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Do you want to get your house on the market as soon as possible? Do you have guests coming for the holidays and need to redecorate before they arrive? This month’s column answers some of your questions about how to avoid long delays associated with the global shipping crunch.

Our house feels dated but we want it on the market immediately. How should we proceed? The first step would be to speak to your realtor and arrange for a staging consultation. They should have someone they work with who can prepare a detailed report about the items that need to be addressed. While every situation is different, signs of deferred maintenance or damage need to be addressed as well as cleaning, decluttering, and depersonalizing to start.

Pro Tip: Your realtor and their team should have a list of trustworthy companies they partner with to complete whatever items on the report are ones you can’t or shouldn’t attempt yourself.

We’re going to have our house repainted. Is there anything we should be prepared for? There is almost always going to be repainting or at least touch ups to do, so I’m not surprised, but even if you have a crew lined up you might need to be flexible about the particular paint. Our last two jobs had painting issues. During the first, the store ran out of paint, and during the second, we had to switch brands because the first company still had not been able to restock.

Pro Tip: Paint itself is relatively inexpensive. The labor to repaint significantly exceeds the cost of making sure you are happy with the color by having a sample made in the same sheen, even if that requires purchasing an entire gallon that might not get used. 

How can we bring cohesion to a space without ordering lots of stuff? If you are a fan of a certain 1998 Coen Brothers movie you already know the answer is that the right rug can really bring the room together. Luckily there are many places that stock a significant selection of sound absorbing, room warming, take it home with you today pieces of artwork you cover your floor with. Even better, once you show the space you can roll it up and take it with you. 

Pro Tip: A 100% wool felt pad will make even inexpensive rugs feel nicer and they should be safe for virtually any floor. 

How important are window treatments? Can we skip them? While natural light is normally a big plus there are times when having a window treatment is a must. One of our recent clients moved into a house with a gorgeous large window right in front of their tub. Unfortunately that also happened to be right in front of their neighbors living room. Light control is important when you need to sleep as well as creating a feeling of privacy. Window treatments should be present where needed but opened to allow light in for showing provided there is no parking garage or other unsightly item directly in view.

Pro Tip: Custom window treatments take time, but a good workroom can have them manufactured within 3 to 4 weeks. Don’t forget to factor in some time for installation. 

We want to sell our house furnished, but want to replace the furniture first. Thoughts? The specifics of showing and selling a house furnished are much more complicated, especially when you want to change what’s in there. Aside from speaking once again with your realtor and their team, if you want to get on the market as quickly as possible you should absolutely consider reupholstering the existing pieces before purchasing new ones. Lead times for furniture can exceed 9 months where the typical upholstery job takes about 4 weeks.

Pro Tip: Many upholstery workrooms will pick up and deliver your piece(s) in their own vehicles which is much faster than waiting for shipping companies.


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