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As the end of the year approaches we wanted to thank some of our favorite recent clients and answer their questions. And since it is the season of giving we thought it would be nice to share those answers with you, our favorite readers.

I love this pillow fabric and was hoping to have a pair of chairs upholstered in the same thing. Can you get more of it? Typically the run of any given fabric averages two years, but for this client the answer was yes. We had a sample from the manufacturer and knew exactly what it was. Luckily it also had an abrasion rating that was sufficient for upholstering her beautiful vintage Baker Furniture chairs. Miracles do happen.

Pro Tip: In the event that the fabric wasn’t suitable for upholstery, it can potentially have a backing applied to strengthen or stabilize the fabric as needed. Doing such typically requires another yard or two beyond the strict upholstery yardage requirements.

We would like to have patio furniture that would allow seven of us (including our toddler) to eat meals together outdoors, but we have very little space. What can we do?  A table with four chairs and a bench will allow six adults to sit and the toddler can be placed between two of the adults on the bench. If there is even less space than that, two benches can line the sides with a single chair opposite a wall or railing that the table will touch. When not in use the two benches can nestle beneath the table to take up the least space possible.

Pro Tip: Benches are typically not comfortable for extended periods of time, but a two inch thick cushion really helps. Make sure to give the chair(s) to anyone with back issues.

I saw these fancy “gaming chairs” advertised online and was thinking about getting them for my office and staff. What do you think? If you are an “influencer” that wants to use the brand for marketing purposes that’s fine, but if you are looking for an amazing high quality ergonomic chair look into Herman Miller Aeron chairs or Steelcase Leap V2’s. We sit in a lot of chairs and, for prolonged office use, and we mean decades, nothing else has impressed us as highly.

Pro Tip: If you’re looking to save some money on a seriously expensive office chair there happen to be hundreds of them on the used and refurbished market at this time. A thorough cleaning is highly recommended.

Our basement needs to have recessed lighting installed. What should I consider when making the purchase? While there are many styles and options available on the market, we favor “wafer” lights. These ultra thin LED units are the thickness of drywall and allow you to install them virtually anywhere. The ones we prefer use very little energy, last an extremely long time, generate almost no heat, and allow you to select the temperature as well. The cost per unit is only about $20 which is certainly less than you would spend on installing another unit and replacing bulbs.

Pro Tip: Temperature for lights usually refers to how warm or cool the color is. The unit of measure is Kelvins. 2,700 is typical for the warm yellow lights common to residential settings, while 5,000 is the cool blue often found in more institutional areas.

I would like to upgrade my bath towels. What should I look for? The dichotomy in the towel world is that of thin, light, quick drying towels vs. fluffy, heavy, super absorbent towels. We tend towards the latter, and do so because we use a brand of cotton faced polyester core hybrid towels. Much like the wicking technology in some of your clothing, they pull moisture away from you without the harsh feel of some other synthetic blends.

Pro Tip: White towels are wonderful for photos and guests, darker colored towels are more practical for those of us with children and/or pets. We make sure to keep both on hand to suit the situation.

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