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April 20, 2021 · OPINION

“Working against the welfare of our citizens”

By Virginia Wylie

I worry as to what the future holds for my children and my grandchildren. We currently have a Congress of greedy, narcissistic men and women who seem to be only concerned with personal power, party power and money.

Our Congress, that esteemed body of elected officials tasked with safeguarding and preserving the rights and freedoms of our citizens, has become a den of wolves snapping and snarling at each other in order to gain, regain or retain power. The good of the nation and its citizens are all but forgotten. Oh, they give lip service to caring about the welfare of the nation, but it’s not about us, it’s all about them.

Those in Congress who actually do care, and there must be some, apparently do not have the courage to step forth and challenge those who do not. Perhaps they are being intimidated into pushing the party line without question…like zombies in a grade B movie. After all, if they lose their seat in whatever house of Congress they sit, they lose the opportunity to make millions through insider information trading, gratuities from lobbyists and other suspect activities for which members suffer no consequences. Additionally, since there are no term limits, access to these “golden goose” benefits can continue for many years. After all, Congress gets to legislate as to what is legal and what is not; illegal for us is not necessarily illegal for them. Why would they be motivated to change as

To date in this administration, for which so many had so much hope, we have seen thousands of people lose jobs (both in this country and Canada) due to the pipeline shutdown. These people have homes and families to support just like the rest of us. Now they have no jobs. Gas prices are rising, and we may once again be dependent on foreign oil…not a good situation in the current global political atmosphere.

The border crisis has returned and escalated. We are being inundated! Not all those crossing our borders are simply illegals wishing for a better life. Among them are drug mules ready to flood our country with life-destroying poisons and agents of foreign governments ready to do harm to our country and our people. After ignoring the situation for as long as possible, the current administration has suggested the totally ridiculous plan of sending money to South and Central American countries with the hope that these countries will be able to offer more opportunities to their citizens, thus encouraging them to stay home. It’s not only a ridiculous plan, but is really stupid. As usual, the money we send would go straight into the pockets of corrupt officials and members of the drug cartels, not to mention it would bankrupt the U.S. which has already spent itself into a deficit hole with Covid relief.

This administration is also considering re-entering a nuclear non-proliferation deal with Iran, the very country that has had its agents caught trying to cross our borders, and which has threatened us time and time again.

Currently, we are seeing commercials on TV regarding how corporations should be taxed to pay their “fair” share. If people remember, by the end of the Obama administration, major corporations were getting ready to relocate to other countries and take their jobs with them due to the exorbitant taxes they were being forced to pay. Many people would have lost jobs and possibly homes if that had happened. Now we see this happening again. Corporations provide jobs; reasonable taxes are acceptable; what is being proposed is not.

One of the very worst plans proposed by our current president is packing the Supreme Court. This is one of the most dangerous proposals yet, as acknowledge by President Biden when he served in Congress. Now, for political expediency, he appears to have changed mind. The structure of the Supreme Court is outlined in our Constitution. It was established to act as a non-political counter-balance to the presidency and Congress. It is necessary for it to remain such for our country to continue as a haven of justice and hope.

As I look over what I’ve just written, I realize that the Biden administration appears to be working against the welfare of our citizens and is attempting to weaken the country. If any president should be impeached and put out of office, President Biden should be for the good of our country’s future.

The writer lived more than 30 years in Fauquier before moving to the Richmond area about four years ago.
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