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January 14, 2021 · OPINION

Fauquier Health’s “year of unprecedented challenges”

File Photo/Lawrence Emerson
Fauquier Hospital employees greet well wishers in April during a “Light the Night” drive-by parade to thank them for their work on the front lines of the COVID-19 Pandemic.
By Chad Melton
and Steve Wojcik

Fauquier Health

In healthcare, each day is filled with new discoveries and new possibilities. We embrace this spirit at Fauquier Health. We are inspired every day to deliver amazing care to our community, and we are constantly evolving and striving to find new ways to support the health and wellbeing of all the people we serve in Fauquier, Culpeper, Rappahannock and other surrounding counties.

Last year was full of unprecedented challenges. These challenges greatly impacted our hospital, our frontline healthcare workers and first responders, and those living in our communities. Together, we faced loss and sacrifice. It is during challenging times like these that it is important to focus on the positive by celebrating the accomplishments and achievements.

Even though last year we all were stretched beyond comprehensible limits, we held onto hope for a brighter future. That hope enabled us to identify strength within and find opportunity for growth. In 2020, Fauquier Health expanded the services we provide by welcoming several new physicians and providers to our hospital family, including a certified nurse midwife, a neurologist, three interventional radiologists to establish full-time coverage and a new OB/GYN provider. With these new additions, our medical staff has grown to more than 200 providers strong. This vibrant community is one of extraordinary talent and passion for elevating the quality of care available to the region.

This growing medical staff has allowed us to expand important services regionally. Last year, we expanded our women’s health program through a new midwifery program, we expanded upon our surgical weight loss and bariatric program, and improved upon our ability to offer minimally-invasive robotic surgery with our new DaVinci Xi robot and dedicated Globus ExcelsiusGPS Spine robot for spine surgery. Our cardiac catheterization lab, which opened in 2019, saw a tremendous 125-percent growth in volume. We understand every minute matters in the case of an emergency, so having the abilities to provide lifesaving operations locally is instrumental for the health needs of our community. We have fully moved all cancer, hematology, and infusion services into the new Cancer Center facility to provide care through the latest advances in technology and combined with comfort for a patient centered approach. All of these programs continue to grow and accept new patients.

In addition to adding new programs and services, we have enhanced our efforts in the areas of patient safety and quality. Fauquier Health has achieved reaccreditation by the Commission on Cancer, Joint Commission re-accreditation for Advanced Primary Stroke Center and Lab, as well as reaccreditation for Chest Pain by the American College of Cardiology all 2020.

All of this great work could not have been accomplished without our extraordinary team. We are grateful for our providers, nurses, clinical staff and all of our hospital, practice and long-term care employees, who are on the front lines providing high-quality care for our patients with fortitude, grace and compassion. We also appreciate the outpouring of encouragement and support we have received from our community partners and the community at large – the parades, meals, donations of PPE and other supplies have meant the world. Thank you for recognizing and supporting our healthcare heroes.

As we start a new year, we remain focused on safeguarding our community from the effects of this pandemic and expanding access to care. Fauquier Health is proud to partner with our local health department to support vaccination efforts and curb the spread of this dreadful virus in our communities. We look forward to expanding services and programs as we continue to recruit new clinicians, invest in facility and technology upgrades and partner with local organizations and community partners.

In closing, we are proud of our history of caring for our region and are proud of our many accomplishments, but it’s a new day at Fauquier Health, and we are looking ahead with our commitment to the future. It’s why we’re here, providing a range of services to help our family, friends and neighbors be their best. We have the experience and resources to meet the unique and evolving health care needs of our community, close to home.

Thank you for your continued support as we advance our mission of Making Communities while building a health system our communities can count on today and for generations to come.

Mr. Melton is the Fauquier Health CEO; Mr. Wojcik chairs its board of trustees.
Member comments
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Rover 530 · January 23, 2021 at 9:55 pm
Why is Fauquier Hospital called the "Roach Hotel": You check in but you don't check out? Why are only 55% of the staff accepting anti-COVID vaccinations instead of 100%? Why are those staff members who decline the vaccine still allowed to work at Fauquier Hospital? WHY?
Savefauquiercounty2019 · January 17, 2021 at 5:30 am
Hypocrisy 2021, what are you thoughts about the CEOs in American businesses that tell you they can't recruit or retain Americans so they go to other countries and recruit oppressed women. Let's use hospitals as an example. These immigrants who come over to our country are conditioned not to speak up and out. In American nursing schools, nurses are taught to pursue doctors address concerns as part of an interdisciplinary approach. They are with the patients for long hours and can assess symptoms and diagnostic tests and page the doctors. However, an immigrant is less likely to approach doctors, often are yelled at or demeaned. These immigrants are also more likely to accept unsafe assignments and not go over a supervisor's head. If you are admitted into a hospital, you should help these oppressed health care professionals by asking for a supervisor, the doctor to be paged or report poor care to JACHO, to the state, to the licensing board. But most Americans don't know they can help or how they can help. Be part of this solution to dress out poor care. There are 5000 deaths a week in our nation's hospital because of preventable medical errors and negligence.
hypocrisy2021 · January 16, 2021 at 10:01 am
#4: This hypocrisy is so sad. I really believe that Savefauquier and other Americans want to do the right thing for young girls and other vulnerable migrants. But they also support Trump and his policies. His policies have reduced the number of people who can legally come here as asylum seekers from 100,000 per year to less than 30,000 per year, leaving more in nations where they really do fear for their lives from MS13 violence. And those who apply for asylum now have to follow the stay in Mexico policy, which leaves thousands at any moment living in a lawless tent and tarp city just south of our border. Anyone who really wanted to help these young girls would push for policies that increase the number of refugees and allows them to stay in the US while awaiting their chance to prove their case in court.

Read more:

*** I plan to point out at least 2,021 examples of hypocrisy in our community during the year 2021. Help me out if you see one. I admit that I will go after Republicans most of the time, as they are truly lost. But I promise to point out liberal hypocrisy when I see it as well.

Savefauquiercounty2019 · January 16, 2021 at 4:32 am
Hypocrisy, on the Virginia Dept of Social Services site about 10 years ago they posted how raping of young girls was causing an influx of PREGNANCIES because the rapes were not being reported because the criminal was illegal. They had bill boards and brochures printed to help get the info out there to try and stop these crimes. These girl's mothers were afraid too. So until you work in a trauma center or maternity ward, don't condemn our President for being our voice. Seeing 12, 13, 14, 15 year olds having babies is disgusting. They deserve Trump's help. Illegal adults won't report stab wounds and they typical stab your spinal cord. Men too are being raped. When a MS 13 member goes to harm you they typically amputate your extremities. I know..a these trauma centers aren't that far. Work with a little girl grabbed and taped all night, and there was one sandwiched between the 2 rapers after they got high and fell asleep. She was brave to get out. She was only 9. There are some like you that say we don't have sexual predators in this county but there are. I'm glad Trump told the world we don't want illegals crossing our borders. It is you that needs to stop with your hypocrisy. An immigrant for the billionth time should be vetted. Trump stopped the countries with known issues with terrorists. You must be crazy to think Americans want terror after our government gave them accessthe tools and the training to fly planes killing innocent people on 911. They were living in Fl and their accomplishes were allowed out. If you don't care about young girls getting raped and forced to have babies...what kind if man are you.
hypocrisy2021 · January 15, 2021 at 10:36 pm
#3: Denosthenes claims that the democrats are the party of hate. But he supports a president who literally started his campaign by saying that Mexico was sending their murderers and rapists. And it got worse from there as he created the “Muslim Ban” and doubled down on the idea that all immigrants posed a threat to America. Don’t forget that Trump called the protesters in Charlottesville “good people” after they chanted that “Jews will not replace us!!!!” And in speeches over the past year, Trump talked about “us” and “them”. But he was referring to Americans in both of those.

Also, Denosthenes posts this rant on every single page on Fauquiernow. Even this one, which is just about basic human health. Seriously, what is wrong with that guy? It’s not a hypocrisy exactly to copy and paste the same stupid argument over and over again, but seriously I’m afraid his mind is not functional. Maybe someone from Fauquier Health can check up on this poor guy.

*** I plan to point out at least 2,021 examples of hypocrisy in our community during the year 2021. Help me out if you see one. I admit that I will go after Republicans most of the time, as they are truly lost. But I promise to point out liberal hypocrisy when I see it as well.
BestKeptSecrets · January 15, 2021 at 3:17 pm
Mr. Melton, do you ever review the post op complications and how they may be prevented? Asking for a friend. Do you know what an atelectasis or ileus is? Shouldn't every patient who comes out of surgery receive an incentive spirometer and encouraged by the floor nurses to use it every 20 minutes while awake? Do they keep the head of the bed up? Do they listen to breath sounds and check oxygen saturations after a 3 minute walk to determine if the lungs are functioning as they should? Or did they just check when the patient is laying in bed or sitting in the chair which shows a false positive. Do they truly listen to bowels sounds and push fluids and walking to help wake up the digestive system? Pain meds does a number on patients gi tract, it decreases peristalisis. It also decrease the respiratory system. Please protect our citizens and when they are hospitalized witness for yourself how long it takes for a call light to be truly answered and the problem rectified. See how many patients are up walking in the hallways to help prevent post op complications including blood clots. You walk the halls. It will make a difference. It use to be the nursing supervisors would come around and ask why patients are not up and ambulating, showered etc. Do you offer teeth care or is that a forgotten part of the anatomy during a hospitalization? Are these the reasons why the hospital has a 2 starred rating from Medicare?
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