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Visit the Ross Real Estate “About Us” page on their website and you’ll learn a commonality among the agents in this boutique brokerage is longevity in both the local area and their field of expertise. These compliments are the foundation of Ross Real Estate, making the whole greater than the sum of their parts. Whether brokering real estate was an inevitable fate as a result of “speaking the language” as a child growing up, or a split in a previous career path as a result of a peripheral interest, like building or interior design, this collection of agents prides themselves on being experts. But being an expert also requires humility and a willingness to grow and learn. Following market trends and the most effective ways of presenting a house to market and to would-be buyers requires commitment to being open-minded and willing to explore new paths, all the while maintaining the tried and true.

The company’s internal goals include not only being great real estate agents (which they have the awards and accolades to prove), but also satisfied, well-balanced people. “Prioritizing health, family and encouraging hobbies…all of these things make for a happier, more capable, more resilient person, which naturally makes for a better real estate agent.” Owner and broker Tyler Ross says, “Not just better agents, but higher-level contributors to our community.”

Should anyone want to learn more about Ross Real Estate’s “ethos”, you need only read the agent bios or even do a Google search of the company or agents and the results speak for themselves. Next year Ross Real Estate will celebrate their 10th anniversary, celebrating a “steady growth of good people who care about others.”

In Real Estate brokerages, agents are independent contractors. “Really, each agent runs their own personal business, they simply choose a brokerage (like Ross Real Estate) to run that business under. I’m tremendously grateful to have this collection of people make the same choice,” Ross says. “Despite the technical business formation, the agents treat each other as a team and even as family: celebrating each other’s successes, supporting personal endeavors and even covering for each other as needed for showings. Our clients get the benefit of that.”

31 Garrett St, Warrenton • 540-351-0922 • rossva.com


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