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Eagle Pest Services

“When we walk into a home, we’re helping people live a better, healthier life. We’re assisting them with real life problems, and that feels good,” said Mike Rector, Vice President of Eagle Pest Services in Warrenton. “We really are grateful that we can help people in the community.” 

Mike and his father Tom, President of Eagle Pest Services, both Fauquier natives, started their company in 1995 in Tom’s Warrenton basement with five employees. After five years of hard work, the company really took off and now their staff of 42 operates 35 trucks in the field every day covering an area from Fauquier to Northern Virginia, D.C., and Maryland. With a home base in Warrenton, Eagle Pest Services treats homes and commercial buildings, both interior and exterior, for all types of pests on both an emergency and a maintenance basis. 

“It can really be a health issue,” said Mike. “Not only are pests a pain in the neck, but they can carry all sorts of diseases, so it’s important that homes and businesses remain free of insects and rodents.” While using the most effective treatments available today, the company is also sensitive to families’ concerns on the effect of the pest treatments on their families and pets as well as the environment. “We use a lot of green products now, and there are more coming out every day. The industry has come a long way. Now they’re making a lot of botanicals and plant based products that repel insects. They work as well as their chemical counterparts, and they’re getting better and better. The more we use them the more we realize that it’s better for everybody.”   

Mike credits his company’s success to two things: their relationships with their customers, and their highly trained employees. Mike prides himself on his staff, and said, “They are what make us what we are. They’re like family.” They go through a rigorous training regimen before they are sent out into the field, with three months of education, and then another six months of working with supervision before they go out on their own. “This elevates our staff to a level above the competition,” Mike explained. “Our employees can answer any question a customer may have, and be very clear about what expectations they should have, and that’s important to our customer service.” This all seems to be working, since their customer retention rate is high, and a good portion of their new business comes from word of mouth. 

Mike said, “For both me and my dad, there’s a special place in our hearts for Fauquier County and its residents. We go out to dinner, see customers, and touch base with them. It’s really special to us. At the end of the day, when you walk into a home for the final follow up and you don’t see any pests, it’s almost like a feeling of gratitude, just being glad that we were able to help.”


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