Election voted stickers

“I Voted” stickers spread out on a table at a polling place.

It is the time of year again when political candidates put out their signs along our roads and in our yards. Election time is an exciting time! It’s what America is about—having a say in our government.

So, please remember that campaign signs are free speech. Whether or not you agree with a candidate or his or her position or party, please respect the rights of others to place signs in support of him or her. Please follow the rules of respect.

If you are placing signs for a candidate, they are not to be placed on public property, including in the right of ways of roads, and don’t place them in a location where you have not secured permission from the property owner.

Campaign signs are private property, and should be respected as such. Defacing or removing campaign signs is vandalism. Tearing down, spray painting, or cutting signs is vandalism. Unfortunately, there has already been vandalism happening to the signs of both candidates, contrary to the spirit of the First Amendment.

Please respect your fellow Americans. Leave campaign signs as they are, and celebrate American ideals of speaking out for what you believe.


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