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April 24, 2019 · OPINION

Former sheriff endorses candidate in ’19 campaign

By Joe Higgs
Broad Run

As a former sheriff of Fauquier County I am writing to endorse and ask you to nominate and re-elect Bob Mosier.

I have had the privilege and honor of knowing Sheriff Mosier for many years, both on a professional and personal level, since he worked as a Fauquier deputy more than two decades ago.

I personally am impressed with Sheriff Mosier and his ability to achieve many accomplishments in his tenure as sheriff, specifically obtaining accreditation status for his office. He is extremely dedicated to the people of Fauquier County and the deputies of the sheriff’s office.

The sheriff's office has many aspects of which the general public may be not aware. While providing law enforcement services throughout the community, as county police departments do, it also operates the Fauquier County Communication Center, court security, civil process service and are responsible for the Fauquier County Adult Detention Center and myriad programs associated with that facility. A county police officer, as good as he may be, obtaining the rank of mid-level supervisor, would not know the intricacies of these operations.

Virginia has approximately 340 law enforcement agencies — police departments and sheriffs’ offices. Many have K-9s, search & rescue units, drug task forces, DUI checkpoints, tactical teams, etc. Fauquier County has these programs, also. Additionally, Sheriff Mosier has instituted or enhanced the following programs among others that benefit the community:

• Youth development programs.
• Public awareness with social media outreach.
• Combating heroin/opioids with enforcement and prevention.
• Crime prevention.
• TRIAD for seniors.
• Inmate addiction and mental health services.
• Traffic safety assignments.
• Internet purchase exchange locations.
• A 24-hour prescription return site.
• Sheriffs Advisory Board.
• Community coalitions, including one on sex trafficking awareness with sophisticated crime-fighting technology.
• Electronic monitoring for offender tracking.
• Cyber investigations.
• Unmanned aerial systems for search & rescue and crime scene mapping.

Sheriff Mosier strives to take care of the deputies with a health and wellness plan, continuing education with reimbursement, increased participation with the FBI National Academy, leadership development, employee retention and increased starting salaries, reduced pay compression, assessment boards for promotional opportunities, an employee survey, veteran- and diversity-focused Recruitment, an annual memorial service, an annual awards ceremony, annual report, enhanced cooperation with neighboring jurisdictions, COP SYNC for immediate response to an active shooter event, investigative task force participation with mutual aid at local, state and federal levels, online crime reporting, crisis intervention training and response, the “Wanted Person of the Week” and the daily activity report.

Sheriff Mosier has experience at the local, federal and international levels. His line and managerial education and training are superb. Bob serves on local, regional and national boards and committees that enhance his personal knowledge, yet also benefit the county as new ideas and trends can be brought back to help Fauquier residents.

I know Sheriff Mosier has the experience, knowledge and initiative to serve the people of Fauquier County. With his leadership and integrity, as well as the desire to constantly improve, he will take the the sheriff’s office to an even higher level during his second term.

I respectfully ask you to nominate Bob Mosier as the Republican candidate for sheriff on June 11 and re-elect him on Nov. 5. He truly is a sheriff for the people.

The writer served three terms as Fauquier County sheriff, from 1992 through 2003.
Member comments
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Rover 530 · May 1, 2019 at 11:24 pm
Agreed. Honest businesses should never hire illegal, undocumented aliens. So why did Donald Trump and his Trump Organization hire so many undocumented people to work at their various hotels, resorts and golf courses? Odd.
Savefauquiercounty2019 · April 26, 2019 at 11:08 am
We should support honest American businesses who hire Americans first, immigrants vetted second, never illegal who has entered without background checks.
Employers that don't check backgrounds place our community at large at risk. They abuse our resources. We would be appalled at a business that knowingly hired a criminal on the run, or sex offender, fraud or drug dealer. It is not racist to want to push for this. Stop the Hispanic associations that fund or market for illegals. They should be supporting American laws.
local · April 25, 2019 at 8:48 am
There's a lot of misinformation about this 287g program, which Bob was persecuted for, and how detainers work so I want to clear some of this up. When an alien has committed a *felony*, ICE issues a request for any jurisdiction to hold the individual if they are arrested and detained so they can be turned over to ICE. The 287g program only grants sheriff deputies with the federal permission to apprehend these criminal aliens. ICE's only responsibility is to detain *criminal* aliens, not to interfere with those living in the US peacefully. The way I see it, working with ICE is directly in line with protecting the county.
mcm37 · April 25, 2019 at 7:52 am
As a county resident, I don’t want Bob to “turn over illegals” to ICE. His job is to enforce county and state laws, not work for federal immigration agencies. Besides the fact that such policies create distrust in the community and discourage both crime victims and witnesses from coming forward (how would you feel if your loved one were the victim of a violent crime, and the perpetrator went free because the only witnesses were too scared to come forward out of fear of ICE?), I want him to concentrate on the things that actually affect our daily lives, like preventing theft and violent crime and fighting the drug problem.
Savefauquiercounty2019 · April 25, 2019 at 7:04 am
We want to know, does Bob support our ICE and will he work with turning illegals over to them? Will he cave to the same Hispanic associations that went after Culpeper Sheriff for cooperating with ICE?
Do Fauquier residents realize who funded Northam to get into office?
How does Fauquier County prevent crimes if they ignore illegal entry?
How do residents feel about the dishonest employers who hire illegals and do not follow immigration laws, US labor laws, pay healthcare benefits, taxes, social security? This creates unethical, unfair competition against the honest employers.
The county teachers have sacrificed enough. Stop giving half your salaries to support the dishonest employers and dishonest leaders.
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