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March 1, 2021 · OPINION

School leaders invite Tucker Carlson to visit

FOX News
By David Jeck
and Donna Grove

Fauquier County Public Schools

Dear Mr. (Tucker) Carlson,

We learned recently that FOX News rebroadcast a story about equity “education” in Fauquier County. Please allow us to very briefly, and very respectfully, offer a few corrections:

• Deep Equity training for Fauquier County Public Schools staff is provided on a voluntary basis and is not intended for students.

• There is no “Deep Equity” instructional curriculum in Fauquier County.

• We have not purchased any curriculum, only resource guides (three per school) in 2018. Students are not being taught about deep equity. We have not embedded any language or changes in our lesson plans for teachers, nor have we implemented anything related to our Professional Development efforts into lesson plans, units of study, etc.

• Our work with Corwin Press in the past has been professional development only. It focused on building instructional equity teams to help principals tackle tough issues related to learning gaps, socio-economic issues, issues of race and or gender that may take root in the classroom, etc.

• Approximately 93 percent of our instructional staff is white, but about a third of our students are “students of color.” We struggle with the same questions that so many school divisions with diverse populations struggle with: How do we best educate all kids, from all backgrounds, all with different and varying needs in the most effective and efficient manner? In order to achieve this goal, we feel that it is important to help staff recognize and understand the unique needs of their students.

Lastly, we would point out that we began this conversation with our administrative team in earnest about five years ago. These are our most recent graduation rates. They are some of the highest in the state:

• 96.7 percent among students with disabilities, up from 91.4 percent in 2019.

• 96.3 percent among Black students, up from 89.6 percent.

• 93.5 percent among Hispanic students, up from 88.2 percent.

• 91.6 percent among economically disadvantaged students, up from 86.5 percent.

This is not coincidental and shows that the efforts of our amazing teachers and administrators are working. We are so proud of our kids, and we will continue to provide services to them designed to meet all of their needs.

We would like to invite you to visit our school system and see the great things that are happening here for yourself.

Dr. Jeck is the school superintendent and Donna Grove (Cedar Run District) serves as the school board chairwoman.
Member comments
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Jeffersonian American · April 2, 2021 at 9:24 am
The insidious way social justice and anti-racist education are brought into school systems starts with the professional development training of the teaching and administrative staffs. This is done quietly at the beginning of and throughout the school year. In these mandated trainings, school staff are a captive audience, free from the watchful eye of the communities they serve. Trainings are usually led by DEI consultants. These consultants are usually professors from one of the local colleges or universities and are highly paid by school districts to indoctrinate the staff in how "white privilege" causes Caucasian teachers to treat their non-white students differently without the teachers realizing that this is happening. The result for the weak-minded and emotional staff who succumb to this outrageous line of thinking is a form of self-loathing that will equate to serious activism through the indoctrination of students.


jim goodwin · March 21, 2021 at 9:52 am
The major problems currently facing society have nothing to do with skin color and everything to do with poor decision making, from the individual all the way to the highest levels of government. Until we recognize that, we are doomed to continue this spiral into totalitarianism.

Just as Savefauquiercounty2019 is asking, are graduation rates up because we lowered standards or because kids are meeting the previous standards at a higher rate? If it's the latter, bravo. But if it's the former, well, I think you know.
Jeffersonian American · March 19, 2021 at 7:39 am
So why not make public the contents of the "school resource guides" that Fauquier County Public Schools purchased in 2018 and are currently using?

Andrea Widburg reports in AMERICAN THINKER the plague of Critical Race Theory (“CRT”) has reached North Carolina’s largest school district. Christopher Rufo obtained documents from a teachers’ training program held last year that was a festival of race hatred. CRT blatantly violates the Civil Rights Act and the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment and offends the spirit of the Declaration of Independence. What’s especially disturbing about the training in Wake County is that the teachers were told to ignore parents’ concerns and force the training on their children. Fauquier officials innocently proclaim the resource guides at three per school for teachers are "voluntary" references for the time being.

Just to orient those who may be new to CRT, it holds that every aspect of American life is infused with racism, all of it emanating from Whites towards other races. (Jews are classed as White and come in for both race hatred and anti-Semitism from the CRT crowd.) Whites who object to being labeled as evil, racist oppressors are told that their objections only prove their racism. Additionally, anything associated with Western culture – scientific accuracy, grammar, punctuality, ambition, organization, whatever – is inherently racist.

Ms. Widburg accurately notes CRT is pure racism and is, therefore, unconstitutional, illegal, and immoral. Nevertheless, thanks to the religious fervor of BLM that swept through Democrats last year, CRT is gaining traction in schools across America. And that brings us to Christopher Rufo.

Rufo has become the point man for exposing CRT. Thanks to his prominence, whistleblowers send him the most amazing and offensive documents. These documents reveal an ideology that would have made the eugenicists and KKK-era of old ecstatic if they could have taught these things in schools and corporations across America, only with Blacks, Hispanics, Chinese, Native Americans, etc. in the roles now assigned to Whites. Even in the old days, those hate-filled groups lacked the power that the ascendant left is showing.

Here’s the latest round of documents brought to Rufo’s attention, this time out of Raleigh, North Carolina. It’s hard to figure out what’s most disturbing: the blatant racism, the crackpottery, the school district’s million-dollar buy-in, or the fact that teachers were explicitly told to ignore parental concerns:

Read the full article and evidence presented here:

Wake Up America to the full blown Culture War that is destroying our country, our State and our communities- Wake Up Sammy, Mr. Fields and other similar posters- who so often remind us that people who don't read have little advantage over people who cannot read.
Sammy · March 17, 2021 at 9:27 pm

gone are the days

forever, and with good reason, those days are gone

we've made good progress with education and the passage of time

a white male world may have been the way of your daddy and it may be good enough for you, but our children deserve better .. teacher training opens minds as intended
Gonearethedays · March 17, 2021 at 7:43 pm
Civilization is not "whiteness."

Math is not "racist."

Woke education is child abuse. As well as teacher and administrator abuse.

It appears this cancer has spread from Northern Virginia public schools to Fauquier County- the School Superintendent and School Board Chair just confessed it in their column above when they write, "Deep Equity training for Fauquier County Public Schools staff is provided on a voluntary basis and is not intended for students." (YET). Obviously, these senior county school leaders have given it an awful lot of thought. These school leaders continue,"We have not purchased any curriculum, only resource guides (three per school) in 2018." That's a lot of schools and a lot of tax dollars used to purchase such insidious and horrendous resource guides- even worse if they were all donated behind the backs of the Fauquier Citizens without their knowledge.

And I pity the innocent, hapless, and captive public school students whose County Employee Overseers "volunteered" for such Critical Race Theory indoctrinations to further color their race judgements, race perceptions and further reinforce their race stereotypes, instead of a serving the public as champions of a truly colorblind school system which emphasizes excellence no matter what skin color you are- the "D" Caucasian students being treated equally as the "D" Black students or the "D" Hispanic students in an effort to immerse them in the learning of English, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, American History, World Civilization, etc., to bring up their grades- and making no excuses for them.
Silii · March 16, 2021 at 3:02 pm
Looks like ol Tucker wasn't educated in Fauquier County. Our students have bright, intelligent expressions on their faces rather than this dull, hang your mouth open expression.
Gonearethedays · March 15, 2021 at 8:42 pm
Why do our public school leaders always insist on classifying their students according to RACE? Why not classify and educate all Fauquier County Public School students as one race- THE HUMAN RACE? Why not treat them all equally as VIRGINIANS and AMERICANS without the soft bigotry of low-expectations or racial pigeon-holing and characterizing every student first and foremost by the color of their skin? If you have to classify students by groups, why not classify them simply as GIFTED, AVERAGE, SLOW and RECOMMEND FOR EXPULSION? That would be true equity- sink or swim. Your consequences have actions. Act Responsible.

Shamefully America is one of the many countries on the planet where many kinds of Americans of European (and now Asian) Descent have been legally turned into a second class citizens. For racial equality in America, Affirmative Action has to be suspended- it goes counter to the Equal Protection Clause- and only emboldens Communists, Black Supremacists, LA RAZA Supremacists and other kinds of Radical Left Agitators and Troublemakers who seek to undermine our uniquely American goals of domestic peace, tranquility and our other God-granted rights which provide our freedom of opportunity to pursue happiness- and yes- the unequal outcomes of sovereign individuals.
Jeffersonian American · March 11, 2021 at 7:39 am

Chronicles- A Magazine of American Culture accurately observes in the wake of our massively fraudulent American 2020 Presidential election with partisan strife tearing the little remaining fabric of our former American republic, we need to stay mindful of the many ways that America comes under direct assault from the Cancel Culture that dominates in today's Democrat Party and Marxist-Communist Progressive movement. This movement has been in complete control of our state and national public schools for decades now.

We see assaults and systematic eradication upon our history in the 1619 Project and in the sophistry of such concepts as "multiracial whiteness," with which they try to discount non-caucasian support for conservatism! What we need to understand is they will obliterate our history, values and traditions- if we let them.

But we will not concede. And concerned parents will find other more trustworthy institutions of higher learning to send their children- rather than condemn them to the public school Marxist ideology indoctrinations we are now witnessing across the state and the nation.
jim goodwin · March 6, 2021 at 5:26 pm
Cammie, all of the "news" has become propaganda.
Cammie Rodgers · March 5, 2021 at 2:46 pm
Fox isn't NEWS it's dialing for dollars through the use of propaganda.
jim goodwin · March 5, 2021 at 11:12 am
Equity. That word has become a joke.

Release the content of the Deep Equity training. It doesn't matter if it is only training for the teachers or not. Release the content if you believe it is so beneficial.

This all falls under the rubric of Critical Race Theory. It is all garbage from the minds of cultural Marxists. Everywhere it has been adopted, its proponents try to hide the content from the public because they know it will be rejected and they will have to defend its racist nature. This is typical of elitists that believe they know better than everyone else. These are the people that support socialism/communism because they believe the failures of those ideologies can be laid at the feet its past leaders, not the ideology.
Jeffersonian American · March 4, 2021 at 6:32 am
There is a lot of the Devil in the details that comprise our Virginia Public Schools and other public schools across the nation in the 21st century- be it social engineering, Agenda 21, Fauquier County's own "Goals 2015" emphasis on multiculturalism and diversity (teaching our local public school children to learn and respect foreign cultures while failing to adequately learn and respect our own Virginia and American history and culture factually and truthfully first for comparison purposes); or our heavy-handed Democrat controlled State and Federal Government social and political engineering and indoctrination programs infecting our public school systems.

Author Sarah Lilly, writing at AMERICAN THINKER astutely asks what do we get in return for all this progressive indoctrination? Pathetic math, reading, and science education stats.

Ms. Lilly notes Americans spend more money per public school pupil than any other country on earth and we produce results that are mediocre at best.

Pupils today have no knowledge of the most significant people or events of our not-so-distant history. For the students who are not total ignoramuses, gifted and talented programs are being suspended in Boston or the entry exam for such programs is being reformed to be more “inclusive” in New York City. Advanced placement classes used to be a refuge for smart students to work diligently. But according to progressives those classes are full of too many Asians, Jews, and Whites, hence they must be eliminated.

Perhaps you are still under the delusion that in the very least, public school is a place to keep your children safe while you are at work. Think again. In 2018, Project Veritas revealed an undercover video where Union City Education Association President Kathleen Valencia assures the undercover journalist she can help cover up crimes committed by teachers and brags about doing so for another union teacher who had sex with a student. If you thought online teaching might protect your children from such perversions you would still be wrong. In Montgomery County, Maryland just this week, a teacher’s aide masturbated in front of special needs students on a Zoom call. He has since been placed on leave but will not face criminal charges.

And the insanity is only going to increase under Biden. The woke administration is insistent on eliminating female sports and female privacy on campuses by letting transgender women (formerly known as boys) participate in girls’ sports and use the girls’ changing facilities. Teachers already withhold information from parents regarding LGBT instruction in school. In Anne Arundel County, Maryland, staff have been instructed not to inform parents if boy who thinks he is a girl will be sleeping in the same quarters as their daughters.

Why are parents desperate to return their precious offspring to the degenerate hands of the public-school system? This system does not make them smarter, does not teach life skills, exposes children to sexual perversions, teaches them to hate freedom, liberty, our country, white people, and celebrates outright communism.

You are sending them to an entity that virulently opposes your values, hoping they come out not adopting the leftist creed that they are inundated with for hours a day.

Dennis Prager says that sending your kids to college is playing Russian roulette with their values. Unfortunately, that threat has permeated all of K-12 and if you surrender your child to public school in their youth, don’t be surprised when they graduate hating you for it.

Read Ms. Lilly's full article here:
Truepat · March 4, 2021 at 6:11 am
Are those numbers based on an incomplete school year?
BestKeptSecrets · March 4, 2021 at 5:23 am
Consider changing from google to duckduckgo. Take Your Privacy bACK.
BestKeptSecrets · March 3, 2021 at 5:51 am
Jim, the county should make the manuals available to the public whose citizens pay the taxes to fund the schools. The public can make their own opinion. The county should be opened to receiving input from the public and the public should have a forum to provide input without fear of retaliation. We have been watching as American's police force have been under attack and murdered and violence in communities throughout the USA. The violence begins without evidence. These groups become the judge, and the juror. The public has a right to protect its teachers. The unions do not have a good reputation in being bipartisan and they are pushing a socialist agenda. A teacher, no matter their color or party affiliation should never be made to feel inadequate. As mentioned before the AFT president stated in a twitter post on Jan 23 for colleges not to hire Trump appointees. This sounds like an attack on republicans. Teachers and the public have the right to question the manuals intent. On the news this morning DR. Suess is under attack.
ella82 · March 2, 2021 at 4:48 pm
Haha.. this article is red meat to the right wingers out there who are always looking for a reason to attack Fauquier teachers and the education system. Of course everyone knows Fauquier County is a wonderland for Blacks and Black students and that there is certainly no need for equity training... Lol. Hang in their teachers. This too shall pass... Just like Trump... And for that matter also Tucker Carlson.
J Obrokta · March 2, 2021 at 3:53 pm
I see there is some anger out there about equity training, but as a teacher who has actually been in this training I think that the anger is coming from some misunderstanding.

I think it is great that our school officials are willing to help Tucker better understand what this training is about; I hope as a journalist committed to the truth he will take them up on it.

The training isn’t the indoctrination that some of you believe it to be. The biggest thing I have gotten out of it is just the opportunity to reflect on my teaching practices, as I found myself considering whether or not I approach my classes in a way that is fair and beneficial for my students.

I’m not interested in engaging with hateful comments from anonymous posters here, and I don’t speak for the school division, but if anyone wants a real conversation about what I have seen in this training please feel free to reach out to me.

Best regards,
Jim OBrokta
LHS Social Studies
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Jayhawk · March 2, 2021 at 3:42 pm
This communique is an exercise in futility. Neither Mr. Carlson nor FOXNews cares one whit about facts, only ratings and the money associated with those figures. Fauquier County and its teachers are wonderful. Tucker Carlson and his employer are bigoted, ignorant by design, and while it is good that you countered his lies and innuendo, he will never either acknowledge his slurs nor change. Just continue as you are and we shall hope that time and excellence will see that this man and all he and FOXNews represent soon join the scrap heap of history.
TADD · March 2, 2021 at 2:03 pm
Who ever is pushing the racist card to devalue teachers had the same agenda regarding the police. And the riots started without evidence. Racism exists across the board. Teachers are the most dedicated, kindness, caring, empathic, motivated creatures regardless of color on the planet. This shaming the American teachers is nothing more than the highest form of harrassment. How can we expect teachers to educate under this climate
Do they want all white people to move and hire foreigners? The top officials need to be investigated. This is nothing more than an orchestrated witch hunt. Teachers, no matter your color, creed or gender the community respects you.
JohnQ · March 2, 2021 at 9:26 am
Ahh yes, FlickerV. Apparently, there are some folks who openly rail against the use of pseudonyms while writing in this forum. I am sure James Madison, John Jay, and Alexander Hamilton would disagree.
brandonj · March 2, 2021 at 8:45 am
Are we to assume then that taxpayer money is NOT being used to purchase these "little red book" training manuals and that it is not done during work hours?

Also what's the point of offering the education to faculty if not for them to pass it on to the students? What a farce... It shouldn't even be allowed on campus.
BestKeptSecrets · March 2, 2021 at 5:30 am
Unions have their origins dating back to the industrial revolution. Their purpose was to help the less fortunate, less educated pursue fair wages, benefits and safe work environments etc. Professionals do not need unions to represent them. THey also do not need to be micromanaged. THey can use their own intelligence collectively to address issues with their employer. When did teachers lose their status? Who agrees to these manuals, courses? One has to learn the heir achy of their organization and begin the dialogue or perhaps vote the right people in and use your energies to assure they have your best interest at hand. However, the AFT and NEA used the unions to push their political agenda and used union dues to support socialists. If this is what the professionals wanted, they got it. But now you must look at what Superintendent Dr. JEck stated and perhaps critically think (this is purpose of the SOLS) and ask who is being targeted here? Bill Clinton during his campaigning for HRC in 2015 stated old white men need to die. Afterwards, you'd hear the left chant old white women need to go too. Obama stated in was in our genes. But racism exists within every nationality. Are they using racism to suppress whites, oppress whites? SO, again let's ask who is really being targeted in our schools if 93% of our teachers are white? Is it the old, white teachers.Is the school board involved in bullying white people and white students now? OR better yet, is the socialist leaders targeting republican teachers? Will people be scrutinize by their republican status? The AFT told colleges not to hire Trump Appointees. What about the father who questioned his daughter's homework assignment in a high school in LaPlata, Maryland. The school put him off their grounds. Mr. Bland in a school board meeting in August 2020 threatened parents with a police escort out if they didn't behave.All they were doing is voicing their opinions which should be permitted especially if you don't get answers. The school board needs to hear their anger. THe school board won't permit parents to address questions and get answers at the meeting. You have to sign up and if you didn't sign up, you don't get to speak and even if you did and you do speak, there are no answers given to your questions until a later date. Collectively, parents have been silenced. It is beginning to sound like you lost your freedom of speech publically and perhaps being a republican will make or break you during the hiring process??
FalconDad · March 2, 2021 at 2:55 am
A Fauquier teacher, about a day after Tucker’s comments, detailed a large list of U.S. interventions and incursions into Latin America and required students to answer “How does this make you feel about the United States now”? Sounds like indoctrination.
Savefauquiercounty2019 · March 1, 2021 at 10:22 pm
Here is the broadcast from the Tucker show. Every parent needs to read it. Every teacher needs to read it. It is time to start questioning the school's agenda.
Savefauquiercounty2019 · March 1, 2021 at 10:10 pm
Paternalistic approach is an insult. It is purposeful and calculated. Haven't teachers had enough being mandated what and how to teach? Why even go to college? It appears like socialistic grooming and obedience. This is the very reason why there is a push for school vouchers. There is now predjudices against one group. The county permitted BLM to use school buses. They create terror throughout the USA but apparently if you debate these behaviors you get called a racist. BLM has a budget through donations of 10 million or more. Your school bus drivers need air conditioning. Hasn't America heard enough and we all get put in the same boat to rehear it over and over. Equity? Every student should be made to pass their classes and if they don't they should go to summer school and if they fail be held back. Passing students on without earning the grades shows a higher graduation rate. And you are proud of this? Is this equitable? Every student needs to crack the books and work hard and earn a passing grade.Why bother to go to school? It is an insult to people that you say their children pass when they haven't earned it. It is not the teachers and students that need equity training. The microscope needs to be put over these leaders. Where do they get off? Let's invite Tucker and have you answer to the community. Stating 93% of your staff is white and you need to make sure they know how to teach to students of color sounds like a trust issue. It should not matter. Subtle remarks is the new methodology. Do you think white students can't relate to teachers of different colors? Are you concerned about their welfare? What is your solution? White teachers you have been tagged. Your colleges didn't educate you enough to teach students of color.
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