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Tyler Ross

Ross Real Estate celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2022. “From what was just me in a little shoe-box office has grown to a collection of people that are often referred to … [as] the best agents around,” broker Tyler Ross said.

Ross Real Estate now has a team of 12 licensed agents with excellent reputations who “challenge and humble” Ross. “We recruit one to two experienced agents every few years who really fit in with our professional culture and values, and who bring a wide spectrum of professional and life experiences.” This variety of experience is rarely found in the real estate community. 

Focused on quality over quantity, the size of their team is still impressive – and so is their scope of work. The agents at Ross Real Estate have listed residential properties from Shenandoah to Arlington for $85,000 to $2.4 million just last year.

Ross personally specializes in land transactions and has ventured into land-centric investments. “The personal exposure is fun for me, but also it helps me advise clients on lesser known opportunities. Whether it is conservation or development oriented, I enjoy  having the personal experiences to share.”

“Anything to do with land and houses piques the curiosity of everyone in the office,” Ross said. The shared passion for real estate is not the only thing that unites their agents.

“We’re in a people business that relies on networking and sharing,” Ross explained, so in an era where a significant number of people work remotely, having a brick-and-mortar office is a way to facilitate that. “Being together [also] cultivates that familial culture our office has. We get together not just to grind down on work or set goals, but we enjoy seeing one another.” Meetings can be creative as well, such as their annual clay shoot office meeting.

The Ross Real Estate team enjoys seeing you too. If you’re considering entering the real estate market, they encourage you to shop around for lenders and Realtors–“and make sure one is from Ross Real Estate!” Ross said.

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