Warrenton home, 54 acres sell for $1.25 million

A large home on 54 acres west of Warrenton sold for $1.25 million last week.

Built in 1986, the 7,000-square-foot home at Walnut Springs has six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. The property along Springs Road includes a nine-stall stable and fenced paddocks.

The property went on the market in October 2017 with a list price of $1.975 million. The price dropped three times, most recently to $1.4 million, according to Zillow.com.

In 2006, the property sold for $2.6 million.

Will Thomas of TTR Sotheby's International Realty represented the seller.

The Marshall District transaction tops the most recent list of Fauquier property transactions.

The Fauquier County Circuit Court clerk's office recorded these real estate transfers Aug. 22 to 28, 2019:

Cedar Run District

Kenneth W. Gray Jr. and Pamela G. Smith to Caliber Homebuilder Inc., 4.79 acres, Meetze Road, near Casanova., $130,000.

Donna M. Andes, trustee, to Matthew I. and Pamela J. Smith, 2.38 acres, Lot 1, Andes Division, 6033 Balls Mill Road, near Midland, $285,000.

NVR Inc. to Jamie R. and Ros L. Gammon IV, 0.57 acre, Lot 34, Phase 1, Warrenton Chase Subdivision, 6426 Bob White Drive, near Warrenton, $524,990.

Murray Group LLC, Michael Murray as managing member, to Ryan and Emily Scott, 2.37 acres, Lot B, Abel Division, 4550 Anns Lane, Bealeton, $340,000.

Center District

Robert S. Courtney to Lydia P. Hicks, Unit 5-C, Phase 1, Leeds Square, 173-C Leeds Court Wests, $205,000.

Lisa M. Fischer to Barbara A. Lewis, 0.45 acre, Lot 53, Bethel Academy Subdivision, 7141 Academy Road, near Warrenton, $372,500.

Melanie J. and Robert J. Wright to Thomas D. and Chris M. Mirabile, 2.33 acres, Lot 49, Phase 2, Millwood Subdivision, 6213 Brighton Court, near Warrenton, $525,000.

Peggy A. Owens, trustee, to Allen and Dianne Kwiatkowski, Unit 44, Phase 3, Villas at the Ridges Condominiums, 260 Sapphire Court, Warrenton, $385,000.

Nokesville Properties Inc. to Phillips Construction LLC, 0.91 acre, Lot 116-A, Bethel Academy Subdivision, 6450 Cadet Lane, near Warrenton, $100,000.

Phillips Construction LLC, James Phillips as member, to Andrew P. and Taylor A. Ingersoll, 0.91 acre, Lot 116-A, Bethel Academy Subdivision, 6450 Cadet Lane, near Warrenton, $445,000.

Gar C. Shulin to Charles L. and Deborah G. Freer, 0.49 acre, Lot 3, Section 1, Menlough Subdivision, 40 Menlough Drive, Warrenton, $539,000.

Lee District

Eve M. Seymour to Robert L. and Sarah E. Barber, Lot 73, Phase 2, Section 1, The Meadows Subdivision, 6961 Justin Court East, near Remington, $299,999.

Paul A. and Tamela D. Leeper to Daniel Greco, 1.04 acres, 6592 Covington's Corner Road, near Bealeton, $258,000.

Deborah L. Smith to Kevin D. and Elizabeth M. Gordon, 0.61 acre, Lot 168, Section D, Edgewood East Subdivision, 11331 Falling Creek Drive, Bealeton, $398,000.

Justine C. Wesson to James L. and Wendy Knipfer, Lot 10, Section 1, Phase 2, Lee's Glen Subdivision, 11706 Battle Ridge Drive, near Remington, $320,000.

Bernard R. Boteler to Katie E. and Brian K. Tuslow, Lot 4, Sumerduck Forest Subdivision, 5591 Courtney's Corner Road, Sumerduck, $292,999.

Marshall District

Kenneth W. Thomas to Melissa and Carl J. Czolba III, 1.26 acres, 7466 Lower Waterloo Road, near Warrenton, $512,000.

James R. and Robin S. Nida to Diane M. Hoak, Joseph Hoak and Ruth A. Hoak, 3.46 aces, 8564 Opal Road, near Warrenton, $460,000.

Charles L. and Deborah G. Freer to Deborah A. Arciuolo, 10 acres, Lot 7, Rolling Green Subdivision, 9674 Ridge View Drive, near Marshall, $724,900.

Marie Davis, Lindsay O. Green, Conway Porter and others, trustees, to Mada LC, 5.32 acres, 12041 McDonald's Lane, near Hume, $130,000.

Robert L. Wiley to Tivis and Olivia A. Tiller, 5 acres, Lot 2, Marshall Woods Subdivision, 6015 Wilson Road, near Marshall, $315,000.

Southstar Construction LLC, Warren B. Watkins III as manager, to Master Builders LLC, 2.61 acres, off Leeton Lake Drive, near Warrenton, $212,400.

Kyle G. and Marie N. Kratzer to Adam M. Ashley, Lot 13, Glascock Subdivision, 8419 Glascock Court, Marshall, $295,000.

Jocelyn A. Sladen, trustee, to Lucille Barnard Enterprises LLC, 25.12 acres, 8541 Springs Road, and 29.48 acres, 8467 Springs Road, west of Warrenton, $1,250,000.

Scott District

Thomas J. Feldhausen to George C. and Rosemarie S. Price, Lot 8, Phase 1-A, Jamison's Farm Subdivision, 6853 Mill Valley Drive, $720,000.

Fauquier Lakes Limited Partnership to NVR Inc., Lot 87, Phase 11-C, Brookside Subdivision, near Warrenton, $258,389.

NVR Inc. to Sydney and Scott Beckman, Lot 65, Phase 11-C, Brookside Subdivision, 5170 Island Court, near Warrenton, $586,160.

Mark and Teresa Pilegaard to Richard B. and Maxine B. Gard, Lot 2, Block B, Section A, MacRidge Estates Subdivision, 6782 Gray's Mill Road, near Warrenton, $375,000.

Johnathon R. Sly to Andrew M. Kurtenbach and Carson W. Garner, Lot 51, Section 10, Bull Run Mountain Subdivision, 2508 Lookout Road, near Haymarket, mostly in Prince William County, $310,000.

Seneca Properties Inc. and Fauquier Crossing LLC, Bradley A. Kotz as member, to Marc A. Gefroy and Bradley A. Kotz, 1.92 acres, 1,4602 square feet and 5.79 acres, Rts. 15/29 and Broad Run Church Road, New Baltimore, $1,693,300.

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