First Friday

Spring and early summer are my favorite times to be in Warrenton, and I know I’m not alone in that belief! The season also marks the return of two of Experience Old Town Warrenton’s favorite programs: the Old Town Flower Baskets, and First Fridays. 

Thanks to the donations of local businesses and the skills of Blue Ridge Property Services, Main Street will once again be graced with beautiful flower arrangements in baskets suspended above the street. These botanical charms will be expanding this year down some side streets to add beauty to as many corners of Old Town as possible. You can help too! We’ll need volunteers to help us plant the baskets, so please reach out on Facebook or via email at  

Starting June 3rd, Experience Old Town Warrenton and Allegro Community School of the Arts will be partnering to bring back First Fridays, a beloved Warrenton tradition. There will be some major changes to the event as we adapt to the weekend street closures. First, the event will be focused on 3rd to 5th Streets, and selected vendors will be non-profit and activities based. This focuses the energy of First Fridays on our merchant community rather than out-of-town businesses. As always, each Friday will have a theme and unique food and drink options will be provided. 

With the exception of July 1st, when Warrenton Town Limits will return, First Fridays will continue through October. As always, we are eager for your feedback, and EOTW will have a booth at each event. Stop by and share your thoughts!

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