Deputies help deliver newborn baby

Deputy First Class Zachary Lawrence (right) and Master Deputy Sheriff John Clubb helped with the delivery of a mother's newborn baby last Saturday after she pulled over to ask for help because she could not make it to the hospital on time. 

Two Fauquier County deputies helped deliver a healthy baby boy in the line of duty last Saturday after a mother in labor was forced to give birth along James Madison Highway because she could not make it to the hospital on time, according to a press release from the Fauquier County Sheriff's office.

Deputy First Class Zachary Lawrence was on duty Aug. 13 in the 6066 block of James Madison Highway in Warrenton when a vehicle pulled up beside him with a passenger who was in labor. 

According to the release, the motorist said the passenger would not be able to make it to the hospital before giving birth and asked Lawrence for his assistance. Lawrence called another deputy for assistance while he kept the woman calm. 

Master Deputy Sheriff John Clubb arrived on the scene to help with the situation. Clubb found the woman on the passenger side of the vehicle reclined in her seat. He instructed the woman to take deep breaths and assured her that rescue was on the way, the release states. The driver of the vehicle informed Clubb that the contractions were less than a minute a part. 

Clubb and Lawrence assisted in delivering the baby and made sure their airway was not obstructed. After a few moments, the baby started to cry, and the deputies reportedly wrapped him in blankets. 

EMS arrived on scene and took over care for the baby and mother and provided transport to Fauquier Hospital.

The baby and mother are doing well, according to Sgt. William Kemper, public information Officer for the Fauquier County Sheriff's Office. He said the mother and her newborn baby stopped by the sheriff’s office Wednesday for an official introduction and to thank Lawrence and Clubb for their quick action to help.

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