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It is indisputable that without a mother none of us would be here today. This month we look at a few small ways that we can give something back to those to whom we owe so much. 

My mother says she doesn’t need anything and already has too much stuff. What is something I can get her that won’t take up space?

Consider a 1-for-1 trade. Certainly your mother has some amount of furniture. Replacing the existing cushions with new ones takes up no more room than the original and can restore the feel of a favorite piece.

Pro Tip: Rather than measuring yourself and potentially getting the dimensions wrong, bring the existing cushions to an upholstery shop. If you cannot leave them until the replacements are done they can make a template to get the fit right.

What would you suggest for a mother that really insists on not getting anything?

If you mean nothing at all then I would honor her wishes. If you mean no physical items whatsoever, then I would suggest a service. There are very few people who would object to a top notch cleaning crew coming to scrub grout, clean behind the refrigerator, and underneath the stove. Even the most immaculate houses don’t stay that way without effort.

Pro Tip: Have a cleaning service already? Some tasks are only completed during a “deep clean” by another professional. And when was the last time the countertops were re-sealed?

What is a luxury gift that is both practical and stylish?

Long time readers will know I am a big fan of beautiful throws. Cashmere or Alpaca feel great and are very warm. If mom isn’t into plaid or traditional paisley designs, it’s hard to go wrong with a neutral colored solid or subtle pattern like herringbone.

Pro Tip: Throws don’t simply have to sit on the back of a sofa. They can be draped over the arm of a chair, folded decoratively across the foot of a bed, or laid across an ottoman.

We recently renovated our primary bathroom, is there an accessory for it that I could get my wife?

Assuming you didn’t remove the bathtub I would get her a bath shelf. Sometimes called a bath caddy or tray, these beautiful slats allow her to keep books dry, her iphone safe, and chardonnay on hand. Paired with the necessary time alone to enjoy, it makes an excellent gift.

Pro Tip: Both teak and bamboo are good options and will stand up well for years; but exotic woods, various metals, and even contemporary acrylic options are also readily available.

What are you personally going to get for Mother’s Day?

My wife, the mother of our teenage son, needs and deserves both better sleep at night and a more relaxing environment during the day. Consequently she is receiving a swing and comfy cushion that will hang on the front porch and a special high-end pillow to provide the correct level of support and temperature control for her specific needs at night.

Pro Tip: Happy wife, happy life.  Happy Mother’s Day all!

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