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Advisors Jan Kamphuis, Jennifer Hardcastle, Steven Crouch

Where can you find a professional office where you are comfortable dropping in anytime without an appointment? The intimate, personal atmosphere created by the financial advisors at B. Riley Wealth Management in Warrenton makes their clients feel welcome to do just that. 

Having worked together as financial advisors in Warrenton for more than 20 years, the team of longtime Fauquier County community members has decades of experience in, and a strong reputation for, helping their clients grow, enjoy, protect, and preserve their wealth throughout their lifetimes. Steven Crouch, Jan Kamphuis, and Jennifer Hardcastle recently opened the B. Riley office in Warrenton to better serve their clients’ needs through access to the firm’s sophisticated financial services and solutions which include retirement planning, investment planning, risk management, insurance, and corporate retirement plan advisory services. 

The three advisors you encounter at the office are as genuine there as when you run into them out in the community. As Jennifer puts it, “We work with people first and the numbers are secondary.”

The focus of each advisor is developing real, lasting relationships with their clients. Everything feels familiar in the office, and the advisors work to extend the same safe familiarity to their clients, whatever the circumstances that bring them in.

Their success is driven by each client’s happiness with their experience with their advisor. When finances come into play in a client’s life, says Jennifer, “We want to be that trusted friend they turn to for help navigating through those decisions.” Jan says, “We respect that navigation process is different for each client. That’s why we spend time treating people as individuals and listening.” Steven adds, “Our shared objective is to develop an investment plan tailored to each client’s financial needs and goals.”

B. Riley Warrenton has the power and resources to offer full financial services that suit all types of accounts and investment amounts, while the intimate setting enables them to always put their clients first. Having a full-service, client-centric approach in a small, strong community requires “treating all clients equally and providing everyone great service,” Steven says.

It’s never too late to seek guidance through your financial life. The advisors at B. Riley Wealth Management in Warrenton are here to help you through the what-ifs every step of the way.

550 Broadview Ave, Suite 201, Warrenton • 540-680-5370 • brileywealth.com

scrouch@brileywealth.comjhardcastle@brileywealth.com •  jkamphuis@brileywealth.com

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