Glen Ora, former JFK retreat, sells for $6 million

The 130-acre Northern Fauquier farm that served as a retreat for President John F. Kennedy and his family sold last week for $6 million.

Glen Ora's manor house started as a circa 1815 stone cabin. The four-bedroom home has undergone extensive expansion and renovation over the years.

The property includes a pool, pool house, guest cottages, stables and run-in sheds.

JFK and Jackie Kennedy rented the property from 1961 to '63, and she often rode with the Orange County Hunt during that period.

South of Middleburg, the property last sold for $2.7 million ion April 2016, according to county real estate records.

John Coles with Thomas and Talbot Estate Properties represented the seller.

Also recently, a six-bedroom home on 36 acres near Warrenton sold for $2.15 million.

Built in 1951 on Lees Ridge Road, Blythwood features a pool with cabana, a stable with three-bedroom manager's quarters, a new solar field and sweeping views of the Springs Valley.

The property went on the market in September with an asking price of $2.4 million, according to

Joe Allen Jr. with Allen Real Estate represented the seller and Cricket Bedford with Thomas and Talbot represented the buyer.

Two more recent Fauquier home sales hit seven figures:

A four-bedroom home on 57.9 acres near Markham sold for more than $1 million.

The property went on the market in October with an asking price of $1.29 million.

Tyler Ross of Ross Real Estate represented the seller and Denise chandler of Country Places Realty represented the buyer.

A six-bedroom home with a pool on 2.7 acres near Warrenton sold for $1 million.

The property went on the market April 1 with an asking price of $899,000, according to

Dianne Lemanski with Keller Williams Realty/Lee Beaver & Associates represented the seller and Frank Schofield with Summit Realtors represented the buyer.

The Fauquier County Circuit Court clerk's office recorded these real estate transfers April o99-May 5, 2021:

Cedar Run District

Stephen and Callie Kyhl to Willard H. and Scarlet Saunders, 5.6 acres, 3079 Tenerife Road, Catlett, $390,000.

Karen L. Reid to Joe A. Elian, 81.8 acres, Dumfries Road, near Catlett, $590,000.

William and Donna MacAluso to Joseph A. and Margaret M. Giadino, 6.8 acres, Lot 13-A, Partridge Run Estates, 11478 Bristersburg Road, near Catlett, $595,000.

Ian and Emma Dingman to Benjamin A. and Jessica R. Christensen, Lot 49, Phase 2, Woods at Warrenton Subdivision, 6289 Redwinged Blackbird Drive, near Warrenton, $680,000.

Donald C. and Lisa E.C. Gibson to Fernando A. Pena, Sonia M. Osorio and others, 2 acres, 14322 Goldvein Road, Goldvein, $450,000.

William M. and Geraldine Landis to Stanley H.B. Korson and Ashley Tayon, 2.2 acres, 9614 Bristersburg Road, near Calverton, $435,000.

RFI WC LLC, Steven W. Rodgers as managing member, to NVR Inc., Lots 60, 61, 62, 68, 69 and 70, Phase 2, Warrenton Chase Subdivision, near Warrenton, $1,382,000.

Richard and Amy M. Levans to Carlos C. Espinola and Yaquelin Cruz, 1 acre, Lot 9, Section 2, Kettle Run Forest Subdivision, 3216 Daffan Drive, Catlett, $465,000.

Center District

Emma K. and Erick T. Gast to Jasbir Singh and Balwinder Kaur, 1.1 acres, Lot 55, Phase 2, Millwood Subdivision, 7416 Cedar Run Drive, near Warrenton, $570,000.

Timothy A. and Ellen M. Nosal and Virginia C. Reiche to David M. and Gina S. Labell, Lot 69, Whites Mill Subdivision, 6394 Cedar Brook Lane, near Warrenton, $640,000.

Brandon T. and Vicki J. Smith to Lewis Living Trust, Condo 210, Phase 2, Building 635, Warrenton Gardens, 635 Waterloo Road, Warrenton, $154,000.

Aaron and Chandra Wilkemeyer to Amanda S. MacNeil and Joshua A. Donivan, Lot 194, Addition to Warrenton Lakes Subdivision, 6427 Lancaster Drive, near Warrenton, $430,000.

Julie C. Copeland estate, by Rodney D. Ayers as executor, to Marcia P. and Michael L. Southern, Lot 25. Moser Subdivision, 105 Moser Road, Warrenton, $440,000.

NVR Inc. to Michael D. and Jean M. McNamara, 0.14 acre, Lot 24, Winchester Chase Subdivision, 235 Norma Dean Drive, Warrenton, $652,685.

Brian L. and Bridget A. Scarbrough to John G. Finley and Lauren E. Foley, Lot 19, King's Gate Subdivision, 170 Royal Court, Warrenton, $442,000.

David W. Koeting to Randall A. and Karen Davis, 0.27 acre, Lot 16, Moser Subdivision, 140 Frazier Road, Warrenton, $535,000.

Irma G. Lucas to Kyle B. Herwig, 0.14 acre, 155 Haiti St., Warrenton, $325,000.

Sunrise Property Holdings LLC, Brett M. and Julie H. Nelson as managing members, to Daniel R. and Brittany E. DeGroat, Condo Unit 7, Waterloo Center, 77 W. Lee St., Warrenton, $235,000.

Han Dang and Khanh Do to Eric Kang, 0.3 acre, Lot 154, Whites Mill Subdivision, 7718 Morven Lane, near Warrenton, $638,500.

Ginger A. Goff to Ronnie J. and Soraya W. Presley, 0.14 acre, Lot 34, Raymond Farm Subdivision, 8342 Lucy Ave., near Warrenton, $562,000.

Liliyta S. Petkova to Catherine D. and Clayton L. Lescalleet III, Condo 211, Building 635, Phase 2, Warrenton Gardens, 635 Waterloo St., Warrenton, $130,000.

Sharon M. Burke to Thomas B. and Pamela S. Hugill, 17,011 square feet, 38 Garrett St., Warrenton, $450,000.

Lee District

Paul Groves and others, trustees, to B.R. Stephens Enterprises Inc., 1 acre, Catlett Road, Bealeton, $60,100.

NVR Incl. to Gina M.S. Campagnini and Edgar A. Ruiz-Sanchez, Lot 48, Neighborhood B, Phase 2, Mintbrook Subdivision, 5137 Penn St., Bealeton, $295,045.

Cynthia L. Butler to Stephanie R. Lewis, 1.1 acres, Lot 2, Dodson Division, 7297 Covington's Corner Road, near Bealeton, $390,000.

David L. and Pamela S. Symington to Edward and Alejandra Guzman, 1.6 acres, 10478 Weaversville road, near Opal, $365,000.

Emin and Havva Kaya to Jaime J.S. Soriano, Lot 77, Phase 2, Southcoate Village Subdivision, 7003 Declaration Court, Bealeton, $460,000.

Samuel and Dawnyelle D. Moore to Linda Holbrook, Lot 53, Phase 2, Rappahannock Landing Subdivision, 5019 Godwins Landing Drive, Remington, $374,000.

Nancy K. Herman and Jeffrey H. Hale to Christian M.A. Rodriguez, Lot 124-R, Phase 4, Wankoma Village Subdivision, 7678 Wankoma Drive, Remington, $282,000.

Walter and Esmeralda Giron to Shawn P. McGraw and Melbie Favreau, Lot 136, Phase A, Section 3-A, Mintbrook Subdivision, 7618 Hancock St., Bealeton, $455,000.

Taylor R. and Tyler Berkey to Stephanie Jones and Bruce A. Rose, Lot 7, Neighborhood B, Phase 1, Mintbrook Subdivision, 111817 Hall St., Bealeton, $346,000.

Patricia D. and John H. James Jr. to Brian K. Baxter Sr., 1.1 acres, 14021 Blackwells Mill Road, near Goldvein, $251,500.

NVR Inc. to Marlon G. and Larissa L. Gouldbourne, Lot 43, Neighborhood B, Phase 2, Mintbrook Subdivision, 5149 Penn St., Bealeton, $352,220.

Douglas S. and Shelia A. Surges to Gabriel A. and Angel E. Brown, Lot 177, Phase 2, Section E, Edgewood East Subdivision, 11377 Falling Creek Drive, Bealeton, $525,000.

Manuel D. Chavez to Angelia T. and Joseph R. Randall Jr., Lot 65, Phase A, Section 2, Mintbrook Subdivision, 5521 Hale St., Bealeton, $340,000.

Jon M. and Michelle C. McCullough to Crystal L. and Raymond M. Loving Jr., 50.4 acres, Lot 3, Spring Mill Estates Subdivision, 14454 Spring Mill Road, Goldvein, $775,000.

Joseph and Alyssa Sirk to Raymond A. and Ashley M. Wood, 2 acres, 14647 Rodgers Ford Road, Sumerduck, $405,000.

Jong O. and Mi E. Yoo to La Lomita Andes LLC, 0.11 acre, 10,237 square feet,5,404 square feet and 1.5 acres, 12209 James Madison St., Remington, $449,000.

Lloyd L. and Susan M. Adams to Christopher and Denise Raley, Lot 46, Phase 1, Southcoate Village Subdivision, 6580 Constitution Way, near Bealeton, $400,000.

NVR Inc. to Adam J. Kraft, Lot 46, Neighborhood B, Phase 2, Mintbrook Subdivision, 5143 Penn St., Bealeton, $345,960.

Terry Dye Jr. to Franklin I.M. Leiva and Leslie M. Guzman, Lot 24, Section C-1, Bealeton Station Subdivision, 11153 Winston Drive, Bealeton, $338,000.

Marshall District

Christine L. Krewatch to Didier Godat and Connie Eysenck, 57.9 acres and 6.1 acres, 12321 Moss Hollow Road, near Markham, $1,045,000.

Paul A. and Lisa A. Richard to Joshua and Celena Burke, 12.1 acres,5739 Varzara Road, near Orlean, $800,000.

William G. Prime heirs to Steven S. Wolf and Lisa S. Kelly, 36.1 acres, 8363 Lees Ridge Road, near Warrenton, $2,150,000.

Marcus S. and Patricia D. Taylor to VABFT LLC, 9.4 acres, Lot 2, Payne Division, 6821 Leeds Manor Road, near Orlean, $495,000.

Marc and Michelle Bogan to Joel Stuart and Betsyann Belmont, 2.7 acres, Lot 67, Phase 2, Waterloo North Subdivision, 7921 Wellington Drive, near Warrenton, $1,000,000.

Norman T. and Karen K. Schultz to Allyn C. and Sarah Rowland, Lot 11, Stonelea Estates Subdivision, 7490 Admiral Nelson Drive, near Warrenton, $616,000.

Mark A. and Caryl D. Lascola to James M. and Barbara G. Hurst, 2 acres, 9286 Old Waterloo Road, near Warrenton, $649,000.

Terry H. and Marcia R. Moffat to Deborah A. and Michael F. Elwell, 9.3 acres, Lot 3, Rivendell Homes at Keyser Road Subdivision, 5496 Keyser Road, near Hume, $806,000.

Geoffrey W. and Rita W. McGarrigle to Niles D. and Helen K. Wedge, 2.2 acres, Lot 12, Section 1, Edgehill Subdivision, 7452 Opal court, near Warrenton, $575,000.

Rex E. and Sharon A. Dexter to Raejean K. and Paul F. Mercer Jr., 17.6 acres, Lot 2, Freestate Mountain Subdivision, 5462 Free State Road, near Marshall, $865,000.

Academy Street LLC, Jad Sarsour as owner, to Jacob and Emily L. Tate, 5 acres, Lot 2, Lake Athlone Estates Subdivision, 4226 Janes Lane, near Marshall, $700,000.

Linda A. Couch, trustee, to Gail and Kevin Dolan, Lot 8, Phase 3, Huntsman Ridge Subdivision, 7393 Moccasin Lane, near Warrenton, $905,000.

Conde Road LLC, Gilbert T. Bragg as manager, to Peter Y. Chon, 8.7 acres, Lot 1, Conde Estates Subdivision, Conde Road, near Marshall, $170,000.

Scott District

David and Julianna Herbek to Kristopher M. Gilbert, 20 acres, 4462 Lee Highway, near Warrenton, $925,000.

Joshua Beach to Kaina and John W. Lawton V, 2 acres, 6749 Grays Mill Road, near Warrenton, $387,000.

Aran Capital Partners LLC, Mark S. Kelly as managing member, to Timothy A. Buttrum II, Lot 14, Section 2, Meadowvale Subdivision, 7205 Silver Beech Lane, near Warrenton, $550,200.

Peggy A. and Charles L. Tharp Sr. to Colin and Christy Herbertson, 0.9 acre, Lot 4, Forest Hills Subdivision, 5494 Camellia Court near Warrenton, $530,000.

Roger D. Jaskot and Tinamarie Dercole to Wendela T. Moes, 9 acres, 6119 Alexander Lane, near Warrenton, $830,000.

Lakeside Homes LLC, Devin T. Finan as managing member, to Devin McElfish and Chandee Bond, 0.24 acre, Lot 11-A, Phase 11-B, Brookside Subdivision, 4848 Point Road, near Warrenton, $810,000.

Robert T. Ragan to Arcade Properties LLC, 11.4 acres, 5061 Hummingbird Lane, near Warrenton, $660,000.

Craig E. Armogida to John R. Delaney, Susan Ellis-Delaney and Patrick J. Delaney, Lot 13, Forest Hills Subdivision, 5481 Camellia Court, near Warrenton, $475,000.

Catherine D. and Clayton Lescalleet III to Carol A. and Harry K. Chamberlain III, Lot 9, Governors Ridge Subdivision, 5728 Pendleton Lane, near Warrenton, $605,000.

Ricard S. Blank to Sean M. Kotter, 0.57 acre, Lot 71, Phase 3, Grapewood Estates Subdivision, 7256 Twilight Court, near Warrenton, $470,000.

Cory D. and Rachel B. Frisk to Lisa R. Curran, Lot 20, Section B, Broken Hills Estates Subdivision, 6834 Chestnut Oak Lane, near New Baltimore, $475,000.

Glen Ora Farm Real Estate LLC, Julie Nettere as manager, to Glen Ora Farm LLC, 80 acres, 5297 Green Peace Lane, and 50 acres, Rallywood Farm Lane, near Middleburg, $6,050,000.

Mark S. and Debra R. Clinard to Joshua L. and Lindsey B. Long, Lot 7, Phase 1, Steeplechase Woods Subdivision, 5035 Canter Lane, near Warrenton, $666,100.

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