Amazon Data Center property aerial view

An aerial view of the proposed site for an Amazon data center that would be built behind the Country Chevrolet in Warrenton at the intersection of Lee Highway and Blackwell Road. 

Several local citizen groups and nonprofit organizations in Fauquier County are hosting a town hall at the PATH Foundation on Aug. 10 in protest of the proposed Amazon data center in Warrenton and Dominion Energy’s proposed Blackwell Substation project.

The three groups -- Protect Fauquier, Citizens For Fauquier County and The Piedmont Environmental Council -- announced in a press release that a town hall-style meeting will take place at the PATH Foundation at 7 p.m. next Wednesday. 

Kevin Ramundo, president of Citizens For Fauquier County, said in the release “his organization is very concerned that the Amazon data center project appears to be on a fast track for approval by the town of Warrenton without regard to required and necessary information, proper project reviews, the town’s own zoning process, and comprehensive plan.”

“It will visually impact the gateway into historic Warrenton affecting the town’s small-town character; mar the countryside; require miles of high-voltage electrical transmission lines; and, lead to a proliferation of data centers,” he said. “CFFC believes any decision about something that could fundamentally change the town and the county needs to be made with more information, more planning, more public input, and more transparency.”

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The data center should be looked at in the context of all other developments/-re-zoned developments that henceforth have been submitted and reviewed by The Town Of Warrenton - and not just fast tracked at the request of "the conflict in interest ex-town. manager." Over the course of numerous submissions to The Town of Warrenton for items that have both served the town in both a commercial and residential capacity, there have never been a submission that took less than eighteen months for review/discussion/approval AND the Town of Warrenton delved into EVERY nuance relating to such items as water usage (which the town is short on and which data centers use a ton of), taxation basis of the existing approved use versus the proposed use (denoting this is not a food chain - how does this help the town???), watershed impact (especially important denoting the HUGE Impervious footprint of a data center), etc..... I believe that there are numerous issues that need to be reviewed and considered (not just in the light of a residential development instead of a data center) which the ex-town manager put all other businesses/developers through PRIOR to her working for (now or or before resignation) Amazon Web Services.



I agree with Kevin Ramundo. This proposed data center/ powerline duo should NOT happen for all the reasons Kevin so well stated. We must

not let Warrenton become just

another cookie cutter " development burg"!


Would you rather have an endless supply of homes and no business to help support that? A data center is the best sort of business to have. Not sure what kind of cookie cutter development bug you are referring too, but all I see in Fauquier/Warrenton is cookie cutter homes and increasing taxes since so many are against actual businesses.


A data center has little incentive to be a good neighbor. It has no need for town residents’ business, unlike a retail or service business like the one next door and the ones across the street from the proposed site. Moreover, it employs few and guzzles electricity.


Why do you think a data center is "the best sort of business to have?" It employs at most 10 people, is unsightly, and swallows up productive farmland and resources from residents and other local businesses. Do you think it's good because they pay taxes? How do we know what tax breaks Amazon Web Services might have received from the town—and how will any taxes they might pay benefit the citizens—will citizens get lower electric or water bills? Will they get reduced taxes? No—it will most likely be put toward future development projects benefiting the very few and costing the tax-paying residents dearly.


Why do you think a data center is the "best sort of business to have?" It employs at most 10 people, is unsightly, noisy, and swallows up productive farmland and resources from local residents and businesses. Is it because of the taxes Amazon Web Services will pay to the town? How do we know what tax breaks the town may have allowed them, and will any taxes paid benefit the local residents? Will we get lower electric and water bills? Will we get lower taxes?—no—any taxes received by the town will most likely go toward future development projects that will benefit the very few and cost the residents dearly.

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