BESTBREAKFAST PLACE, Haymarket/Gainesville

When asked about about why he thought it was important to offer such fresh and organic options, owner Aaron Lynch said, “Whenever I thought about opening a restaurant, I thought, ‘I want my kids to be able to eat this.’ Honestly, a lot of people around here eat only fresh and organic foods, and it’s hard to find places comparable to how people eat at home, so I set out to do that.”

In addition to its tasty smoothies, juices, lunches, and of course breakfasts, Hidden Julles’ menu includes vegan and paleo selections, and the staff is happy to adjust any item in order to make it paleo or gluten-free.

Conveniently located in the heart of Haymarket, Hidden Julles is renowned as much for it’s delicious fresh foods as it is for having the area’s first and only food truck – the aforementioned Rambler – which is used to deliver the cafe’s popular dishes to weddings, special events, and business lunches. With all the love the community has for Hidden Julles, it’s no surprise people want to introduce others to the cafe. And one of the best ways to do that, if you can’t come in of course, is simply to reserve the Rambler!

One of Hidden Julles’ major goals is to be as local possible. Not only do they source their food locally from places such as Whiffletree Farm, but they also stay local for other services. “I use local vendors, not only for our products but for insurance, accounting, things like that,” explained Lynch.

Recently the cafe added weekend hours during which it serves dinner. Said Lynch, “We wanted to test the dinner menu and decided to do so on weekends. To be open for 14- or 15-hours a day is a lot on the staff. But ultimately our goal is to be open seven days a week.”

So if you’re looking for a place where you can get anything from juice to a sandwich to some stuffed french toast, and you live in the Haymarket/Gainesville area, give Hidden Julles a try. Located at 14950 Washington Street in Haymarket, stop in and taste for yourself the reason it’s this year’s best breakfast spot, and check the Facebook page at @HiddenJullesHaymarket for daily deliciousness updates.

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