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November 19, 2019

Sheriff’s office investigates “disturbing” student video

An Auburn Middle School student made the video over the weekend and shared it on Snapchat, according to the sheriff’s office.
The sheriff’s office issued this at 11:03 a.m. Tuesday:

Fauquier County Public Schools and the Sheriff’s Office are working together to investigate a video circulating on social media. The video was made over the weekend by an Auburn Middle School student and contains disturbing imagery. There is no credible threat to school safety at this time.

The video, purportedly created as a joke, was circulated on various social media such as Snapchat and caused concern for school safety. Auburn Middle School staff was made aware of the video this morning, Tuesday, November 19, 2019, and took immediate action. The school is operating under normal conditions.

The Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office and Fauquier County Public Schools continue to maintain a high level of vigilance and, as always, student safety is our top priority. We appreciate your patience and continued support.
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Jeffersonian American · November 26, 2019 at 5:15 am
Respectfully, I could never support voting or supporting the Radical Left agenda for Virginia, the Mother of All States and America's Cradle of Liberty- the implications are too horrific to contemplate by just reviewing their current agenda and embrace of the Marxist-Communist doctrine; open borders; preference and rights given to illegal aliens over U.S. Citizens, and a long list of other outrages. I do agree with you about abolishing the SOL testing- but the most enduring stop to the current U.S. and Virginia Department of Education madness is to have parents withdraw their children from the Government-run public schools- a trend which is increasing here in Fauquier County and elsewhere. I would be in favor of local community-run Hedge Schools and other locally-controlled education curriculums out of the hands of both major political parties- both are corrupt in their unique ways. When the U.S. Department of Education was established by President Carter in 1978, the U.S. was ranked among the finest education systems in the world- today a mere 41 years later, it is ranked 37th and falling dramatically. That is the legacy of Big Government at its worst.

As for my voting or otherwise supporting our current Democrat Governor who has yet to tell me if he is the one wearing Blackface or the one wearing the Klan Robe in his medical school senior yearbook photo (or supporting his Democrat Lieutenant Governor who has yet to be investigated for multiple sexual assaults charged by several women; or the Democrat Attorney General who also admitted he wore Blackface while a young adult), there are such things still in existence as "moral impossibilities." Sadly, I see nothing ahead for our beloved Virginia other than the next massive rupture of our American political system- on the same scale as Mr. Lincoln's War to Prevent Southern Independence by force of arms- the bloodiest conflict of the 19th Century. Let us pray this does not happen again- but all the forces are mounting exponentially now at breakneck speed now to try and prevent the Third American Secession (the first two being 1776-1783; and 1860-1865). On both occasions, our American ancestors tried to prevent Virginia (and America) from becoming what they are today. Indeed they tried to prevent Richmond and Charlottesville and Northern Virginia from becoming what they are today. They largely failed both times- but that is precisely the reason why we should honor their memory and their beautiful and powerful memorials in our current time. If Virginians and Americans cannot remember their past factually and truthfully in our current time, then Virginia and America will themselves soon be forgotten. Again, those results are too horrible to contemplate.
J Obrokta · November 24, 2019 at 8:57 pm

Jeffersonian -

While I am disappointed that you aren't coming in to LHS to see our work, I appreciate that in this most recent post you focused your anger towards the state rather than our district. I also appreciate that you give me the benefit of the doubt, though you probably don't actually know me well.

There is definitely one thing that you and I can agree on. Forcing students to memorize content to regurgitate for a state-mandated exam is not good for our public schools. As a world history teacher, I admit that I am not in a position to agree or disagree with your account of the SOL test regarding the civil war. But I definitely force students to memorize “facts” from world history which are questionable in their accuracy and/or in their interpretation.

If you really stand against the state-mandated exams, then I implore you to support our governor and the current government in Richmond. Our two most recent governors have done a lot to work with VDOE to end our current system of SOL testing, but SOL tests in social studies remain on the docket largely thanks to a very small contingent of conservative members of our state senate. It is a strange situation in which we find conservatives, who ought to be in favor of small government and local control, forcing our entire state to teach to standards that are clearly questionable.

Seriously, please write to the remaining conservative members of our state senate and help them to understand that local control of education would better serve the various communities in our state.

Best regards,
Jim OBrokta
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Jeffersonian American · November 24, 2019 at 9:15 am
Mr. OBrokta, greetings and all good wishes. Because the article directly involves our local public schools, it is appropriate to raise awareness of issues citizens have not seen elsewhere. I am familiar with FCPS and have known several excellent teachers and administrators; and one or two horrid ones. I read you are among the excellent and commend you for your efforts. We need more intellectually-honest, strong teachers willing to throw out the public school "scripted" public education today and teach our American history factually and truthfully from original primary sources and first-hand accounts to encourage them to think critically of those uniquely American ideals, principles and sacrifices.

No need to attack the messenger here- let us focus on the facts of the case. We are discussing the Radical Left Brainwashing of our Virginia Public Schools, beginning with the forced indoctrinations of our elementary grade children.

Here is a useful overview:

Now here are some details:

It is clear to the most casual older observers that America is rapidly coming apart at the seams- morally, politically and economically. Political Correctness, Multiculturalism and Diversity are killing our former American Republic. Nowhere are the roots of these fatal illnesses more evident than in our taxpayer-raped, local, State and Federal Government-run public school system indoctrination centers- and further handed down to our States and local communities in an ever-increasing, out-of-control spiral over taxing and spending. There are many components of the Government-run indoctrination centers at work inside our local community in our current time: Agenda 21 Globalism; George Soros and PATH social engineering funded radical elements and associated financing; the all-controlling, sickening U.S. Department of Education and its "Standards of Learning" (SOL) criteria; and even the local Fauquier County Public School's GOALS 2015 blueprint, a recent doctrine devoted to celebrating Multiculturalism, Diversity and Hyphenated Americans over traditional American history education and its lack of emphasis on our American citizenship education (read: teaching public school students to appreciate foreign cultures with little to no education for appreciating our American heritage and history first, both factually and truthfully). Examined objectively after a line-by-line review of "GOALS 2015," how can we expect our local public school students to thoughtfully learn, compare and appreciate foreign countries and cultures when they have not been properly equipped to first learn and appreciate- much less value- our unique American heritage and history factually and truthfully? Why is it that over 10 years ago, a graduating Fauquier High School honor student (one who had read primary sources and first-hand accounts, and knew his American history through significant independent study outside of the classroom) confessed to this author that he "... was forced to lie in order to answer the SOL Test correctly..." when it came to the multiple-choice SOL test question, "What issue was the American Civil War fought over?" The honor student was troubled he had to lie to himself by marking the answer, "Slavery" on the SOL Test to ensure he would pass the exam and graduate from Fauquier County Public Schools in direct contradiction to his own research of the 1861 Corwin Amendment and Crittenden Resolution (among other independent study of the historic truths about Mr. Lincoln's War to Prevent Southern Independence). This is just one small example of why Fauquier County Public School enrollments have been in decline in recent years, with increasing hundreds of County parents choosing home schooling and private school education for their children instead. Yet, each year like clockwork during the County Budget cycle, we Fauquier taxpayers suffer hearing all kinds of tales of woe for increased annual funding for all kinds of new programs and disastrous public education blueprints amidst dramatically declining public school enrollment numbers, too often resulting in horrific annual tax increases destroying our Fauquier County taxpayer quality of life and our American Dream. Clearly, hard-working Fauquier County taxpayers have been ridden far too hard by Government Officials who believe, by their unanimous votes, that we taxpayer citizens are their economic slaves. I've witnessed this despicable attitude by our Supervisors and their un-elected, liberal judge court-appointed Boards firsthand too many times in recent decades. The very people who significantly raise our property taxes every year now tell us to move if we do not like it. (CONTINUED)
Jeffersonian American · November 24, 2019 at 8:59 am

However, beyond these local observations, I strongly encourage all of our concerned citizens to consider what other recent credible sources are stating on this subject beyond Fauquier County:

The current scripted Federal and State mandated Virginia Public Schools indoctrinations are truly horrid. Intellectually-honest public school educators who are teaching factually and truthfully despite their plight in such a system are to be cherished and recognized.

My best to you under these very sad circumstances, JA
J Obrokta · November 20, 2019 at 7:45 am
Jeffersonian -

I have no idea why you are posting this diatribe about our school system’s curricula on a news item about the county’s response to a disturbing video.

Additionally, please make sure that you get your facts straight in the future before making such wild assertions about our agenda. Our students currently study foreign countries and cultures in four different years. They take World History 1 and 2 in 9th and 10th grade. They take World Geography in 8th grade. And in elementary school they have one year with units on Egypt, Rome, and Mali.

The other 8 years are all dedicated to the study of our “extraordinary Fauquier, Virginia, and American history.”

I hate to think that any member of our community misunderstands what we are doing so badly. If you are interested in seeing the kind of work that actually takes place in our schools to help young people understand their own nation and the complex world that they live in, please contact me and we can arrange to have you visit my history classes at LHS.

Best regards,
Jim OBrokta
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Jeffersonian American · November 20, 2019 at 6:56 am
Concerned citizens, the time is long past to remove your children from Virginia Public Schools- how many Fauquier parents know that Virginia is one of eight states nationwide now indoctrinating children with hateful Radical Left Activism? How many of you have read the radical multiculturalism and diversity details in Fauquier's "Goals 2015" agenda which emphasizes study and appreciation of foreign cultures and religions, but makes absolutely no reference to teaching our American history and heritage factually and truthfully? How can Fauquier Public School children make educated, wise comparisons of foreign cultures when they are not taught to first learn, value and appreciate the essential truths of our extraordinary Fauquier, Virginia and American history?

Look at the deeply disturbing agenda printed in the link below now being taught to Virginia's public elementary school children and decide for yourself:
Lance82 · November 20, 2019 at 1:46 am
3 paragraphs saying absolutely nothing.
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