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Before Haymarket teen Teagan Leach could walk, he would pick up and throw anything he could get his hands on. Most parents would attempt to steer their toddler away from doing that, but Teagan’s mom Olivia saw an opportunity. She removed the breakable items and instead made targets on her walls. When he got a little older, she made a strike zone down a hallway in their house. In addition to being a super cool mom, Olivia is a baseball lover who aspired to be the first female MLB pitcher. She knows baseball and saw something in her son at that young age. Something that many people throughout the country have learned about Teagan by the tender age of 13.

Teagan has played organized baseball since he was three. Since then, his skill and talent have continued to not only grow but excel. You could say he consistently knocks it out of the park. He has always played up, playing with kids in two age ranges above him and this summer, he was invited to the Perfect Game 12U Select Fest, an elite tournament where 28 of the best youth players in his age group from around the country are invited to play, compete, and learn.

“It is an honor to be invited to Select Fest,” Olivia said. “Teagan was one of the top 14 athletes from the East selected and traveled to Atlanta to play in an exhibition game. They treated the athletes very well and provided new equipment and special events and activities. It’s good motivation and a glimpse of what comes next,” she added.

Travel baseball can be intense with long double headers and tournaments and of course lots of travel, but the dedication pays off. Teagan played for Upper Deck’s travel teams in Florida since he was eight, but two years ago, he had the opportunity to play with Mike Colangelo’s Stars Futures national team. He was invited to play with five other teams in the Elite World Series but chose the Stars because he liked the way Colangelo coached and enjoyed the team dynamics. For two summers he played with Star Futures and learned much during the few weeks. Once again Olivia saw an opportunity to foster Teagan’s love of the sport and felt that he would have more opportunity in Northern Virginia with a coach he admired so in January 2021, they moved to Haymarket where he now plays for the Stars full time. He is a left-handed pitcher – a rare and coveted position in baseball – and first baseman.

“I like the mental part of baseball and it’s fun being part of the team,” Teagan said. When asked how he liked the Perfect Game Select Fest, he added “It was exciting when they called my name to be part of it and it was a great experience.” He keeps in touch with many of the players he’s met from around the country through Instagram and sometimes gets to travel and play against them. He has traveled to Texas to play with a California team.

 “He’s well beyond his years. He has an unbelievable feel for the game, his arm strength is amazing, and he is pitching at the high school level. He fields multiple pitches which you don’t typically see at his age,” Mike Colangelo said. But beyond his talent, Teagan is known for being a great kid. Olivia describes him as shy at first, but very easy going and gets along with everyone. “He is an exceptional young man, well behaved, and you can see how much he cares for his teammates,” Colangelo added.

Olivia adds, “As much as I love watching him play, what I love the most is how Teagan is always giving back. Whether it’s helping a teammate, teaching neighborhood children the game or offering advice to help another player who is struggling…he’ll always give his time. That’s what I’m most proud of.”

Outside of playing baseball, he loves to watch and analyze baseball. He keeps up with any professional player who is injured and knows the rankings of MLB teams. His favorite team is the L.A. Dodgers, and his favorite player is Mookie Betts. “I like the way he plays the game and the energy he has. He’s good with all parts of the field, hitting, fielding, you name it,” Teagan said. He will ride his bike, but when he’s outside, what he really wants to do is practice hitting and throwing. In fact, when they looked for a house here in Northern Virginia, an ample yard with enough space to do just that was the primary criteria.

So what’s next for Teagan? He will continue to play travel baseball, and compete in national tournaments. He wants to play baseball in high school and college and aspires to play professionally. Keep your eye on this remarkable young man, because as he continues this trajectory, it’s almost certain we’ll be watching him on television in no time.



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