A Day on the Water

Fishing holes create special, memorable moments with your father

I am a Jersey girl from head to toe, and personally love being on the water…or on the banks…or anywhere near the sound of water. Fresh or salt water, it doesn’t matter. I share this sentiment with you because June is the month we celebrate our fathers and the special father figures in our lives. I am always astounded at the memories which surface this month for me. When I was young and my father still alive, we spent countless hours on the bay fishing together; waking sometimes at 4:30 a.m. to be on the water for the perfect conditions to enhance our overall catch that day. 

Although many times no fish came home with us we did bring home something – the warm memories of cutting the bait, fixing a broken fishing line, or casting a line out into the water in high expectation – a priceless father and daughter bonding experience. Remember the old saying:: “The early bird gets the worm?” If so, take a day and enjoy special time with your dad to celebrate him. The outdoors is a great place to contemplate life, bond, and enjoy one on one time together. 

Since I am a bit biased, I suggest you indulge in an outing where rest and relaxation is plentiful, is near the water, and hopefully very successful with a bountiful catch. Maybe you will snag a few bream, bluegill, crappie, largemouth bass, bullhead, rainbow trout, smallmouth bass, walleye, warmouth, perch, or one of the many other types of fish present in the region. 

Since there are a myriad of local fishing spots, on both public and private land, consider your preference. Some spots are situated perfectly for wading, while others for fishing along the banks or in a canoe. The real fun is in the act of fishing itself. Even if you don’t catch anything, you will capture memories. Gather your gear and think about items for the excursion. I have included some items you may want to bring, information on some local destinations, and resources to discover excursions out of the immediate area.

Fishing Check List

Fishing license. Purchase online or in one of our local stores prior to your Father’s Day excursion. For more information on state requirements you may visit Virginia Fish & Wildlife’s websitedgif.virginia.gov/fishing.

Permission. If you are seeking a fishing hole on privately owned property, be sure you have the expressed (and sometimes written) permission from the landowner in case someone stops you along the way.

Fishing gear. Don’t forget your pole, tackle box, and/or bait. A pair of needle-nose pliers also comes in handy for extracting stubborn hooks. A local bait shop like Rankins is a great place to go to for equipment advice. 

Don’t forget other basics like food, drinks, chairs and sun protection. 

Fishing Holes Within 5 Miles of Old Town Warrenton 

This is not an all encompassing list, it is only a few local places. There are plenty more, so visit www.hookandbullet.com/c/fishing-warrenton-va for detailed information on the location, type of fishing and type of land (public or private) you are seeking.

• Airlie Dam

• Cattail Branch

• Fox Pond

• Johnsons Dam

• Jordan Branch

• Lower Warrenton Lakes Dam

• Mill Run

• Silbersiepe Pond

• Springhill Farm Pond

• Warrenton Lake

• Warrenton Reservoir (only open one day a year for the public to enjoy – sorry folks)

For those of you interested in driving a little distance, check out the diverse locations for trout fishing. Details on the locations are available on Virignia’s website www.dgif.virginia.gov/fishing/trout/. This site will also provide you information on the fishing season, limits, and it provides users with an interactive map to view.

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