5 Friday Fauquier factoids: County's wheat harvest


Estimated revenue Fauquier farmers generated from selling 57,800 bushels of wheat last year. In a county where corn, hay and soybeans dominate, farmers harvested 840 acres of wheat in 2017, according to the Virginia Department of Agriculture.

Statewide, wheat sold for an average $4.70 a bushel last year, about $319 an acre in this county. The Fauquier harvest averaged 68 bushels an acre.

Depending on weather, wheat harvests in the Tidewater of Virginia can exceed 100 bushels per acre.


Government and school employee visits to the Fauquier County Wellness Clinic from April 4, when it opened, to May 31.

Established by Vermont-based Marathon Health LLC, the clinic operates 40 hours a week, Monday to Friday, at 92 Alexandria Pike in Warrenton. The staff includes a doctor, nurse and three medical technicians.

The clinic-based approach eventually could save the county hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in health insurance costs.

Under the Marathon plan, the county pays a one-time implementation fee of $179,975.

First-year medical expenses, including staffing, will total about $1 million, according to Marathon.

Fauquier has about 2,600 county government and school employees.


Of Fauquier County students who applied got accepted to Virginia's four-year, public colleges and universities in 2014, '15 and '16.

In that period, 2,869 from Fauquier applied for admission to those schools, and 1,945 got accepted, according to State Council of Higher Education data.

The Virginia Public Access Project this week published the data for every county and city in the commonwealth.

Statewide, the acceptance rate averaged 69.8 percent - slightly better than Fauquier's.

Accepting 44 percent of in-state applicants during those three years, the University of Virginia ranked as the state's most selective, public, four-year college. The College of William & Mary followed closely at 44.1 percent.

Rounding out the top six: VMI (46.2), Christopher Newport University (58), JMU (67.5) and Virginia Tech (68.6).


The cost of two flagpoles outside the new Remington Town Hall. Installed in April, the 25-foot pole will bear an American flag, while a Virginia flag flies from the adjacent 20-foot pole.

Remington American Legion Post 247 donated $400 toward the project.


The number of children the Fauquier County Department of Social Services placed in foster care in fiscal 2017. Of that total, 12 children eventually returned to parents or relatives.

An average of 53 children per month received foster care services in Fauquier. Thirty-six families received services at home to help stabilize them.

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