who successfully avoids foreign wars but still says the military has to grow, and grow, and grow.
farmbum · October 13, 2020 at 11:33 am
Last I checked, Republican's ruled Fauquier. And that party holds the Senate and Presidency. I'd question them on policy and action for open borders, social unrest and economic disparity. Especially so since they have not delivered in the last four years.

They have also presided over the biggest deficit across the board in the history of our country. And treated a global pandemic that has killed over 200k plus Americans as an afterthought.

They cannot govern, they cannot lead, they cannot build consensus on anything.

They must be voted out.
Alohaexpress · October 13, 2020 at 11:26 am
Hey LindaWard-

Kamala Harris is a former crackhead. She admitted so. I dont think that is a good role model for young women. You feel differently. We get that.
You think Lori Lightfoot and Nancy Pelosi are good role models too. We get that. Most people dont share your warped views.
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