Old Town Warrenton

Picture a night out on the Main Street of your favorite small town in your most treasured vacation destination. What do you see and hear? A live band? A group of friends clinking glasses at an outdoor dining table? Kids giggling while getting their faces painted? A refined, relaxed art gallery? These features give your favorite spot an atmosphere you love. The most important feature of all is that whenever you go, Summer after Summer, night after night, you know that atmosphere will be there for you and your family. It is that consistency which makes Chincoteague, Rams Head, or Williamsburg so special. 

The pandemic which took so much from us now gives Warrenton the chance to redefine the kind of town we want to be for residents and visitors alike. 2022 will bring vitality and consistency to Old Town, with the “RollOutWarrenton!” street closures that begin Friday at 4:30, and continue until Sunday morning each weekend of the season. Starting just after Easter, this major change from 2021 means that visitors and residents will be able to expect a safe, pedestrian walking mall all weekend long.

This change will bring another major attraction to Main Street, with the Warrenton Farmers Market moving to a new location stretching from Culpeper Street to 3rd Street. The change will give market vendors unprecedented exposure and bring life to Main Street on Saturday mornings throughout the year. 

It’s important to note that these changes are experimental. As we find our way in the post-pandemic world, Experience Old Town Warrenton and the Town will need to call on the same creativity that helped put Warrenton on the map during the pandemic. We will expand on the ideas that are working, while cutting the chaff. To do that, we’ll need your help and your counsel. Send your feedback to director@oldtownwarrenton.org, and together we will build a town that attracts new residents and visitors while supporting our small businesses. 

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