Brianne Hout, left, and Jocelyn King, right, co-owners and managers of Nothing Bundt Cakes – Gainesville. Photo by Christine Craddock

“Any occasion can be made better with cake!” said Jocelyn King, co-owner/co-manager of the Gainesville bakery Nothing Bundt Cakes, which opened in April. “My first two experiences with these cakes were at funerals, actually, so you might think I would have a negative connotation, but no!” The bakery franchise specializes in perfect bundt cakes baked daily and expertly decorated. From red velvet to lemon to fall’s pumpkin spice, and from weddings to birthdays, and yes, funerals – Nothing Bundt Cakes is built to elevate all types of celebrations.

Jocelyn and co-owner and partner Brianne Hout both live in Gainesville. The two met as youth ministers, working together on activities and budgets. “Jocelyn and I are both mothers – we each have four children and we hadn’t been in the workforce for over a decade,” shared Brianne. “Jocelyn and her husband Jason had tried the cakes at Nothing Bundt Cakes in Fairfax, and they were such fans that they asked when the bakery was coming to Gainesville.” Marge Kelly and Liz Wallen, who own both the Fairfax and Vienna locations, suggested the couple open that Gainesville shop, and with that the idea was born.

“The Nothing Bundt Cakes franchise process is significant, including an application and discovery process period,” Brianne said. “As part of that, you do research through the corporate office, reaching out through them to bakeries around the country. We could ask them anything, and we learned so much.”

The pair were particularly taken by how corporate places a priority on supporting women moving back into the workforce, helping them overcome the barriers of entry. “There was a great team of people helping us through the process,” said Brianne. “We presented our business plan to the corporate office in Dallas, and we were so happy to be accepted!” Of note – the company only opens 45 bakeries a year but receives hundreds of applications. There are approximately 450 Nothing Bundt Cakes bakeries in the U.S., with plans to expand to 1,000. There are two bakeries in Canada with plans to grow that market as well.

The partners spent a month in Dallas training for every position in the bakery, including baker, dishwasher, and frosting maker. They now employ two full-time bakers and eight part-time frosters. “We have a full commercial kitchen, and though we are the managers, we can jump in and help with anything,” Brianne said. What really resonated with the partners was the company motto. “Bringing the joy — that is really their motto, and that spoke to us!” said Brianne. “Our kids are involved in groups and activities, and we want to partner with schools, sports teams, churches, and other community events.”

When the bakery first opened, both women were working 80 hour weeks. “We opened three weeks before Mother’s Day,” said Brianne. “It was crazy; we just came home to sleep. At one point when the bakery was up and running, we started coming home at 8pm and we were like ‘Oh, what a win!’”

“From day one, the community was ready to welcome us and give us a shot, and that was worth all the long hours,” Jocelyn said. Now, they both work about 35 hours a week, alternating Saturdays. “Our team is awesome. Businesses are struggling right now to find help, but our team has stuck with us,” Brianne shared. “We’ll be spending more time at the bakery as the holidays approach, but it’s been nice to have balance while we can.”

Nothing Bundt cakes offers delivery to a twelve mile radius, including Manassas, Haymarket, Warrenton and places in between.  “Part of our cake business model hinges on the experience. We do the deliveries ourselves or use one approved vendor,” Jocelyn said. “We are very particular about how the cake is presented. And honestly, sometimes It is nice to get out, take a drive and be the person to deliver a cake!”

“The bakery is supposed to be reminiscent of Grandma’s traditional cake and the family aspect of celebrations – that is the vibe behind it,” Jocelyn shared. “We are loving it – it’s such a positive thing celebrating events, participating in teamwork and the community, connecting, and adding to people’s experiences.”

“This bakery is our happy place,” added Brianne. “We try to radiate that through our team, in our lobby, and with our cakes. It’s such a joyful thing, and we intentionally chose it.” And yes, they still eat the cake!

Nothing Bundt Cakes/7324 Atlas Walk Way, Gainesville/P: 703-782-9975/E: gainesville-haymarket@nothingbundtcakes.com/W: nothingbundtcakes.com/bakery/va/gainesville-haymarket/Open Mon-Fri: 9:00am – 6:00pm, Sat: 10:00am – 6:00pm, Closed Sundays

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