Warrenton Planning Commission Chair and Vice Chair Nov 22, 2022

Warrenton Planning Commission Vice Chair James Lawrence (left) and Chair Susan Rae-Helander voted with their colleagues to indefinitely postpone a vote on the Amazon data center application during a public hearing on Nov. 22.

After receiving public pressure from the Warrenton Town Council about its decision to postpone the public hearing on the Amazon data center application, the Warrenton Planning Commission announced Tuesday it plans to resume the hearing during its regular meeting on Dec. 20.

The announcement comes a week after Interim Town Manager Christopher Martino issued a press release stating the council would "consider the status" of Amazon's application for a special-use permit to build a data center in Warrenton without a recommendation from the commission. 

On Nov. 22, the commission voted unanimously to “indefinitely postpone” a public hearing on Amazon's application due to concerns about the application being "incomplete."

Last week, Mayor Carter Nevill told FauquierNow the Town Council planned to give the commission an ultimatum at the council's next meeting on Dec. 13.

Nevill said council members would “consider a resolution” asking the commission to add Amazon’s application to its public hearing agenda on Dec. 20 to "conclude it properly."

He noted that if the commission does not comply, the council would hold a public hearing on the application in January without a recommendation.

On Monday, Citizens for Fauquier County, an environmental nonprofit that has been critical of the data center proposal since it was submitted to the town in April, announced it plans to file a lawsuit against the town, claiming town officials illegally suppressed or redacted information requested by the organization through the Freedom of Information Act regarding the Amazon data center proposal.

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Jeff Allen

It's like watching the chaos between the House and the Senate. Very little gets done. Was a there a pay to play deal here?


We need to read Brandie Schaeffer's emails on this matter, emails written while working for us (Warrenton citizens). It is urgent we have access to them in these pages of Fauquier Now. They are ours. Else we should assume they are extremely incriminating and act accordingly.

Jeff Allen

Agreed 100%. Something smells!

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