Warrenton home on 101 acres sells for $3.25 million

A large, custom-built home on 101 acres near Warrenton sold last week for $3.25 million.

Built in 2005, Stoneledge features 11,000 square feet on three levels with an elevator. The home has 12-foot ceilings, six bathrooms, four fireplaces and a formal boxwood garden.

The property on Harts Mill Road, west of town, also features a guest cottage, stone patios, a barn, a pond, two streams stone walls and fenced paddocks.

Listed with Thomas & Talbot Real Estate of Middleburg, Stoneledge went on the market in November with an asking price of $3.47 million, according to Zillow.com.

The Virginia Outdoors Foundation holds a conservation easement on most of the land.

The Marshall District sale tops the most recent list of Fauquier property transactions.

The Fauquier County Circuit Court clerk's office recorded these real estate transfers March 12-16, 2018:

Cedar Run District

Robert Tyson, by substitute trustee, to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., 3.36 acres, 4300 Ringwood Road, near Nokesville, $394,000, foreclosure.

Marilyn G. Brewer and Anthony F. Cella to Marinos and Katherine J. Kalmoutis, 30.47 acres, 4386 Catlett Road, $900,000.

NVR Inc. to John Kiecana, Lot 10, Phase 1, Warrenton Chase Subdivision, 6443 Bob White Drive, near Warrenton, $692,939.

Teresa and Benjamin P. Nichols Jr. to B&R Homes LLC, 1.59 acres, Frytown Road, near Warrenton, $90,000.

Center District

Ty M. and Jacqueline Orner to Lisa A. Turner, Lot 31, Section 2, Copper Mill Subdivision, 795 Colonel Edmonds Court, Warrenton, $325,000.

Wayne S. and Crystal J. Conklin to Enoc A. and Jose A. Guerrero, Lot 105, Phase 1, Ridges of Warrenton Subdivision, 77 John Court, Warrenton, $471,000.

Kris K. and Bonnie G. O'Connor, trustees, to Charles H. and Monica R. Flynn, trustees, Lot 98, Addition to Warrenton Lakes Subdivision, 7108 Buckingham Court, near Warrenton, $300,000.

David S. and Donald P. Windmayer to Kimberly S. and Thomas H. Carter Sr., 2.08 acres, Lot 85, Millwood Subdivision, 7486 Waters Place, near Warrenton, $419,900.

OCMA LC, George M. Mayhugh as manager, to Rebecca Davis, Lot 323, Hillside Townes Subdivision 213 Aviary St., Warrenton, $230,000.

Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Domingo A. and Yansi Z. Henriquez, Lot 15, Block 2, Foxhills Subdivision, 26 Rappahannock St., Warrenton, $290,000.

Michael K. and Tracey A. Burgin to Franconia Real Estate Inc., Lot 41, Edgemont Subdivision, 165 Autumn Wind Court, Warrenton, $492,500.

Lee District

Joann K. McCarthy to Stephen M. burns, 1 acre, 5221 Sumerduck Road, Sumerduck, $85,000.

Michael W. Woodward to Brad Clearfield, Lot 21, Phase 1, Riverton Subdivision, 12192 Riverton Court, Remington, $335,000.

NVR Inc. to Brian and Adrienne Barden, Unit 49, Phase 9, Waverly Station Condominiums, 6222 Willow Place, Bealeton, $265,365.

Michael J. and Denise P. Ardelan to Dylan H. Scott, Townhouse 40-T, Phase 4, Bealeton Station Subdivision, 6194 Newton Lane, Bealeton, $255,000.

Scott A. and Yvonne M. Johnson to Caliber Homebuilder Inc., 2.13 acres, Saint Paul's Road, near Bealeton, $84,000.

NVR Inc. to Brett and Gloria Petrie, Lot 122, Phase A, Section 3-A, Mintbrook Subdivision, 7581 Hancock St., Bealeton, $461,055.

Rhonda Carr to J.P. Morgan Chase Bank NA, 5 acres, Lot 3, Phase 1, Summer Sky Subdivision, off Union Church Road, Sumerduck, $499,950.

Mintbrook Developers LLC, Russell Marks as manager, to NVR Inc., Lot 123, Phase A, Section 3-A, Mintbrook Subdivision, Bealeton, $107,213.

Carson F. Weaver to Rockwood Homes Inc., 17 acres, Weaversville Road, near Bealeton, $210,000.

Harland W. and Barbara L. Norris to Robert M. Elam, 5.42 acres, 8625 La Merced Lane, near Remington, $600,000.

Marshall District

Donald A. Davis and Jenny L. Granados to Stone Financing LLC, 0.56 acre, 6476 Corbin Lane, near Warrenton, $285,000.

Stone Financing LLC to Melissa R. Shaver, 0.56 acre, 6476 Corbin Lane, near Warrenton, $285,000.

Larry D. and Sandra K. Payne to Mary Mochary, trustee, 5.78 acres, Lot 4, Mills Subdivision, 6244 Park Place, Hume $298,000.

John D. and Maria Burns to Kenneth D. and Donna J. Strouth, 5.4 acres, Lot 10, Marshall Woods Subdivision, 5940 Free State Road, near Marshall, $460,000.

Robert E. and Maeve T. Rigler to The Stone Ledge LLC, 101.64 acres, 9055 Harts Mill Road, near Warrenton, $3,250,000.

Karen L. and Mark V. Muller Sr. to Timothy R. and Jennifer D. MacWelch, 6.52 acres, 6420 Swains Road, near Marshall, $505,000.

Cortright W. and John L. Oliphant to Jogchum Poodt, 28.85 acres, 3775 Firey Run Road, near Linden, $189,500.

Scott District

Albert E. Jensen to James L. and Layne J. Progar, Lot 39, Phase 13-A, Brookside Subdivision, 7176 Shepherdstown Road, near Warrenton, $387,000.

Raymond and Barbara Trenum to Sujan Manchireddy, 1.35 acres, 5023 Broad Run Church Road, near Warrenton, $200,000.

NVR Inc. to Ryan Leeder and Carsen Brown, Lot 79, Phase 11-A Brookside Subdivision, 4924 Sinker Court, near Warrenton, $532,317.

James M. and Deborah D. Burlingame to Trigon Homes LLC, 1.99 acres, Imagination Way, near Warrenton, $170,000.

Joseph Heppler and Susan Jones to Charles A. and Jennifer L. Strickland, Lot 27, Phase 9-A, Brookside Subdivision, 7495 Edington Drive, near Warrenton, $507,000.

NVR Inc. to Jamie B. and Esker J. Farris III, lot 53, Phase 10-C, Brookside Subdivision, 3069 Joy Court, near Warrenton, $610,107.

Lakeside Homes LLC, Devin T. Finan as managing member, to Taylor J. and Alexandra A. Clark, Lot 56, Phase 13-B, Brookside Subdivision, 7141 Lake Drive, near Warrenton $520,000.

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